South Town

South Town is the next largest settlement in size in Random to "The City." It was on the same level as Deep Bend for the first few decades, but lost influence in the area after a while.


This is a human town of modest means. Much of its production is shipped upriver to "The City."

Racial Relations

Similarly to "The City," humans and halflings are regarded as citizens while other races are considered foreigners. Foreigners are less tolerated here.

Social Stratification

There are three classes of citizens in South Town. The nobles run the town. The merchants try to influence the nobles and make sure products make their way to "The City." The rest are the laborers that work for minimal wages.


Humans and halflings hold citizenship in South Town as they do in "The City."


South Town is on the plains south of "The City" along the Great Northern River. The town is dominated by farming and river activities.


South Town as it is today is a recent development. It was established and has been around for less than a decade.


Officially founded eight years ago, this town has been around for nearly as long as "The City." It was destroyed during the Great Cataclysm when the river flooded. It has been recovering ever since.


This town is getting back to the way it was before it was lost and its farming is helping it recover.


This town is divided into four districts.


The northeastern section of town is where farmers bring their goods to be distributed throughout Random.


This district is a military camp used to repel barbarian incursions from the south and west.

South District

This district is where the nobles build their mansions and hoard the wealth of the town.

Trade Town

This district is where the merchants do their business.


There are a number of businesses in South Town, most of which struggle to remain viable.

Crafter Shops and Other Businesses


Taverns, Inns and Brothels


Government Buildings

Town Hall

South Town

South Town (grassland small town): Conventional (Mayor) AL NE; 3,000-gp limit; Assets 217,050 gp; Population 1,447 (+145 minors); Isolated (human 96.0 % (1,390), halfling 2.0 % (29), elf 1.0 % (14), dwarf 0.4 % (6), gnome 0.3 % (4), half-elf 0.2 % (3), half-orc 0.1 % (1))

Authority Figures: Mayor Bogumir human noble 4

Important Characters: Captian of the Guard human guard 8

Others: bandit 2, bandit 1 (41), barbarian 1 (2), bard 2, bard 1 (2), champion 4, commoner 9, commoner 4 (2), commoner 2 (4), commoner 1 (1,257), cultist 4, cultist 2 (2), cultist 1 (6), dragon bloodline sorcerer 2, dragon bloodline sorcerer 1 (2), druid 1 (2), fiend warlock 4, fiend warlock 2 (2), fiend warlock 1 (4), fighter 3 (2), fighter 1 (4), guard 4 (2), guard 2 (4), guard 1 (68), hunter 3, life cleric 5, life cleric 2 (2), life cleric 1 (4), monk 2, monk 1 (2), noble 2 (2), noble 1 (6), paladin of the crown 3, paladin 1 (2), ranger 1 (2), rogue 2, rogue 1 (2), shepherd druid 3, war mage 2, wizard 1 (2), zealot 3