"The City"

"The City" is the first capital of human civilization established late in the Tenth Cycle
(The Third Cycle of Elves)


Though this is the third cycle during which humans have been present on Lehnbor's Workbench, until now, they have only ever been maltreated slaves, or ruthless barbarians. Ran has spent his life uniting humans throughout the central lands of the continent and was recently crowned High King. Civilization is taking root and he wants to make it last forevermore.

Racial Relations

This city is primarily populated by humans with a small percentage of halflings. There are few of the other races, but they are generally accepted except those with the blood of monsters.

Social Stratification

There are three tiers of society within this city. However, there is not a great deal of stratification as prosperity is bountiful throughout Ran's capital city.


All humans are considered citizens of "The City" even if they have never visited before. Halflings are generally considered citizens as well, but there are no formal citizenship requirements. Other races are regarded as foreigners.


This city is built along a wide, northern tributary of the Almebezbik River where two other tributaries from the west and east create The Confluence. It is surrounded generally by plains. This region was forest land, but the area around the growing settlement was cleared centuries ago in the process of construction and establishment of farms. There is an outcropping of hills to the northeast and a mesa to the north, but otherwise, the area is flat.

The Confluence

The Confluence is literally the confluence of two rivers that join the Great Northern River. The East Hintermorre River flows into the Great Northern River from the west several miles west of the city. The Gold River flows in from the hills to the east a mile east of the city where the Great Northern River turns south on its way to the Almebezbik River.

The Mesa

The Mesa is the broad, flat-topped elevation with sheer cliff faces on all sides that stands north of the city. It has been considered a sacred site for millennia and is considered the location where the first humans arrived on Lehnbor's Workbench. Rumors suggest that Ran wants to build his imperial palace and stronghold on top of it, which has supporters and detractors with strong opinions for each side.


"The City" was founded nearly a century-and-a-half ago as a logging outpost, presumably by Ran's ancestors. Due to the cataclysm that saw the end of the Elven reign over Almebezbik just over a decade ago, there is little proof of this. It has grown quickly over the last 136 years and has been the seat of Ran's power for nearly a decade.


"The City" was founded in 2288 of the ninth and final age of the third cycle of Elves by human loggers at a bend of the Great Northern River as Deep Bend due to the river's deep areas at this point that allowed ships to moor here. The rockiness of the river's flow here also provided an opportunity for engineers to build a bridge across it.


The city grew quickly over the first several decades using the forest as a defense against barbarian and monster invasion. The port district grew up on the south end of the bridge, while the rest of the city expanded on the north side of the bridge.


Eventually, the forest receded as the loggers used the fruits of their labor for the construction of the city as well as exporting lumber to other settlements along the Great Northern River. The city on the northern side of the river expanded more dramatically than the southern side due to regular barbarian incursions from the south that were no longer impeded by the forest.

After a century of expansion, Deep Bend was finally dubbed "The City" as there was no other settlement as extensive or prosperous.


"The City" is divided into several districts based on the class of inhabitants or primary purpose.

Castle Ward

As the name of this district implies, this is where Ran's castle is.

Star Plaza

This is the central and original district of the city. It was named for when a meteor struck this area shortly after the settlement was founded.

Plaza Heights

This district is an extension of Star Plaza built on the rising terrain north of the river. It is inhabited by more well-to-do folk.

East Church

This is one of two religious districts that have developed since this city's founding. Temples to Armee, Alavasia, Lehnbor, and The Billiken dominate this district.

West Church

This is the other religious district of this city. Temples of Messer and The Twins are predominant features of this district.

South Port

This is the deepwater port of this city and the other original district.


This district is ostensibly the slums of the city, though the prosperity of the area, in general, makes this district similar to Star Plaza. This district is generally more vulnerable to attack by barbarians and the first line of defense for South Port.


The Almebezbik pantheon is worshipped by the citizens of "The City."

The deities of the pantheon include:

  • Armee, The King of the Pantheon
    • The Father (Life, Peace)
    • The Avenger (War)
  • Alavasia, The Queen of the Pantheon
    • The Mother (Nature, Peace)
  • Borgose, The Lady of Debauchery
    • The Blue (Twilight, Death)
  • Lehnbor, The Creator of World
    • The Creator (Knowledge, Light)
    • The Archmage (Arcana)
    • The Lawmaker (Order)
  • Messer, The Agent of the Pantheon
    • The Thief (Trickery, Twilight)
    • The Merchant (Knowledge)
  • The Billiken, The God of the Way Things Ought to Be
    • The Philosopher (Grave)
    • The Guardian (Life)
  • The Twins
    • Eins the Justice-bringer (Order, Tempest)
    • Zwei the Light-hearted (Trickery, Tempest)

The Temple of The Father and Mother

The main and most elaborate temple is dedicated to the king and queen of the pantheon. It is located northwest of the castle in a square with a fountain and park on the southwestern edge of the East Church district. Each of its two white-columned wings is dedicated to Armee and Alavasia, respectively.

Other Temples

As the largest city of humans, there are temples scattered throughout, dedicated to most of the other gods of the pantheon.

  • Temple of Lehnbor - This temple is a combination of council chambers, classrooms, and research laboratories. Its buildings are located on the northwest edge of the square is shares with The Temple of The Father and Mother.
  • Temple of Messer - This building is a mercantile surrounded by an open-air market and livestock pens above and a dungeon maze below, representing the two aspects of the god.  It is located on the southeastern edge of the West Church district adjoining South Port.
  • Temple of The Billiken - These buildings are situated on the southern edge of the city's main cemetery in the East Church district.
  • Temple of The Twins - This is a keep-like structure built on pillars along the river on the north side of the West Church district. Lightning can often be seen crackling into the sky from one or more of its four towers.

Hidden Churches & Cults

The one deity in the pantheon that does not have a temple or an open presence in Random is that of Borgose. The reason for this is lost to history, but the current prohibition to openly worshipping the goddess of debauchery is upheld and generally accepted.

There are also cults of devil worshippers scattered and hidden throughout the city. This is an unfortunate side effect of human civilization.


Below are a number of important places that most citizens know about and most visitors soon become acquainted with if not by patronage, then by sight.

Crafter Shops & Other Businesses

  • Smithy of the Delve (armor & weapons) - This smithy is one of the few businesses run by a non-human, an old dwarf named Dester Firehammer. His steel is easily the best in Random. His former apprentices own most of the other smithies throughout the city. He also trained Ran, who is one of his best students, in the art of metalcraft. This smithy is situated along the street that leads to the castle gate; the last building on the east side before the entrance to the castle.
  • Long Barge Shipping (sailing, shipping) - This business is the main means of transporting goods throughout Random's rivers systems. It is on the east side of the South Port district.
  • Deep Bend Shipbuilding (shipwright) - The only shipwright in "The City," this establishment is just east of The Bridge in the South Port district.

Inns, Taverns & Brothels

  • The Fiery Stag Inn (Inn) - This tavern and inn tucked away within the Castle District is the contact point with the castle for mercenaries looking for work. The King's Herald Reggott Octavius can be found here posting jobs and arranging payments for completed assignments.
  • The Indigo Dragon Pub (Tavern) - This pub is along the main road through the southern part of Star Plaza. It is a rowdy establishment frequented by adventurers and other rough sorts.
  • The Blue Siren Inn (Brothel) - This upscale inn is a popular gathering spot for the upper class. It is also the front for the Temple of Borgose, which is a dungeon below the establishment. It is situated on the border of Plaza Heights and East Church in the northside of "The City."
  • The Rogue Spoon Inn (Brothel) - This inn is another location where Borgosian worship takes place, being more central and accessible to the rest of the citizens of "The City." It has occasional issues with local scripture-pounders that are usually just fleeting protests. The Watch never finds any proof of taboos within this establishment when they do bother to investigate.

Governmental Buildings

  • The Palace of The High King - Surrounded by a 30-foot high, 10-foot thick curtain wall, Ran's palace is only rivaled architecturally by The Temple of The Father and Mother. It is built to be beautiful and intimidating at the same time, giving the High King an advantage when dealing with the lesser kings and chieftains he has bonded into his spark of human civilization. It incorporates the knowledge and dwarven and elven building but is uniquely human.
  • The Townhall - This aging longhouse was once the seat of government before the castle was built. It is still used for gatherings for proclamations and public hearings by the King and his officials. It is located in the middle of the southeast side of the square where the statue of Ran is being erected.
  • The Tower of the City Guard - This fortified tower in the South Port district is the home of the city guard, the city watch, and the prison of "The City."

Colleges & Universities

  • The Bards' College (eloquence, glamor, lore, swords, and valor)- This large mansion near the center of "The City" is home to the study of everything bardic.
  • Magus Universitatis (Arcana, wizardry) - This fortified tower that dominates the northwestern edge of Plaza Heights is where apprentice wizards study magic and arcane lore. It was once isolated on the rise approaching The Mesa from the rest of the city, but over the years has been eventually surrounded by encroaching development.
The City of Ran

"The City" (grassland small city): conventional (High King Ran) AL LG; non-standard (senate) AL NG; 100,000-gp limit; Assets 56,790,000 gp; Population 11,358 (+2,272 minors); Isolated (human 96% (10,904), halfling 2% (227), elf 1% (114), dwarf 0.4% (45), gnome 0.3% (34), half-elf 0.2% (23), half-orc 0.1% (11))

Authority Figures: High King Ran male human bladesinger 17/eldritch knight 3, High Priest of Lehnbor male human arcana cleric 10

Important Characters: Captain of the Guard Horatio Ridley male human guard 13, Court Wizard male human war mage 10, High Priest of Armee male human life cleric 10, High Priest of Messer male human trickery cleric 9, High Priest of The Billiken male human grave cleric 10, Lord High Chamberlain male human noble 9, Lord High Inquisitor male human inquisitive 9, Lord High Marshal male human battle master 9, Lord High Seneschal male human champion 13, Lord High Steward male human noble 9, Reggot Octavius male human valor bard 8, Thieves' Guildmaster male human thief 11, Sark the Blind male half-orc drunken master 4

Others: abjurer 9 (2), abjurer 4 (4), abjurer 2 (8), arcana cleric 9 (1), arcana cleric 5 (2), arcana cleric 4 (2), arcana cleric 2 (8), arcana cleric 1 (16), arcane archer 9 (2), arcane archer 4 (4), arcane trickster 10 (1), arcane trickster 9 (1), arcane trickster 5 (2), arcane trickster 4 (2), archivist 8 (2), archivist 4 (4), artificer 2 (8), artificer 1 (16), assassin 9 (1), assassin 8 (1), assassin 4 (4), bandit 11 (1), bandit 8 (1), bandit 5 (2), bandit 4 (2), bandit 2 (8), bandit 1 (295), barbarian 2 (18), barbarian 1 (32), bard 2 (40), bard 1 (80), battle master 8 (1), battle master 4 (4), brute 9 (1), brute 8 (1), brute 4 (4), champion 8 (1), champion 6 (2), champion 4 (2), champion 3 (4), commoner 14 (1), commoner 12 (1), commoner 7 (2), commoner 6 (2), commoner 3 (8), commoner 1 (8963), conjurer 10 (1), conjurer 8 (1), conjurer 5 (2), conjurer 4 (2), conjurer 2 (8), conquest paladin 10 (1), conquest paladin 8 (1), conquest paladin 5 (2), conquest paladin 4 (2), cultist 10 (1), cultist 8 (1), cultist 5 (2), cultist 4 (2), cultist 2 (8), cultist 1 (49), diviner 8 (2), diviner 4 (4), diviner 2 (8), draconic bloodline sorcerer 10 (1), draconic bloodline sorcerer 8 (1), draconic bloodline sorcerer 5 (2), draconic bloodline sorcerer 4 (2), draconic bloodline sorcerer 2 (8), draconic bloodline sorcerer 1 (16), druid 1 (32), eagle warrior 9 (2), eagle warrior 4 (4), eldritch knight 10 (1), eldritch knight 5 (2), eldritch knight 4 (2), enchanter 10 (1), enchanter 8 (1), enchanter 5 (2), enchanter 4 (2), enchanter 2 (8), evoker 10 (2), evoker 5 (4), evoker 2 (8), fiend warlock 10 (1), fiend warlock 9 (1), fiend warlock 5 (2), fiend warlock 4 (2), fiend warlock 2 (8), fiend warlock 1 (16), fighter 2 (36), fighter 1 (80), glamor bard 9 (2), glamor bard 4 (4), gloom stalker 9 (1), gloom stalker 8 (1), gloom stalker 4 (4), grassland druid 8 (2), grassland druid 4 (4), grassland druid 2 (8), grave cleric 9 (1), grave cleric 5 (2), grave cleric 4 (2), grave cleric 2 (8), grave cleric 1 (16), guard 11 (1), guard 6 (2), guard 5 (2), guard 3 (4), guard 2 (4), guard 1 (492), hexblade 9 (1), hexblade 8 (1), hexblade 4 (4), hexblade 2 (8), hexblade 1 (16), hunter 9 (1), hunter 8 (1), hunter 4 (4), illusionist 10 (1), illusionist 9 (1), illusionist 5 (2), illusionist 4 (2), illusionist 2 (8), inquisitive 9 (1), inquisitive 4 (4), life cleric 10 (1), life cleric 8 (1), life cleric 5 (2), life cleric 4 (2), life cleric 2 (8), life cleric 1 (16), lore bard 11 (1), lore bard 9 (1), lore bard 5 (2), lore bard 4 (2), mastermind 8 (2), mastermind 4 (4), monk 2 (8), monk 1 (16), monster slayer 9 (1), monster slayer 8 (1), monster slayer 4 (4), necromancer 9 (1), necromancer 8 (1), necromancer 4 (4), necromancer 2 (8), noble 4 (4), noble 2 (8), noble 1 (49), oathbreaker 9 (1), oathbreaker 8 (1), oathbreaker 4 (4), open hand monk 9 (1), open hand monk 8 (1), open hand monk 4 (3), order cleric 8 (2), order cleric 4 (4), order cleric 2 (8), order cleric 1 (16), paladin 2 (32), paladin 1 (64), paladin of the crown 9 (1), paladin of the crown 8 (1), paladin of the crown 4 (4), ranger 2 (24), ranger 1 (48), rogue 2 (48), rogue 1 (96), scout 9 (1), scout 8 (1), scout 4 (4), shadowmage 8 (2), shadowmage 4 (4), shadowmage 2 (8), shadowmage 1 (16), shepherd druid 8 (2), shepherd druid 4 (4), shepherd druid 2 (8), swords bard 9 (2), swords bard 4 (4), thief 11 (1), thief 5 (4), trickery cleric 9 (1), trickery cleric 4 (4), trickery cleric 2 (8), trickery cleric 1 (16), undying warlock 9 (1), undying warlock 8 (1), undying warlock 4 (4), undying warlock 2 (8), undying warlock 1 (16), valor bard 8 (1), valor bard 4 (4), vengence paladin 9 (1), vengence paladin 8 (1), vengence paladin 4 (4), war cleric 9 (1), war cleric 8 (1), war cleric 4 (4), war cleric 2 (8), war cleric 1 (16), war mage 9 (1), war mage 5 (2), war mage 4 (2), war mage 2 (8), whispers bard 8 (2), whispers bard 4 (4), wizard 1 (128), zealot 9 (2), zealot 4 (4)

"The City" Coat of Arms