The Fiery Stag Inn

The Inn's Tale

The Fiery Stag is owned by a married man (Olin Bjarte) and his wife (Astrid Germanus-Bjarte), both of whom are human. The man has a rare medical condition that requires him to wear a hood. The sister keeps a collection of stolen trinkets from previous guests. Before owning the tavern, the sister tried to earn a living as an artist. Both were born into poverty but saved up enough money to buy into a tavern. The inspiration for the tavern's name is a local legend about a stag that caught a lantern in its antlers and lit itself of fire while running through the city decades ago. It is a tavern of modest quality, and its main draw is that it is a place for mercenaries to find work with the High King.

The Bartender

The bartender at The Fiery Stag is a young male elf who is considerably ugly. Mindartis is often sort of surly in disposition. His skin is bronzed, and he has blue hair, kept in a clean, short style. Physically, he is incredibly skinny.

The Clientele

On a typical night, the clientele at The Fiery Stag can be described as notably unfriendly. On this occasion, there are several other people currently in the tavern. A few of the patrons are speaking in hushed tones. The King's Herald Reggot Octavius is often here doling out pay to mercenaries who have done work for the High King.

The Accommodations

The rooms for rent at The Fiery Stag are rather comfortably sized and kind of spotless. There are currently two rooms available for rent. The cost of a night's stay is 7 sp. If the party spends the night in the tavern, the ill owner's constant moaning and complaining keeps the party from getting a good night's rest. Additionally, one of the owners sneaks into the party's rooms to try to steal a small item from each of them.

The Food & Drink

Wine List
Knotted Ettin ChardonnayA finely made white wine with a bouquet that is oaky and smokey.Bottle price: 7 gp, 1 spGlass price: 2 gp, 3 sp
Lagers & Ales
Hawk and Circle Fruit Ale (5.86% ABV)A locally brewed dark amber fruit ale. Described as a mild fruit ale with a smooth finish.Gallon price: 3 sp, 8 cpPint price: 7 cp
Chaotic Ship GinA poorly made gin.Bottle price: 8 sp, 8 cpShot price: 1 sp, 4 cp
Food Menu
Deep-Fried Onion RingsOnion rings fried in lard. Served with a spicy red sauce.1 sp, 9 cp
Soups & Salads
Fish ChowderA thick chowder with bits of fish, cubed potatoes, radishes, and carrots.1 sp, 6 cp
Romaine SaladLeaves of romaine tossed with carrots.1 sp, 6 cp
Blackened Beef *Blackened strips of beef in red sauce served with bread with a serving of green beans.3 sp, 2 cp
* - The meat in this dish is starting to go bad but should be safe for consumption.
Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may require a Constitution saving throw.