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Nonotina 11th, Year One of the Reign of High King Ran

The group is sitting around the bar in The Rogue Spoon discussing ways to set up a sting to catch Forget-Me-Not.
Tazdar fiddles with a small notebook full of scrawlings.
Tazdar: So, where do we even start?
Claricia Robert: So, you want to catch Forget-Me-Not by tricking her--I'll refer to the person as her if you don't mind.
Arncoril Oloxalim: That would be rather beneficial to us.
Eris Drew: Why "her?"
Magic: Where has that halfling been? I bet he was Forget-Me-Not.
Magic: He was near the body and has not been seen since.
Claricia Robert: Fennimore is off to investigate something he encountered with the city watch.
Magic: Likely story.
Magic: I don't buy it.
Eris Drew: What was he investigating?
Claricia Robert: This does leave you without a rogue in the group.
Magic: I can fill the role.
Magic: I am a sneaky son of a bitch.
Eris Drew: You would make an odd thief.
Tazdar: Would trying to out this thief Forget-Me-Not even work? She sounds like she's the top of her craft.
Arncoril Oloxalim: You could go around and steal all the plates.
Claricia Robert shakes her head.
Tazdar: I've seen highly skilled sappers fell a city before the soldiers even arrive. If she's as infamous as you say, we'll need a trap.
Tazdar: A chase will never work.
Magic(singing): Spread a rumor
Magic(singing): A real bloomer
Magic(singing): Something you can deny
Magic(singing): That Forget-Me-Not will have no choice
Magic(singing): But to come out of their HIDE!
Tazdar: It can't be obvious though. I'm sure the watch has tried such a tactic.
Tazdar: Do we know anything about her combat prowess?
Claricia Robert: The watch gave up after a year.
Tazdar: I'd rather not find out our trap has caught an owlbear and not a rat.
Magic: The guards were not helpful with information the last time I asked.
Eris Drew: You were probably asking the wrong questions.
Magic (smiling): I always do.
Claricia Robert: Though, since she has graduated to stealing from the king, they might be forced to take action.
Arncoril Oloxalim: Or asking the right questions, the wrong way.
Eris Drew sighs.
Munkustrap von Rumm: So Forget-Me-Not is in possession of a magical amulet and we are trying to retrieve it?
Magic: That sounds about right.
Eris Drew: Are they?
Magic: But we have no leads or clues.
Arncoril Oloxalim: What is this amulet capable of?
Magic: No idea.
Eris Drew: What if it isn't real?
Magic: It is.
Magic: I can take you to the women that sent me on this goose chase.
Tazdar: Are we sure they got it? It sounded like they robbed a fake last time.
Eris Drew: Hmmm.
Tazdar: And we were both fooled.
Tazdar: By the "knives."
Claricia Robert: Yes, this patron. She is a Germanus?
Magic: Maybe.
Eris Drew: Germanus?
Magic: Nunya.
Eris Drew: Lies.
Magic: She may or may not be our employer.
Arncoril Oloxalim: Interesting.
Eris Drew: Hmm.
Munkustrap von Rumm: What's in this for me?
Magic: She may or may not love me more than her husband she may or may not have.
Eris Drew [Quori]: I still think Claricia is hiding something, Lia.
Lia: She is, but not what you think.
Magic: Your split of the gold.
Magic: I was getting 200 or so for this.
Arncoril Oloxalim: Magic, are you in relations with our employer?
Tazdar: Munkustrap and Zani, what brought you to that street where we met? It sounds like you've been caught up in this mess now, as well.
Magic: If only I was. She has not yet experienced such Magic.
Magic: I was going to win her heart with her talisman.
Munkustrap von Rumm (to Tazdar): I, uh, just happened to be taking a leisurely stroll through the city.
Zani: I'm on the run and was directed to the Rogue Spoon for an inexpensive night's stay.
Eris Drew sighs.
Tazdar (to Munkustrap): I feel like we've all been caught in a current now. I'm not sure where it leads.
Magic: Oh well, you win some and you lose some.
Arncoril Oloxalim: I suppose you're right.
Magic: We should find Alsis and get him to take us to The Knives, thieves should know of thieves.
Magic: They have had problems with goblins getting in too, so it must not be that secure.
Arncoril Oloxalim: He may not help us.
Eris Drew (whispering): She is not what we think she is.
Magic: Maybe we can take care of their goblin problem and they might help us.
Arncoril Oloxalim: Keyword there, is might.
Claricia Robert: Alsis won't be found after experiencing Forget-Me-Not's skills first-hand.
Magic: Well, we don't have much to go on.
Munkustrap von Rumm: Thieves having issues with goblins?
Eris Drew [Quori]: Who is she?
Magic: Yes, I don't know more than that though.
Lia: Let's just say she is Blue.
Magic: Just rumors I picked up at the Stag.
Eris Drew: Blue?
Magic(smiling): It wasn't the only thing I picked up.
Claricia Robert looks at Eris.
Tazdar: What kind of goblins?
Magic: I don't know.
Eris Drew: Hey does anybody know what color the flower is?
Magic: I haven't made it over there.
Zani: Maybe we should give Alsis a try. Clarisa did say he's great at finding people.
Magic: I was too busy dodging carts.
Eris Drew: Y'all!
Arncoril Oloxalim: The raiding and looting type presumably.
Eris Drew: What color is a Forget-Me-Not?
Magic: I love Alssis despite his love of anger.
Claricia Robert: Blue.
Magic: Forget-me-nots are bluish-purple I think.
Eris Drew: Oh, no.
Magic: I only saw them for a second.
Eris Drew: Blue.
Magic: Green stemmed.
Magic: Five petals to a flower.
Magic: Bunched in a cluster.
Eris Drew: Claricia, what are you hiding?
Magic: A beautiful monster.
Munkustrap von Rumm: Do we have any leads right now?
Magic: No.
Arncoril Oloxalim: Just as much as the owner of the bar.
Claricia Robert: I think a sting is the way to go, but you need the right bait.
Arncoril Oloxalim: We can hold Magic as bait.
Eris Drew: I slightly disagree.
Arncoril Oloxalim: Kinda worked last time.
Magic: I can appear a sexy maiden in distress.
Eris Drew: I think it is too much work.
Munkustrap von Rumm: He's too loud to be bait.
Eris Drew: That doesn't need to be done.
Magic: You could gag me?
Eris Drew: That too.
Magic winks.
Eris Drew: Doubt that would even work.
Arncoril Oloxalim: He could be holding something seemingly so important, that we are guarding him; escorting him out of the city.
Claricia Robert: That isn't really appreciated outside of this place.
Magic: Haha, that needs to change.
Claricia Robert smirks.
Eris Drew: Lia thinks Claricia is hiding something from us. She says she isn't who we think she is and I do not trust her.
Magic: Your women should be in every window.
Magic: A woman who owns a brothel is a powerful woman.
Magic: You control the clam, you control the jam.
Claricia Robert: I am hiding something from everyone, but that is what madames do.
Claricia Robert: Who is Lia?
Eris Drew: That would be a long explanation.
Eris Drew: Lia is a conscience.
Zani: I agree that Clarisa is hiding something. She knows much more than she's telling us.
Tazdar: Does this Forget-Me-Not have any enemies she'd like a chance to eliminate?
Eris Drew: See.
Tazdar: We could always create an opportunity and see if she strikes.
Tazdar: vengeance is a powerful motivator.
Eris Drew: Claricia?
Arncoril Oloxalim: More kidnapping?
Zani: Good call. It would be easy to create a rumor there.
Tazdar: Or, is there something she might fear? That is equally powerful.
Eris Drew: You know much more than you are saying.
Arncoril Oloxalim: The King?
Eris Drew: No way, Arncoril.
Eris Drew: Not the King, too risky.
Magic: I can pretend to be the King.
Eris Drew: You are too short.
Claricia Robert laughs.
Munkustrap von Rumm: Forget-Me-Not is a thief, not a murderer, right?
Claricia Robert: Yes, just a thief.
Eris Drew: How would you know if she has killed someone or not?
Arncoril Oloxalim: What about souring her name?
Magic: Would anyone in the brothel like shoes? I have four pairs to sell.
Claricia Robert: She has made a point of not leaving dead bodies around.
Magic: Also willing to trade for plates.
Arncoril Oloxalim: A group new to the town boasting about besting the legendary Forget-Me-Not.
Arncoril Oloxalim: And then going to a somewhat secluded bar and making a scene; getting drunk, but not really getting drunk and then leaving.
Eris Drew: That doesn't mean she hasn't taken a life.
Munkustrap von Rumm: I trust Claricia.
Eris Drew: I don't.
Magic: Last time I boasted, a voice in my head yelled at me to shut up.
Eris Drew: A voice?
Eris Drew: I know she is hiding something. Lia told me.
Munkustrap von Rumm: Who isn't hiding something?
Eris Drew: Like a conscience?
Magic: Yes, it wasn't my own but another that said to stop talking.
Magic: Is that what that is?
Magic: Huh?
Eris Drew [Quori]: Can you get into other heads?
Magic: A con-science
Magic: I do love a good con.
Magic: I think we should pick a direction and roll with it.
Eris Drew: Like a devil on your shoulder or an angel.
Magic: The only way to succeed is to fail.
Magic smiles.
Eris Drew: Failure does give strength, I suppose.
Magic (singing): Believe in yourself
Magic (singing): Have faith in yourself
Magic (singing): Tell yourself, "I'm O.K."
Magic (singing): Believe in yourself
Magic (singing): And love yourself
Magic (singing): And all your worries will go away!
Eris Drew: Eh.
Claricia Robert: Sounds like wisdom.
Eris Drew: what does?
Magic: I am full of wisdom.
Eris Drew: Eh.
Magic: And love.
Magic: And spit.
Arncoril Oloxalim: And songs.
Magic: That too.
Eris Drew: I would say you are unwise.
Magic: Thank you for reminding me.
Arncoril Oloxalim: Of course, my singing friend.
Eris Drew: Lia?
Munkustrap von Rumm: Who is Lia?
Eris Drew [Quori]: Can you get into others' heads?
Magic: And is she single.
Munkustrap von Rumm: I know not the language you speak.
Lia: No, that's you.
Eris Drew: It's Quori.
Magic: Lia is a delightful woman, Munkustrap. I can set you two up if you'd like.
Magic: I love playing matchmaker.
Eris Drew: Don't even.
Arncoril Oloxalim: An interdimensional relationship for the ages.
Magic: Starcrossed lovers.
Zani: Speaking with Lia makes sense. Let's lay out our options and figure out what we're doing.
Tazdar: Claricia, it sounds like this isn't going anywhere.
Magic: I am with Zani.
Magic: Let's talk to this Bambi.
Eris Drew: Lia is a conscience. She doesn't always reply, however.
Magic: Oh. Alright.
Munkustrap von Rumm: So she is intangible.
Eris Drew: Yes.
Magic: I can work with this.
Arncoril Oloxalim: So a struggling, long-distance, interdimensional relationship.
Magic: Maybe you can communicate through letters.
Eris Drew: She is how Arncoril and Fennimore and I got away from the chain devil.
Munkustrap von Rumm looks at Claricia and knits his eyebrows.
Eris Drew [Quori]: Can I tell them? Will you help us?
Magic: Another dead end.
Munkustrap von Rumm: So how do we communicate with Lia?
Lia falls silent.
Munkustrap von Rumm: And who is Lia possessing?
Eris Drew: She is literally a conscience. Like an angel on my shoulder. She tells me things and I can talk to her, but nobody else can.
Arncoril Oloxalim: So we communicate through you.
Munkustrap von Rumm: How do we know you're not just insane?
Arncoril Oloxalim: Third-wheeling must suck.
Eris Drew: Who knows. She doesn't always talk.
Eris Drew: I am NOT insane.
Magic: The line between insane and genius is a fine line.
Arncoril Oloxalim: Really?
Munkustrap von Rumm: Claricia, do you have a recommendation for where we can start?
Eris Drew: Intelligence and insanity are the same thing.
Magic (singing): I thought I was going to be the king with a protection squad an item so precious the king had to deliver it himself.
Magic (singing): I have the power
Magic (singing): I hold it in my hand
Magic (singing): I have a Magic plan!
Magic (singing): I am the King
Magic (singing): Of this land
Magic (singing): I am the master
Magic (singing): Listen to me my little lambs.
Munkustrap von Rumm: Kings don't talk as much as you.
Eris Drew: Rael knows the King.
Magic: I am just waiting for you all to be more decisive.
Claricia Robert: Maybe find out if the amulet actually made it to the castle or not.
Eris Drew [Quori]: Is this amulet real? Because I don't think it is.
Lia: It is.
Munkustrap von Rumm: Good recommendation. Let's go to the castle.
Tazdar: It's better than sitting here another hour prattling.
Magic: Lady Germanous doesn't live at the castle. the king does though.
Zani: Yes, let's head to the castle.
Magic: Don't tell the king that Lady Germanus hired us.
Magic: It was a secret mission.
Magic: This would have to be us playing both sides.
Magic: Lady Germanus didn't want her family talisman given to the king, but it was not her choice.
Magic: The rest of her family did.
Magic: I was trying to keep it in the family.
Munkustrap von Rumm: I wasn't hired by anyone.
Magic: Then I don't have to pay you? Haha.
Magic: I love a man that works for free.
Munkustrap von Rumm: I am only charitable to those deserving of charity.
Tazdar: Munk, Zani, shall we get some action going then?
Munkustrap von Rumm: Yes, let us go to the castle.
Magic: Just don't mention our previous employment!
Claricia Robert: You are going to need a contact to get into the castle.
Eris Drew: Let us go.
Magic: Oh, yeah.
Claricia Robert: You may want to find Rael. He has access to the court.
Eris Drew: That is what I have been saying!
Magic: Good idea, I will do that.
Magic: He will be Real happy to see me.
Munkustrap von Rumm: Where might we find Rael?
Magic: The Fiery Stag.
Magic: He likes to hang out there.
Zani: Let's head over there, then.
Magic starts for The Fiery Stag.
Eris Drew: Sounds like a plan.
Zani: So do we walk the streets or head over to the Stag?
Arncoril Oloxalim: I want to be a streetwalker today.
Munkustrap von Rumm: Let us go to the Stag to find Rael.
Munkustrap von Rumm: Thank you, Claricia.
Claricia Robert: You're welcome.
The group heads toward The Fiery Stag.
Magic: The guards didn't tell me anything anyhow.
Magic: If you want to know more about the talisman, Lady Germanus owns the Stag.
Magic: I could introduce you but remember I have dibs.
Munkustrap von Rumm: Have your dibs. I am not looking to settle down.
The group follows the streets to and through the various squares through the city toward the inn. As they approach The Fiery Stag, they see Rael up ahead entering it.
Magic: Rael!
Magic: A moment!
Rael Octavius: Oh, hello there.
Rael Octavius: I didn't find this elf you told me about...or is this her?
Magic: This is her!
Magic: Zani meet Rael!
Rael Octavius: Greetings, Zani. Pleased to meet you.
Zani: Great to meet you as well!
Magic: Do you happen to know what we need to get into the castle to see the king?
Rael Octavius: You need to get into court?
Eris Drew: Yes.
Eris Drew: Very much so.
Rael Octavius: I can certainly help with that.
Magic: Thank you, kind sir.
Eris Drew: Good.
Rael Octavius: I will need to know why, so I can justify your audience.
Arncoril Oloxalim: More kidnapping.
Arncoril Oloxalim: Kind of.
Eris Drew: No, not at all.
Rael Octavius looks alarmed.
Eris Drew: We need to talk to him about the Forget-Me-Not.
Magic: I thought we were going to try to catch Forget-Me-Not.
Eris Drew: We have information.
Zani: Let's learn more about the amulet and whether it exists.
Magic: The king would want to know that.
Munkustrap von Rumm: We need to know if the king received an amulet.
Eris Drew: We think they have stolen something important.
Rael Octavius: Forget-Me-Not? That one is in a lot of trouble from what I hear.
Magic: We witnessed a crime.
Eris Drew: Yes.
Zani: And we think we can deal with Forget-Me-Not and potentially some other Knives if we know more from the King
Rael Octavius: So you have information about the talisman from the Germanus family?
Eris Drew: Yes, we do!
Eris Drew eyes everybody.
Munkustrap von Rumm: We don't need to talk to the king, per se. Just someone who knows the king's receivables.
Eris Drew: Sure.
Rael Octavius: That is much easier, but I can tell you the delivery did not happen.
Magic: OH NO!
Eris Drew: I knew it.
Magic gasps.
Eris Drew sighs.
Tazdar: So we can assume the flower thief has it then.
Zani: Do you know what the amulet does?
Rael Octavius: You all seem invested in this, so maybe the King will invest in you.
Magic: Yay!
Eris Drew: Very much.
Magic: Do we still need a document.
Eris Drew: He'll let us in?
Magic: Do you have an old one so that I can be sure I get the right thing?
Rael Octavius: I do know what the talisman does, but I have been sworn to secrecy by the King.
Eris Drew: Tell me.
Munkustrap von Rumm laughs.
Arncoril Oloxalim: Does it have the power to level the kingdom?
Rael Octavius: You will need to have the King tell you as one of his agents.
Zani: Ah, that makes sense. We're just trying to figure out who might be most incented to steal it.
Eris Drew: Tell me.
Zani: It would be very helpful to have an audience with the King.
Eris Drew [Quori]: Do you think I could get into his head.
Rael Octavius: I think I have enough information to set up an audience with His Majesty.
Magic: Is there paperwork involved?
Magic: I hate paperwork.
Zani: We'd very much appreciate that. Do you think he's available today? If not, we can try to gather more information until he's ready.
Rael Octavius: Why don't you wait here in The Fiery Stag and I'll arrange it... Actually, having a knight by my side would give credence to the request as well.
Rael Octavius: Master von Rumm?
Munkustrap von Rumm: I would be honored.
Zani: Wonderful. Good luck! I think I'll have an ale while I wait.
Magic heads inside.
Magic is hoping to find Mindartis behind the bar.
Rael Octavius: I would have you all talk to my father, but he is away in Tesalurk on a mission.
Zani: When do you think he'll be back and available?
Eris Drew [Quori]: I want to know what that talisman is. Can I get in his head, Lia?
Magic: Helloooooo! You gorgeous stags, I have returned!
Magic: A round for the bar!
Zani: You're so generous! Maybe I'll have two.
Magic: As many as the lady likes! Please finish your conversation with Rael. I will take care of this.
Eris Drew: Rael, wait.
Zani: I don't want to get too pickled before we have some action here.
Magic: Zani, I can introduce you to Lady Germanus.
Zani: Absolutely!
Rael Octavius: Yes, of course, Eris.
Magic: What about you, Arncoril? A drink or a dance?
Magic: Tazdar, you look out of place. Maybe take off some of those rags?
Eris Drew: You will tell me what that amulet
Rael Octavius: I cannot.
Eris Drew: You will.
Munkustrap von Rumm: He is sworn to secrecy by the King. Are you trying to get him killed?
Eris Drew stares Rael down.
Rael Octavius: You don't understand. I would, but there is powerful magic involved. It may kill me if I reveal the secret.
Arncoril Oloxalim: It will reveal itself in time Eris, calm yourself.
Eris Drew: You will tell me and only me.
Zani: Rael, we understand. We appreciate any help you can give us.
Rael Octavius: You will have to wait until the King tells you himself.
Rael Octavius departs with Munkustrap.
Eris Drew (thinks): I am going to get into his head somehow or another.
Zani: Are we in Lady Germanus' presence now?
Magic: I still have to check with Mindartis to see if she is here.
Magic: When you have a moment Mindartis.
Magic: You blue-haired beauty.
Zani: Smooth.
Magic: Mindartis is like one of those ugly cute blue mastiffs, but an elf.
The sorcerer and the knight quickly make their way to the palace, Rael using his credentials to enter. He has a conversation with the Lord High Seneschal, bantering back and forth about seemingly inconsequential events before bringing up the request for an audience.
Eris Drew sighs.
Rael Octavius: I do have one request, my lord. I have a group of acquaintances that wish to speak with High King Ran.
Lord High Seneschal: Just like that, Rael?
Rael Octavius: I have a knight of House von Rumm with me. He will be the nobles' representative.
Lord High Seneschal: This is a better start.
Munkustrap von Rumm bows.
Lord High Seneschal turns to Munkustrap and returns the bow.
Lord High Seneschal: Greetings, young Master von Rumm.
Munkustrap von Rumm: A pleasure, of course, my lord.
Lord High Seneschal: And, the basis for this request to see the High King?
Rael Octavius: Information about and a desire to recover the gift from House Germanus.
Lord High Seneschal raises his eyebrows.
Rael Octavius: I haven't revealed anything as you must know. I would likely have died.
Lord High Seneschal nods.
Lord High Seneschal: What do you know of this, Master von Rumm?
Munkustrap von Rumm: I was only recently made aware of the situation, but my cohorts and I wish to see the amulet safe in the King's possession. It's the least I can do for His Majesty.
Munkustrap von Rumm: We are trying to find a lead to help us track down the location of the amulet.
Lord High Seneschal turns to Rael.
Lord High Seneschal: He does seem to know a key piece of information. Anything else?
Rael Octavius: The thief involved they have had contact with. I believe you know of whom I speak.
Lord High Seneschal slowly nods in understanding.
Lord High Seneschal: So you wish to try your hand at catching this criminal.
Munkustrap von Rumm: Yes, my lord.
Arncoril Oloxalim walks up to the bar and places twenty-four gold pieces on it.
Arncoril Oloxalim: How much of your strongest ale can this get me?
Lord High Seneschal: You wish to know enough and operate under the auspices of the High King to accomplish this then.
Zani: Whew, I was getting thirsty.
Rael Octavius: Yes, Lord High Seneschal.
Lord High Seneschal: Very well.
Eris Drew sits down at an empty table and pulls out her dagger and twirls it in her hands.
Lord High Seneschal turns to a pedestal and flips a page in a book resting on top of it. He takes a quill and jots something down on the page.
Lord High Seneschal: There is an opening in two hours. Please ensure all follow etiquette. How many are we expecting?
Munkustrap von Rumm: Six, my lord.
Arncoril Oloxalim takes one of the bottles and starts to down the entire bottle over the course of a couple of moments.
Lord High Seneschal makes another notation in the book.
Zani: Is this a chugging contest?
Magic: Mindartis when you have a moment can you see if the lady of the house is available?
Lord High Seneschal: Very good. Please do be prompt.
Munkustrap von Rumm: Of course, my lord.
Arncoril Oloxalim: My head is in pain, Drinking eases it, for now.
Arncoril Oloxalim takes another bottle and downs it.
Magic: What worries you that you must drink like this.
Arncoril Oloxalim: Quite the lucky bunch we are.
Magic: The sauce only ends in loss.
Mindartis nods and heads upstairs.
Magic: Haha, I am lucky every day. Each day is filled with magic.
Magic: I will find you ladies and extra party favorites.
Magic: Zani, it appears we may have an audience soon.
Arncoril collapses in a drunken stupor.
Magic: Oh no!
Magic: Quick ladies, he needs mouth to mouth.
Eris Drew: Nah, that's your thing.
Magic: Maybe your conscience will do it.
Eris Drew: No, she will not.
Magic: You are missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime.
Eris Drew: Gross.
The bartender returns to the back of the bar as Lady Germanus comes down the stairs.
Magic: Suit yourself.
Magic runs to the stage.
Magic: Excuse me ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. There is a very special lady in the house.
Magic: I dedicate this little treat to her.
Magic: Flowers of Beautiful Sorrow
Magic (singing): Hey, pretty lady
Magic (singing): How are you
Magic (singing): I have some sad and some good news
Magic (singing): I found the trail
Magic (singing): Of forget-me-nots
Magic (singing): Instead of a talisman with shiny parts
Magic (singing): I was a hero
Magic (singing): Stood out in front of a rampaging cart
Magic (singing): But do not worry, I dodged
Magic (singing): And did my part
Magic (singing): I got stabbed once
Magic (singing): Seeing an angel in the sky
Magic (singing): I inspired my friends to fight and kept me alive
Magic (singing): The angel descended
Magic (singing): And crushed a man to the ground
Magic (singing): The rest of my friends killed everyone else around
Magic (singing): The trail is not dead
Magic (singing): I will find the talisman for you
Magic (singing): And maybe I'll throw my heart in too
Astrid Germanus-Bjarte gestures royally as she enters.
Astrid Germanus-Bjarte approaches Magic.
Magic: Don't everyone clap at once.
Magic: You are all too kind.
Magic: Thank you.
Astrid Germanus-Bjarte: So, the good news is that the High King does not have my family's talisman?
Magic leaves the stage and waltzes over to her, kneels, and kisses her hand.
Magic: He does not my lady.
Astrid Germanus-Bjarte: Well, that's a start.
Magic: Would you like to continue this in your private chambers?
Astrid Germanus-Bjarte: Forget-Me-Not has it though?
Magic: Yes, I was so close, too.
Astrid Germanus-Bjarte- smiles.
Magic: I have come in contact with the best crew Magic can buy.
Magic: Please let me escort you and you can meet them.
Magic offers his arm.
Magic waves to the crew in the Stag.
Magic: We have questions.
Astrid Germanus-Bjarte: You accomplished the primary goal to keep it from the king. This is commendable.
Magic: But is it payable?
Magic: I joke.
Magic: Unless you want to.
Magic: Then you should.
Astrid Germanus-Bjarte: No, of course, I will reimburse you...and your friend here.
Magic: Thank you kindly.
Magic: we do have a few questions if you don't mind, my fair maiden.
Eris Drew puts her dagger away.
Magic: Zani!
Magic: Tazdar!
Magic: Eris!
Zani: You're so kind. Can you give us any more insight into the talisman? What does it do?
Astrid Germanus-Bjarte-: Of course.
Magic: Here are a few of the greatest compatriots a man could ask for.
Astrid Germanus-Bjarte sits in a chair at a table near one of the fireplaces.
Zani: And who do you think would want it most?
Magic: Props up Arncoil in one of the chairs.
Astrid Germanus-Bjarte: Oh, it is very powerful. Used for traveling the outer planes, if you believe my family stories.
Eris Drew: The outer planes?
Magic (flatteringly): And I thought only your eyes could do that.
Eris Drew: As in to other worlds?
Astrid Germanus-Bjarte: No one in my family has had the gall to try and use it for generations, though.
Eris Drew: Interesting.
Magic: Sounds like you could use more men like me in your family.
Zani: Who do you think would want it most?
Magic: I love trying things.
Magic: You could say I am a jack-of-all-trades.
Astrid Germanus-Bjarte: Oh, the wizards of Magus Universitatis, The High King or one of his lieutenants, of course.
Eris Drew: Quite ponderous. Why would they want it?
Astrid Germanus-Bjarte: It is better left locked up.
Magic: That is a new name.
Magic: Magus Universitatis
Magic: Sounds like a disease.
Eris Drew: More like a parasite.
Astrid Germanus-Bjarte: It's the wizard school on the west side of the city.
Tazdar: The King would be someone most apt to use it from what I know of him.
Magic: Great question, Zani! Tell us more about this Magus.
Magic: Sounds like a lead!
Tazdar: Conquest of an outer world would bring great honor to this city and its soldiers.
Eris Drew: Outer worlds such as?
Astrid Germanus-Bjarte: They have been trying to acquire it for years.
Magic: Hmm.
Eris Drew: I am not sure it would bring honor. It might be bad.
Tazdar: There must be endless worthy opponents in the other planes. They could be brought to heel and their powers and technologies used to benefit the people of this city. Thus should be the goal of any leader.
Eris Drew: It could also destroy "The City."
Astrid Germanus-Bjarte: Interesting observation, ragged one.
Tazdar: Stagnation of any society brings destruction. One must always be pushing outward.
Eris Drew: It could be used to wipe out the entire thing.
Astrid Germanus-Bjarte: The wizards would be more likely to set off a cataclysm, in my opinion.
Eris Drew: Cataclysm?
Eris Drew: It might do that?
Tazdar: Yes. Those who play with magic for their own sake often bring disaster.
Magic: Indeed, we should figure out who the top lieutenants are and who are the top mages in the school.
Zani: Who else might know about the talisman's powers?
Magic: It was a secret, so who held the secret?
Eris Drew: Rael and the King seem to know.
Zani: Do the wizards answer to the King?
Tazdar: The King is no fool. Whether or not he can control these spellweavers would be my concern.
Astrid Germanus-Bjarte: The wizards definitely know the capabilities of the talisman. The High King's Court Wizard, set up the acquisition for the High King if my understanding of the situation is correct.
Magic: You are always correct.
During this explanation, Rael and Munkustrap return from the castle.
Eris Drew: What planes?
Astrid Germanus-Bjarte: All planes.
Eris Drew: All planes?
Eris Drew eyes widen.
Astrid Germanus-Bjarte: The Hells, Mechanus, Pandemonium, etc.
Munkustrap von Rumm: We have an appointment with the King in 2 hours.
Tazdar: Taz is thinking that he'd love to lead troops into The Beastlands one day.
Zani: Do you have a contact with the wizards that would be useful for us to talk to?
Magic: We are going to infiltrate and get information for this search.
Magic: The amulet will be safely in your hands soon enough.
Rael Octavius: The wizards of Magus Universitatis? They take visitors.
Zani: Yes, the wizards of Magus Universitatis. Is there any other information that might be useful for us?
Rael Octavius: Regarding the High King's gift? I can only say that there is. I will let High King Ran elaborate when we meet him.
Astrid Germanus-Bjarte: I will defer to the Lord Herald's son, but he is correct.
Astrid Germanus-Bjarte stands and approaches Rael.
Zani: Also, Germanus, can you tell us anything more about Forget-me-Not?
Astrid Germanus-Bjarte: You do understand that the king should not have this talisman, correct, Rael?
Munkustrap von Rumm looks startled.
Munkustrap von Rumm: Why should the king not have this talisman or amulet or whatever name it may have?
Rael Octavius: I understand your concerns, ma'am. I ask that you trust me that the High King will keep it safe.
Astrid Germanus-Bjarte scoffs.
Tazdar: I believe the best among us should wield the power. From what I know of the High King, he holds his position from merit.
Magic scoffs.
Eris Drew: Why does the King even get the amulet? It is not his to have?
Rael Octavius turns to his acquaintances.
Eris Drew: Why does the King want the power to travel to the outer planes?
Rael Octavius: Please, please. There have been months of negotiations and discussions regarding this.
Zani has another ale while waiting for two hours to pass.
Zani: Should we all go see the King or should we send a couple of representatives?
Rael Octavius: The High King, through his Lord High Seneschal, has agreed to enlighten you. The recovery of paramount. It cannot remain in the hands of a thief in any case.
Magic: I agree.
Tazdar: I'm sure we can all agree on that.
Magic: A world-hopping thief.
Rael Octavius: You are all welcome as long as you keep decorum.
Rael Octavius notices Arncoril is passed out.
Tazdar: The thief should be caught and her hands, if not her head, removed. Then, we can figure out the next steps.
Magic: We can decorate however you wish?
Eris Drew: World hopping sounds interesting though.
Magic: Psst, Eris, what is decorum.
Zani: I slam my ale and chew a piece of spearmint gum.
Rael Octavius: Those of you who are going to the audience need to clean up and wear your best.
Rael Octavius and Magic go around casting prestidigitation on those they believe will be going.
Zani: Are we ready for our audience with the King?
Munkustrap von Rumm: Thanks, Magic.
Magic: Most welcome. Your muscles look even bolder with shiny armor.
Munkustrap von Rumm winks at Magic.