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Methyltina 27th, Year Two of the Reign of High King Ran

The couple of weeks after the assassination attempts on Majestic, Tartarus, and Tazdar have been quite stressful. Several other non-humans, it has been heard, were killed. An attempt on Dae'Kliesys, High King Ran's Plenipotentiary, was foiled by the half-dragon herself in a fiery display of dragon's breath and magical immolation that left the assassin as nothing but fine ash. The City Watch has been on high alert since.
In the interrogation of the surviving assassin, an entity known only as "The Paragon" has been discovered to be behind the attacks.
Munkustrap offers to shelter The Iris at the von Rumm estate while investigations ensue.
Dar Kalla: Dar says "Yay" to that.
Cho Chi: Thank you, Munkustrap von Rumm.
Munkustrap von Rumm: No thanks are needed.
The assassins that were in jeopardy of being caught all killed themselves except the one that Cho Chi and Eris captured.
Magic: Your hospitality is appreciated.
Tazdar: What can I do to help at your Father's house, Munk? I can provide labor in exchange for hospitality.
Munkustrap von Rumm: My mother is the hospitable one in our family. She would never force you to work in exchange for respite.
Magic: Maybe I can assist your father with some noble like duties?
Tazdar: Of course not, but the offer stands.
Dar Kalla: Dar can stand with guards on watch.
Tazdar: I don't like to feel indebted to others.
The captain of the guard has been leading one arm of the investigation and he arrives at the estate to meet with The Iris.
Eris Drew: We should look into the investigations eventually. The actions of the assassins seemed slightly familiar, but I am not sure why.
Munkustrap von Rumm: We can ask my father if there is any work that needs doing.
Deuteronomy von Rumm: You may join watches if you wish. The labor of the estate is well covered.
Deuteronomy von Rumm: The Captian of the Guard has arrived and wishes to meet with The Iris. The grand hall is at your disposal.
Cho Chi (with a bow): That is most kind.
Horatio Ridley is escorted into the grand hall where the group gathers for their conversations and planning.
Munkustrap von Rumm: Captain Ridley, what occasion brings you to my father's estate today?
Horatio Ridley: Greetings to The Iris. I am glad to hear you all made it through this ordeal so far.
Horatio Ridley: I have come to give you an update on the situation and to request your assistance.
Magic: Captain Ridley, believe it or not, standing in our presence. Let me help set the mood.
Magic starts to play his lute.
Magic plays somber music.
Munkustrap von Rumm: Assistance with anything specific?
Eris Drew: Do you know who was trying to kill us yet?
Munkustrap von Rumm glares at Magic.
Eris Drew taps her foot just a little bit.
Magic -> Munkustrap von Rumm: (message) Don't worry. Nothing magical about it.
Munkustrap von Rumm -> Magic: Magic. Yeah, right.
Horatio Ridley: I have been working with Lord High Inquisitor Mosifort to try and track down this paragon that the captured assassin mentioned.
Tazdar: It was a well-executed attempt. A better assassin would have finished the job rather than running off though. Cowardly.
Magic: Indubitably.
Eris Drew: Did the assassin mention any other alliance to anybody?
Horatio Ridley: Unfortunately, this assassin has died now as well, so we have not been able to gather much more about what he mentioned.
Tazdar: Couldn't stand up to the interrogation I assume?
Eris Drew: He's dead?
Cho Chi: He won't stand trial then.
Eris Drew: Well no, Cho Chi.
Magic: I mean he could, I could hold him up?
Horatio Ridley: Some necromantic force snuffed out the life of our prisoner a couple of days after his capture.
Eris Drew facepalms.
Magic: Sounds like they have friends in high places or a powerful entity backing them.
Eris Drew: So he killed himself.
Tazdar: Likely his leader did the honors.
Eris Drew: Or very low places.
Cho Chi: Or his employer killed him.
Tazdar: Among spies and assassins, it's assumed that a failure will lead to your death.
Tazdar: Whether from your target or from your own.
Horatio Ridley: What we have gathered is that "The Paragon" is a title assumed by the "leader" of Blue Midnight.
Eris Drew: Blue Midnight.
Dar Kalla: Dees people all sound like fanatics.
Magic: Blue Midnight? What is that?
Eris Drew: Blue Midnight is a faction that puts things into chaos.
Magic: Oh?
Magic: Sounds like another organization that stepped in the wrong shoes.
Magic: The Knives made the same mistake.
Magic: Messing with The Iris.
Munkustrap von Rumm: Captain, do you have a plan to deal with Blue Midnight? And does that plan involve us?
Tartarus: Knives?
Eris Drew: I may be able to get you in, Captain.
Magic: The Knives are like the thieves and bandits of the city.
Tartarus: Mmm, do they get smashed well?
Tazdar: Oh yes.
Tartarus: Good.
Tazdar: They crumple very satisfyingly.
Horatio Ridley: This is the request I have come to make. You have dealt effectively with The Knives in the past. We need you to start to work against The Rakes.
Munkustrap von Rumm: The...Rakes?
Horatio Ridley: The Deepbend Rakes are a rebel faction that opposes the High King's rule. Actually, they have opposed pretty much any kind of rule, so they are generally considered anarchists.
Eris Drew: Why get to The Rakes if I can get you to Blue Midnight at its source, Captain Ridley?
Horatio Ridley looks surprised at Eris' question.
Cho Chi: The rule of law must be upheld.
Magic: Eris are you part of Blue Midnight?
Tazdar: Indeed. The order needs to be maintained.
Dar Kalla: Sword and flame will uphold da law.
Eris Drew: Kind of.
Eris Drew: I have been.
Horatio Ridley: Let us discuss this connection to Blue Midnight.
Eris Drew: I was an orphan and when pushed to join Blue Midnight I did so when I was an early teen. Technically, I am still associated with them even though I accepted a position as an Inquisitor.
Tazdar: I would caution that if Blue Midnight has been investigating our group, they likely won't consider you an ally any longer.
Eris Drew: It has been a long time.
Horatio Ridley: An admission of such an association is quite treasonous. And, joining The Inquisitors is a dangerous move.
Tazdar: It could be a similar situation our friend Eravan found himself in.
Eris Drew: I am aware it was a dangerous move, but I was still in contact with them after my first assignment with you Captain.
Cho Chi: What is it you would have us do with The Deepbend Rakes?
Tazdar: I would assume exactly what we did with The Knives.
Tazdar: Crush them publicly. Kill not only their members but their mystique.
Horatio Ridley seems distracted by the revelation of Eris' background.
Cho Chi: Have them attack us then kill them?
Tazdar: It's the best way to send a message as it were.
Cho Chi: Don't we need them to cooperate with such a plan?
Magic -> Munkustrap von Rumm: (message) Are we sure Eris is completely with us?
Tazdar: Oh, we seem to have no problem drawing their ire.
Tazdar: It is difficult though, I agree.
Tazdar: If they're as zealous as described though, I believe a smear campaign should get them to attack.
Munkustrap von Rumm -> Magic: I actually don't know much about her now that I think about it.
Tazdar: A couple of public pronouncements from Magic or myself of their weakness and cowardice. Some propaganda fliers, etc.
Cho Chi: I suppose looking for their headquarters might rile them up a bit.
Horatio Ridley: I am having difficulty knowing that there is a possibility that Blue Midnight might have infiltrated this group.
Munkustrap von Rumm: Well, she wouldn't admit to it openly if she were still working for them.
Magic: Or would she.
Magic: A triple cross?
Munkustrap von Rumm: I have a knack for knowing when people are lying.
Magic: Eris would you mind answering a few questions?
Eris Drew: I have not been in contact with them for quite some time.
Cho Chi: Let's ask her. Eris where exactly does your allegiance lie.
Eris Drew: I mean sure?
Eris Drew: With The Iris, sometimes it is handy to have someone able to get into places we aren't necessarily supposed to get into.
Munkustrap von Rumm: Eris, are you in league with Blue Midnight?
Munkustrap von Rumm: Eris, again, are you in league with Blue Midnight?
Eris Drew: I am. I haven't been in contact with them for a long time.
Horatio Ridley: Blue Midnight is insidious and highly trained to be hidden, but has tactics to mislead and confuse.
Cho Chi watches the proceedings carefully.
Munkustrap von Rumm: Why haven't you been in contact with them?
Eris Drew: I have had no reason to be.
Tazdar: More importantly, are you still aligned with them?
Dar Kalla: Can you find them?
Magic: Maybe you can be our inside women.
Munkustrap von Rumm: Will you betray us to Blue Midnight?
Eris Drew: I might be able to find them. I would not betray you, I am evil but not that evil.
Tazdar: I'm going to be honest. I'm not sure deception is Eris's thing.
Munkustrap von Rumm feels something doesn't ring true with Eris' last statement.
Tazdar: She seems to just say whatever it is she's thinking, in my experience.
Munkustrap von Rumm: There is something you're not telling us, Eris.
Eris Drew: I would not deceive you, but that does not mean I can not.
Eris Drew: I am willing to be your insider if it is needed.
Cho Chi: Are you also willing to be the Blue Midnight's insider?
Munkustrap von Rumm: Why do you say that you are evil?
Eris Drew: Why not.
Cho Chi: Are you selfish, self-serving and harm others for fun?
Munkustrap von Rumm: Because evil people should be in jail.
Eris Drew: Do Dar and Tartarus harm people for fun?
Horatio Ridley: Blue Midnight operatives cannot be trusted. They are too often implanted with triggers that set them in motion for plans that have been brewing for years.
Munkustrap von Rumm: How do we find her trigger?
Horatio Ridley: It will certainly be a magical block of some sort.
Magic: Is this something that can be dispelled?
Eris Drew: I serve the King, Captain. Just because I have been allied with Blue Midnight does not mean I will use it to do harm to others. I am an Inquisitor and a member of The Iris.
Horatio Ridley: All things Blue Midnight can use to subvert the kingdom and this group.
Magic: I can attempt to remove the magical block.
Eris Drew: I was tempted to join Blue Midnight just as I was tempted to join The Inquisitors. I listen to those temptations.
Lia -> Eris Drew: You are in grave trouble.
Magic: You are malleable.
Horatio Ridley: You are the perfect instrument of Blue Midnight, Eris.
Eris Drew [Quori]: I kind of figured that out already, Lia. You could like help, you know.
Horatio Ridley: What did you say?
Tartarus: The witch is speaking in tongues.
Cho Chi: I don't think that she has ever had a thought that she hasn't voiced.
Eris Drew: I said, "I kind of figured that out, Lia. "You could like help, you know."
Magic: Eris I am going to try to remove your magical block.
Eris Drew: Who says I have one.
Magic: Look deep into my eyes.
Magic: Yes, aren't my eyes beautiful.
Eris Drew: No.
Dar Kalla: Can Dar use his beast sense and speak with animals to communicate with animals around "The city" Birds or rats, to see if they can lead us to Blue Midnight?
Munkustrap von Rumm: Not sure if animals would know anything about Blue Midnight.
Cho Chi watches Horatio Ridley. Trying to predict what actions he might take.
Magic casts his spell to remove the Blue Midnight magic from Eris but is then thrown against the wall and slumps to the ground.
Horatio Ridley: This is not good.
Dar Kalla: What da?
Eris Drew: Damn.
Munkustrap von Rumm rushes over to Magic to see if he is conscious.
Magic is just staring at nothing, unable to respond.
Cho Chi: Magic are you okay?
Magic drools.
Eris Drew [Quori]: Great! Thanks for the help, Lia. You pop up at the worst times.
Cho Chi rushes over to Magic.
Magic drools.
Eris Drew stays back so she doesn't accidentally hurt someone again.
Munkustrap von Rumm lays his healing on hands on Magic but there seems to be no effect.
Munkustrap von Rumm: What did you do to him, Eris?!
Horatio Ridley: Eris, you are under arrest. You need to be brought before the High King.
Eris Drew: You think I know?
Cho Chi: She may need a mind surgeon.
Eris Drew: Nobody is gonna touch my mind.
Eris Drew: There is nothing wrong with it.
Eris Drew involuntarily releases her commanding presence, frightening Dar Kalla and Tartarus.
Eris Drew: Lia, stop it!
Eris Drew: You could at least help me.
Eris Drew: You will never defeat Blue Midnight!
Cho Chi attacks Eris with the flat of her Guan Dao's blade and then attempts to knock her out with a kick.
Tazdar grows to giant size and grabs hold of Eris who initially resists but is then held fast.
Cho Chi: Do not kill her!
Eris Drew struggles to free herself and places herself within a sanctuary when she cannot.
Eris Drew [Quori]: Lia!
Cho Chi: Eris, surrender! We will get this figured out!
Tartarus launches a javelin at Eris in panic.
Munkustrap von Rumm moves to strike Eris with his glaive, but something compels him to stay his hand.
Tartarus: Haha, I will turn you into a porcupine.
Dar Kalla goes to throw a javelin at Eris as well but does not loose it.
Cho Chi drops her weapon and pulls out some rope to start binding Eris.
Tazdar takes Eris down to the floor.
Magic drools.
Eris Drew shouts a command for Tazdar to flee, but Tazdar does not comply.
Tazdar: No, I think I'll stay.
Tartarus strikes Eris with another javelin not wishing to close with her.
Munkustrap von Rumm strikes Eris with the flat of his glaive's blade and knocks Eris out.
Magic: Finish tying her up and take her to King Ran.
Magic: She did save my life during the assassination, she can't be all bad.
Tartarus: No, just kill her and be done with it.
Horatio Ridley: Oh, good. She is subdued.
Cho Chi: Yes, she obviously has something wrong with her.
Tazdar: Well, good call on that whole sleeper agent business.
Tazdar: Clearly some strong magic is at work.
Magic rubs his bruised back.
Horatio Ridley: We need to transport her safely.
Tazdar: Well, she's tied up.
Magic: Gag her.
Tazdar: I'm large.
Tazdar: I can carry her.
Magic takes off his sock and puts it in her mouth.
Cho Chi: Might need a transport vehicle to protect her life.
Horatio Ridley: Precisely.
Tartarus retrieves his javelins.
Cho Chi: They may kill her rather than let her be captured.
Tartarus: Good?
Munkustrap von Rumm: We can use my father's carriage.
Dar Kalla: So, she won't be needing that magic sword anymore, I assume?
Magic: Yes, good idea.
Cho Chi: Remove her weapons and spell components.
Munkustrap von Rumm: Her amulet.
Dar Kalla: Dar no understand what goes on.
Tazdar: Magic stuff in her head making her an enemy.
Tazdar: Probably.
The carriage is brought to the side entrance of the mansion and Eris is placed inside.
Munkustrap von Rumm rides inside the carriage also.
Dar Kalla runs along with the carriage.
Cho Chi rides in the carriage.
The group manages to navigate the streets of "The City" and arrives at the castle safely. The captain of the guard ensures all are permitted entrance.
Cho Chi: Eris, you will be alright.
Tartarus: Highly unlikely.
Horatio Ridley leads the group to bring Eris to a chamber within the castle that contains arcane symbols and apparatus throughout.
Cho Chi (soothing): We will get this figured out.
Cho Chi: Relax and cooperate.
Magic removes the sock from Eris's mouth.
Horatio Ridley: I will inform the court wizard of the situation. He will sort this out shortly.
Tartarus: Probably not.
An archetypical wizard arrives after half an hour, robed and carrying a staff, beard down to his belt.
Semousus: What have we here?
Magic: Hello, sir. There is some strong magic in her head. I tried to dispel it but it sent me flying against a wall.
Magic: We believe the magic to have been put there by Blue Midnight.
Magic: She is a good kid with some mental issues.
Cho Chi: Her aura is dissonant.
Semousus: This is the Blue Midnight operative then? I detected something among you when you were in court a while ago.
Tazdar: She seemed as confused as we were initially.
Tazdar: And then a second personality took over.
Semousus: You have encountered her implanted enchantments.
Tazdar: Is it some kind of geas?
Cho Chi strokes Eris's hand.
Semousus: In a manner of speaking, but also enhanced.
Cho Chi: Can it be removed?
Semousus: It can, but there are several layers. You are fortunate to be alive.
Tazdar: Interesting. I wonder if we could reverse engineer the magic and use it against Blue Midnight.
Cho Chi: She would kill us? She has saved us many times.
Tazdar: She's skilled but no more so than any of us. She'd have been hard-pressed as outnumbered as she was.
Semousus: The challenge is leaving the one you know intact.
Munkustrap von Rumm: She admitted in the presence of witnesses that she is evil. Then she tried to cast spells on us. She should be restrained and muffled.
Cho Chi: She is restrained.
Magic pulls the sock back off.
Munkustrap von Rumm: Continuously.
Magic: So both socks?
Munkustrap von Rumm: And put into an anti-magic field cell where she would await judgment.
Cho Chi: I don't know if she is evil. I haven't seen her do anything I object to.
Magic: She is so young though, it is easy to poison the minds of youths.
Semousus: That is unnecessary.
Semousus casts a spell over Eris.
Cho Chi: She is impulsive and loud and undisciplined.
Tartarus: Very annoying human.
Tazdar: Sounds like most young humans I've met.
Semousus: A perfect vessel for Blue Midnight. Let us see about fixing the magical machinations.
Magic: Anything I can do to help?
Magic: I can try to lower her resolve?
Eris Drew opens her eyes.
Cho Chi: Eris, we are trying to help you.
Tartarus tries to knock Eris unconscious again.
Cho Chi: Stop! That is unnecessary.
Tartarus's hammer rings off a barrier around Eris and rebounds into his face.
Tartarus: My nose.
Semousus: That will be quite enough.
Semousus: She is conscious but unable to act.
Cho Chi: Relax. The wizard is trying to help you.
Tartarus: Fine.
Semousus: If you can remain still, all of you, I will see about extracting the Blue Midnight magic from her.
Cho Chi: Can I hold her hand?
Tazdar: I'm not sure they can, but there's a first time for everything.
Munkustrap von Rumm stands quite still.
Magic watches intently.
Semousus begins casting a ritual circling Eris as he does.
Tartarus sits down and tries to lean against his hammer.
After several minutes the wizard smiles.
Semousus: I have seen this architecture before. You will all need to be very quiet while I cast the next few spells.
Semousus looks around.
Tartarus tries very hard to restrain himself.
Cho Chi stands very still.
Semousus: I suggest you all take positions along the wall. This will be very dangerous for us all if there is anyone other than the subject within the circle.
Munkustrap von Rumm moves toward the wall as directed.
Tazdar: Alright, everyone back and keep quiet.
Cho Chi reluctantly lets go of Eris's hand and moves to the wall.
Semousus moves to just outside a circle inscribed on the floor around Eris.
Cho Chi: Watches Eris' aura expectantly.
Semousus prepares a wand, his staff, and a number of spell components arranged on the floor around him.
In quick succession, the wizard casts several spells. Waves a magical energy pulse within a dome contained within the circle. Bright flashes of fire and total pitch black meld with swirling ghostlike figures before everything falls silent.
Semousus: OK, I am going to bring down the barrier. She will likely be exhausted, but it looks like she survived.
Munkustrap von Rumm: What was it?
Cho Chi: What will change about her?
Semousus: She was very deeply enchanted. It would have been quite disastrous to have her fully trigger. She would have been the next Paragon.
Cho Chi: Is she herself?
Eris Drew: What is that yucky taste in my mouth?
Tartarus laughs.
Semousus: She should be.
Cho Chi: Eris, how do you feel?
Dar Kalla: Will Blue Midnight know she's been cured?
Eris Drew: Confused? Where are we?
Semousus: They will likely know something happened.
Cho Chi: At the castle.
Eris Drew: Oh, how fun.
Munkustrap von Rumm tries to make eye contact with Dar.
Munkustrap von Rumm shakes his head ever so slightly.
Cho Chi: This wizard has removed an enchantment from your mind.
Semousus: Mind and body.
Eris Drew [Quori]: You still here?
Cho Chi: Of course both are connected.
Lia -> Eris Drew: Yes.
Dar Kalla nods then shakes his head, then nods again, looks confused.
Tartarus: Kill her! She is speaking in tongues again!
Munkustrap von Rumm: There is still the whole thing about her being evil though.
Eris Drew: I am speaking Quori. It is my native language, Tartarus.
Cho Chi: Is she? Evil is actions? I haven't seen evil from her.
Magic: She saved my life.
Munkustrap von Rumm: Why would she say that she is evil? It makes no sense.
Tartarus: I have seen her kill plenty. That kinda evil.
Cho Chi: Self-defense protection of others.
Semousus: The enchantments were likely going to turn her quite evil, vast necromantic power and vileness of all kinds.
Tartarus: Yeah.
Cho Chi: Perhaps now she can become her best self.
Eris Drew looks concerned.
Semousus: It will take her some time to recover from the effects.
Cho Chi: Perhaps we can take her to the temple to heal.