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Butyltina 13th, Year Two of the Reign of High King Ran

Since the orcs' capture and the knowledge of what diseases were being spread by the combined orc-goblinoid forces, those capable of assisting in stemming the spread are enlisted to help. The temples of "The City" also mobilize throughout the southern districts, providing relief from the disease and the harm done by the infiltrators' sedition.
Magic and Siren have completed their purchase of the inn in Nightfield and renamed it "The Dancing Halfling." Besides the business of the inn and tavern, this building could serve well as a base of operations for The Iris.
Siren celebrates by dancing on the bar.
Magic: The bar doubles as a stage now.
Tiko Shadmar: I have to find a game where my abilities will come in handy.
Siren: Party Hearty!!!
Magic: Having a base of operations on both sides of the city will come in handy.
Tiko Shadmar: Just a meeting place? We aren't all moving in, are we?
Cho Chi: This is a pretty raucous place.
Magic: The Dancing Halfing can accommodate the whole party. Tartarus can finally be in the same room as us.
Siren: Tiko, you can setup a gambling room upstairs.
Eris Drew: I think it would be a better place to meet than Majestic Wares.
Magic: Great business mind, this one.
Eris Drew: It is a lot bigger. There are more of us now than there were when we were meeting at the shop.
Cho Chi: Just send me a message at the temple when we are meeting here. This place is too loud for me to spend too much time here.
Eris Drew: Well, rightfully so. It is a busy place.
Magic: The Knights of the Oval Table.
Siren: Wow, these rooms are bigger than most halflings keep.
Eris Drew: We are not knights, though.
Magic: It was a steal for such a nice establishment.
Eris Drew: Flowers of the Oval Table, also known as The Irises.
Magic: If any of you need a room, you are more than welcome to stay here.
Siren: We should decorate the whole inn with Irises.
Magic: ...for coin that is.
Magic winks.
Eris Drew smiles.
Siren winks at Magic.
Eris Drew: It would be a good way to tell everyone where we are, which might not necessarily be a good idea.
Siren: Do you have another favorite flower?
Siren smiles coyly.
Eris Drew: Maybe we should have a flower box outside with some Irises.
Eris Drew: Roses?
Magic: Siren, I insist you take the master bedroom. It is far too big for me. I prefer more modest arrangements.
Siren: Such a big room for a little halfling?
Cho Chi: Maybe the big bedroom should be the gambling hall.
It is the thirteen of the month and the first darkday in ten lightdays. It is also only the sixth darkday in the last month, and temperatures and tempers within "The City" are flaring.
Magic: Sounds good for business. We should install blackout curtains.
Eris Drew keeps an eye on Tartarus.
Siren: Let's stack'em like lumber in the big rooms.
Magic: Hello darkness, my old friend I've come to talk with you again Because a vision softly creeping Left its seeds while I was sleeping And the vision that was planted in my brain Still remains Within the sound of silence
Siren sways slowly to Magic's song.
Not an hour into the darkday, alarms are raised from the guard tower in Plaza Heights. News reaches The Iris as they congregate at the von Rumm estate since The Dancing Halfling will be full due to the darkday's arrival, that the remnants of a caravan arrived reporting that goblinoids are invading from the north.
Siren: Erhart, if the darkness lasts, start watering the ale, so it lasts.
Magic: You sure do know a lot about running a tavern. It is in your blood.
Erhart: Absolutely, Siren. We think alike.
Siren: Viola and Argyle run a fine upstanding place, but they know how to turn a profit.
The senator has The Iris meet in the great hall to address them and the house staff.
Magic: I am sure you will continue growing our profits with your bright disposition.
Eris Drew: Sir von Rumm, where in the north are they coming from? Is there an entrance that they have gotten through?
Cho Chi: Sir, where is our friend Munkustrap?
Magic: Goblins, that is.
Eris Drew points to Munkustrap.
Magic: We happen to be the best at fighting goblins since we have the champion of all goblinoids in The Iris.
Munkustrap von Rumm enters the great hall with the rest of The Iris.
Magic motions to Tazdar.
Eris Drew: He's right there behind Tartarus.
Siren (frightened): Are we besieged? I thought the goblins were encroaching from the south?
Deuteronomy von Rumm: The information I have right now is that they are still miles north of Plaza Heights.
Deuteronomy von Rumm moves to the balcony overlooking the hall.
Eris Drew: Do you know their approximate location? Have they crossed the river?
Deuteronomy von Rumm: Due to the threat from the north, all senators, including myself, are being sequestered in the castle until the threat is addressed. This means that my son Munkustrap will be keeping vigil in the mansion until I return.
Magic: Do you want to intercept them, Eris, these invading goblins?
Munkustrap von Rumm joins his father on the balcony.
Cho Chi: What would you have us do?
Deuteronomy von Rumm: Units of the army will be mobilizing, but it will take them some time to deploy to the north. I believe The Iris may be able to assist by investigating the reports in the meantime. I am certain the High King will reward you well for taking this initiative.
Siren: Intercept, like leave "The City" to face the goblins?
Siren shivers.
Tartarus: Leave the city?!
Cho Chi: Scout and provide intelligence?
Magic: He is such a great speaker, Siren. I never miss an opportunity to listen to inspiring leaders.
Eris Drew: I do not think we should intercept them. However, knowing where they are and maybe some of their numbers could be useful.
Munkustrap von Rumm looks somewhat disappointed that he will not be able to join The Iris this time.
Tazdar: We should be careful along the way. Scouts will be ranging far ahead of the legion.
Munkustrap von Rumm: Thank you, staff. You may return to your duties.
Eris Drew: I haven't left "The City" in a very long time.
Tiko Shadmar: I know the woods. We can scout around and find these goblin forces and see what they are up to.
Magic: Do not fret, Munkustrap. Someone still needs to protect this city while we are indisposed.
Siren: Just as long as worgs don't eat us.
Deuteronomy von Rumm and Munkustrap return to the hall floor to continue the conversation with The Iris.
Eris Drew: Of course, we will be careful. It is mostly unknown territory.
Munkustrap von Rumm smiles at Magic.
Magic: We should bring lots of potions and rations. Can any of you cook well on the road, beyond the city's walls?
Deuteronomy von Rumm: The area north has roads leading to the Gold Hills. It may be important to find out if the miners there are alright.
Siren: I can cook!
Eris Drew: I am sure one of us can.
Eris Drew: See, Siren can.
Magic: Siren! You are a blessing!
Tazdar: How many miners live in that area?
Eris Drew: The Gold Hills?
Tartarus: I can eat it raw.
Eris Drew looks in awe and then scoffs at Tartarus.
Deuteronomy von Rumm: There is a thorp there with a couple of dozen inhabitants.
Magic: Really? Why wouldn't you cook it, Tartarus?
Siren: Will one of you big, tall, strong, handsome hunks of men carry the provisions?
Eris Drew: I can carry some too.
Tazdar: More than we can evacuate on our own. We'll just have to do a safety check.
Tartarus: Why would I cook it?
Eris Drew smiles.
Magic: I think your pack may fit on Tartarus's belt.
Magic: Flavor, dear man, flavor!
Tazdar: However, if the legion has made it that far, I'd wager they're already enslaved as laborers.
Deuteronomy von Rumm: This would be appreciated, Tazdar.
Siren: It tastes better, silly—soft, tender, juicy, succulent.
Eris Drew: Well, then we have to help them!
Siren: Spices and herbs to bring out the flavor.
Tazdar: The good news is, a hobgoblin legion won't slaughter them outright, but they will have been turned work on strengthening the enemy.
Tartarus: Raw is flavorful.
Magic: Siren, you understand me.
Cho Chi sadly shakes her head.
Tiko Shadmar: Do we know where we need to go?
Tartarus: Well, have you ever eaten raw?
Siren: Tartarus, you don't know what you're missing.
Magic: I have had raw fish, but never red meat.
Siren: Yes, we serve tartare at The Boar's Head.
Deuteronomy von Rumm: You can take either road forking from the north corner of the square. They both lead to the road to the Gold Hills.
Tartarus: Mmm, raw fish, their scales taste wonderful.
Siren shakes her head and sighs.
Eris Drew: At least they have some sense not to kill all the innocent and instead use it for their gain. We should help them and figure out what the legions are up to while we are at it.
Magic: You de-scale it first. Oh, boy.
Tartarus: Fish, you can eat scales, skin, bones, and all.
Siren: Just wait until you smell my dinner. You'll be salivating for a nibble.
Cho Chi: If we don't want to be discovered, we may need a cold camp.
Deuteronomy von Rumm: I will leave you to your plans. Do not be too long, though.
Deuteronomy von Rumm exits the hall to prepare to travel to the castle.
Magic: I prefer my camps warm, Cho.
Eris Drew: That is true. We probably should cook some before we leave and dry it or something.
Eris Drew: Warm food or death, Magic. Which do you prefer?
Cho Chi checks her pack and weapons, preparing to leave.
Tartarus: No, my fish and meat are way better than your cooked meat and leaves.
Siren: Plans, yes, must plan dinners. There are seven of us. How long do you think we'll be gone?
Magic: We can not be underprepared. We need rations, potions, blankets, pillows, tents, and water.
Magic: Should we bring a wagon or horses?
Tartarus: Why rations? Don't you know how to hunt?
Magic: Hunting can be unreliable.
Cho Chi: I will need warm clothes.
Tartarus: Eats the horses.
Eris Drew: You have a wagon, Magic.
Eris Drew shakes her head.
Magic: I do! I try to put heavy things out of my mind.
Cho Chi: It is hard to be stealthy with a wagon.
Eris Drew: We could use something to pull it though, I do not think we want Tartarus exhausted.
Tartarus: Eat the wagon.
Tazdar: A wagon will make it harder to move off-road if we need to.
Siren: Taters, carrots, turnips, spices, herbs, fruits, meats, flour, sourdough. What am I forgetting? Oh yes, ale!
Munkustrap von Rumm: I agree. A wagon will slow you down and be difficult to defend.
Magic: Not stealthy, yes, but what if there are shop-worthy items out there?
Tazdar: We might want to just stash the wagon as a camp point a few miles outside the city and continue the rest of the way on foot if we bring it at all.
Eris Drew: Well, how about we buy a donkey or a single horse to carry our stuff.
Tazdar: Otherwise, we can load up on dry rations and prepare to leave at first light.
Magic: A little small on storage, but it will do.
Eris Drew: That could work.
Cho Chi: That sounds reasonable
Siren: The stealthy ones could sneak out ahead of the wagon while the rest of us ride in comfort and pretend to be defenseless.
Munkustrap von Rumm: First light could be days from now.
Tartarus: I stealthy.
Tazdar: Well, whatever will pass for dawn tomorrow then, I suppose.
Eris Drew looks at her plate armor.
Tiko Shadmar: I like this plan! I'm excited to be a part of it! Let's do it!
Tazdar: Normally, I'd be all for a bait wagon, but we're trying to avoid confrontation at all. This is just an information-gathering mission.
Munkustrap von Rumm: You do not really have any time to spare if they are marching.
Cho Chi: I will need to collect somethings from the temple.
Magic: I cave. No wagon.
Tazdar: Okay, let's gather supplies and leave immediately then. Everyone returns here within three hours, and we march on the fourth hour. Agreed?
Siren wiggles her furry toes.
Siren: I guess we'll be walking it.
Eris Drew: No sleep, okay.
Magic: I am not pleased about it either.
Cho Chi: I will meet you at the square. How about in an hour?
Siren: No sleep? What are you? Dwarves?
Eris Drew: I hope you can keep up, Siren. Someone might have to carry you.
Munkustrap von Rumm: Good luck, my friends.
Magic: Maybe she can ride on Orcus, Eris.
Cho Chi: What do you mean? No sleep? It is morning, friend.
Tiko Shadmar: Tiko will go to a weapons shop and buy a sling with some bullets.
Cho Chi: Can you all be ready in an hour?
Tazdar: I can be.
Magic: Come with me, Tiko. I have just the thing for you.
Eris Drew: Tiko and Siren can switch spots whenever they would like. He is nice and warm. He can keep you cozy.
Tazdar: I'll take a short rest and be ready to march. I already have some hard-tack on me.
Munkustrap von Rumm is approached by the butler and moves off to the corner of the room.
Siren: Oh dear, I thought I had time to buy cooking supplies.
Cho Chi: All I need is warm clothes.
Tiko Shadmar: Great! Do you have such things at your shop?
Magic: Hurry to my shop! Everyone who needs supplies, follow me!
Magic: I have everything!
Cho Chi: Let's go.
Eris Drew: I think I am good to go. I am so ready to get out of this city.
As the group leaves the estate to gather supplies, they can hear the guard tower bells ringing to the north.
Tazdar: The bells are already ringing. We should move out.
Eris Drew starts walking out.
Magic: Siren and Tiko, I have a present.
Magic: Maggie, The city's best tailor-fitted these for you both.
Siren: Maggie Hardcheese? She is astounding.
Magic: Isn't she, though! So hardworking and just overall delightful. She can be quite the mastermind.
The group finally gathers or buys what they need and heads north out of "The City."
Siren: You are so lucky to have her. I hope Erhart is half as good as she.
Siren starts to pipe a marching tune on her flute as The Iris sets out.
Magic: With your influence, I am sure Erhart will rise to the occasion. Your dancing is inspiring.
Tazdar: We should keep noise to a minimum. We need to be as undetectable as possible.
Eris Drew: Siren and Magic, we will not want so much music. Soon we will no longer want to draw attention to ourselves.
Eris Drew smiles at Tazdar.
The temperature has dropped some but is still fairly warm for it being a few hours into a darkday. Instead of snow, fog is blanketing the land.
Eris Drew: You read my mind.
Enjoying Siren's tune, Magic starts to air lute.
Magic: Do you see what I have to deal with, Siren.
Siren frowns at the curmudgeons and lets her tune die away.
Eris Drew rolls her eyes.
Eris Drew: You can hum. That is quieter.
Siren -> Magic: How do you stand it?
Magic -> Siren: Often, I just ignore them.
The group follows the road out of the city and finds the terrain flat once out of the buildings. The darkness and the fog make it eerily quiet and difficult to see.
Magic -> Siren: And continue with my melody.
Siren -> Magic: I will have to find other ways to entertain myself.
Siren looks back on "The City" longingly.
Cho Chi: Sound travels far in the fog.
Siren: I haven't ventured out past my uncle's farm. It's lonely out here.
Not far outside "The City," the group loses track of each other in the darkness and fog.
Siren (stage whisper): Magic? Where are you?
Tazdar [Giant]: Tartarus, can you hear me?
Tartarus [Giant]: Yes.
Tazdar [Giant]: I'm using giantish, so we don't give away our position.
Tartarus [Giant]: Alright.
Eris Drew is frightened.
Siren shivers.
Tartarus [Giant]: I'll head your way.
Siren ruffles her skirts.
Tazdar [Giant]: Let's move in the direction of Magic's lute.
Magic plays music.
Magic: "Fools", said I, "You do not know Silence like a cancer grows Hear my words that I might teach you Take my arms that I might reach you" But my words, like silent raindrops fell And echoed In the wells of silence
Cho Chi: Stands still, listening.
Eris Drew moves towards Magic's song.
Tartarus [Giant]: Well, we know where Magic is.
Eris Drew moves towards Magic's song.
Magic There are giant voices in the distance. Magic sings the terror away.
Tartarus [Giant]: Fee Fi Foe Fum.
Magic follows the beautiful music in the distance.
Magic: I knew the music would bring you home.
Tartarus [Giant]: Boo!
Magic: 1
Magic: 2
Magic: 3
Magic: 4
Magic: 5
Magic: And I make 6.
Magic: We are missing someone.
Siren: Who has a rope? We should all hold onto each other.
Tazdar: The giants you were hearing were Tartarus and me.
Eris Drew: Uh, oh.
Magic: Where is Tiko!
Tazdar: There won't be any actual giants this far south yet, but we need to find Tiko.
Tiko Shadmar: Hootie Hoo! Hootie Hoo!
Tartarus: I am giant.
Tazdar: If we get separated again, move toward the giant-speech.
Magic: It was scary hearing it without you all around.
Tazdar: Ideally, any goblins in the area will be frightened off, as well.
Tiko Shadmar hears movement nearby, but it seems like more than the group he was with.
Eris Drew: Where in Dracomundi is that damn little one.
Magic: Listen, that sounds like a wonderful idea, but also scary from this point of view.
Siren: Moving towards a giant doesn't sound like a good idea.
Siren: I like Magic's music better.
Eris Drew: I agree with Siren.
Tartarus: Mostly giant. Well, ogres are giants.
Eris Drew [Celestial]: Wouldn't you rather go towards an angel's voice?
Cho Chi: Listens to find Tiko.
Munkustrap von Rumm, considering the estate to be secure with or without him, decides to find the rest of The Iris.
Eris Drew: I see you, Siren.
Tiko Shadmar will move stealthily around the sounds of the approaching creatures.
Cho Chi: Here, Eris, hold the end of my rope. I'll try and find Tiko.
Eris Drew: We should tie a couple of ropes together so everyone can hold it.
Cho Chi: If I tug three times in a row, follow the rope to me.
Magic: Rope should have been on the list.
Cho Chi heads out into the fog.
Eris Drew: I have fifty feet of rope with me. I didn't forget.
Magic: Just me then.
Magic: Great.
Eris Drew grabs the rope and tries to tie it to hers.
Tiko Shadmar moves into the bushes and stays hidden, having spotted what looks like goblins.
Magic: Oh, you have two ropes. Rub it in.
Eris Drew: Cho has a rope. I have a rope. That is two ropes. We can tie them together. We have plenty for all of us.
Cho Chi lets out rope as she sneaks away.
Eris Drew hands Magic part of the rope.
Tartarus: Throws rope at Eris.
Eris Drew: What was that for? Just hold it, Tar.
Tartarus: More rope.
Eris Drew: Oh.
Eris Drew nods and ties more rope.
Munkustrap von Rumm continues along the road in search of the others.
Eris Drew: When Sloth becomes himself again, we should have him invent a constant, long-distance communicator.
Magic goes to help Tazdar with his sending stone.
Magic: If you can get Munkustrap going in the right direction, I will start sending messages in said direction.
Tartarus: Who's Sloth?
Magic will also send messages to the direction the rope is going to Cho.
Magic alternates messages in Cho and Munkustrap's directions.
Eris Drew: He used to hide in a bag, and he had a cannon that he would randomly pull out. He was a smashy guy, but not like you. He liked to throw things.
Cho Chi (replying to Magic's message): Found enemy, but no Tiko yet.
Eris Drew starts to follow rope and tugs three times to get someone behind to follow.
Tartarus: Sounds like a stand-up guy and a good person.
Eris Drew: You probably would have liked him.
Eris Drew: Stupid rocks.
Siren thinks to herself, "And they complained about my flute. They sound like a whole herd is being driven through the forest."
Munkustrap von Rumm continues to search for the others.
Xerkris stands as the group clamors around in the fog.
Tartarus [Giant]: Hello.
Siren: I told you we shouldn't move towards the giantish voices.
Eris Drew: Aren't you smart, Siren.
Tazdar thinks sees a cloud giant.
Siren: "This is bad" -- No shit.
Tazdar sees strange goblinoids surround it.
Magic: Tazdar says to run.
Xerkris [Giant]: Ah! Scouts! Attack!
Siren: Yikes!
Magic: that giant just splatted that tree with a rock
Siren: That rock was bigger than I am
Tartarus [Giant]: He says, "Ah! Scouts! Attack!"
The giant throws a rock that smashes into a tree near the main body of the group.
Eris Drew looks at Tazdar.
Tazdar: We've been spotted. Those norkers aren't much threat, but we can't fight the cloud giant.
Eris Drew: What did he say?
Tazdar: I've seen what those things can do.
Xerkris [Giant]: Oh. A fellow giant. Join me!
Eris Drew: In Common, please.
Siren: What can they do?
Tazdar: For one, kill us with those boulders.
Tazdar: Everything else is secondary for now.
Tazdar: But we need to report this back to Ran.
Tartarus [Giant]: I don't know. You're throwing rocks in my direction.
Xerkris grumbles.
Eris Drew: Please don't have a casual conversation with a huge giant. That's insane.
Eris covers herself in ice.
Eris Drew: Tazdar, please translate, for goodness sake.
Tazdar: It's not worth it, but he's doing good work distracting the giant. We need to leave.
Eris Drew: Then we should leave.
Eris Drew: Siren, get out of here.
Tartarus: Aww, he seems like a cool guy.
Tartarus: Do we have to go?
Siren: Lead the way, Eris. I'm not planning to stick around.
Norkers begin to charge toward the group.
Siren causes a flower to appear near Cho Chi, floating in the air near her.
Eris Drew: Take Orcus, he's faster than you can walk, and neither of you should die here.
Siren moves towards Orcus and prepares to dodge norker attacks.
The closest norker runs up to Tartarus, bites him, and then smashes its mace into the half-ogre's leg.
Munkustrap von Rumm, having heard the commotion from the nearby road, rushes toward the sounds of battle and begins to engage norkers. He smites the one he hits, and it crumbles.
Magic moves closer to the group's main body and produces a hypnotic patter among the approaching norkers, distracting several of them. He then strums a war-like chord for Tartarus to inspire him.
More norkers charge forward.
Cho Chi approaches one of the norkers and cracks her whip against it twice. The slashes from the whip draw enough blood from the creature to cause it to collapse.
Eris Drew: Munkustrap says along with his glaive clangs, "Thy face shows proof that even gods make foul blunders upon our land."
Tiko Shadmar pops out from behind the tree he has been hiding behind and fires an arrow at one of the norkers approaching Munkustrap before slipping to a new hiding spot and disappearing.
Another norker leaps to attack Munkustrap. It bites and clubs him with a mace after avoiding the paladin's attempt to keep him away.
Tazdar grows to giant-size himself and then attacks two norkers in succession, cutting them both down where they stand.
Norkers begin to swarm around Munkustrap and Tazdar.
One of the norkers bites Munkustrap.
Xerkris [Giant]: Destroy them all!
Xerkris' command prompts many mace attacks on Munkustrap from the norkers surrounding him, beginning to wear the paladin down.
Tazdar: He's telling them all to attack.
Magic: You are so much better at translating than Tartarus.
Siren: I thought they already were attacking.
Tartarus begins to rage, having been struck by one of the norkers. He then proceeds to smash one under his massive hammer.
Eris Drew steps up to one of the charging norkers and smites it.
Orcus finds cover behind a tree.
A norker ineffectively attacks Tazdar, the hobgoblin's armor blocking any damage.
Siren curses several of the norkers facing off with Munkustrap, then grants him a flower of inspiration.
Munkustrap von Rumm slashes at a norker taking advantage of Siren's inspiration to knock another one out of the battle.
Another norker swings wildly at Tazdar but misses.
Magic grants his mantle of inspiration to Munkustrap, Tazdar, and Siren. Siren races towards Munkustrap while Tazdar maneuvers to flank norkers with Tartarus and Eris.
Magic: Siren, get out of the open!
Tazdar [Goblin]: Maglubiyet's Army will add all of you to its ranks this day.
Magic casts rays of force at a norker, but it avoids them.
Siren: Munkustrap is hurting! He needs help!
Magic: Hopefully, my presents here will inspire him to fight longer.
A norker finally manages to hit Tazdar again but does him no harm.
Cho Chi leaps towards Munkustrap and lashes her whip at another norker. Seeing it is not brought down, she cracks her whip to dissuade attackers from approaching her.
Tiko Shadmar slips out of hiding again to takes out a norker with an arrow before moving to a new hiding spot.
One of the norkers engaged with Munkustrap turns on Cho Chi, but it cannot pass her defenses.
Tazdar activates a rune and slashes another norker into oblivion.
Xerkris [Giant]: Come on you louts!
Xerkris' command triggers another flurry of norker attacks on the party. The fog giant misty steps to the bottom of the rise he was on.
Tartarus obliterates two more norkers with his maul.
Eris Drew conjures a spectral bell to toll over the last norker engaged with Munkustrap. It withers and falls.
Tazdar: Tartarus, leave that last norker alive. I'll need a target.
Siren moves to a safer spot and prepares to dodge rocks from the giant now that the norkers are no longer a threat.
Eris Drew: I think he liked my music.
Munkustrap von Rumm heals himself and then charges after the fog giant.
Magic lays another inspiring mantle upon Tartarus, Eris, and Cho Chi before becoming invisible.
Eris Drew: Munkustrap, what are you doing?!
Cho Chi leaps up onto the rise and behind the giant, lashing it with her whip and wheel-kicking it in the backside. Great bloody gashes form on the backs of Xerkris' legs.
Tiko Shadmar emerges from hiding again and lands a well-placed arrow in the giant's side.
Tazdar approaches the giant defensively.
Tazdar [Giant]: Surrender! You are outnumbered. We will take you as a prisoner, and King Ran will treat you with respect.
Eris Drew growls.
Xerkris [Giant]: I think not.
Xerkris swings his greatsword at Tartarus, hitting twice. The second blow looks as if it should have cut the half-ogre in twain, but Tazdar directs the damage to the lone remaining norker. The norker evaporates in a cloud of pink mist. A great cloud of fog forms around the giant, obscuring it from his attackers.
Tazdar [Giant]: Now, now. You must be careful, friend.
Tartarus [Giant]: Yea. This giant is kind of mean.
Tartarus recklessly attacks the giant returning the devastating blow it just received despite the fog. The fog immediately dissipates, and the half-ogre hits Xerkris again.
Eris Drew joins the fray beside Cho Chi though the giant avoids her attack.
Siren continues to stay at a distance, ready to duck.
Munkustrap von Rumm moves next to Tartarus. The paladin smites the giant twice, nearly bringing it down.
Magic move in invisibly, and mad whispering engulfs the giant's senses, though he shakes most of the effect off.
Cho Chi lashes the giant one last time before it falls.
Magic: Timber!
Eris Drew: Good thing we didn't run!
Siren climbs up onto the giant and strikes a pose.
Magic: Let's take what we can carry!
Magic: Its vest?
Siren looks in its pockets.
Siren: We should have brought that wagon.
Eris Drew cuts a finger off.
Tiko Shadmar: Who wanted to run?
Siren: It was scary.
Eris Drew: Tazdar wanted to run.
Eris Drew casts a spell to see if any magic is present and finds there is.
Siren: Sir knight, you're injured. Let me heal you.
Eris Drew: I need this cloak; it is mine.
Siren: Doctor Doctor, gimme the news I got a bad case of lovin' you No pill's gonna cure my ill I got a bad case of lovin' you
Magic claps.
Eris Drew drapes cloak over shoulders and smiles.
Magic eyes the gold ring set with bloodstones.
Eris Drew: Take it.