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Nonotina 12th, Year One of the Reign of High King Ran

As the group stands in the midst of the battle site, the light of the day begins to fade. Looking up at the four stars that form the sun of this world, they see them quickly recede and then vanish from view. Darkness engulfs the world. This phenomenon is relatively new and still disturbing even after eleven years as no one knows how long the darkness will last or that the sun will return to the sky at all. Two patterns are known for certain. The first day of the year always has sun, even during a seemingly extended darkday, and the 13th of every month, the skies go dark. However, today is the 12th day of the month, so the sun may be back the day after tomorrow or not reappear for over two phases or weeks from now. The temperatures immediately begin to rapidly drop and snow begins to form. The bound enemy begins to wake up.
Magic: Thank you so much for protecting me, friends.
Magic: A job well done. Shall we continue to the Magus Universitatis: wizard school on the west side.
Magic: We have this knife tied up, what do you want to do with him?
Cho Chi: Those ruffians are monstrous. Thanks for your aid.
Eris Drew: Yes, of course.
Magic: I don't mean to alarm you but we are being surrounded.
Knife Soldier: Hey! Let me go!
Magic: Maybe we should drag him to an alley or a bathhouse?
Tazdar: You should be careful to not become outnumbered, as you were. Without stout armor, it's an easy way to end up dead.
Magic: Too late.
Tazdar (to Cho): You seem to handle yourself well enough though. You fight like Sark.
Munkustrap von Rumm: My apologies for the sudden departure before meeting the king, but I had urgent family business to take care of.
Cho Chi: Armor seems to slow me down too much.
Magic: Oh, that is Munkustrap.
Redshirt Greentoes: What's going on here? Have you checked his pockets yet?
Magic: I know him, we are becoming better friends since I tied him up.
Rael Octavius: We should find shelter quickly. It's going to get cold fast.
Tazdar(loudly): Magic, you still have the amulet, yes?
Magic: You should feel welcome, Mr. Knife.
Sloth: What a strange bunch.
Eris Drew: Agreed
Sloth: Oh, hello.
Magic: Hello!
Tazdar: We seem to have company again.
Magic: What brings you here to this normal non-threatening street?
Dar Kalla: Greetings! What be going on here?
Cho Chi: Me?
Eris Drew: Yes, who are all these people.
Magic: I do have it still, Tazdar.
Magic winks.
Cho Chi: I was out shopping.
Rael Octavius: We are on a mission for the King.
Cho Chi: Wow, you know powerful people.
Rael Octavius: You may help or you may pass.
Sloth: Calm yourself.
Eris Drew: Do not mind him.
Cho Chi: I am always helpful. Kindness is a mission of mine.
Magic: I am Magic.
Redshirt Greentoes: Great! Let's bring him in for a reward. I could use a drink.
Sloth: Sloth.
Magic: Hello! Hello to you and you and you and you and you!
Eris Drew: Sloth?
Dar Kalla: That sounds noble. How much is the pay?
Rael Octavius: I am Rael Octavius, the son of the King's Herald.
Cho Chi: Very few understand the true nature of life. It is magic.
Sloth: You have a problem.
Redshirt Greentoes: Does he need both his ears?
Magic: We work out of kindness.
Magic: We do not get paid.
Knife Soldier: You are all going to die!
Sloth: Shut up.
Tazdar has pulled his rags back up around his face when all these other people showed up.
Magic stabs his rapier at the prone captive.
Sloth: Who are you?
Magic: That was a warning.
Sloth: You missed.
Magic: Lies.
Munkustrap von Rumm: What is this mission you speak of?
Magic: I do exactly as I mean too.
Cho Chi: Is there a shelter near here?
Magic: It is TOP SECRET.
Sloth: Shuuuuuuuuuuuuur.
Eris Drew: What are we going to do with him?
Rael Octavius: Oh, Munkustrap.
Tazdar: So what do we want to learn from this person. Usually, you can start breaking bones and just let them know it'll stop when they talk.
Magic: Shhhh.
Dar Kalla: Where are the king's guards? Maybe there is a reward for this one?
Magic: All you, Tazdar.
Tazdar: Start with the little ones and work your way up.
Magic: Please, break some bones.
Munkustrap von Rumm looks at the knife soldier.
Eris Drew: Oh no.
Cho Chi: That is most unkind.
Magic excitedly jumps up and down.
Tazdar grabs the Knives' pinky finger.
Magic starts uncontrollably clapping to the thought of bones being broken.
Tazdar: I'll hold on to this while we ask some questions.
Tazdar: Are there any more of you in the area or along our route?
Cho Chi: What is the mission for the King?
Magic: Tazdar begins to interrogate the knife.
Tazdar: We're to ensure an amulet reaches the mage's college.
Magic starts to narrate.
Munkustrap von Rumm: Allow me to escort you.
Magic: Would you all escort me? That would look intimidating.
Cho Chi: Oh, a guarding property mission.
Magic: If you tell me your name again, I will add you to the team roster!
Magic: Anyone else want me to add their name to the roster?
Knife Soldier: They are everywhere.
Eris Drew: Are they now.
Tazdar: Tightens his grip.
Tazdar: Be. More. Specific.
Eris Drew: Where Are They?
The captive's eyes wander to the south and he smiles.
Magic eyes widen.
Cho Chi: Cho Chi is my name, lately of the Billiken's Temple.
Redshirt Greentoes looks south.
Tazdar breaks his finger.
Knife Lieutenant: I think it's time you all handed over your loot.
Sloth: Betting on who's going to die.
Magic: Oh? Fancy Cho Chi, you, my dear are in!
Eris Drew: No way.
Dar Kalla looks south.
Tazdar: Looks like we don't need this one alive anymore. Plenty of more available.
Munkustrap von Rumm flourishes his glaive.
The group prepares to defend themselves from The Knives gather down the road to the south.
Cho Chi: I will protect you, Magic.
Magic: Cho Chi is my favorite now.
Magic looks at Eris and Tazdar.
Magic: She will protect.
Eris Drew: I try.
Dar Kalla draws his short bow and fires an arrow at one of the nearest opponents. The arrow pierces the ruffian directly in the abdomen.
Magic: Ooooooooo!
Magic: New friends! New friends!
Magic jumps up and down.
Dar Kalla: Die you dogs!
Eris Drew moves up between her companions and the rogues and takes a guarded stance.
Redshirt Greentoes moves up and to the side of the group, preparing to fire his crossbow.
Another Knife Soldier fires his crossbow at Eris but the bolt misses her.
Eris Drew: Hehe.
Magic: That was almost her eye! Quickly Redshirted dwarven man of superior stature!
Magic: Rael, can you give us some blessings?
Rael Octavius moves up between Munkustrap and Conrad and lays his hands on their shoulders. A warmth enters them, emboldening them for the combat.
Magic: Good stuff, Rael.
Sloth moves up into the group and takes a defensive stance.
The Knife Sergeant advances and takes his own guarded stance.
Cho Chi: I shall defend you from in front.
Cho Chi bounds forward and into a defensive stance.
Another Knife Soldier fires his crossbow at Eris but this bolt misses the mark, as well.
Knife Lieutenant: What are you doing, Knives? Charge!
Magic: Her anger is not misplaced. I completely understand her frustrations.
Magic: I will help her work them out after this show
The Knife Lieutenant leaps forward covering a lot of ground before aiming three thrusts at Eris. Eris deftly avoids them all.
Magic: If I can help Alsis with his anger, I can help her.
Munkustrap von Rumm advances on the leader of the Knives slashing with his glaive and following up with the butt of the weapon. Neither attack hits, however.
Cho Chi (to Eris): Do not worry Madam Knight, I shall protect you also!
Magic, satisfied with the superior number of his allies, takes a seat on a crate in front of one of the buildings and pulls out some food to eat while he observes.
A third Knife Soldier fires his crossbow at Munkustrap who is now the closest target. The bolt whizzes past the paladin causing no harm.
A fourth Knife Soldier also aims his crossbow at Munkustrap. The bolt leaves the crossbow with an odd-sounding twang and flies off into the bushes.
Magic sits down on a wooden box and pulls out a salted meat ration and begins to eat.
Magic: Fight in my honor!
Magic: I do love a good show in my favor
The Knife Soldier hit by the first arrow of the combat rushes forward and swings a scimitar at Munkustrap, but it glances off of the paladin's chainmail. Munkustrap slices at his assailant with his glaive and catches him in the throat. The ruffian falls dead.
Magic starts to play with the medallion with his clean hand in between eating small portions.
Magic eyes widen as Tazdar moves forward and enlarges to giant size.
Magic: This is my favorite part!
Magic: I was hoping for a bit more tension first, before his final form, but I sure love it!
Magic: And a surprising attack from Munkastrap!
Magic: Wow!
Eris Drew: Woohoo!
Tazdar swings his maul and the leader's head but misses.
Conrad flies into a rage and flings a javelin at the sergeant of the Knives, catching him in the arm.
Dar Kalla fires an arrow from his short bow and one of the soldier rogues, but it flies errantly down the street.
Eris Drew swings her sword two-handed at the leader, but they are too quick and avoids the attack.
Redshirt Greentoes fires his crossbow as the dodging sergeant but hit him anyway.
Magic: Here comes the dwarf in the red shirt! Is that a crossbow?
Magic: A turn of events! Wow!
Magic: That shot! The blood!
One of the Knife Soldiers finally manages to hit Munkustrap with a shot from his crossbow.
Rael Octavius moves to the side and launches a bolt of fire at the sergeant, but it is dodged.
Sloth points at a stone on the ground and causes it to fly into down the street, striking one of the soldiers hanging behind. He then retreats to just behind Magic.
Magic: That rock just threw itself!
Magic: Now that was fun.
Sloth (to Magic): Sup, dude?
The Knife Sergeant charges forward brandishing his scimitar and dagger. He slashes and thrusts at Munkustrap, hitting him three times. It is too much for the paladin to endure and he falls to the ground starting to bleed to death.
Cho Chi tries to tumble past the leader and the sergeant to engage the crossbowmen but is impeded by the leader. She takes the opportunity to club the leader with her quarterstaff before using her step of the wind technique to advance to the crossbowmen anyway.
Magic: Now watch, Munstrap has gone unconscious in both times I have met him and he gets back up happier and stronger each and every time.
Magic: She is better with her staff than they are with swords. Haha.
Magic: She is so brave.
The Knife Soldier Cho Chi approached drops his crossbow and attacks her with his scimitar and wounds her.
Magic: No!
Magic: She was hit!
Cho Chi: Just a scratch.
The Knife Lieutenant makes a series of thrusting attacks at Eris, but they all miss their mark.
Magic, seeing Munkustraps peril, bestows his mantle of inspiration on Dar, Conrad, and Tazdar. Tazdar surges forward to assist Cho Chi, while Conrad and Dar move to flank the Knives' leaders.
The other Knife Soldier next to Cho Chi slashes her with his scimitar.
Magic: Please, do as you must and do as you will! Just don't let this battle grow shrill!
Magic continues to eat.
Seeing the giant approach, one of the Knife Soldiers drops his crossbow and attacks Tazdar, but to no avail.
Conrad, raging and emboldened, swings his greataxe at the leader and gashes him.
Magic: Wow!
Magic: A nature he is, I knew he would spice up the battle.
Tazdar swings his maul and the soldier assailing Cho Chi, apparently missing, but the awkward swing is only a ruse and maul crushes the ruffian.
Magic: Impressive!
Magic: yes, indeed, a fun battle it is
Dar Kalla strikes the sergeant in a rage with his greatsword, wounding him.
Magic: More manticore beef, Sloth?
Magic: Another great smack.
Magic: A lot of anger in there, a lot of sweat.
Magic: Gross.
Eris Drew strikes the leader with her bastard sword.
Magic: Eris of the ground equally as devastating as the one from the sky!
Redshirt Greentoes fires another bolt from his crossbow but the bolt spins of down the street harmlessly.
One of the Knife Soldiers maneuvers around Tazdar to get being him and swings his scimitar at him. The strike only bounces off of his chainmail.
Rael Octavius moves up carefully and revives Munkustrap with a healing spell before stepping back again.
Sloth points at another rock on the ground lined up to hit the leaders of the Knives. Unfortunately, it sails ineffectively over them both.
The Knife Sergeant tries to keep Munkustrap out of the fight be aiming a shot at him while he is still prone. It yields nothing, so he aims his subsequent attacks at Dar who absorbs most of the damage in his rage.
Cho Chi turns into a whirlwind of wood and limbs, bludgeoning her opponent multiple times before he collapses to the street unconscious.
Magic: Wow that girl can kick!
The Knife Lieutenant continues to focus on Eris and manages to pierce her with his rapier twice. The dagger misses, however.
Magic: He is up!
Munkustrap von Rumm gets back to his feet and slashes at the sergeant with his glaive. The blade misses but the butt of the weapon connects.
Magic: You are not as beautiful as you think you are, hitting my friends like that.
Magic's vicious mockery flusters the leader as his words cut him.
A Knife Soldier attacks Tazdar and connects solidly, but the giant seems completely unfazed by the strike.
Conrad rocks the leader of the Knives with a devastating overhand swing of his greataxe, nearly knocking him off of his feet.
Magic: Is he giving him a shoulder rub?
Magic: Oooo!!!
Magic: This guy is angry.
Magic: Wow, So much pain in those large, muscles.
Munkustrap von Rumm: Nice of you to notice!
Tazdar takes out another ruffian with the giant maul.
Tazdar turns intimidatingly to the ruffian behind him and chuckles. The ruffian blanches.
Dar Kalla slashes deep into the sergeant with his greatsword.
Magic: Tazdar just thanked the one for fanning him and then scared him into peeing himself.
Magic: After smooshing his friend his maul.
Eris Drew does a spinning downward slash with her bastard sword adding divine might behind the swing and cuts deeply into the leader's shoulder. The leader collapses in the strike and lies bleeding in the street.
Magic: And this other he-man is caroding this sergeant as well.
Magic: Did her blade just shine with the power of the sun?
Magic: It killed the lieutenant!
Magic rising to his feet.
Redshirt Greentoes does a happy dance.
Magic slow claps.
Magic clap grows louder.
Redshirt Greentoes aims as the last of the soldiers and hits.
Magic: A clear view.
Magic: What a shot!
Magic: Archers and a dwarf at that.
The last Knife Soldier disengages and dashes away from the melee.
Magic: This guy is incredible with that thing.
Magic: I just use my bolts to pick my teeth.
Tazdar waves and laughs.
Rael Octavius steps up to Munkustrap again and heals him further before retreating again.
Magic: Good show, Rael. Real good work.
Sloth pulls out his rose stem and it lashes out at the sergeant but misses him.
The Knife Sergeant, seeing his boss has gone done disengages and follows the other ruffian in an attempt to getaway.
Magic: Sorry, but this salted manticore meat is better than that attack, but here.
Magic tosses a piece through the air.
Cho Chi chases after the running rogues and catches the sergeant with a kick.
Munkustrap von Rumm sees his opponents flee and leave them to it.
Dar Kalla: We still have a prisoner to deal with.
Magic: Hurray!! We did it!
Magic makes sparks appear in the air.
Tazdar chases after the sergeant and throws an axe at him. It embeds in the rogue's skull and sends him sprawling to the street.
Magic goes to admire the medallion again but finds it missing.
Magic: I need everyone to empty their pockets now!
Magic: I have been robbed!
Magic: I'm serious. Right now.
Magic: Sloth! Tie him up!
Eris Drew searches Sloth but finds nothing.
Magic: We need to search these newcomers.
Magic: One must have taken my things.
Munkustrap von Rumm brandishes his glaive at Sloth.
Redshirt Greentoes will search the dead.
Magic: Tazdar and Munkstap we have failed the king.
Dar Kalla retrieves his short bow.
Magic starts to feed Sloth who is now tied up.
Knife Soldier: Hey! it's getting cold.
Magic: He may be a prisoner but we are not mean.
Eris Drew: No we haven't. We did what we were supposed to do, haven't we? It was supposed to get stolen.
Magic: Can you search the rest of them for the king's medallion?
Magic: No, we were not.
Tazdar: Well, why don't we pack up this gentleman and return to the palace and let the king know we failed to protect the amulet.
Magic: Maybe it was you!!
Munkustrap von Rumm: Lehnbor demands that we mete out justice.
Cho Chi: I do not have your amulet!
Eris Drew: It was not.
Magic: Eris were you in on it!
Magic: I would never suspect anyone as sweet as you Chi.
Eris Drew [Quori]: For goodness sake.
As the group searches each other and the fallen Knives' they hear a distant giggle from the north.
Cho Chi: Hey, untie him! Sloth is too lazy to steal from you.
Magic unties him.
Eris Drew [Quori]: Lia?
Eris Drew [Quori]: What was that..?
Magic: A giggle to the north?
Dar Kalla: I guess we know who stole the amulet.
Magic: No!
Magic: Not my secret love.
Tazdar: Bargrivyek! Damn it all.
Magic: This is how we communicate.
Magic: Watch this.
Munkustrap von Rumm: Do we have divination magic on the amulet so we can track the thief?
Tazdar: I don't like being taunted.
Magic starts to walk to the north yelling.
Magic: Forget me not!
Magic: Forget me not!
Magic: Forget me not!
Redshirt Greentoes will try and find the giggling.
Eris Drew wraps myself in her grey cloak as she begins to shiver violently.
Cho Chi: Hey, is there an inn near buy we need to get inside. I'm not dressed for this cold that is coming.
Dar Kalla: That was fun, FRIENDS! Let's find a tavern and go celebrate our great victory!
Magic: We have succeeded at nothing.
Redshirt Greentoes: I could use a beer.
Magic: That or the magistrate.
Cho Chi: Will the castle let us in?
Rael Octavius: Let's find shelter and take up the search later?
Tazdar: I'm with Rael. Let's go.
Cho Chi heads toward the main street looking for a tavern.
Cho Chi: I will accompany you, Sir Knight.
Dar Kalla: Friend Knight. I will share a drink with you!
Munkustrap von Rumm: Gladly, Sir.