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Butyltina 27th, Year Two of the Reign of High King Ran

Not long after the battle with the fog giant, the sun returns to the sky, and the fog quickly burns off. The Iris collects the treasure from the giant and makes their way to the mining thorp.
They find that the thorp is in fine shape but take your news of goblinoid advances seriously. They break down their tent home and pull everything into the mine and fortify the entrance.
The miners request that The Iris take a wagon of ore to the smelters back in "The City," so there will be less temptation to the goblinoids or any bandits in the area.
Over the next two weeks, The Iris gets some downtime between excursions into the forest north of "The City," finding no other evidence of goblinoid activity.
During this time, the suns' rays continue to beat down on the land. Smoke for grass fires on the southern plains obscure the camps of the army gathered there.
As The Iris finish their latest excursion, the deepest yet into the northern forest, the sun departs the sky. Heavy fog forms quickly, making it doubly difficult to navigate among the trees.
As they try to get their bearings and head out of the forest, they can't help but feel that they are being watched.
Magic: I cannot help but think we are being watched.
Siren: Do you feel eyes on you? My furry toes are all tingly.
Magic: These trees make it hard to tell.
Tartarus: There's things in the forest.
Cho Chi sneaks forward in the fog, ready for an attack.
Goblinoids begin to sneak into position for an attack.
Siren produces an iris charm for Munkustrap and prepares for the worst.
A fireball erupts in the midst of Munkustrap, Siren, Tiko, Tazdar, and Eris.
Magic: SIREN!!! I can't see you.
Tartarus: Fun.
Tazdar catches his wind as he charges forward, looking for targets. He cuts down a goblin that he passes in his haste.
Siren: Oh, he singed the fur on my toes. How dare he.
Tiko Shadmar spots a hobgoblin lurking behind a tree and fires an arrow at it.
Goblinoids begin to rush forward, a goblin attacking Cho Chi unsuccessfully and a hobgoblin bouncing attacks off of Tazdar.
Another hobgoblin fires an arrow at Cho Chi but cannot hit the dodging monk.
Magic: Ka-Ching!
Magic: It sounds like it is about to be a good week for business.
A hobgoblin steps out from behind a tree and fires an arrow at Tazdar. An arrow from a goblin closely follows and hits Tazdar.
Magic: You're a fighter, dumb...I mean, brave moves are in your blood.
A bugbear approaches from the west and launches a javelin at Cho Chi, but it imbeds in a nearby tree instead.
Munkustrap von Rumm advances and prepares to meet the charging goblinoids.
A goblin charges in, making a surprisingly powerful attack against Tazdar, who activates a rune and directs the damage at the exposed hobgoblin mage.
Tartarus flies into a rage and begins pummeling the nearby bugbear with his maul.
Another hobgoblin steps into the open and first his longbow at Tazdar but misses.
Magic creates an illusionary storm of coins that distract a group of encroaching goblins. He then lays his mantle of inspiration upon Munkustrap, Siren, and Eris, who advance further toward the goblinoids.
Magic: We are The Iris! We came this far; we might as well go all the way!
A goblin fires its shortbow at Tartarus but misses.
Another bugbear closes on Eris from the east and lays her out with a mighty strike of its morningstar.
A couple of goblins fire their bows at Tartarus, one arrow striking true. The half-ogre just grins.
Magic: I guess she wasn't inspired enough by my words.
Magic: Maybe I was too inspiring.
Cho Chi flanks the hobgoblin martial artist and assails it with her whip and a flurry of kicks until it falls.
Magic: Monk on monk.
Siren: Oh, I like monk on monk action. So sensuous.
A goblin slashes Tazdar with its scimitar.
The hobgoblin captain emerges and shouts commands at his troops.
Siren runs over to Eris and heals her, inspires her, and then tries to distract the bugbear standing over them.
One of the hobgoblins strikes Tartarus. The half-ogre chuckles.
A goblin fires its bow at Cho Chi; the monk deflects the arrow.
A goblin fires an arrow at Siren but misses.
The hobgoblin mage calls chunks of ice to fall from the sky onto Tazdar. The attack avoids the goblinoids surrounding Tazdar.
Tazdar grows to giant size and then obliterates a pair of goblins with this glowing greatsword.
Another goblin misses Tazdar with a swing of its scimitar.
Tiko Shadmar steps from behind a tree and causes a couple of goblins to fall asleep.
A series of scimitar and sword swings by goblinoids miss Tazdar and Tartarus.
Then the bugbear engaged with Tartarus hits with his morningstar. The half-ogre is unimpressed.
Munkustrap von Rumm moves into flank the other bugbear with Siren and proceeds to cut it down.
A goblin charges Munkustrap, avoiding his defenses and striking him. Magic's inspiration protects the paladin.
Tartarus crushes his bugbear under his maul and then turns it on a hobgoblin that falls as well.
A hobgoblin also charges Munkustrap and strikes him hard.
Magic moves into the middle of the fight and lays his mantle of inspiration on Tazdar, Tartarus, and Tiko. He then launches two blasts of energy at a goblin, but it avoids them.
Goblins slash Tazdar, but Magic's inspiration protects him, too. The same happens to Tartarus.
A hobgoblin then strikes Tartaus, but he half-ogre is unphased.
Eris Drew fires her crossbow at a goblin but misses.
Cho Chi finds another hobgoblin to attack, and after a flurry of whippings and kicks, it falls.
The hobgoblin captain sees Cho Chi and chargers her. Both of his strikes miss the monk.
Siren charges a goblin and stabs it with her rapier. She sees Cho Chi engaged with the biggest hobgoblin and inspires her.
A goblin moves in and hits Cho Chi with its scimitar.
The goblin stabbed by Siren returns the favor, but Siren is not hurt.
The hobgoblin mage drops another fireball, this time on Tazdar and Tartarus. They are singed but remain in the fight.
Tazdar activates another rune and then cuts down another hobgoblin.
Tiko Shadmar takes a shot at the hobgoblin captain, but the arrow misses. He then ducks behind a tree.
A goblin strikes Tazdar with its scimitar, but it bounces off of his armor.
A hobgoblin slashes at Tartarus with its longsword, wounding him some more.
Munkustrap von Rumm charges the hobgoblin captain and smites him. The captain falls. The paladin then cuts down a nearby goblin.
Tartarus takes two wild swings at the hobgoblin threatening him.
Magic forms his illusionary rain of coins again and distracts a couple of goblinoids.
Magic: Watch the coins rain down and let the enemies bleed.
Siren: I like it when they bleed.
A goblin shoots an arrow at Tartarus, but it hits one of the other goblins.
Another goblin shoots at the half-ogre and misses. A goblin misses Tazdar with a scimitar strike at the same time.
Eris Drew charges a goblin and swings her sword at it but misses.
Cho Chi charges the hobgoblin mage, slashes it with her whip, and pummels it with her feet.
Siren kills a goblin with her rapier.
Siren smears some of the goblin's blood on her face in a tribal pattern.
Eris Drew: At least one of us can hit today.
The hobgoblin mage tries to burn the monk with acid, but she dodges it.
Tazdar charges the hobgoblin mage, avoiding the parting swipes of a couple of goblin scimitars, and cuts down the spellcaster with a well-placed axe throw. He then turns on the goblin and punches it into the ground.
A goblin nicks Tartarus with its scimitar.
Tiko Shadmar draws his bow again, this time taking a goblin right through an eye.
One of the few remaining goblins strikes Tazdar.
A hobgoblin misses Tartarus.
Munkustrap von Rumm cuts down two more goblins.
Tartarus also misses.
Magic causes a bell to toll over Tartarus' hobgoblin, and it drops dead.
Magic: You are the ugliest hobgoblin I have ever seen, and I know Tazdar.
A goblin cuts feebly at Tartarus.
A goblin misses Tazdar.
Eris Drew fires a bolt as a hobgoblin and hits.
Cho Chi slashes another hobgoblin to the ground with her whip and then kicks a goblin into a tree.
Siren runs towards Tazdar, looking to heal him.
Siren: Tazdar, where are you?
Tazdar slices the heads off of the last two goblins.
Tazdar [Goblin]: You're last. Say hello to your comrades in the Dark One's Army.
Tazdar: This is what happens when you team up with orcs.
Tazdar spits.
Magic: Loot the bodies! Look at all this nice stuff for my shop!
Magic starts collecting the armor.
Siren: We're a long way from your shop. How are we going to carry it all back?
Eris Drew arrives at Tazdar's side before Siren and heals him.
Eris Drew: Can you find my bolt for me? It went in that direction.
Eris Drew whimpers after a search turns up nothing.