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Nonotina 8th, Year One of the Reign of High King Ran

Consequentially, Fennimore, Eris, and Arncoril are all at The Rogue Spoon, though they have not yet met each other.
The door opens and a blond half-elf in embroidered robes enters.
Claricia Robert walks into the bar area.
Claricia Robert: Good morning, Fennimore.
Fennimore: Good morning, Claricia. Any jobs for me this morning?
Claricia Robert: I have one.
Claricia Robert: There was a fire the other night nearby and one of my clients is concerned.
Fennimore: A fire? So that was all the commotion last night.
Rael Octavius: The smoke is still rising. I could see it on the way over here.
Claricia Robert: Oh, Rael. I did not see you.
Rael Octavius: Greetings, Claricia.
Eris Drew: Hey. Rael, right?
Rael Octavius: Oh, hello again.
Eris Drew: What brings you here?
Rael Octavius: I am looking for Master Von Rumm, actually.
Claricia Robert: Oh, he was here yesterday. It may be a few days before he is back.
Rael Octavius: OK, Claricia. Well, as long as I am here, I can lend a hand if that is alright with the halfling.
Arncoril Oloxalim: Excuse me for interrupting, but did you mention a fire still smoking?
Rael Octavius: Yes, it almost burned down the surrounding buildings. They contained it though.
Arncoril Oloxalim: Did they ever find out what caused the initial flame?
Rael Octavius: They are still investigating, I imagine.
Fennimore: Lend a hand with what? If you want to clear last night's dishes, be my guest.
Claricia Robert: No, Fennimore. This is outside work.
Claricia Robert: As I said, one of my clients is paying to have an independent look.
Claricia Robert smiles.
Claricia Robert: The barkeep can pick up the slack.
Fennimore looks the flamboyant half-elf up and down.
Fennimore: He doesn't look like he'll be much use at investigating a fire.
Fennimore: Do you like to get your hands dirty?
Rael Octavius: You are probably right, I am more likely to set them.
Fennimore: Haha, that's the spirit.
Eris Drew [Quori]: [Translation] What has gotten into these people, Lia?
Rael Octavius: Eris here, should be useful in case there are malcontents about.
Fennimore: Hmmph, I'm better at investigating when the malcontents don't know I'm about.
Claricia Robert: They can back you up.
Eris Drew [Quori]: [Translation] I doubt that.
Arncoril Oloxalim: Where's the fun if somethings not trying to kill you?
Fennimore: I prefer my fun in front of the dinner plate.
Eris Drew: I would rather not die.
Arncoril Oloxalim: With or without it trying to stab you?
Fennimore: Most plates I've met don't stab me back.
Arncoril Oloxalim: We've had very different pasts then.
Claricia Robert turns to Arncoril.
Claricia Robert: Are you interested in looking into this as well?
Eris Drew Eris smirks.
Arncoril Oloxalim: I am actually. I believe it concerns something that matters to me deeply. As long as I would not be a burden.
Fennimore thinks to himself, "Well, there goes any chance of sneaking around with three of the big folk stepping on my toes.
Claricia Robert: Alright then, there is fifty gold in it for each of you when you return.
Eris Drew [Quori]: [Translation] Better than usual don't you think, Lia?
Lia [Quori]: [Translation] Definitely.
Arncoril Oloxalim thinks to himself, more mead.
Eris Drew: Agreed.
Fennimore: Good pay for finding the source of a fire. Anything else your guest wants us to do?
Claricia Robert: This will do for now. If it goes well, they may have more for you.
Fennimore: Sounds good, boss.
Fennimore: The rest of you, try not to trip over me.
Arncoril Oloxalim: Are you able to tell us who your client is, and why they are willing to pay 400 gold to find the source of a house fire?
Claricia Robert looks surprised.
Claricia Robert: I need to keep some professional secrets.
Rael Octavius: We should be off. I know, generally, where we are going.
Eris Drew [Quori]: [Translation] Hmmm.
Fennimore now smiles to himself.
The group departs the inn through the back-alley exit.
Rael Octavius turns north.
Rael Octavius: I think the fastest way is this way.
Eris Drew: I do not like back-alleys.
Eris Drew: They tend to hurt me.
Arncoril Oloxalim: Let's hope there are not stabbing plates in the alleyways.
Fennimore: Haha.
The group follows Rael north to a cross alley and then west to a small market square. The smell of smoke gets stronger as they head west.
Fennimore: It's broad daylight; not likely to be any stabbing anything out right now. Come back this evening for the real fun.
Taking the west alley out of the market square they can see the smoking foundation of a house.
Eris Drew sighs.
Fennimore: Well, look at that.
Fennimore: Now don't go tramping on all the evidence.
Arncoril Oloxalim: Why don't we just start throwing things at it and see if anything moves?
Fennimore sees a distortion in the air above the west side of the burned foundation.
Fennimore: Well, there's something you don't see every day.
Rael Octavius: Just one house burning down at a time, yes.
Fennimore: I was talking about what was left floating above the house. Do you see that? There in the air.
Eris Drew: Huh...
Fennimore points above the burned house.
Rael Octavius: Oh, that. That cannot be good.
Arncoril Oloxalim: What am I not seeing here?
Fennimore: Yeah, probably worse than a stabby plate.
Rael Octavius: Looks like a portal of some sort.
Arncoril Oloxalim: Maybe throw something at it? See what happens. Someone else will have to throw it though.
Eris Drew focuses her divine senses and detects fiends in the vicinity.
Eris Drew: Ohhhhh...found it.
Eris Drew: Uh oh.
Eris Drew [Quori]: [Translation] Lia?
Lia [Quori]: [Translation] Yikes!
Arncoril Oloxalim: I vote we throw the halfling at it.
Fennimore: Good luck with that.
Arncoril Oloxalim: It was just a thought. My apologies.
Eris Drew [Quori]: [Translation] Well, what should...
Eris Drew: Anybody else feel that?
Rael Octavius: Feel what?
Fennimore: Feel what?
Fennimore: What he said.
Arncoril Oloxalim: A hunger for meat?
Fennimore: I always feel that.
Eris Drew sighs.
Fennimore: Though you could have stopped at hunger.
Eris Drew: No, something else is here.
Unidentified Voice: Is someone there?
Fennimore: Something besides that glimmering thing in the sky?
Arncoril Oloxalim thinks, "God Dammit."
Arncoril Oloxalim sees a cultist pop his head up. He hexes the cultist and launches an eldritch blast at him. The cultist avoids most of the ray.
The cultist moves forward drawing his scimitar as he approaches.
You hear another creature moving through the debris of the house.
Fennimore hides behind Rael.
Rael Octavius launches a bolt of fire at another approaching cultist, striking him solidly.
Eris Drew fires an arrow from her longbow at the approaching cultist but misses him.
From further into the ruin, a firebolt whizzes pass Arncoril.
The closest cultist moves up and swings a scimitar at Arnvoril, missing him.
Arncoril Oloxalim draws his dagger and thrusts it at the cultist, gravely wounding him.
The second cultist moves into close proximity of the group and swings at Rael. Rael reacts by raising a shield spell and blocks the scimitar blow.
Fennimore steps out from behind Rael and skewers the cultist that tried to hit the sorcerer. The cultist falls in a heap at the Rael's feet.
Rael Octavius turns his focus to the approaching acolyte, launching another bolt of fire. The bolt strikes the acolyte squarely and sends him sprawling to the ground, unconscious.
Eris Drew moves forward, dropping her bow and drawing her bastard sword. She swings at the first cultist but misses.
Another firebolt erupts from the ruin and strikes Eris, but only a glancing blow.
The first cultist swings his scimitar at Arncoril again. This time wounding the warlock severely. Arncoril loses concentration on his hex and it expires.
Arncoril Oloxalim thrusts his dagger at the cultist again but misses this time.
Fennimore moves around to the other side of his comrades and stabs the cultist engaged with Arncoril with is rapier. The cultist drops unconscious.
Rael Octavius finally spots the cultist launching firebolts at the group and returns one of his own. A short yelp and a thud follows as the target drops unconscious.
With this, the combat ends and the group begins to investigate the burned ruin of a house.
Fennimore: See Eris, nary a stab to be had.
Arncoril Oloxalim: Just wait until the plates become sentient.
Eris Drew: Yes.
Rael Octavius: That was exciting.
Rael Octavius: So, we should check out this portal.
Rael Octavius moves into the ruin.
Fennimore: You have an unnatural attraction to dishes. Just keep them clean and they won't be getting stabby.
Fennimore: There he goes, trampling the evidence.
Arncoril Oloxalim: I still believe that throwing something at it would be a good idea. Maybe not the halfling, but a rock or something.
Eris Drew follows Rael.
Fennimore: Maybe we should walk around the outside of the building?!
Arncoril Oloxalim ignores Fennimore.
Rael Octavius: Of course, that would make more sense and be safer.
Rael Octavius follows Fennimore.
Arncoril Oloxalim: No fun in the ashes? What if there is a plate that needs cleaning?
Eris Drew goes to a pile of wood scraps and begins searching.
Arncoril Oloxalim checks the pockets of the cultist acolyte and finds ten gold.
Fennimore searches the perimeter for the source of the fire. As he moves around to where the front door would have been he finds melted candle wax along the foundation.
Fennimore: Rael, look at this.
Rael Octavius: What did you find, Fennimore?
Fennimore: Some melted wax on the outside of the house.
Rael Octavius: On the outside? That is strange.
Fennimore: Like a candle was burning here.
Rael Octavius: Would a candle start this big of a fire? The house looks like it exploded.
Fennimore: I agree.
Arncoril Oloxalim: A candle could have started the initial fire.
Rael Octavius: I would say something inside started the fire.
Fennimore: Maybe they had an alchemist inside with something explosive?
Eris Drew: That's interesting.
Arncoril Oloxalim finally spots the distortion in the air above the west side of the house as he approaches it.
Arncoril Oloxalim: Hey, look at that, I can see it now.
Fennimore thinks, "Took you long enough."
Arncoril Oloxalim: I'm gonna try and throw something at it.
Eris Drew [Quori]: [Translation] Dumbass.
Arncoril Oloxalim picks up a bit of debris from the ground and throws it at the distortion. It vanishes from sight as it passes through it.
Rael Octavius: Definitely a portal.
Eris Drew: Agreed.
Fennimore: Hey, you throwing evidence into that thing?
Arncoril Oloxalim: Nope.
Fennimore: Hmmph.
Eris Drew sighs.
Fennimore: So, where do you think it goes?
Arncoril Oloxalim: Wanna find out?
Eris Drew: Why don't we find out.
Fennimore: How do you suggest we do that?
Arncoril Oloxalim: A small person would probably be best. With a rope tied to them.
Eris Drew smirks.
Arncoril Oloxalim: Or a plate.
Eris Drew: Actually...
Fennimore: It's fifteen feet in the air. Maybe if you big folk stood on top of each other, one of you could stick your big head through.
Eris Drew: That's probably not a good idea.
Rael Octavius: Why?
Eris Drew: There's something in there.
Rael Octavius: What kind of something?
Fennimore: Where?
Arncoril Oloxalim: I have an idea actually. Does anyone have any rope?
Eris Drew: The portal
Eris Drew: Fiends.
Fennimore: I agree. What kind of a friend doesn't carry a rope?
Rael Octavius: Fiends? A portal to the outer planes? Not good.
Arncoril Oloxalim: Tie the rope to an arrow, Eris, shoot it through, and see what happens if we try to pull the arrow back.
Eris Drew [Quori]: [Translation] What do you think would happen, Lia?
Lia [Quori]: [Translation] Run!
Fennimore: Anybody know how to close a portal?
Eris Drew: We need to get out of here.
Rael Octavius: We need to find a wizard or a priest.
Eris Drew: Now!
Fennimore: She seems to be really afraid of everything.
Arncoril Oloxalim fires an eldritch blast through the portal. It vanishes as the debris had.
Arncoril Oloxalim: Well that didn't work.
Eris Drew: LIA SAID RUN!
Fennimore: Who's Lia?
Arncoril Oloxalim: Lia?
Eris Drew: Not now!
Rael Octavius: I might have to agree with her. A portal that is open to The Hells or The Abyss is a really bad thing.
Fennimore: It could go to the castle for all we know.
Arncoril Oloxalim: We don't know where the other end of the portal leads.
The portal makes a rumbling sound.
Eris Drew [Quori]: [Translation] I tried...
A chain devil begins to exit the portal and drops down to the ground.
Eris Drew runs.
Arncoril Oloxalim: I really hope that it's just gonna spit out some plates.
Eris Drew: Doubt that.
Fennimore: Eris doesn't want to wait around to find out.
Eris Drew: Ah, yeah!
Arncoril Oloxalim: Maybe he'll offer us a deal on plates?
Rael Octavius: Run!
Fennimore: I'm running as fast these little legs will carry me.
Fennimore huffs and puffs.
Eris Drew: Shut up for Messer himself.
Arncoril Oloxalim: Run little halfling, I wish to chuck you someday.
Arncoril Oloxalim runs away.
Rael Octavius runs.
Fennimore runs away.
Rael Octavius heads for The Temple of The Father and Mother.
Fennimore runs back To the Rogue Spoon Inn.
Eris Drew goes with Rael.
Arncoril Oloxalim follows Fennimore.
The halfling and warlock enter The Rogue Spoon.
Claricia Robert: You both look alarmed. What happened?
Arncoril Oloxalim: Something came out of a portal that wasn't a sentient plate.
Claricia Robert: A portal?
Fennimore: Your friend has a problem.
Arncoril Oloxalim thinks, "I need mead."
Claricia Robert: What exactly came through a portal?
Fennimore: A big, scary, devilish thing.
Claricia Robert: Oh, my!
Fennimore: Lots of chains and blades.
Arncoril Oloxalim: I don't think it wanted to sell us plates.
Fennimore: We didn't stick around long enough for introductions.
Claricia Robert turns to the guest side of the inn and shouts with surprising volume.
Claricia Robert: Everyone out! Head towards the castle, now!
Fennimore: Of course, that was after we bumped into the four angry big folk who didn't seem to want us there.
Arncoril Oloxalim: Can I get a bottle of mead first?
Fennimore: What, you don't have wards on this place?
Claricia Robert: I cannot put up those kinds of wards.
Claricia Robert: You need to alert the king, go!
Arncoril Oloxalim: You should tell us what the hell we just got ourselves into.
Fennimore: The King? Okay, but I doubt he'll listen to this little halfling.
Claricia Robert: He is probably already aware of the fiend's presence. He just needs to know exactly what it is.
Fennimore: Watch out for the other guy, he has an unnatural affinity for plates.
Patrons of the inn begin to stream out from the hallway and head for the front door.
Fennimore joins the throng and hustles towards the castle.
Arncoril Oloxalim jumps over the counter and shoves a couple of bottles of mead into his pockets and then moves towards the door.
Arncoril Oloxalim: Let us warn the king half, man.
The two exit the inn and begin toward the castle.
Rael and Eris arrive at The Temple of the Father and Mother.
Rael Octavius: Hello!?
Rael Octavius: We have an emergency!
Eris Drew: A large one.
A priest of Armee enters the hall.
Priest of Armee: What is going on here?
Eris Drew: A portal...and a devil...
Priest of Armee: Devil?
Eris Drew: Yes!
Rael Octavius: The chain variety.
Priest of Armee: That could kill half the city! Where?
Rael Octavius: Just west of The Rogue Spoon, the house that burned down.
Priest of Armee: Good heavens! I will get the high priest immediately.
Priest of Armee: Go and start evacuating the area if you can.
Eris Drew: Will do!
Rael Octavius: As you wish.
Rael Octavius: Let us go help as best we can.
Eris Drew: Okay.
Eris Drew [Celestial]: [Translation] Oh, God.
Rael Octavius [Celestial]: [Translation] Praying is a good idea.
Rael Octavius heads back toward The Rogue Spoon.
Arncoril and Fennimore arrive at the castle.
Fennimore: Help!
Guard: Help? With what?
Arncoril Oloxalim: We need to see the king as soon as possible.
Fennimore: There's a devil thing.
Fennimore: In the market, west of The Rogue Spoon.
Guard: King? Devil? The alarm is about a devil?
Arncoril Oloxalim: It wants to kill everything and take our plates.
Fennimore: Chains and knives and knives on the end of chains.
Fennimore: It's big and scary.
Arncoril Oloxalim: It will kill half the city.
Guard: Go straight through and up the stairs into the palace.
Arncoril Oloxalim: Starts running through and up the stairs.
Fennimore follows at a trot, "That's enough running today."
They pass through the courtyard, two gates and up the stairs and arrive at the palace doors. As they ascend to the top of the stairs, a knight in gold armor exits the palace.
High King Ran: Halt!
Fennimore: Gladly.
Fennimore: My king.
High King Ran: You have information about the alarm?
Fennimore: There's a devil loose in the city.
Arncoril Oloxalim: There is no time for formalities, High King, there is a devil.
High King Ran: Where and what kind of devil?
Fennimore: Big and scary, lots of chains and knives and knives on the end of chains.
Fennimore: In the market, west of The Rogue Spoon.
Arncoril Oloxalim: West of the Rogue Spoon, at the house that burned down last night. A chain devil.
High King Ran: Alright. You return to the area and protect those you can. I will confront the devil.
Fennimore: You'll want to be closing the portal too before more of them come through.
High King Ran disappears in a cloud of smoke.
Fennimore: Oh well, I hope he got that.
Arncoril Oloxalim: I mean, what's the worst that could happen?
Arncoril Oloxalim: He dies?
Fennimore: Um, you interested in going back that way?
Fennimore: I think I should go check on my mum.
Fennimore: Make sure she gets safely into the castle and all.
Arncoril Oloxalim: I'm interested in the mead I have in my pockets, but we can go to your mother.
Fennimore, Arncoril, Rael, and Eris arrive back in the area of the burned house just in time to see the king slay the devil.
Arncoril Oloxalim: Here's the question. Did he use any plates?
The High Priest of Armee arrives and successfully closes the portal.