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Decitina 15th, Year One of the Reign of High King Ran

The Iris go their own ways for a couple of weeks to pursue some other activities now that their task for the king has wrapped up.

Dar Kalla, having asked around excessively about where there might be some pit-fighting, is clued into its existence by Claricia Robert at The Rogue Spoon Inn where he has been hanging out. She whispers the secret of its location to him while they are involved in other activities. The following day he makes his way to the secret site and proves he belongs there after flooring one of the bouncers with a hammer blow to the jaw. He slugs his way through the Novice division over the course of a week where he is to face another newcomer, a half-ogre named Tartarus, in a finale bout to advance into the next division.

In the meantime, Majestic has been tending to Majestic Wares and getting in contact with The Bard's College. The shop seems to be having a rough go of it for starters.

Eris Drew has been her time training her new dog, Orcus. He is a brute of a dog, but this will come in helpful when it needs to help out his owner in combat at some point.

Tazdar has been spending his time with Korald studying the mastery of great weapons. Also, Munkustrap, who already has this mastery finds that Korald is able to help him with improving his resilience to physical attacks that affect his concentration and body.

Cho Chi spends most of her time tending to her master and performing rites a The Temple of The Billiken. She gets out into the city regularly to keep up on the goings-on of the others. This is how she finds out about the pit fighting in which Dar is involved. During her jaunts, she lets the other in The Iris about Dar's upcoming bout.

The day of the bout, The Iris arrive at the now not so secret pit fighting arena that is in the catacombs below The Blue Siren Inn not far from the von Rumm Estate. They witness the spectacle of several fights before Dar enters the ring with a massive, brutally ugly humanoid that may be partially ogre. The giant is announced as Tartarus with a record of 3-0 with 3 knockouts weighing in at an astounding 317 pounds and a reach of 98 inches. Dar Kalla is announced as his challenger with a record of 2-1 weighing in at a respectable 240 pounds with a reach of 76 inches.

The Iris see that this fight is a mismatch and not in Dar's favor, so they decide they will try and help him out, especially Majestic whose bardic abilities have always been a boon to the rest of the group during combat.

While the fights are progressing, a bookie comes around taking bets. Majestic bets 30 gold, Eris 40 gold, Cho Chi 50 gold, and Tazdar 10 gold place bets of varying amounts and success. Majestic and Tazdar lose half what they wager, Eris makes half again her wager back and Cho Chi with hers extensive knowledge of fighting doubles up on what she wagered.

Dar's fight finally commences with Dar landing the first blow. Tartar quickly finds the smaller opponent too quick and begins grapples to keep Dar from avoiding his blows. This is when Majestic starts casting spells to assist Dar. However, it becomes apparent that someone is also helping Tartarus. The group splits up a bit to try and find out who. Tazdar has an idea and uses his rune magic, with a hit from Munkustrap's glaive, to try and assist Dar. The effect sends both fighters sprawling to the floor indicating that there is an enchantment about the ring leveling any cheating from outside.

The fight continues in brutal, barbaric fashion for some time when a great commotion erupts from the northeast side of the chamber. The crowd suddenly begins to crush toward the doors on the east and west sides of the chamber to escape an assault by a large number of rats of varying sizes lead by two rat-men. A number of attendees fall before the rush of rats as The Iris push through the fleeing to engage the rats. Dar and Tartarus brake to join the fray, grabbing their weapons as they do.

Majestic, having spent most of his supporting magic on Dar during the bout, chooses to search for the money from all the betting while the others combat the rats. However, those he identified earlier were closest to the doors and quickly escape in the chaos.

It is quickly determined that the rat-men are immune to the damage of most of the groups' weapons. Only Tazdar's greatsword and Munkustrap's glaive, being moon-touched, effectively wound them. The others focus on the several swarms of normal rats and a number of giant rats. After one of the rat-men fall, the other tries to make his escape through the east door, but he is chased down and put to an end by Tazdar, Dar, and Munkustrap. In the meantime, Tartarus and his gigantic maul proceeds to crush great swaths of rats along with Cho Chi and Eris.

In the end, there are thirteen dead spectators, seven from rat bites and six from being crushed to death trying to escape. At this point, the place empties out. The bodies of the victims are spirited away by bouncers and other event workers before they indicate that The Iris better become scarce before any questions are asked.