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Nonotina 20th, Year One of the Reign of High King Ran

The next couple darkdays are uneventful and then the sun finally returns to the sky.
Rael Octavius: I have been summoned to court and need to leave you for the time being.
Magic: Goodbye, so long, auf wiedersehen, goodbye.
Cho Chi: Perhaps we will see you soon.
Eris Drew: Ciao.
Magic: I will be on the lookout for your daddy.
Magic: How do you know? Maybe you should let us know where you are going.
Magic: In case you disappear too.
Rael Octavius: The Archmage Saemul from the court contacted me magically, via sending spell. I am easy to find. Just look in the palace...most of the time.
Rael Octavius: I thank you for your hospitality, Lord von Rumm, but I must be going.
Magic: On behalf of the von Rumm family, it has been a pleasure.
Lord von Rumm: You are most welcome, especially for taking care of that troll. Visit when you can. That applies to all of you.
Magic: So...We don't have to go home, but we can't stay here?
Lord von Rumm: Well, visitors are welcome, but one mustn't overstay their welcome.
Rael Octavius departs.
Magic: Remember to keep it real.
Cho Chi: I prefer to stay at the Billiken's Temple, but if you require assistance, I am available most of the time.
Magic: So, should we check in with the King?
Eris Drew: Are we supposed to?
Magic: I do not know. We haven't since we completed our mission.
Dar Kalla: I am confused...was our mission successful or not?
Magic: Both.
Dar Kalla: Me no so smart. Me confuse easy.
Cho Chi: I have not met the King.
Lord von Rumm: If you were on a mission for King Ran, you should probably complete it or bring him news of your success...or failure.
Magic eyes Lord von Rumm.
Magic: See, dad agrees.
Cho Chi: I would not want to deliver bad news.
Magic: Myself as well, I am personally responsible.
Lord von Rumm: The King is quite benevolent, so any kind of status on your progress will be taken graciously.
Magic: I agree with Pappa Von Rumm, let's see the King! You all will love him!
Cho Chi: Good to know.
Lord von Rumm: Just make certain that you are in his presence. His advisors aren't as, um, forthright.
Magic: Interesting.
Tazdar: We'd be best served to deliver our news in person, though we may not want to bring a whole retinue.
Magic: Are you an advisor von Rumm?
Lord von Rumm: Not directly. I am a member of the Senate.
Dar Kalla: I was not part of your mission, but I will stand with you if you wish?
Magic: Do you have a book on this...Senate?
Tazdar: Political battlefields can be more fraught with peril than physical ones at times.
Tazdar: I never had the mentality for it.
Magic: Dar please come with us! The more the merrier.
Conrad: Ready to go?
Dar Kalla: I will stand by you then! I pledge my sword to your cause!
Tazdar: We should be on guard against further ambush from The Knives. As far as they know, we still carry the medallion.
Magic: And I pledge to let you take as many hits as possible in my name.
Magic: So admirable you are, Dar.
Dar Kalla: Hey. It's what I do!
The group gathers their things from the estate and makes their way out to the square.
Magic: And I respect it more than you know.
Magic fixes his hair.
Magic: Up the stairs and to the King I go.
Magic: Over the river, and through the wood, To King's house, we go; the horse knows the way to carry the sleigh through the white and drifted snow.
Magic: Hey, Sloth? If we flavored this snow, we could make a fortune.
Eris Drew: What flavors?
Magic: I will need to find a brewer.
Magic: Fruity flavors.
Magic: Staying clear of yellow and brown.
Magic: Here try this one. It tastes like berry wine.
The wet walk through the streets of "The City" is uneventful and you arrive at the gates of the castle. They are still closed when you arrive.
Eris Drew: So, do we have to open these ourselves or what?
Magic clumps snow together.
Magic cast prestidigitation to flavor the snowball.
Dar Kalla bangs on the gate.
Dar Kalla: Hello?
Conrad: What? No guards to talk to?
A guard steps out from his post.
Conrad: Greetings.
Tazdar: We have a report for King Ran, to be delivered directly to him alone.
Castle Guard: Greetings, travelers. Early arrivals?
Tazdar: We'd have been here days earlier, but the weather delayed us.
Castle Guard: You need to report directly to King Ran?
Castle Guard: Who are you?
Eris Drew: The Iris.
Tazdar: Please inform him The Iris is here.
Castle Guard: The Iris? Let me check with the captain. I am not familiar with this name. I will let you into the outer bailey where you can wait while I confirm.
Dar Kalla: You really do know the King, right???
Magic: Yes, I am his favorite person.
The guard begins to open the gate as five other guards appear from the post.
Magic makes another ball of snow.
The guards escort the group into the outer bailey of the castle.
Magic: Let me know what you think, guard from the bardy.
Magic casts prestidigitation to flavor another snowball.
Castle Guard: Wait here for a time. It shouldn't take long.
Magic: Neither will trying this snack.
Magic winks.
Castle Guard departs through a gate in the inner wall.
Magic is sad.
Magic: His loss.
Magic: Anyone else?
Magic: Sloth?
Magic: You have been quiet? Mouth full of food?
Conrad: I will have some.
Magic: what flavor, my guy.
Conrad: Apple if you have it.
Magic casts prestidigitation to change the flavor of the snowball to taste like an apple.
Sloth: What?
Magic: Much better than orange.
The other guards decline Magic's offer as well, claiming to be on duty.
Magic: Duty is for the outhouse.
Magic cast an illusion of bunny ears to the guards.
Cho Chi: Magic, behave yourself.
Magic: Alright, alright, but how long do we have to wait?
After several minutes of flavored snowballs and illusionary shenanigans, the guard returns with the Captain of the Palace Guard.
Magic (singing): Cho Chi don't bring those hands down on me, the bottom of her sandals I will be, there is no messing with the temple of she.
Tazdar walks to the guard.
Tazdar: Please tell me that we're ready.
Captain: Greetings to The Iris.
Cho Chi: You will have to get better manners if you want to meet master An Soo.
Magic: And so, what?
Cho Chi: An Soo he is the wisest man I know. Kind and gentle.
Tazdar (to the guard): Well met, and also my apologies.
Magic: None taken.
Captain: Master Majestic, you and the rest of the Iris are expected. It seems you have added to your numbers. Who are the newcomers?
Conrad: It is I, Conrad.
Dar Kalla: I am Dar Kalla, from the northern plains; master of the sword!
Magic: It would be an honor to meet such a man, Cho Chi. I could learn a lot from him and you.
Cho Chi (bowing): Cho Chi.
Magic bows.
Magic: Did you catch my last show?
Magic: Fans?
Dar Kalla: We met our fellow warriors when they were attacked by a group of ruffians. We routed them handily.
Captain: Very well. Please follow me into the palace. Court has only just begun to gather after the darkdays.
Cho Chi: Thank you.
Dar Kalla: I pledge my sword to the King and swear to aid my companions in their service to his lord.
The captain leads the way through the inner gate and up the stairs into the palace.
Dar Kalla grunts.
Eris Drew: I don't think I have ever heard a barbarian use so many words.
The setting of the dark castle walls changing into the white marble palace is like night to day.
Magic still plays his lute.
Magic: Wow! Such beauty.
Magic: I can't wait to live here.
Guards open the palace doors for the captain and followers. He leads you into an antechamber of the grand hall.
Cho Chi looks to make sure she is not leaving muddy footprints.
Magic: We must look nice!
Majestic uses magic to tidy up the group.
Cho Chi: Thanks, Magic
Eris Drew: Wow it's magic.
Dar Kalla: Thanks, Magic Man.
Magic: Yes, now are you interested in a pair of beautiful shoes.
Magic: Ten gold.
Captain: Please wait here while the court gathers. It shouldn't be too long. All the summons have already been acknowledged.
Magic pulls out a very nice pair of house shoes.
Cho Chi: No, thank you.
Magic: I am going to get those sandals someday, Cho Chi.
Magic winks.
Cho Chi: Those are much too fancy for me.
The captain departs and leaves the hall guards to keep an eye on the group.
Magic starts laying out outfits.
Magic tries to pick the very best clothes to wear.
Magic puts on the fanciest clothes and a bowtie.
The volume of voices within the great hall begins to rise over the next half an hour at which point the Lord High Chamberlain appears in the doorway.
Dar Kalla: Grunt...Uggg...Grunt!!!
Magic: Hello! Well-dressed man!
Magic: What is thy nameth?
Lord High Chamberlain: The Iris, The High King is ready for you now.
Cho Chi bows.
Eris Drew: Finally.
Magic bows like Cho Chi.
Dar Kalla: Many thanks!
Lord High Chamberlain: Master Octavius has not arrived yet, so I will present you to the High King.
Dar Kalla: Your speech is most strange to me.font>
Magic leads the way.
Cho Chi lags behind.
The chamberlain and Magic lead the procession to the dais.
Magic pulls out his lute and readies himself.
Tazdar: Drops to one knee, helmet under his arm, and bows his head.
Tazdar: We have returned King Ran.
Magic bows again like Cho Chi.
Lord High Chamberlain looks at Majestic.
Magic: I'm classy, roll with it.
Lord High Chamberlain: High King Ran, I present The Iris, returned from their mission.
Cho Chi bows deeply to the King.
Dar Kalla bows deeply, fist over his chest.
Magic bows again in case he got it wrong.
Lord High Chamberlain moves to his customary location to the side.
Eris Drew does not bow.
Conrad bows.
Magic: May I lighten the mood, Sir King Ran the Highest?
The court is occupied by a few courtiers, one throne on the dais by King Ran. His advisors flank him on the stairs of the dais.
High King Ran: As you wish.
Magic: At first I was afraid, I was petrified Kept thinking I could never live without the amulet by my side, But then I spent so many nights thinking about how I might have done wrong And I grew strong And I learned how to get along And so you're back From the outer realms I just walked in to find you here with that happy look upon your face I should have changed clothes sooner, I should have made you leave your key If I'd known for just one second you'd be back to see me, Go on now, go, give me gold all over the floor, Just turn around now 'Cause you're always welcome here and more Do you think I'd crumble Did you think I'd lay down and die? No not I!
The Archmage looks sternly at the bard, clearly not impressed.
The Lord High Inquisitor smirks and raises an eyebrow.
The Lord High Chamberlain nods his head with the music and smiles.
Magic: That is all, my lord. Thank you for allowing me the privilege.
The Archmage glances over at the High King.
High King Ran: Thank you, Master Majestic, of The Iris. You have an update for the Court you would like to share?
Magic: As you see, my lord, I have exchanged the jewelry for a bowtie, if you watch my drift.
Eris Drew: The Forget-Me-Not got the amulet, my King.
Magic: Cho Chi, do you think now is the time to pitch it to the king?
High King Ran: Ah, so we should expect to see the amulet soon.
Eris Drew: Possibly.
Magic: I hope so. It was hard work my friends and I had to endure.
High King Ran: The timing of the darkday was inconvenient and probably delayed its release from where it was being held.
Magic: The darkness can do that?
Eris Drew: Is it ever convenient?
High King Ran: So the additions to the membership of The Iris were instrumental in the success of your mission?
Conrad: I like to think so.
Eris Drew: Yes, I suppose.
Magic: Yes, those here alive, and those lost to us will forever bloom in The Iris.
Dar Kalla: Swords were drawn. Blood was spilled. Much fun was had by all!
Eris Drew: The monk here does quite a good job for our party.
Tazdar: They've been proficient combatants so far and seem trustworthy.
Tazdar: All of them more dangerous than any member of the lowly Knives.
Cho Chi looks like she wants to fade into the background, but sees no avenue for this but one of here larger party members.
Eris Drew: True enough.
High King Ran: The Knives?
Magic: I can not help but feel this mission is not completed, though, until amulet's safe return.
Eris Drew: The Knives ambushed us.
Magic: King Ran! I would personally like to introduce Cho Chi! She was a random woman who stepped into our aid.
Tazdar: I've seen children stage a more dangerous ambush. It was barely a threat.
Tazdar: However, they were useful to our accomplishment of the true goal of the mission.
Magic: Out of the goodness in her heart!
Magic turns to push Cho Chi forward.
Magic smiles.
High King Ran: A loss for this city that will not be missed. The Knives are an unfortunate effect of civilization.
Magic: She knows the wisest man in the whole world.
Eris Drew: The Knives ambushed us and Cho Chi as well as the others helped us defeat them, while Magic sat on a box and ate jerky.
Cho Chi: High King the city it seems quite overrun by ruffians. I've had to help many.
Magic: Conrad and Dar are animals in combat! Tapping into the primal stages of youth too!
Cho Chi: I'm sorry to bring this to your attention.
Dar Kalla: Dar much like fighting!font>
Conrad: Combat Good!font>
High King Ran: I appreciate the dangers you have endured and the sacrifices you have made.
Magic: We fought an Ice Troll, Sir! There are dangers everywhere!
Magic: Whatever can we do to help!
High King Ran motions for pages carrying a chest to approach.
Magic's eyes widen.
Dar Kalla: Starts counting.font>
Dar Kalla: One...two...three...UMMM...TREE...more...
Dar Kalla: GRUNT!
Tazdar: Thank you, Your Highness, for this generous gift.
Dar Kalla: Many thanks Highness! Buy much ale now!
Dar Kalla: What do now?
Cho Chi: Thank you, Your Highness, This is too much. I did but a small service.
High King Ran: I believe this should suffice. Please use it wisely and spend it within my realm, so it will benefit the citizens.
High King Ran: You have done more than you can imagine.
Dar Kalla: What is "wisely"?
Cho Chi bows again.
Eris Drew: Not much ale.
Tazdar: Gladly, Your Highness. I believe it's time I regain some proper armor along with my honor.
Dar Kalla: Where be nearest tavern? Dar buy ale for all!
Conrad: Some new armor would be a welcome addition.
Dar Kalla: Armor? What need armor for?
High King Ran: I hope to have your services again in the future, but for now take this reward and put it to good use.
Eris Drew: We will.
Lord High Chamberlain: Thank you, heroes. You have your King's leave.
Dar Kalla: Many thanks, Lord!
The Iris take their reward and graciously leave court accompanied by a triumphant march strummed by Magic on his lute.