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Nonotina 12th, Year One of the Reign of High King Ran

As the group prepares to head to the castle for the audience with the High King, an elf similar in appearance and dress to Zani, though male, enters The Fiery Stag. He approaches Zani and they both retreat to the stairs and disappears upstairs.
Rael Octavius: First, a question before we depart. Does this group have a name...moniker?
Magic: Magic and his friends.
Magic (smiling): Friends of Magic.
Magic: Magic Incorporated.
Arncoril drools as he slides off his chair and under the table.
Magic: Skys Affallin.
Magic: Magic Flight.
Rael Octavius raises an eyebrow.
Magic: Ramgaging Decent.
Rael Octavius: Maybe this was the wrong question.
Magic: Remember-Me-Not.
Magic: RMA
Magic: Remember Me Always.
Magic: I am hard to forget, though.
Rael Octavius: This is true, Magic.
Eris Drew: The Remember Always.
Magic: The Always Remembered.
Magic: TAR.
Magic: We will TAR through the enemies.
Eris Drew: The Remember Always...
Magic: RA.
Eris Drew: RA.
Magic: Sounds like RAW.
Magic: Ra Heroes.
Magic: Heroes of RA.
Eris Drew: RA.
Rael Octavius: Maybe nothing too presumptuous?
Magic: We are all pretty raw.
Rael Octavius: RMA is kind of growing on me. What do you think, Tazdar? You are very quiet.
Magic: Remember Me Always.
Tazdar: I prefer to speak with action. I don't believe we've earned a proper moniker yet, so that's as good as any.
Eris Drew: I agree.
Magic: Remember Me Always says what we want to accomplish by mocking Forget-Me-Not.
Magic: Good way to draw him out too.
Magic: Piss him off.
Tazdar: Something to be said for that.
Magic: He/She doesn't like me already.
Tazdar: An angered foe behaves predictably.
Eris Drew: The Angered Allies.
Rael Octavius: We won't need to explain it.
Rael Octavius: And it will definitely be remembered.
Magic: My best ideas take no explanation.
Magic: Or, I won't explain of the two.
Eris Drew: Ricorda Sempre.
Rael Octavius: Remember Us Always?
Eris Drew: Yes, that is what I said.
Eris Drew: Ricorda Sempre.
Magic: Sounds fancier.
Magic: I am in.
Rael Octavius: Done. Shall we go?
Magic: Please and thank you.
Magic (smiling): Who will do the talking.
Tazdar: If we wish to truly send a message...I recommend we choose "The Iris" as a moniker.
Tazdar: It's meaning is "I Send a Message".
Tazdar: Often used for messengers in battle as a lapel pin.
Tazdar: If we wish to send a message, this flower thief may appreciate the targeted name.
Tazdar: We could be "The Iris."
Eris Drew: I like that!
Rael Octavius: Even better. You are a smart one, Tazdar.
Tazdar: I've learned some things in my time.
Tazdar: Half of every battle is knowledge.
Rael Octavius: Then, "The Iris" it is. We need to get going.
The group departs The Fiery Stag Inn and takes Wall Street to the entrance of the castle.
Magic triumphantly walks toward the castle.
Magic (singing): I'm headed straight for the castle They wanna make me their queen And there's an old man sitting on the throne That's saying that I probably shouldn't be so mean I'm headed straight for the castle They've got the kingdom locked up And there's an old man sitting on the throne That's saying I should probably keep my pretty mouth shut Straight for the castle
Rael leads the way into the palace, nodding to the guards. They all seem to recognize him and acknowledge him as you pass.
Magic: You a big arrow aren't you, Rael.
Magic: I bet you have all the lady guards swooning.
Rael Octavius smiles and nods.
The group enters the palace and follows a long hall to the throne room there the Lord High Seneschal is waiting. He motions for the guards to open the doors and you enter.
Rael Octavius: Lords and Ladies of the court, High King Ran, High Queen Selame, Crown Prince Nar, I present the members of "The Iris" for an audience regarding the missing talisman of which this court is aware.
Magic (whispering): Taz, I wonder how many children Rael has.
Magic (whispering): I bet at least three he doesn't know about.
Magic (whispering): A hellion that one.
The Lord High Steward takes a step forward to accept the call for the audience, but High King Ran raises a hand to him. The king stands and steps to the edge of the dais where his, his queen's and his son's thrones rest.
Tazdar (whispering): I didn't think your people matured that young.font>
High King Ran: Approach the dais.
Magic (whispering): I still have 800 years in front of me.
Magic Waltzes forward.
Tazdar: Approaches and bows.
High King Ran (addressing Rael): Are you the spokesman or leader of "The Iris", Master Octavius?
Eris Drew steps forward.
Rael Octavius (after a low bow): No, your Majesty. I am, however, prepared to assist them in whatever manner you deem appropriate regarding this situation.
Magic: I will begin with a song to ease your troubled soul.
Magic: If you would allow me, Your Highness.
High King Ran looks over the group seemingly evaluating each member in turn.
Magic bows low.
Magic: No one stopping me is always a cue to continue.
Tazdar: Raises his head and makes steady eye contact.
Magic clear his throat.
Eris Drew does not bow.
Magic (singing): To the King eternal immortal Be all the glory forever, amen To the King eternal immortal Be all the glory forever, amen In plenty and in want Your strength is all I need And deep within these shadow lies Your glory never leaves How could I repay such a debt Except with my life? And how could I give anything But sacrifice, sacrifice of praise? To the King eternal immortal Be all the glory forever, amen To the King eternal immortal Be all the glory forever, amen My praise will go on and on and on My praise will go on and on and on My praise will go on and on and on My praise will go on
High King Ran: So, the bard then?
Magic (singing): I give in all of me This is my offering.
Magic Turns to the party.
Magic: We can go now.
Applause sounds throughout the chamber as the rest of the court appreciates the bard's song.
Rael Octavius nods and motions to Magic.
Magic bows.
Rael Octavius: This is Magic.
Magic (smiling): Literally.
Magic: It is an honor.
Magic: May I approach and kiss thy ring.
High King Ran descends the stairs to the level of the group.
Magic knees graciously.
Magic his throws arms back dramatically before gently reaching for King Ran's hand.
High King Ran holds out his hand.
Magic kisses the ring 3 times.
High King Ran nods.
Magic: A king's hand tells much about his rule.
High King Ran: Now to business.
Eris Drew: Such a push-over.
Magic: And they say you rule with Wisdom, Grace, and Might!
Magic: I am but a humble servant at the will of the king, asking him for his blessing to pursue a lost object that should rightly be in his possession.
Magic still kneeling.
High King Ran: Rise, Master Bard.
Magic rises as if trying to fly, arms flapping down like that of a bird.
High King Ran: This object. Are you aware of what it is?
Eris Drew: Yes.
Magic: A talisman my dear king, but that is all that I was able to deduce.
Magic: For I did not want to pursue it without your blessing.
Eris Drew: It is a talisman, like a port key, so that one can travel to the Outer Planes.
Magic: It seems as if my astute companion has more knowledge to offer, as well.
Magic: She is but an angel descending upon this world.
High King Ran (addressing Eris): You have it right. Your name?
Eris Drew: Eris Drew.
Magic: The other has to wrap his body in rags to contain his loyalty to the crown.
Eris Drew: If it gets in the wrong hands, your highness, bad things are sure to happen.
High King Ran: This is true.
Magic: If you would be so kind as to allow us to pursue it, we would certainly find it.
High King Ran: It is currently in the wrong hands.
Eris Drew: That is why we have come.
Magic: If we had more information surrounding the travesty, we could be of so much more good to you?
High King Ran: I have means for which your offer may succeed.
The high king removes a medallion from around his neck that had been hidden under his robe. The medallion is of the same metal of which his crown, scepter, and orb are fashioned. It is in the shape of a sun with a diamond on the end of each of its twelve flares. The body of the medallion is a disc-shaped fiery indigo opal.
Eris Drew: What is it?
High King Ran: This is The Indigosun Medallion. It is priceless--far more valuable than the amulet this thief stole--and tied to the essence of this world.
Magic: I will protect it with my life.
Magic bows his head.
High King Ran: The plan is for you to transport this medallion to Magus Universitatis for you to place in their capable hands to keep safe.
Magic: I will accomplish this task without fail.
Magic: My companions are the strongest in the realm.
High King Ran: I expect this medallion will never see the inside of the archmage's school.
Eris Drew: Why is that?
High King Ran: Ironically, I want Forget-Me-Not to take it and you are the ones from whom she is to take it.
Eris Drew: For what purpose?
High King Ran: This medallion has a powerful enchantment laid upon it that will allow for the recovery of the stolen property once the thief has acquired it.
Magic: Wow.
Tazdar: Does the thief need to be in physical contact with it?
High King Ran: Possess it as any thief would.
High King Ran: One catch, however. You must defend it until you know that Forget-Me-Not is the one who has claimed it. I am guessing the arrogance this thief has developed of late will make that verification simple.
Magic: Good question, Tazdar. He is our magic expert.
Magic: You called her she, rather firmly. What do you know if her? It may allow this mission to be accomplished easier.
High King Ran: I do not know who this thief is, actually. Only my intuition tells me that they are female.
Eris Drew: Why is that?
Magic: Feminism.
Eris Drew rolls her eyes.
High King Ran: The care she takes in remaining unknown. Her patience. She has been at this a while and only recently became arrogant about her activity.
Eris Drew: Not all women are patient.
High King Ran: She steals for a purpose other than the accumulation of wealth.
Magic: Point well made, Eris.
Eris Drew: What purpose?
Magic: Stealing can be as fun as a battle.
Magic: When done with the right person.
Eris Drew: You just said that in front of the king.
Eris Drew sighs.
High King Ran: I think Rael can elaborate.
Magic smiles at the king.
Magic: Everyone has their own entertainment.
Magic: I like to talk.
Magic: You like to fight.
Magic: Forgetty Bo Betty likes to steal.
Magic: Rael, if you would please.
Rael Octavius: She, if she is a she, seems to steal from the rich and give to the poor. That is my experience, at least.
Tazdar: Giving handouts to the weak does not better them. Only through their own action can they truly rise.
High King Ran: Well said.
Magic winks at Rael.
High King Ran peers more closely at Tazdar.
Tazdar bows his head.
Tazdar: Thank you, Your Highness.
High King Ran: I have ensured that my subjects have every opportunity to better themselves.
Magic: If you don't mind, My Lord, I would like to play another song.
Eris Drew: Oh, Gods.
High King Ran: As you wish.
Magic pulls out his lute and begins to play.
Magic (singing): Lord let me serve Lord let me follow Give me a place and a purpose to fill Teach me to serve Teach me to follow Use me to do Your will People are longing to learn of the Savior Children are growing not knowing He cares Lord let me tell them about Your compassion Lord where can I be used Lord let me serve wherever You need me Make me a vessel through which You can flow Give me a mission a place of fulfillment
Magic strings begin to glow green, blue, and orange as he strums and sings.
The shadows begin to dance.
High King Ran (addressing Tazdar): You are welcome in my kingdom, soldier of the south plains.
High King Ran: There is no need for you to hide.
Magic: He isn't hiding, he has a skin condition.
Eris Drew looks at Tazdar and smiles.
Tazdar sighs.
Tazdar: I was never very good at deception.
Tazdar removes head wrappings.
Magic: Holy charming Hobgoblins, Your Majesty.
Magic's jaw drops.
Magic: Magnificent.
High King Ran: Much better.
Eris Drew smirks.
Tazdar: I can no longer call myself a warrior of the southern legion, Your Grace. I am an Exile.
Magic: On the bright side, I love your hair.
High King Ran: Then call my kingdom your new home.
Tazdar: In a past life I would have been First Lieutenant Tazdar of the Praetor's Right Hand.
High King Ran: Right Hand, you say?
Tazdar: Yes, and thank you, Your Majesty.
Tazdar: You are most generous to welcome a former enemy.
High King Ran: Being an enemy in these times is often a temporary condition, fortunately.
Tazdar: True enough. And you have little to fear from a defeated enemy.
High King Ran: Only if we become complacent.
Tazdar: If I had my honor, it would dictate deference to a superior officer.
Tazdar nods.
High King Ran (addressing The Iris): I entrust this medallion to you. Head to Magus Universitatis and get it stolen so you can recover my amulet of the planes.
Tazdar: Have any rumors of its existence already been leaked?
High King Ran hands the medallion to Magic.
High King Ran: They have. Just enough to draw out Forget-Me-Not.
Magic: Thank you. I am most honored.
High King Ran: Though too much to exclude The Knives, unfortunately.
Magic puts the medallion over his head and lets it rest on his chest.
Magic tucks it into his shirt.
High King Ran: I hope you understand that this information has been imparted to you in the strictest confidence. As any of the nobles and retainers that stand in this court can attest, there are dire consequences for letting this secret out.
Eris Drew: Of course.
Magic looks around to the nobles to gauge their reaction.
The audience nods knowingly.
Tazdar: The Knives seem to falter in front of their namesake, Your Grace. We are well equipped to handle them.
High King Ran: The Knives will know Forget-Me-Not will be targeting you.
High King Ran: They will have forces lying in wait.
High King Ran: Not their lackeys, I suspect.
Magic: Excellent. I love making new friends.
Eris Drew: We aren't making friends with them, Magic.
Maybe I can go find Dee, Magic thinks to himself.
Magic: One of two things Either you're a little bit lonely Or something ain't right And judging by That tear in your eye You're about to say something crazy Like goodbye Stop right there Don't say a word Just let me hold you Girl, we can fix Whatever it is So whatever you do Don't let us die The love of a lifetime Is worth at least a million tries Baby what we got Is too good for goodbye This ain't a game I'm trying to play Girl, we got something real here You don't just break up Whenever it gets tough So baby, don't you leave here I want you to say You're gonna stay And we're in this thing forever Come whatever, so Stop right there Don't say a word Just let me hold you Girl, we can fix Whatever it is So whatever you do Don't let us die The love of a lifetime Is worth at least a million tries And baby what we got Is too good for goodbye
Magic: I play myself out.
Eris Drew: You are very odd.
Magic: I am a weirdo.
Tazdar (quietly to the king): He plays the fool your grace, but he seems to be much more cunning than he lets on.
High King Ran: It is quite clear.
High King Ran: I wish you good luck. Prepare for a battle.
Tazdar nods and leaves.
High King Ran: I give you my leave and my blessing.
High King Ran turns and ascends to the dais.
Eris Drew heads through the doors.
The group departs the castle and begins their journey toward Magus Universitatis.
Magic: We had suspected the Magus Universitatis to possibly be Fergetty Betty.
Magic: This might be a good chance to get some info about them.
Cho Chi is walking through town on the way to do some shopping in the market when she sees several low-lifes sneaking into some alleys nearby.
Cho Chi follows the low-lifes into the alley to see what they are up to.
Magic nods to people along the way.
Several members of The Knives hide in the alleys along the route The Iris are following. Somehow Cho Chi loses sight of them when they take their hidden positions.
The Iris get increasingly paranoid as they traverse the city and go on heightened alert as they approach the main square of Star Plaza.
Tazdar begins to move more deliberately, searching as he goes.
Rael Octavius notices Tazdar's cautiousness and forms an emboldened bond between the hobgoblin and Eris.
A bandit hidden in one of the alleys shifts his position but reveals this position to Cho Chi is down the alley on the opposite side of the street.
The Knives Sergeant becomes antsy and shifts to see down the street. His concealment ends as a could of townsfolk notice him.
Magic activates his mantle of inspiration to have Eris move forward to be closer to Tazdar. He moves up between them and casts a spell making them heroic.
Cho Chi, having spotted anew one of the low-lifes she was tracking, moves toward the street and hides in the shadows ready to act if trouble erupts.
Eris Drew spots one of The Knives trying to hide and rushes to attack him. Her swing misses.
Another member of The Knives holds his position, not noticing the monk skulking up to him, though Cho Chi does not notice him either.
A Knives Spy begins to move up into position as the scuffle between Eris and one of his crew begins.
Tazdar notices of the spy as he turns to confront the rogue in melee with Eris.
Tazdar: There is another one across the street in that alley.
Tazdar steps over to help Eris and smashes the brigand with his maul.
Rael Octavius, at Tazdar's cue, walks forward looking for the new opponent and finds him. He launches a bolt of fire at the spy and rocks him. The spy stands scorched and stunned.
The rogue that Cho Chi spotted charges out into the street at the sound of combat.
The first rogue engaged with Eris and Tazdar takes a swipe with his scimitar at Eris but misses.
The Knives Sergeant also charges from his compromised hiding spot and heads towards the melee.
Magic casts a spell at this sergeant and causes him to hear dissonant whispers. The sergeant retreats the way he came.
Cho Chi, seeing an opportunity to strike as the sergeant retreats, rushes out from her hiding spot. She cracks the sergeant with her quarterstaff and follows up with a spinning hook kick, striking both times.
Magic: An oriental woman just ran into the street!
Magic: They have back up.
Magic: She is helping them with her stick.
Magic: No, wait.
Magic: She is attacking them with her stick.
Magic: Orange is my favorite color.
Magic: I like her already.
Magic: Now she is kicking their heads in.
Magic: What in the world!
Magic: This woman is incredible.
Eris Drew takes another two-handed swing at her opponent and slashes him open. He falls to the ground unconscious and bleeding.
Magic: Rael looks like he is in love.
Tazdar: Good swing.
Cho Chi: Do you need more motivation?
The rogue that was hiding near Cho Chi finally takes action and charges the monk, slashing at her with this scimitar. The monk is heavily wounded and doubled-over by the attack.
Tazdar touches a rune on his armor and grows to twice his height and then charges up the street toward the approaching rogue. He uppercuts the rogue with his hammer, sending him airborne before falling in a heap in the street, and then surges toward the spy. He reaches for a spear from his back sheath and launches it. The spy catches the spear in the chest, his condition deteriorating quickly.
Magic: Wow.
Magic: All this magic around me.
Magic: Magic man wears wraps on his hands.
Magic: Grows bigger than a tree.
Eris Drew: Good job, Taz!
Tazdar roars.
Rael Octavius launches a firebolt at the rogue that attacked the monk that joined the fight but it misses, nearly lighting the nearby bushes on fire.
Magic: Such a beautiful voice.
Magic: Have you thought of being a musician?
Tazdar: This! I remember this!
The sergeant thrusts a dagger into the monk's belly and then races back down the street as she collapses.
Magic turns towards the spy and casts a spell but it has no effect.
Cho Chi, only momentarily unconscious, stands up and disengages from the rogue.
Magic: One of you was supposed to protect me! Where did you go!?
Eris Drew engages the sergeant in melee with a swing of her sword but she misses.
The rogue that had been standing over the unconscious monk notices that Rael had moved up to try to help her. He now slashes at the half-elf but misses.
The spy, no recovered from the onslaught of the sorcerer and hobgoblin finds his path clear the Magic. He takes two thrusts at the bard but only strikes him once.
Magic: See!
Eris Drew: Sorry.
Tazdar swings his maul at the dodging sergeant but still manages to connect. The sergeant is starting to waver.
Magic: Get back over here!
Rael Octavius calls on the power of the Pantheon and commands the rogue in front of him to kneel. The rogue obliges.
The Knives sergeant begins to focus on the giant hobgoblin before him. He slashes at him twice striking him with the second swing. Tazdar activates the other rune on his armor and the energy of the strike shoots thirty feet through the air and collides with the spy. The spy collapses unable to withstand it. The sergeant desperately stabs at the hobgoblin with his dagger and finally causes some damage, but only the slightest nick.
Magic: I guess he is dead?
Magic: What just happened?
Tazdar: These giant runes are AMAZING!
Magic: My Magic is strong today.
Eris Drew: Now you don't need me over there.
Magic checks his nonexistent muscles.
Magic turns toward the sergeant give him an insulting gesture and mentioning something about his mother. The sergeant becomes incensed.
Magic: Don't worry, Eris. I handled it.
Eris Drew: Nah, that was NOT you.
Magic: Who else could it be?
Eris Drew: Taz!
Cho Chi throws a dart at the sergeant that sails past Tazdar's head and over Eris' into a bush down the street. She then runs for barrels stacked up at the corner of the nearby house and launches herself onto the roof.
Eris Drew takes another swing at the sergeant, but he foils the attack with his scimitar.
The rogue kneeling before Rael remains kneeling, intimidated by his presence.
Magic: Up on the roof top click click click look at the monk lickity slip.
Tazdar swings his maul at the sergeant awkwardly but still manages to land a blow.
Rael Octavius disengages from the kneeling rogue.
The sergeant continues to focus on the giant hobgoblin, connecting with two slashes from his scimitar before missing with a thrust of his dagger.
Magic strums a lullaby and sleep falls over the sergeant and the kneeling rogue. They both collapse in the street.
Cho Chi: The entangled mind is weak.
Tazdar: Excellent cast, Magic. Well done!
Cho Chi slides back down off of the roof and moves over to the sleeping rogue. She slips off her belt and binds his hands behind his back.
Magic: That isn't the sergeant, lady.
Magic: But well done.
Eris Drew, feeling less charitable, plunges her sword into the chest of the sergeant.
Magic: The more friends to bring home to mom the better.
Tazdar catches his second wind and shrinks back down to his normal size.
Eris Drew walks over to Magic and lays her hand on him, causing his wounds the instantly close.
Rael Octavius walks back over to the sleeping rogue and casts his most potent healing spell on the monk.
Rael Octavius: Hello, lady monk.
Cho Chi: Thank you. I was hurting a bit and it was hard to ignore.
Rael Octavius: That should make you all better.
Cho Chi: Much better.
Rael Octavius looks around.
Cho Chi: I'm hardly ever out in the city.
Rael Octavius: Do you still have the medallion, Magic?
Cho Chi: Those ruffians seemed to have a nefarious purpose.
Magic: Yeah, why wouldn't I?
Rael Octavius: Forget-Me-Not is very sneaky.
Cho Chi: What medallion?
Magic: Who are you, lady? Thanks for the save back there.
Tazdar: That slippery looking one. Are they still alive?
Magic: I am just a cautious elf.
Magic: Always on the lookout for thieves.
Cho Chi: I am Cho Chi lately of The Billiken's Temple.
Eris Drew: Searches the first bandit
Cho Chi retrieves her errant dart as the others check their fallen enemies for loot. They find several gold, electrum and silver coins, and a number of serviceable weapons.