posted Jun 29, 2020, 2:59 PM by Stephen Pliska-Matyshak

Nonotina 27th, Year One of the Reign of High King Ran

Over the course of the week since the audience with the King, The Iris has had some downtime to consider how they might spend some of the vast amounts of gold we were awarded for their part in trying to retrieve the amulet of the planes.

Magic found a shop to purchase and opened up "Majestic Wares," stocking it, initially, with the gear he had collected up to this point. He has shoes, boots, and clothes. He hired a halfling as a clerk named Maggie Hardcheese who immediately made herself useful by stitching up some of the clothes that had damage from weapons strikes. Magic also asked Sloth to be his business partner. This prompted Sloth to replicate a bag of holding as he hardly ever uses his crossbow anyway.

Eris spent a bit of her time looking for a dog. She found a big, furry beast of a dog to keep her company while adventuring. She is calling it Orcus.

Conrad spends his time acquiring a suit of half-plate armor, which needed some adjustment due to his muscular build. The dwarven smith did a masterful job.

Tazdar managed to find a moon-touched greatsword at the smithy near the castle. He also noticed a glaive of the same enchantment. This glaive was later purchased by Munkustrap.

Cho Chi, not having any idea what to do with all this coinage, returned to The Temple of The Billiken to visit her master.

At the end of this week, the members of The Iris are in the market square where "Majestic Wares" is located when there is a sudden disturbance in the northeast corner. Munkustrap happens to be in a position to see a tiny, blurred figure who just attacked a halfling stallkeeper before it speeds off to the south. Screams can be heard twice more further south each time. The group mobilizes with Magic coaxing them toward the disturbance and ensuring all the commoners in the area know that The Iris is defending them. Munkustrap and Conrad get into a position to engage the creature when Eris with a vantage point between market tents fires and arrow and kills what is discovered to be a quickling.

Munkustrap then rushes to the fallen commoners and saves them, the halfling woman who was struck first just in the nick of time. Munkustrap offers the merchant an escort home. After securing her flowers and fruits, they leave the market square.

In the meantime, the rest of the group brings the fallen fey to Magic's shop and becomes determined to find out why one of these creatures would be alone away from the Feywild. They prepare their things and begin to head to Magus Universitatis to ask the wizards there about this creature. Along the way, Magic uses his illusions to advertise for this new shop.

Along the way, the largest contingent of The Knives yet, block their way. A pitched battle erupts during which Tazdar is knocked unconscious. Munkustrap, who was following at a distance after escorting his charge to her home safely, charges in to save the hobgoblin just as he was about to expire. Conrad, in a berserk rage, fends off a number of the rogues. Magic puts a number of the rogues to sleep, which begins to turn the tide of the battle, but Conrad, Munkustrap, and Sloth are all gravely wounded by the end of the fight. In the end, they keep one of The Knives alive to send a message back to the guildmaster that The Iris is not to be taken lightly any longer. They also collect all the weapons, armor, and other gear from the corpses and load it into a wagon that Magic procures from the owner for 50 gold before continuing on to the mage's school.