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Decitina 1st, Year One of the Reign of High King Ran

The chancellor is understandably upset that one of his valued mages has been killed. He wants to get to the bottom of what happened and currently holds all members of The Iris accountable.

Magic: Come quick! Monsters are attacking from the portal!
Magic: Alarms are blaring!
Magic uses minor illusion to duplicate the sounds of the alarms and projects them down the halls.
The Chancellor storms down into the reception area of the tower.
The Chancellor waves his staff and silence descends upon the area.
Munkustrap von Rumm experiences a vision of his father on his deathbed.
Magic experiences scowling, hateful faces of all the people he knows including his own.
Dar Kalla feels his strength fail and his arms hang limp.
Magic casts see invisibility, but the spell is snuffed out before it can take effect.
Cho Chi experiences a sudden sense of utter dread that her master has just died.
Munkustrap von Rumm drops to his knees with a stunned look on his face.
Eris Drew sees her companions begin to fall dead around her.
Cho Chi starts to weeping.
Eris Drew draws her sword.
Sloth finds himself floating in the middle of the ocean with mannequin duplicates of his companions floating around him.
Cho Chi heads towards the door.
Magic pretends like there is nothing wrong.
Dar Kalla panics a bit.
Dar Kalla (in his head because his voice does not work): What dire sorcery is this?
Magic (states silently): We are in some sort of antimagic field.
Magic (silently): My spell won't work.
Magic (silently): Why all the long faces? It is me, your best friend Magic.
Eris Drew runs over to Dar Kalla's body.
Eris Drew drops her sword and kneels on the ground.
The Chancellor (in each one's head): A serious transgression has occurred here. Until otherwise determined, you are accountable.
Dar Kalla walks towards The Chancellor though it is as if in slow motion.
Magic (silently): I love all of you. You are all so special in your own way.
Dar Kalla (projecting his thoughts at The Chancellor): Explain yourself, Wizard! What devilry is this?
Magic (mouthing vehemently): I demand a trial!
Cho Chi walks dazed to the door.
Sloth (thinks): Umm, guys?
Munkustrap von Rumm sheds a single tear that runs down his cheek.
Eris Drew [Quori] (silently): What in the name of the divine is going on?
Magic (thinking now to himself): I can not wait until I am a chancellor and I can accuse people without evidence. Sounds like corruption to me.
Sloth [Abyssal] (silently): Well, this is fucked.
Magic starts attempting to magically mend his clothes, but cantrips do not work either.
Magic (thinks): You can't bother me if I ignore you.
The Chancellor: One of my colleagues is dead and I will get to the cause of it before anyone is released.
Sloth [Deep Speech] (silently): Well at least there are not any monsters at the surface.
Magic pulls out his lute and begins to play but no sound is emitted from the strings.
Cho Chi (silently): I must go.
Magic (singing silently): Oh visions, oh visions.
Magic (singing silently): How you corrupt my head.
Munkustrap von Rumm (projecting his thoughts): Whoever is in my head, I can tell you what happened.
Magic (singing silently): Oh visions, oh visions.
Magic (singing silently): Do you want me dead?
The Chancellor: No one is leaving until this is resolved.
Sloth floats and falls asleep.
Magic (singing silently): Leave me alone for a moment so I may breathe.
Magic (singing silently): Please won't you leave.
Eris Drew gets up and is filled with anger.
The Chancellor: You will give your account in turn.
Magic continues to play for a minute attempting to give an enthralling performance, but the silence prevents it.
Cho Chi (projecting her thoughts): I will come back.
Cho Chi tries to open the door.
The door will not open.
Eris Drew (yells silently): How dare you kill my friends.
Sloth waits.
The Chancellor: The barbarian will begin.
Eris Drew: He is alive?
Eris Drew looks down at Dar.
Magic draws his rapier and repeatedly tries to stab himself with. Finally, the rapier is grasped by his hating self and it stabs him in the heart.
The Chancellor: Speak, barbarian! What occurred in the summoning circle.
Dar Kalla: There was dark magic in da tower. Dar no understand much. There was a big pool of fire. Someone toss small stone into fire. Fire turn dark...and tree large monsters jump out and attack. One killed the mage.
Cho Chi sinks to the floor.
Cho Chi tries to mentally find Master An Soo's spirit.
Magic still feels pain.
Magic it didn't kill him.
Magic only my heart aches.
Sloth swims over to Eris' mannequin and pokes it.
The Chancellor: Bard! This is the initial investigation. State what you witnessed.
Magic: I witnessed a poor job done by a representative of the school.
Magic: A wizard in charge of a portal could so simply be taken by a simple stone?
Magic: Is this the level of competency we can expect? If so, more will die and that is not our fault.
Sloth goes into the bag and pokes his head and uses it to float.
The Chancellor: Why was a stone being thrown into the portal. I am certain Orson would have warned against this.
Eris Drew picks up Dar's greatsword and puts it on his chest.
Magic: We did and yet the portal just lay open? A bird could have spat in it.
Sloth falls asleep.
The Chancellor: INSOLENCE!
Magic is rendered unconscious.
Magic (thinking as he loses consciousness): Anger is the first step in acceptance.
The Chancellor: The knight!
Cho Chi withdraws inward until all conscious thought and external stimulus fades.
Munkustrap von Rumm: My compatriots threw a stone into the portal resulting in extra-terrestrial creatures climbing out and killing Magister Orson.
Magic mouths words in his sleep, as a sleep talker, but the magic of the room prevents his speech.
Magic mouths, "Orson was bad at his job."
The Chancellor: And the actions leading to the stone entering the portal?
Munkustrap von Rumm: Magister Orson warned us to not throw anything into the portal, but my compatriot was stubborn and did not heed the warning.
Magic mouths, "Orson was bad at his job."
The Chancellor: And the efforts of Orson to prevent this?
Munkustrap von Rumm: I believe there was some arcane magic being used, but I am not knowledgeable of the arcane. Spectral hands or something like that.
The Chancellor: Who was using spells?
Munkustrap von Rumm: One of my compatriates and Magister Orson.
The Chancellor: Which of your compatriots?
Munkustrap von Rumm: Sloth.
Munkustrap von Rumm: He is young and foolish, but he did not mean for Orson to be killed.
Munkustrap von Rumm is released from his vision.
Munkustrap von Rumm wipes his cheek, blinks several times, and then stands.
Cho Chi suddenly receives all the testimony so far.
The Chancellor: Monk? Does this concur with your recollections?
Sloth (thinks): I have been bored before but this is...
Sloth [Deep Speech]: Shit.
Munkustrap von Rumm sees all of his other companions standing in a trance.
Cho Chi: Too wild and free and unrestrained could only learn through experience.
Cho Chi: Orson could not handle such students.
Cho Chi: He appeared to think words would stop them, they who have no sense of consequences.
Eris Drew goes over to Cho Chi and bows before placing Cho's guandao on her chest.
The Chancellor: It was only to be a lesson, not a lab.
Cho Chi: May I please check on my Master. I fear he is unwell.
Cho Chi is released from her vision. "Your master is fine."
Cho Chi: Some are not ready for such lessons.
The Chancellor nods to Cho Chi.
Dar Kalla is released from his vision and condition.
The Chancellor (to Eris Drew): Kalashar, you seem very compassionate for someone with your intentions.
Eris Drew: So?
Dar Kalla draws his greatsword and looks wildly about the room.
The Chancellor: What is your account of this incident, conquerer?
Eris Drew: My companion, Sloth, is stubborn, Chancellor. He is arrogant and far too curious. He threw a stone into the portal with the help of spells. I advised him myself that it was dangerous, however, he proceeded against our wishes.
The High Priest of Lehnbor enters the tower as the questioning continues.
Eris Drew is released from her vision.
Cho Chi meditates to try and calm herself.
Everyone except Sloth and Magic are back to themselves. These two still stand paralyzed in a trance.
Eris Drew: Oh thank the divine you are alive! all died.
Munkustrap von Rumm: Not yet anyway.
Magic regains consciousness. "For what are you covering Sloth's indiscretions?"
Munkustrap von Rumm bows to the High Priest of Lehnbor.
Sloth: This sucks.
Eris Drew turns to face the High Priest.
The Chancellor: Our judge has arrived.
Magic: I am not covering, Cho Chi said what I meant with far more wisdom than I.
The High Priest of Lehnbor: What has transpired here?
Cho Chi sits crossed-legged near the door, tears drying.
The Chancellor (to Magic): Orson should not have had to react at all.
Sloth falls back asleep.
Eris Drew: An act of incompetence.
The High Priest of Lehnbor: An act of incompetence?
Magic: you are also wiser than I.
Eris Drew: Yes.
The Chancellor: This is clearly a case of hubris.
Magic: Perhaps you can teach me to be an inspiring leader like yourself.
Eris Drew glares at The Chancellor.
The Chancellor illuminates The High Priest of Lehnbor about what he has collected thus far.
The Chancellor (to Magic): You have been evasive and disruptive. What are you hiding?
Cho Chi tries to find the spirit of the recently departed mage.
The spirit of Orson seems to have already passed on.
Magic: I would be lying if I would say that I didn't want to see something come out of the portal. I encouraged him to be his best self and tried to aid him in his endeavor
Magic: I didn't think he would die, I thought him to be more powerful than he was.
Magic finds himself in the street somewhere within "The City."
Magic vanishes.
Cho Chi slowly stirs and seems more alert still sitting by the door.
The Chancellor: The bard has been banished from the university.
Eris Drew: Where did you take him!
Cho Chi: Where has he gone?
Magic, without skipping a beat, casts minor illusion and starts advertising his sale on leather at Majestic Wares.
The Chancellor: He has been moved to the streets of the city.
Magic heads to Bard's College, though he has no idea which way it might be. He finds someone on the street and asks them. They direct him north.
Eris Drew: There are a lot of streets.
Magic: Wait until the bards hear this.
The Chancellor: Now for this changeling known as Sloth.
Magic (to himself): I hope Sloth doesn't forget the wagon.
The High Priest of Lehnbor: What were you thinking, Sloth?
Sloth: Before I answer, how many snitched.
The High Priest of Lehnbor: You mean how many were honest, forthright individuals?
Sloth: I stopped believing in those.
The High Priest of Lehnbor: So you are unrepentant?
Sloth: No, I'm a lovely person who goes tho church every Tetratin.
The High Priest of Lehnbor: Then you show no remorse for what has happened?
Sloth: Did I say that?
The High Priest of Lehnbor: Give me a straight answer. Are you aware of the consequences of your actions?
Cho Chi: Sloth has rampant curiosity and no foresight.
Sloth: Ooo, a straight forward answer? How serious.
Cho Chi: You will learn cause and effect eventually, it may take many bruises.
The High Priest of Lehnbor: You are currently leading yourself to a death sentence.
Eris Drew looks at Cho.
Eris Drew: He certainly has a death wish.
The Chancellor: A very long time in a cell at the very least.
Sloth: Let me wake if you want to talk more. I would prefer to be awake.
Sloth's vision recedes but he is still held immobile.
Dar Kalla: Just don't turn him into a chicken or a hamster or someting like dat!
Sloth: That would be cruel.
Eris Drew: Killing a human is not cruel?
The Chancellor: Fitting for the attitude you display? Perhaps a pig?
Sloth: No, he died instantly.
Eris Drew: A hog.
Sloth: A sloth.
Dar Kalla: He may have been possessed by dark magic? We been fighting many strange creatures from Fey. Mayhap they took his mind and forced him to do bad tings.
The Chancellor: The only spell he is under is my restraints on him.
The Chancellor looks at the High Priest.
The High Priest of Lehnbor nods.
The Chancellor waves his staff and Sloth is turned into a...
Eris Drew turns away.
Munkustrap von Rumm: How long will he be a...newt?
The Chancellor scoops up the newt and puts it in a pouch.
The Chancellor: A year.
Munkustrap von Rumm: Well then, we best look for another recruit to join us.
Cho Chi: Are you going to try to teach him restraint?
Cho Chi: Chancellor are you going to teach him what he needs or not?
The Chancellor: We will see when he returns to his normal form.
Cho Chi: You are going to waste a whole year.
Cho Chi: He might be easier to teach as a newt.
The Chancellor: It is not a waste. He is still aware. He will begin to learn.
Dar Kalla: We did come here for help...tis likely too late for dat now.
Eris Drew: Quicklings
The Chancellor: Quicklings are nasty fey creatures. Just kill them on sight.
Eris Drew: This is what I did.
Dar Kalla: Any idea why dey is attacking da city?
The Chancellor: You are all free to leave.
Cho Chi: Are there going to be services for the mage who died?
Munkustrap von Rumm bows to the chancellor and the high priest, then turns to leave, motioning for the others to follow.
The Chancellor: There will be at the Temple of The Billiken.
Eris Drew follows.
Dar Kalla: Follows Munkustrap out.
Cho Chi: Thank you.
Cho Chi bows.
Cho Chi heads out to the street.
Eris Drew grabs the wagon.
Dar Kalla will help pull wagon.
Munkustrap von Rumm: We're close to my father's estate, so you may join me there if you wish for a rest.
Dar Kalla: We should find Magic.
Dar Kalla: I think I will visit The Rogue Spoon.
Maggi Hardcheese receives the wagon from Dar and Eris and provides each of them with ten pieces of gold.
Dar Kalla: Still looking for fight club.