The Factions

Many characters created in the Almebezbik setting belong to one of five factions that have risen to prominence in Random. Each faction has its own motivations, goals, and philosophy. Some are more heroic than others, but all band together in times of trouble to thwart major threats.

Blue Midnight

This faction within "The City" is the underground and force of shadows that whisper the need for constant change. They foment chaos and espouse debauchery in all its forms. This is not done for its own sake, but to strengthen the resolve of those that would see that civilization endures. How would they satisfy the indulgences of the cultured if society crumbled as previous races' cultures had fallen into ruin?

This faction is all about tragic ends and triumphant beginnings. From the most insignificant short term success to the rise and fall of the greatest empire, Blue Midnight operates behind the scenes, orchestrating the arousal, partaking in the act, and reveling in the climaxes of all the ups and downs of humanity.

There is no active recruitment into this faction. All members gradually adopt the attitudes and avocations of the others, thus supporting the whole and perpetuating the faction's existence.

Deep Bend Rakes

This faction within "The City" is a loosely organized group of foremen, adventurers, and mercenaries that fight for the common folk against a perceived tyrant and his government and other wealthy, corrupt nobles of the new human civilization.

The Rakes were born of the workers on the docks of South Port and spread to Nightfield and Star Plaza as "The City" quickly grew. Members include monster hunters that keep the southern end of the city safe from invasion and operatives that seek out corruption and injustice to redress throughout the central city.

They have a reputation for brutality, but this is as they wish it. They will make examples of targets of their righteousness with violence and ruination to maintain this reputation. However, they never exact their punishments without solid proof that their target deserves it. The threat of their involvement is often enough to resolve situations before extreme measures become necessary.

Individuals who foment justifiable vigilante or insurgent activities become the focus of this faction's recruitment. The engagement may involve abducting the recruit, so they can be convinced to join and inducted in secret.

The Dragonslayers

This faction within "The City" is a group that attempts to hunt down dragons within Random, literally and figuratively. Their base of operations is actually in Tesalurk, but they are aggressively recruiting in the fledgling empire's capital city.

Dragons are a special focus of this group as dragons have a long history of conquering the world and The Dragonslayers believe humans have been put on Almebezbik to prevent this from ever happening again. They take this role to the extreme and slay dragons of any kind they encounter with extreme prejudice. The extinction of all dragons would give them great satisfaction.

Of course, they do not limit their hostility to only dragons as any monsters or even people that develop draconic habits--tyranny, avarice and the like--will draw their ire.

Slaying a dragon without being a member of this faction will attract their attention. They will send multiple recruiters to persuade the individual or group to join.

The Inquisitors

This faction within "The City" is Ran's secret police in a manner of speaking. They investigate crimes behind the scenes and help bring wrongdoers to justice. Within their purview, there is no small amount of intrigue and machinations, but it is generally the means to a good end; an ultimate benefit to "The City."

The Inquisitors ostensibly have the High King's blessing regarding the results of their activity. However, there is an element of evil that pervades the organization that would leave Ran with little choice but to end the existence of this faction if he was made privy to their methods.

This does not mean that those who are good would not be brought into this faction. They would be given to more ethical means of bringing justice and shielded from the less savory pursuits of the rest of the circle.

Those that affect judgment in the name of the King or civilization on criminals become the recruitment priority of The Inquisitors. The process often involves an arrest of the individual so as to not raise suspicion with the faction's quarries.

The Knives

This faction within "The City" is what most would consider a Thieves' Guild. It is and it isn't. Yes, there is a leader that is much like a guild master. The membership of this faction contains burglars, thugs, con-artists and the like. However, their guiding principle is the even distribution of wealth with a take for themselves. Thus, they do a lot of stealing from those who have more than they actually know what to do with and provide for those who do not have enough to survive within "The City."

Though there are those that are unscrupulous, there are also those that are beneficent. Holding it all together is the mysterious figure known only as Messer's Right-Hand. The identity of this Right-Hand is known to no one in the faction. They remain cloaked in the rare circumstance when there is a personal meeting. Their voice, physical appearance, handwriting, and any other identifiable trait is never the same twice.

Invitations to the faction include a handwritten note secretly passed to the recruit to meet in a secret location with the stipulation that they come alone and are not followed. They always know if the invitee is tailed and vacate the location in such situations. This recruit may or may not receive a subsequent invitation, depending on how much the Right-Hand desires the individual to join.