Cast of Characters (NPCs)

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Alsis Chandor Thief Human The Fiery Stag Inn A comely, sallow-skinned man in a cloak and hood. 
An Soo Yong Grand Master Kensai human The Temple of the Billiken, "The City" A frail looking old man with long white hair and beard wearing red silk robes. 
Astrid Germanus-Bjarte Noble (Wife of the owner of The Fiery Stag) Human The Fiery Stag An attractive woman in her mid-thirties with blonde hair, blue eyes and pale complexion dressed in the latest fashion. 
Captain Brumbart Captain of the Watch (Veteran) Human Castle Ward Watch Post A burly, severe looking man in splint armor with a longsword at his side. 
Captain Horatio Ridley Captain of the Guard (Veteran) Human The Tower of The City Guard An average height somewhat overweight soldier in plate etched with coat of arms of "The City." 
Chet Watchman Human Castle Ward watch post. Star Plaza North Market. Typical watchmen of "The City" in a chain shirt, carrying a shield and a spear. 
Claricia Robert Madame (Priest of Twilight) Human The Rogue Spoon A tall, slender, blonde beauty in a shear periwinkle gown. 
Dae'Kliesys Sorceress (Ambassador Prime of Random) Half Gold Dragon Residence in Castle Ward A tall, golden scaled humanoid with a dragon's head and wings dressed in cloth of gold robes. 
Dee Strongbones Spy (Criminal Contact for Fennimore) Halfling Star Plaza A cute halfling girl. 
Felicia Barkeep Human The Rogue Spoon The bartender is a human woman who is quite attractive. She is remarkably friendly in disposition. Her skin is brown, and she has amber hair, kept in a long, wavy style. Physically, she is fit. 
Flora Merchant (Fennimore's mother) Halfling A market in "The City" A plump middle-aged halfling woman. 
Forget-Me-Not Master Thief Unknown At large in "The City" Invisible entity that can telepathically communicate with whomever they choose. 
Halvar Ove Thug (Criminal Contact for Stygian) Human Alley in the Castle District A cloaked and hooded man, with a scar over his lip. 
High King Ran Ruler (Eldritch Knight) Human Palace of the High King, "The City" A tall, fit human approaching middle-age wearing white robes with gold embroidery; a rapier at his hip. 
Hugh Watchman Human Castle Ward watch post. Star Plaza North Market. Typical watchmen of "The City" in a chain shirt, carrying a shield and a spear. 
Lady Panglia of Shropeshire The Summer Knight Eladrin The Fey Wild A female eladrin knight with flaming red hair wearing exquisite plate armor and wielding a longsword. 
Lord Egnatius Gnaeus Noble Human Star Plaza, Plaza Heights A creepy, middle-aged man in fine garments. 
Lord High Inquisitor Mosifort Rogue/Inquisitive Human The Castle Tall cloaked figure that appears from and disappears into the shadows unexpectedly. 
Maggie Hardchees Clerk Halfling Majestic Wares A common looking halfling woman with auburn hair. 
Mindartis  Bartender Elf The Fiery Stag The ugliest, blue haired, bronze skinned elf you have ever seen. 
Reggot Octavius The High King's Herald (Bard of the School of Valor) Human The Fiery Stag Inn and Tavern, "The City" An of average height, cloaked human with an anchor-style beard and mustache of bleached brown hair. 
Rosario Arturo Tailor (Commoner) Human Arturo's Attire A stately, fashionable woman in a dress of her own design and making. 
Sark the Blind Monk (Ex-Gladiator) Half-Orc An alley in Nightfield A thin, old half-orc in a worn, once flamboyant martial arts costume supporting himself with a quarterstaff. 
Snorri Geir Barbarian Ambassador Human The Barbarian Plains A hulking man with long, black hair and beard wearing furs and wielding a greataxe. 
Zim Vagrant (Commoner) Human Alleys between Castle Ward and Star Plaza A bedraggled man wearing ill-fitting common clothes. 
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