Character Creation

For those of you that are interested, please take a look at for information about the Campaign setting.

Submit a character concept that is as detailed as possible, but without any crunch or metagame information. I'm looking for creative role-players whose characters will have a seminal influence on this world, which has been in development by this DM and the players of its characters for over four decades.

Point Buy

Create your characters using the point buy method from Chapter 1, Section 3 of the 5E Player's Handbook.  I suggest using D&D Beyond's Character Creator to build and track your character.

Starting Funds

Starting 1st-level characters begins with standard equipment based on their class and background choices.

Characters created starting at 2nd-level or higher begin with equipment based on Chapter 1 of the Dungeon Master's Guide in the Starting at Higher Level section.


The common tongue of Almebezbik is Almebezbik. This replaces Common. If you are human and from outside of Random, you also get your realm's language for free if they have a unique language unless you choose to have your character not know Almebezbik initially.

If you are from:

  • The city of Tryst you get Sajenese
  • Festland you get Festlandish
  • The Orient you get Tzutonese
  • The Western Wilds you get Lascathe or Genesian

These languages are learnable bonus languages for all characters.

There is another human-like race, the Meziltarni. They speak Meziltarni as well as Almebezbik.