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Nonotina 6th, Year One of the Reign of High King Ran

Arncoril's patron has been having him stalk a group of devil-worshippers for the latest dark day. In the process of stalking these people, he discovered the next time they are performing a ritual and where this event is to occur. He has been standing in a nearby alley for a while, waiting to make sure all the participants are engrossed before entering the house to investigate.

We should get into this house and see what the devils are up to.

Arncoril moves to the house slowly, watching for guards of any sort. As he approaches the house, he sees flickering lights in some windows and darkness in others. No one else is around. He ambles up to the window and peers through it.

He sees through the window a room with doors to the left and right and a hallway leading out of the room opposite the window. Flickering light can be seen down the hall. On the rug in the middle of the room lies a bloody body in a tattered, black robe.

Arncoril moves to the other window on the same side of the wall and peers in seeing another room. The room contains a workbench with several incomplete daggers lying on it and a weapon rack next to it, both on the wall to the right as he looks in. Above the weapon rack is a window and on the floor in front of it is another torn up body. In front of the door on the left wall is a pile of what appears to be some kind of slime.

Arncoril moves around to the window on the north wall of the house and looks in over the weapon rack to have a better look at the body. This vantage point does not reveal anything else of note. He notices another window on this side of the house, higher up on the wall than the others in which he has already looked. He moves over to it and pulls himself up on the windowsill to peer in seeing a landing of a staircase, stairs leading up to his right.

He moves back around the house to the front door and quietly attempts to open it but finds it to be locked. He walks back to the first window he investigated and tries to open it, but it is also locked.

With the next window north, he has better luck and, with a bit of effort, manages to slide it open. The coppery scent of blood and the odor of brimstone fills the air as he sticks his head in through the window. He climbs through into the room with the workbench and creeps over to the body, searching it and finding only a dagger lying next to it. Next, he investigates the pile of slime in front of the door. It appears to be oily and translucent upon closer inspection. His warlock instincts make him consider trying to see if it will burn, but thinks better of it before opening the door into the front room of the house.

He steps into the room, peering around with his elvish vision seeing that down the hall is another pile of slime, another dead body and beyond this a fireplace with a fire still burning well within it. He steps over to the body in front of the front door, only finding another dagger still gripped in one of the corpse's hands.

Arncoril then moves down the hallway to look at the pile of slime on the floor where there are doors on opposite sides of the hall. He steps over it and looks at the body, finding it in the same state as the others he has seen before taking the stairs up to the next floor.

He can see the light of another burning fireplace as he turns to his left on the landing to continue up. Before he reaches the top of the stairs, he sees the forms of two grossly misshapen masses of flesh with human heads and arms. Their faces present an expression of anguish as they turn to regard the intruder.

Arncoril gestures to hex his target and then unleashes an eldritch blast at the closer of the two fiends he recognizes as lemures, the lowest form of devil. The beam of force energy crashes into it and reduces it to a pile of ichor similar to the piles of slime he has found throughout the house. The warlock's health is bolstered by the creature's destruction.

The other lemure slithers over and strikes Arncoril with its deformed fist, which is absorbed by the energy drawn from the other lemure. The two trade dagger strikes and blows from fists before the other lemure is reduced to a pile of ichor.

Unscathed, the warlock investigates the upstairs finding evidence of another dead devil and another dead devil worshipper. He also finds a bag of silver coins in a desk in the room adjoining the one with the fireplace.

Arncoril returns downstairs and investigates the rest of the house, finding one other dead cultist. He also notices that the ichor throughout the house seems to be evaporating. He goes over to the fireplace and finds two candles on the mantle. He lights them by the flames of the fire there and then returns to the nearest dead cultist. He lights the corpses robes, which catch fire with surprising ease. He then repeats this with the first two corpses he found in the house before leaving through the front door.

Outside, he leans the candles against the wall of the wooden siding, so the flames flicker against it to attempt to set the house ablaze from the outside. This immediately becomes apparently unnecessary when there is a great explosion from inside the house, bursting all the windows and forcing the door open. The blast also throws the warlock to the ground and singes him a bit.

Prone, Arncoril begins to crawl away from the house into an alley as a guard runs up to investigate the explosion. Another explosion rocks the house as the roof is blown off, sending roofing tiles raining down. The guard retreats, calling for the fire brigade, never noticing the half-elf slinking away in the opposite direction.

Arncoril rises to his feet once concealed in a nearby alley and then makes his way to The Rogue Spoon, where he spends much of the silver he just found in the house on a bed and as much ale as he feels will get him drunk enough to forget what just happened. The ale only gets him a bit tipsy, but it is enough to have him fall asleep as his head hits the pillow when he finally collapses onto his bed.