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Nonotina 7th, Year One of the Reign of High King Ran

Munkustrap is preparing to leave the Rogue Spoon after an illicit liaison with one of the beautiful girls of the brothel when a disturbance erupts out front. There is a lot of shouting and stones begin to strike the front of the building, one smashing a window.

Munkustrap moves towards the door to investigate when the proprietor, Claricia Roberts, intercepts him.

"Oh, Munk, dear," she says.

"What is all the commotion about?" he asks.

"I may have been a bit less cautious about this place than I should have been," she says.

"Do you need some help clearing off the ruffians?"

"There is quite a crowd out there," she says concerned. "I do not want you to get hurt on our account."

Munkustrap turns away from the front door, intent on making his way out into the back alley since the disguise he uses for these liaisons will be seen through if he leaves through the front.

Claricia follows him to the back door.

"Maybe you can create a diversion without that disguise of yours as I have the clients and the girls sneak away," she suggests.

Munkustrap nods and exits the brothel while Claricia rushes off to usher the clients and girls to safety. Munkustrap makes his way north up the alley, removing his disguise and readying his glaive, as he goes. He sprints around the block until he enters the market square where a crowd has gathered in front of The Rogue Spoon. He approaches the crowd, realizing they are scripture-pounders and gets the attention of one of the zealots.

"What is going on here?"

"Thar be Borgosians in that thar brothel!" says the zealot.

Munkustrap pushes and prods his way to the front of the crowd were a single instigator is proselytizing and banging on the door.

"Why are you attacking this tavern?" asks Munkustrap.

"Tavern?" says the instigator. "This ain't no tavern!"

"Are they doing anything illegal?", asks Munkustrap. "If they are up to no good, you should contact the city watch to investigate."

"Thar be carnal worship going on in there!" hollers the instigator.

The instigator turns to the crowd, "This needs to be stopped!"

"Prostitution is not forbidden in this city," says Munkustrap.

The crowd yells and howls.

"What?" says the instigator. "Are you one of them?"

"He's one of them!" yells someone in the crowd.

"Of course not!" Munkustrap bellows. "But it is still not against the law. Back off and let me investigate this!"

"Investigate?" says the instigator. "You're the law?"

"I am a knight of this city," claims the paladin. "I will bring in the city watch and together we will get to the bottom of this."

The crowd boos.

"Knight?" questions another of the zealots. "What family?"

"The von Rumm family."

"Oh," says the instigator. "My apologies, good sir."

"Most sorry, sir," says the zealot.

"Not much harm done," says the paladin. "Just a few broken windows. But, please disperse before things get violent."

"They can fix them," shouts a zealot. "They brought this upon themselves.

The crowd cheers.

The instigator turns to the crowd.

"This fine knight of the von Rumm family will handle it from here. Back to the markets with you all!"

The crowd begins to disperse.

"Thank you, fine sir," Munkustrap says to the instigator.

As the crowd leaves the area two watchmen approach.

"Hoy!" shouts one of the watchmen.


"Thanks for that, Master von Rumm," the watchman says.

Munkustrap turns to the door and tries the handle. It is locked.

"I am guessing they locked the place up," says the watchman.

"The crowd was getting out of hand," says the paladin. "Was all I could do to keep them from tearing the building down."

"Open up!" yells the watchman while knocking on the door. "It is the Watch!"

A bolt is thrown from the inside and the voice of Claricia can be heard from behind the door.

"It is open. Come on in!"

The watchman opens the door and enters. Munkustrap follows.

"Oh, good," says a flustered Claricia.

The watchman searches around a bit.

"Just a bit of broken glass," says the proprietor.

"I managed to stop the crowd," says the paladin. "But you will have to be careful about attracting so much attention."

"The cost of doing business," says Claricia.

"The only attitude you can have in your line of business," says the watchmen. "Glad no one was hurt."

The watchman nods and exits the brothel.

"Thank you so much for that," says the madame to Munkustrap.

"Was anyone hurt?" asks the paladin after the watchman has left.

"No," she says. "Just a bit shook up."

"You may want to consider hiring a guard," says Munkustrap. "Or, relocating."

"I have you," she says with a coy smile and snuggles up to the paladin.

"Yes, but it is not easy for me to keep sneaking over here," he says. "Sooner or later, people will catch on."

"I suppose you are right," she says.

"My family's reputation..." says von Rumm. "It could be ruined."

"We cannot have that," she says sarcastically.

Munkustrap laughs.

Besides," she continues with a wink. "You have earned some free time."

"Thanks, but it will have to be another time, unfortunately," he says. "People are already suspicious. I will need to come up with a better disguise."

"You will."

Munkustraps holds out a gold coin to Claricia, "For your troubles."

"Keep it," she says. "I have plenty."

"Very well," he says while stepping towards the door. "I must be off. Sorry, indeed, that we were so rudely interrupted."

"Not the first time," she says. "Will not be the last. Do not be a stranger."

"I will be back," he says with a smile. "Just not soon, I am afraid."

Claricia pouts.

"Do not look so glum," he says looking back. "You have plenty of customers."

She smirks.

Munkustrap walks through the door and closes it behind him. Looking around the area, he sees the watchmen waiting for him. He approaches them.

"So," says the watchman. "You found no contraband, I take it."

"None to be found," says Munkustrap.

"As usual," says the watchman. "They are legit."

"Thank you for your time, good sirs," says the paladin.

"No," they say. "Thank you, sir.

"You are very welcome."

The watchmen wander off towards the market and Munkustrap heads home.