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Propyltina 21st, Year Two of the Reign of High King Ran

Perri has completed her rest earlier than the others, as elves usually do, and finds she has the capacity to prepare two more spells.
Dulgulachared: I think we have company.
Perri Elastime (whispering): Something's coming.
Fennimore (whispering): Friend or foe?
Dulguachared's proclamation immediately awakens the others.
Enialis: Theirastra? Did you survive?
Perri Elastime (whispering): Dangerous.
The ghost you previously defeated appears opposite Perri at the fire pit.
Perri Elastime: Is it talk or fight your desire?
Enialis: Have we not done enough fighting, Theirastra?
Fennimore looks around for somewhere to hide.
Perri Elastime: I am Perri.
Rael Octavius crawls to the end of the tent to have a look.
Fennimore wonders whether we should play along with the ghost's delusion.
Enialis looks confused.
Perri Elastime: What is it you need?
Enialis: You have your orb, Theirastra. It must be you.
Perri Elastime: I do hold the orb.
Perri Elastime: Again, I ask, what do you need?
Enialis: Then you must be Theirastra, my love.
Perri Elastime: Perhaps Theirastra reborn.
Enialis: Look upon me and despair!
Enialis leaps onto Perri.
The ghost tries to possess Perri, but she resists.
Ingimarr rushes forward and attacks the ghost with his battleaxe.
Rael Octavius moves to the side and launches a radiant bolt at the ghost.
Fennimore fires an arrow at the ghost before trying to hide in behind the tent.
The ghost's eyes follow Fennimore.
The arrow hits.
Fennimore shakes off the fear.
Fennimore: Don't you dare try to hurt my friends again.
Perri Elastime begins a bladesong and attacks with Dulguachared.
Perri strikes the ghost with her blade.
Colborn backs away and throws a spear at the ghost.
Colborn also shakes off the fright.
Enialis reaches out to grab Perri.
The ghost misses.
Enialis sinks into the ground and disappears but appears several feet away.
Fennimore: Where'd he go?
Ingimarr moves around the ghost again and strikes.
The blade fans through the ghost, having no effect.
Perri Elastime feels the orb throbbing, trying to release its divine energy.
Rael Octavius moves to a new vantage point and launches a bolt of fire at the ghost.
The arc of fire misses the ghost.
Fennimore studies the ghost, moves up, stabs it, and then backs away again.
The ghost of Enialis discorporates again.
Perri Elastime: I wonder if it is gone for good?
Fennimore: I doubt it.
Rael Octavius: Somehow, I doubt it.
Fennimore: We need to find a priest who can lay it to rest.
Rael Octavius: He has unfinished business.
Perri Elastime: The orb was powering up.
Fennimore: He's probably fixated on your orb and is going to pursue us until he gets his ethereal hands on it.
Rael Octavius: Until we can figure out what that is, he will continue to return.
Rael Octavius: The orb was doing what?
Fennimore: Maybe I shouldn't be so quick to kill him next time?
Perri Elastime: It wanted to release energy.
Rael Octavius: What kind of energy? You attuned to the orb. What does it do?
Perri Elastime: It was throbbing with divine energy, I think, to turn undead.
Rael Octavius: Oh.
Rael Octavius: An artifact this powerful ought to be able to destroy a ghost utterly.
Fennimore: Or maybe we keep sparring with him as long as he only comes back once a day. He doesn't seem that tough.
Perri Elastime: We will have to see. My first thought was to smack him.
Rael Octavius: As it would be.
Rael Octavius: We should try and vanquish him where he is not going to cause a problem with Bjorg's people.
Ingimarr: We would appreciate that.
Perri Elastime: Where do ghosts go when you make them poof?
Rael Octavius: Into the ethereal plane.
Fennimore: So wait here until he reappears, or lead him on a wild goose chase? I like here. It seems fairly defensible, but I forgot to harvest turnips when we were down by the crater.
Fennimore: Colburn or Ingimarr, I don't suppose either of you remembered to find some in the commotion?
Colborn: I collected a bunch on the way back.
Fennimore: You're a saint!
Colborn smiles.
Perri Elastime: At least one of us was thinking with our stomach.
Perri Elastime: Strange, it wasn't me. The shiny ball had my attention.
Rael Octavius: There are still a few hours that we should rest while we can.
Perri Elastime: I'll keep an eye out for the return.
Fennimore stretches.
Rael Octavius: Good.
Rael Octavius crawls back into the tent.
Fennimore: Fighting makes me hungry, but it's hard to turn down more rest. Wake us if there's trouble or you need a break.
Perri Elastime: I will.
Perri Elastime decides to put some turnips near the fire to roast.
Fennimore joins Rael in the tent.
Perri Elastime turns the turnips occasionally, pretending she knows how to cook.
The rest of the group finishes their rest without incident.
Fennimore: I smell breakfast cooking! Nice job, Perri.
Perri Elastime: Good morning.
Fennimore warms his furry toes by the fire.
Rael Octavius: No sign of Enialis again yet?
Perri Elastime: You have to brush the ashes off. It kind of peels the skin, but they are pretty good.
Perri Elastime: No hauntings yet.
Fennimore: I wonder when ol' scary face will visit us next?
Rael Octavius: I guess we hang around here until Dulguachared calls again.
Fennimore: At least we have food and water while we're waiting.
Perri Elastime: Food is always good.
Rael Octavius: Especially camping.
Perri Elastime: Somehow, I'm hungrier out here than at home.
Fennimore: I didn't think that was possible.
A few more hours pass.
Dulgulachared: He is back!
Perri Elastime: Look at me. Doesn't it look like I could use a few good meals?
Perri Elastime: He is back. Get ready.
Fennimore: You're positively wasting away out here in the wilderness.
Perri Elastime feels the orb throbbing again.
Fennimore (to Enalius): Hi, I'm Fennimore. We really need to stop meeting like this.
Perri Elastime: By the power of this shiny glass bauble, I command you to turn!
A great wave of radiant energy blasts forth from the orb. When your vision clears, there is no sign of Enialis.
Fennimore: Wow, that was impressive.
Perri Elastime: Wow, is that how it works for you, Rael?
Perri Elastime: I wonder if he's gone or just scattered again.
Rael Octavius: I will never be that powerful. I can keep undead at bay but not annihilate them like that.
Fennimore: Do you think he's gone for good now, or should we wait around to see if he returns yet again.
Rael Octavius: No idea.
Perri Elastime: I think he will follow the orb, so if he comes back, he will come to us wherever we are.
Rael Octavius: He returned fairly quickly the previous times.
Rael Octavius: I imagine if he is coming back, it will be within the next day.
Fennimore: Maybe give him until morning then? I could use a day practicing the skills Sark taught me.
Perri Elastime: We can wait around for another day, but Fenn is a much better cook than I.
Perri Elastime: What skills are those, Fenn?
Fennimore: Tell you what. I'll teach you to roast the turnips if we take a few turns sparring while I'm blindfolded.
Rael Octavius: Let give it a day. I could spend some time as well.
Fennimore: Sark is teaching me how to judge my opponents better.
Rael Octavius: Are you sure you want to try that, Fenn. Perri has been getting pretty good at tagging the High King.
Perri Elastime: I won't use a sword, but a big stick would work.
Fennimore: All the better. Sark is no slouch, but I need better opponents if I'm going to improve my techniques.
Rael Octavius: I am no combatant, so I will leave it to Perri.
Perri Elastime: I'll practice moving at the same time.
Perri Elastime puts ashes on the stick.
Fennimore grabs a stick and likewise rubs some ashes on the tip of it.
Perri Elastime: Let's move a bit from the fire. I don't want to wreck second breakfast.
Fennimore: Good idea.
Fennimore backs away from the fire, waving his stick to get a feel for it.
Perri Elastime checks the balance of her stick.
Fennimore ties a bandanna around his eyes to blind his vision, then listens closely for Perri's approach.
Perri Elastime takes a thrust at Fennimore.
Perri tags Fennimore right away.
Perri then ducks away.
Fennimore isn't sure where Perri went.
Fennimore gets lucky and moves towards her anyway.
Fennimore takes a swipe at his best guess for her location.
Fennimore thrusts his stick in the air towards the tent.
Fennimore: I want to stay in close quarters.
Perri Elastime tumbles to the ground and swipes at Fenn's legs, trying to trip him up.
Fennimore listens to Perri rolling around.
Fennimore feels movement behind him.
Perri's maneuver fails to bring Fennimore off of his feet as she misses him.
Perri Elastime pops to her feet and disengages again.
Fennimore flails around wildly.
Fennimore moves and flails at the air as Perri is several feet away.
Perri Elastime comes in to swipe at Fenn once more, then retreats.
Perri tags Fennimore again.
Fennimore moves back the other way.
This time Fennimore tags Perri.
Perri immediately returns the favor and ducks away.
Fennimore just can't seem to track down the elf.
Fennimore moves and bumps into Colborn.
Fennimore: You don't feel like Perri.
Perri stumbles on the uneven ground in this part of the overhang and misses.
The stumble helps Fennimore find the elf.
Fennimore stabs in the right direction but misses, barely.
Perri tags Fennimore a fourth time.
Perri Elastime then tries to misty step away, practicing her own new feat.
Perri vanishes and appears over by Ingimarr.
Fennimore catches Ingimarr's quick inhale and heads in that direction.
Perri Elastime: Ouch!
Fennimore tags Perri twice.
Fennimore: Sorry.
However, Perri immediately tags Fennimore back and scoots away.
Fennimore continues in the same direction and brushes Ingimarr this time.
Fennimore: You're still not Perri.
Perri Elastime pokes at Fenn again.
Fennimore dodges at the last moment and avoids the poke.
Perri moves to the trail leading into the overhang.
Fennimore keeps moving in the same direction and feels Perri nearby.
Fennimore tags Perri.
Fennimore takes off his blindfold and bows to Perri.
Fennimore: I surrender, m'lady. You have bested me.
Perri Elastime: Wow, you are getting pretty good at that.
Fennimore: Sark will still be disappointed.
Perri Elastime: But you missed it. I finally managed to fae step away.
Perri Elastime: You were following me all over the clearing.
Fennimore: What? And, I couldn't see it? I am truly disappointed.
Perri Elastime: Why your instincts are good.
Fennimore: Sark the Blind is a good trainer. I wish we were back in the city so that I could spend more time with him.
Perri Elastime: I'll practice with you every day. Trust your feelings; you will get it.
Fennimore: He says much the same.
After the sparring and waiting the day for Enialis to return, the ghost does not make an appearance.
Rael Octavius: I think the artifact may have actually destroyed Enialis.
Fennimore: So, where do we go next?
Perri Elastime: To the ice fields?
Fennimore: Back to Bjorg?
Rael Octavius: Maybe back to Bjorg's camp and resupply before heading into the mountains.
Perri Elastime: What do we need?
Fennimore: I wonder if he has an armorer?
Rael Octavius: More food.
Perri Elastime: Colborn and Ingemar have been hunting.
Fennimore (asking them): Is there game in the mountains to hunt?
Ingimarr: There is a pass into the mountains near the camp. We can hunt on the way back as long as we do not have to avoid the white dragon again.
Perri Elastime: I don't want to encounter the dragon.
Fennimore: Me either. It would be good to warn the chieftain about it too.
Fennimore: That dragon could wreak havoc on their encampment.
Rael Octavius: We could head up to Realm's Wound. It is closer than Bjorg's camp.
Perri Elastime: Warning the chieftain seems sound.
Fennimore (to the barbarians again): Do your people know of the dragon?
Ingimarr: Yes. There are watches on the mountain at all times.
Fennimore: Maybe Realm's Wound is a good idea then.
Fennimore: Real, wasn't your mother heading that way?
Rael Octavius: We can head north until we come to the river gorge, then follow it up the mountain.
Perri Elastime: Let's do it.


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Ethyltina 19th, Year Two of the Reign of High King Ran

Lady Panglia stays in the castle for three days recovering and conferring with High King Ran. However, throughout the third day, she is increasingly agitated and regularly mentions that she must be getting back to The Feywild.
You have joined Lady Panglia in her chamber as she packs her gear.
Lady Panglia of Shropeshire: I hope I have not stayed too long here. It is difficult to tell the passage of time when the light is constant.
Perri Elastime: I am delighted you are here.
Lady Panglia of Shropeshire: It is good to see you again.
Fennimore: Before you go, I have a question I've been yearning to ask. Are there any halflings in your homeland? Shropeshire sounds like a right proper halfling village.
Lady Panglia of Shropeshire: We have many little folks, including halflings.
Fennimore: Oh, that sounds wonderful, except this war sounds like a nasty business. My kin tends not to like to wage war. I do hope your visit with the King helps you to a rapid victory.
Lady Panglia of Shropeshire dons her harness and equips her weapons as you converse.
Lady Panglia of Shropeshire: Some of our little folk are mighty warriors in their own right, but most are the ones that keep the rest of us going.
Perri Elastime: War is terrible, but being overrun by Winter would be worse.
Lady Panglia of Shropeshire: Winter is encroaching but has not overrun us yet.
Fennimore: No matter how bad the winter, the thaw always follows, and a new summer grows anew from the once-frozen ground.
Fennimore: I hope we can meet again when your winter has broken.
Lady Panglia of Shropeshire: I hope so, as well. My time is done here, for now. I have only been gone from The Feywild for only a few minutes, but this may have been long enough for Winter to seek me out in this plane.
Perri Elastime: I'll visit when I can, Lady. But work must be done first.
Fennimore looks alarmed.
Lady Panglia of Shropeshire smiles.
Lady Panglia of Shropeshire: Then, I take my leave. Stay vigilant and keep each other safe.
Perri Elastime: We have managed to so far.
Fennimore: Safe travels.
Lady Panglia of Shropeshire [Elvish]: Fare thee well.
Lady Panglia of Shropeshire fades as a shroud of flames obscures her, and then she is gone.
Perri Elastime [Elvish]: I hold you in my heart until we meet again.
Fennimore is as mystified by her magical exit.
Perri Elastime smiles.
No sooner than the Summer Knight has vanished than you all hear the whipping of a vicious wind outside.
Rael Octavius looks into the room.
Perri Elastime: She always loves a dramatic exit.
Rael Octavius: The doors are rattling along the hall because the wind is so strong.
Fennimore: The Lady Panglia just returned to her home. She was worried about drawing Winter's attention to us.
Perri Elastime: Lady Panglia mentioned that she might be followed.
The door halfway down the long hallway begins to creak and groan before shattering into the hallway.
Perri Elastime heads into the hallway.
Fennimore: It sounds like we have visitors.
Fennimore hides.
Perri Elastime beholds a terrifying sight as a winter eladrin appears in the hallway.
Perri Elastime knows that a terrible blast of cold is going to flow down the hallway when it sees they are there.
Perri Elastime pulls Rael around the corner.
Perri Elastime realizes that it has not seen them yet, but it will blast cold down the hall when it does.
Perri Elastime casts an illusion of the hallway as a dead end.
Winter Eladrin [Elvish]: So, where is that bitch?
Perri Elastime begins a bladesong.
Winter Eladrin looks down the hall towards the Lady's chambers.
Rael Octavius (whispering): Should we be retributive and strike first?
Perri Elastime -> Rael Octavius: She will blast us with cold as soon as she sees us.
Perri Elastime -> Rael Octavius: Hit hard first.
Rael Octavius -> Perri Elastime: Then I hit her with fire first.
Rael Octavius ducks to the corner and launches three rays of fire down the hall at the eladrin.
One of the three rays strikes the eladrin.
Rael Octavius ducks back around the corner.
Rael Octavius (whispering under his breath): Damn.
Fennimore listens to the beginnings of a scuffle outside and peeks through the doorway to see what's happening.
Perri Elastime -> Fennimore: Attack hard but stay to cover. She will blast us with cold. I cast an illusion of a wall.
Fennimore -> Perri Elastime: Attack what? All I can see is this wall that wasn't there a minute ago.
Fennimore moves out into the hallway and hides again.
Perri Elastime -> Fennimore: Oops, sorry.
Fennimore can see through the illusion and the eladrin down the hall.
Fennimore fires an arrow down the hall at the eladrin and hits.
Perri Elastime quietly celebrates.
Having been struck twice by fire and arrow from down the hallway, the eladrin unleashes a blast of cold that rushes down the hall.
Perri reacts to absorbs some of the cold-blast. While Rael and Fennimore avoid a lot of the blast, it still causes Fennimore to fall unconscious due to the shock to his system.
Fennimore: Augh!
Winter Eladrin walks up to the illusionary wall.
Perri viciously stabs the eladrin with her rapier before flipping over it to block attempted withdrawal.
Winter Eladrin [Elvish]: Argh!
Rael Octavius rushes over to Fennimore to get him back on his feet.
Fennimore: Oh, that was more frigid than any of our dark days.
Rael Octavius: Get up, Fenn. We have a battle to fight.
Fennimore stands up.
Fennimore skewers the eladrin.
Winter Eladrin [Elvish]: Aha! A challenger!
Winter Eladrin swings its sword at Perri and misses.
Perri's strike misses this time.
Fennimore: Where are the castle guards when you need them?
Perri Elastime: Hit her, Fenn!
Fennimore: What do you think I'm trying to do? I'm not cooking fondue over here.
Perri Elastime: Too bad, I like cheese.
Rael Octavius steps up behind Fennimore and creates an emboldening bond between Fennimore and Perri.
Rael Octavius then quickens a guiding bolt, which strikes the eladrin.
Rael Octavius: Now you should be able to him, Fenn.
Fennimore thrusts his rapier between the folds in its armor.
Fennimore thinks insightful fighting might be worth fixing on this opponent.
Winter Eladrin strikes at the bladesinger again.
Perri's arcane shield blocks the blow.
Winter Eladrin [Elvish]: Damn you!
Winter Eladrin vanishes and appears down the hall.
Perri Elastime [Elvish]: Eat snot, lizard lips.
Perri drops her physical weapon and produces a shadow blade. She then runs after the eladrin and uses the wall to get on the other side again.
Fennimore: I'm coming.
Perri's swipe at the eladrin with the shadow blade misses.
Rael Octavius launches another guiding bolt at the eladrin.
Perri Elastime: You little wuus faced slush weasel!
Fennimore rushes up and stabs the eladrin again.
Fennimore: You think you can bamf away?
Winter Eladrin strikes at Perri again.
The eladrin's attack misses.
Perri's attack with the shadow blade finds its mark.
Perri Elastime [Elvish]: You little snowflake goblin, I curse you.
Rael Octavius moves up to Fennimore and launches another guiding bolt at the eladrin.
Fennimore strikes the eladrin again.
Winter Eladrin turns and pushes his arms out toward Fennimore and Rael, and a gust of wind assails them.
Fennimore and Rael get pushed down the hallway by the wind.
Perri Elastime [Elvish]: You witless, gassy, toenail clipping, die already.
Perri's furious attack misses.
Rael Octavius tries to hold his ground and launches a more powerful guiding bolt this time.
This time Rael misses his target.
Fennimore struggles forward against the wind to get within striking distance again.
The gust of wind slides Fennimore back down the hall.
Winter Eladrin turns the gust of wind against Perri.
Perri slides down the hall.
Winter Eladrin dashes out the door.
Perri goes through the door she slid down to and stabs the eladrin in the heart, finding it ducking in a corner.
The eladrin slumps down in the corner and begins to melt away.
Perri Elastime: Take that, you slimeball puddler!
Fennimore dashes out the nearest door to help Perri.
Perri Elastime: We killed her.
Fennimore: That was close.
Rael Octavius: That was a close one. We could have all been frozen before we ever had a chance.
Perri Elastime: That cold blast is fierce.
Fennimore: If we ever make a trip to the Feywild, remind me to take my winter coat.
Perri Elastime: We need to get you healed up.
Fennimore: I think we all could stand a visit to the healers.
Rael Octavius: We all need healing.
Perri Elastime: Yes.
Fennimore uses his rapier to poke around in the eladrin's puddle. Looking for anything shiny.
Castle guards begin to approach up the spiral staircases.
Perri Elastime: You find any treasure, Fenn?
Fennimore finds some gold and silver coins.
Fennimore: A few coins
Fennimore: Mostly silver, a bit of gold.
Perri Elastime: I guess we should get the holes patched up.
Fennimore: You can say that again.
Perri Elastime leaves the balcony to pick up her rapier.
Castle Guard: Are you alright?
Fennimore fetches his bow and looks for the one arrow he landed in the winter elf.
Fennimore: Been better, but we'll make it. Looked dicey there for a minute.
Fennimore: Coulda used your help.
Castle Guard: What happened?
Rael Octavius: The Winter Court happened.
Fennimore: An early winter's chill.
Castle Guard: That explains the hail storm.
Perri Elastime: How did she get in here?
Rael Octavius: Probably the same way the quicklings did. They just appeared.
Fennimore: Did any others get in? I thought the castle had wards against that kind of thing?
Perri Elastime: I guess my Lady just appeared also.
Castle Guard: I thought so too, but maybe the wards only work for some of the Fey. You will have to take that up with the Archmage or the High King.
Castle Guard: Head on down to the infirmary and get yourselves patched up.
Rael Octavius nods.
Perri Elastime: I hope that wretch is not there.
Rael Octavius: Wretch? What wretch?
Perri Elastime: The one who would not tell me where my mother's rooms were.
Rael Octavius: She probably did not know.
Fennimore: Your mother?
Perri Elastime: She didn't want me there. She said my Lady was not to be disturbed.
Perri Elastime: Adopted.
Rael Octavius: She was pretty badly wounded.
Perri Elastime: As if I would disturb her. Really!
Perri Elastime: That Wretch is lucky I didn't want to take the time to beat the snot out of her.
Rael Octavius: It has been an emotional few days. Let us get patched up and go to The Stag.
Perri Elastime: Rael, Fenn, it was years before I was okay enough to be left alone.
Fennimore looks concerned.
Rael Octavius: I can not even imagine, but we have your back.
Perri Elastime: I know.
Fennimore: You can tell us all you care to over a few ales at The Stag.
Perri Elastime: Fenn, don't worry. Let's plug the holes first. I don't want the ale leaking out.
Fennimore laughs.
Fennimore: Don't want to waste good ale.
Perri Elastime walks to the infirmary.
Fennimore looks to Rael, then follows after Perri with a sigh.
Rael casts a few heal spells along the way, so the healers don't have much to do by the time they arrive at the infirmary.


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Ethyltina 17th, Year Two of the Reign of High King Ran

Fennimore and Perri are relaxing a few days later at The Fiery Stag after another day of training. Rael has not shown up yet, but this happens sometimes.
Fennimore: Any idea where we can get enchanted weapons? I have to say, this idea of traveling has me a little on edge.
Fennimore: I know you are supposed to be an ambassador or something, but from what little I've learned of the Fae realm, it's no place to be caught out unexpectedly.
Perri Elastime: We could try and steal one from the temple. That's the only one I know about.
Perri Elastime: I suppose we could just ask them, but then they could say no.
Fennimore: Stealing it sounds about as dangerous as the trip.
Fennimore: I wonder if the King has any he would 'lend' us.
Perri Elastime: It is probably not a good look on an ambassador.
Perri Elastime: We can ask the King. I'd like some healing potions too.
Fennimore: Snorri was an ambassador, and he looked like he could smash a few heads with his bare fists.
Fennimore: Potions are a good idea too.
Perri Elastime: He did have that flair about him.
Rael Octavius finally arrives at The Stag, looking a bit down.
Fennimore: Hey, Rael, what's the matter?
Rael Octavius: I just heard that someone in The Iris was killed.
Perri Elastime: Who died?
Fennimore: Oh my.
Fennimore: Um, it wasn't the bard, was it?
Rael Octavius: Dar Kalla was his name.
Perri Elastime: I'm sorry, Rael. Was he a friend of yours?
Rael Octavius: He was taken to the Temple of The Billiken, but I have not heard any other news.
Rael Octavius: I had not met him.
Perri Elastime: A pint in his honor then?
Fennimore: Aye, let us toast Dar Kalla.
Rael Octavius: To Dar Kalla!
Perri Elastime: To Dar Kalla!
Perri Elastime sips her mead.
Fennimore drains his mug.
Fennimore: This is an inauspicious start to our journey.
Rael Octavius perks up.
Perri Elastime: It does put a damper on things.
Rael Octavius: Speaking of which, there was a visitor in court today from The Feywild.
Fennimore: I was just asking Perri if we shouldn't try to fortify ourselves before we leave? A visitor?
Perri Elastime: Really? Who?
Perri Elastime looks a bit nervous.
Rael Octavius: She was announced as the Summer Knight...Lady Panglia of Shropeshire?
Fennimore: Shropeshire? Sounds like a proper halfling village.
Perri Elastime (brightening): Lady Panglia! Oh, is she still here?
Fennimore: You know her?
Rael Octavius: She is staying in the castle.
Perri Elastime: Yes! She is one of the good ones. She rescued me when I was lost.
Perri Elastime: Without her kindness, I would probably be mad by now.
Fennimore: Oh, your savior. That is good news.
Fennimore: Well, what are we waiting for. Let's visit her.
Perri Elastime: I wonder why she is here?
Perri Elastime: Perry drains her mug.
Perri Elastime: Rael, you really know how to save the best for last.
Rael Octavius: She arrived rather suddenly in the middle of the floor in the court, wounded but still quite puissant.
Perri Elastime (eyes wide): She is hurt?!
Perri Elastime: Come on!
Perri Elastime throws some gold on the table.
Fennimore jumps from his chair to hustle after Perri into the castle.
Perri Elastime stands and sprints to the door.
Rael Octavius: She made no indication of it, but she was obviously bloodied. She followed our protocols as if she had walked through the front door.
Perri Elastime: Rael, talk while running.
Rael Octavius: It was alarming and magnificent at the same time.
Perri Elastime starts to run towards the castle.
Fennimore: Come along, man, don't just stand there yapping.
Rael Octavius: She is being attended to, but alright. I'm following.
Rael Octavius quickly downs a pint and follows.
The trio makes their way toward the castle, Perri far out in front of the trailing Fennimore and Rael.
Perri Elastime races past the gate guards, who are surprised by the speed at which she passes.
Perri Elastime heads to the infirmary.
Fennimore sees that the gate guards have left their posts and are following Perri.
Fennimore looks around at the gates as the eighty-pound halfling comes barrelling into the castle.
Fennimore: Rael, shouldn't someone be guarding the gates?
Rael Octavius jogs on, slowly losing ground.
Rael Octavius: They are probably wondering where the fire is.
Fennimore pauses to catch his breath.
Fennimore: Shouldn't we close the gates or get more guards or something?
Perri Elastime arrives at the infirmary, but there is no sign of Lady Panglia within.
Fennimore: I don't like leaving the castle unguarded. We've had too many incursions in the past few months.
Perri Elastime (gasping): Lady Panglia. Where is she?
Nurse: She has retired to her quarters, but how do you know?
Perri Elastime (impatiently): Which rooms?
Rael Octavius: I can wait here until they return.
Nurse: She is not to be disturbed.
Fennimore: I'll try to catch up and send back whoever I find.
Perri Elastime: I won't disturb her!
Nurse: Precisely.
Fennimore resumes his rotund dash towards the infirmary, watching for guards along the way.
A guard begins returning to his post, realizing who dashed by.
Perri Elastime: Ahh! you're useless!
Fennimore: Guard, get back to your post. Only Rael is guarding the gates.
The guard: Ah, Master Fennimore, what is up with The Bladesinger?
Fennimore: No time to talk. She searches for an injured friend, newly arrived from The Feywild.
Guard: The Summer Knight?
Perri Elastime: Twiddle twaddle heamel jarglul!
Fennimore pauses his dash again.
Perri Elastime rushes off.
Fennimore (pantingly): Yes, do you know where the Knight is?
The guard: The infirmary, the last I heard.
Fennimore: I believe that's where Perri was headed as well.
Perri Elastime sniffs for whiffs of Fey.
Fennimore: Now, back to your post. No good leaving it unattended like that. Anybody could wander in.
Perri Elastime wanders the castle's halls, searching for Lady Panglia, but is not finding any clues.
The guard nods and returns to his post.
Perri Elastime checks the rooms near hers.
Fennimore catches his breath and resumes trundling towards the infirmary, hoping he can catch up to Perri.
Fennimore arrives at the infirmary to only find a perturbed nurse.
Fennimore looks around, surprised not to see Perri.
The guard relieves Rael.
Nurse: Are you looking for an elf too?
Fennimore: Two of them, actually.
Fennimore: Then you've seen Lady Perri and the Knight of the Summer Court?
Perri Elastime stops a random person.
Nurse: Lady Elastime went storming out of here looking for The Summer Knight.
Fennimore looks about, a bit lost.
Perri Elastime: Where is Lady Panglia?
Fennimore: Do you know which way she went?
Servant: What can I do for you, Lady Elastime?
Perri Elastime: Where are Lady Panglia's rooms.
Nurse (pointing): That way.
Fennimore: Thank you.
Servant: Oh, my. I am not sure.
Fennimore follows the nurse's direction, a little slower now as he searches the castle's halls for Lady Perri and the Summer Knight.
Perri Elastime raises an eyebrow.
Rael Octavius heads toward Lady Panglia's chambers, shaking his head at the franticness.
Fennimore looks for clues as to Perri's or the Summer Knight's passage.
Fennimore manages to pick up Perri's trail.
Rael Octavius walks past Fennimore as he searches.
Perri Elastime: It would have been prepped for her while she was at the infirmary.
Rael Octavius: Coming?
Fennimore: Perri went this way. Where are you going?
Perri Elastime: Rael, where is she?
Rael Octavius: I know where her chambers are.
Rael Octavius: You ran off in such a tizzy.
Perri Elastime: I'm about ready to start hitting people.
Rael Octavius: Relax. Follow me.
Perri Elastime: You obviously don't understand.
Rael Octavius leads the way up a spiral staircase to the second floor and down the hall to an open door.
Fennimore: Care to enlighten us?
Perri Elastime follows, wanting to rush.
As you approach the door, you hear High King Ran speaking in Elvish.
High King Ran [Elvish]: So, the Courts are a war? You need to return as soon as possible.
Lady Panglia of Shropeshire [Elvish]: Yes, and I must.
Perri Elastime rushes in.
Perri Elastime [Elvish]: My Lady!
High King Ran stands just inside the doorway, and Lady Panglia sits in a chair at a vanity.
Lady Panglia of Shropeshire [Elvish] (smiling): Perri, my child.
Perri Elastime: Kneels at Lady Panglia's side, putting an arm around her.
High King Ran steps aside, out of the way of the door.
Perri Elastime [Elvish]: You've been injured.
Fennimore takes up a position outside the doorway and leans against the wall listening to the beautiful elven voices, though he doesn't understand a word of it.
Perri Elastime [Elvish]: What is happening?
High King Ran: Take some food and some rest, Lady Panglia. We will speak in a few hours.
Lady Panglia of Shropeshire nods.
Lady Panglia of Shropeshire: Thank you, Your Majesty.
High King Ran departs.
Fennimore bows to the King as he passes.
Perri Elastime looks closely for signs of injury.
Lady Panglia of Shropeshire [Elvish]: War has erupted in The Feywild, and its reflection is being cast onto this world.
Rael Octavius: War?
Perri Elastime [Elvish]: Lady, how can I assist you?
Fennimore startles at Rael's exclamation.
Lady Panglia of Shropeshire: Yes. Winter and Summer now clash.
Perri Elastime turns pale.
Rael Octavius: But here too?
Perri Elastime [Elvish]: Rael, Fenn come in
Lady Panglia of Shropeshire: Unfortunately, you will all be embroiled in conflict here, as well.
Fennimore tries to follow the conversation as it switches between Elvish and Almebezbik.
Perri Elastime: Fenn, come in.
Rael Octavius enters the room.
Fennimore follows Rael.
Perri Elastime: My Lady, this is Rael Octavius and Fennimore, very good friends of mine. This is Lady Panglia of Shropeshire, my savior.
Fennimore: Lady Panglia of Shropeshire, I am at your service.
Lady Panglia of Shropeshire smiles and nods.
Perri Elastime: I have adopted these two as brothers.
Lady Panglia of Shropeshire: I have met Rael in court. I am pleased to meet you, Fennimore.
Fennimore smiles and bows to the Summer Knight.
Fennimore: M'Lady Elastime has told us many tales of your heroism in rescuing her from the Winter Court.
Perri Elastime: I guess that makes them your children once removed.
Lady Panglia of Shropeshire: She has?
Perri Elastime: A little.
Lady Panglia of Shropeshire: You know then of her secret?
Fennimore: If she has a secret, she has done a good job of hiding it because there are few secrets among the three of us.
Perri Elastime: They are my brothers. We help and protect as a family.
Rael Octavius: Her secret being her...scars?
Perri Elastime: But you say war. That bodes ill for so many folks.
Lady Panglia of Shropeshire: Many have already died The Wild.
Perri Elastime looks troubled.
Perri Elastime: What is the Winter Courts objective?
Lady Panglia of Shropeshire: I understand there are other perils besides this impending war.
Fennimore: If war comes here, many more will die. "The City" is teeming with civilians. People who have seen too many winters or too few to bear arms. People like my Ma who wouldn't hurt a bumblebee, even if it were about to sting her.
Lady Panglia of Shropeshire: The Winter Queen seeks to extend her power yet again.
Perri Elastime: As if all of Fae should be covered with ice and snow.
Lady Panglia of Shropeshire: A cruel queen of your own moves against Ran's realm.
Fennimore: We met a man from the Southern plains. He told us the climate is changing, and dragons are roaming widely, searching for new homes.
Lady Panglia of Shropeshire: King Ran mentioned this. You were about to embark on a quest in regards to one of these perils, I believe.
Rael Octavius: Yes, and The Feywild being one of our destinations.
Lady Panglia of Shropeshire: Traveling there now would be unwise.
Perri Elastime: We were going to travel to Between. Maybe entice monsoons, obtain a few seeds to help here.
Perri Elastime: Do you know more of this queen you mentioned?
Lady Panglia of Shropeshire: The monsoons are out of control now.
Lady Panglia of Shropeshire: She is a dark queen, not unlike our lost Lolth.
Perri Elastime (eyes brimming with tears): And you are going back to fight.
Lady Panglia of Shropeshire: Their pleasant appearances are quite similar, in fact.
Lady Panglia of Shropeshire: I must return and rejoin the fight, child. King Ran has received my omen, and he will need all the help he can get.
Perri Elastime: Please rest a while; get strong first.
Fennimore: Our mission was to help shore up the Southern Plains by bringing back help from the Feywild. If your land falls to the Winter Court, our mission fails before it even begins.
Lady Panglia of Shropeshire: You have other options regarding your climate predicament. Pursue them first. King Ran will guide you.
Perri Elastime stands and kisses Lady Perglia's cheeks.
Perri Elastime (whispers): Always a hero.
Lady Panglia of Shropeshire: I will be here for another of your days or so. Time passes very slowly here.
Perri Elastime: Then, I will see you later.
Fennimore bows to the Summer Knight.
Rael Octavius bows.
Fennimore: I cannot thank you enough for rescuing M'Lady.
Lady Panglia of Shropeshire smiles.
Lady Panglia of Shropeshire: I will rest now.
Lady Panglia of Shropeshire [Elvish]: Until we meet again.
Fennimore tiptoes to the door.
Perri Elastime [Elvish]: I hold you in my heart.
Rael Octavius exits the room.
Perri Elastime walks out quietly.
The door slowly closes as the trio enters the hallway.
Fennimore (quietly): Now what? Should we take turns keeping watch over her?
Rael Octavius: As a precaution, this is not a bad idea.
Perri Elastime sits down and leans against the wall.
Perri Elastime: Yes.
As you linger in the hall, a pair of summer eladrin knights appear in the hallway out of thin air.
Eladrin Knight [Elvish]: Fear not. We are here at your High King's bidding.
Perri Elastime stands up.
Fennimore uneasily puts his hand to his rapier's hilt at the sudden appearance of two more elves.
Rael Octavius: No worries, Fennimore. We should get some rest ourselves.
Perri Elastime [Elvish]: Why are you here?
Fennimore looks to Perri to make sure she is comfortable with the new arrivals.
Eladrin Knight [Elvish]: We were summoned to guard Lady Panglia.
Perri Elastime smiles and nods.
Although Fennimore doesn't understand their speech, he is comforted by their light conversation and relaxes.
Fennimore: Okay, Rael, I guess you're right.
Fennimore: Perri, I'll be back to relieve you.
Eladrin Knight: Rest well.
Perri Elastime: Okay. I'll be here.
Fennimore bows to the knight.
Fennimore: Thank you, sir.
The knights bow.
Fennimore thinks all this bowing makes his belt tight.
Eladrin Knight [Elvish]: Lady Perri, stay and comfort your mother. She has missed you dearly.
Fennimore (looks to Rael): Shall we?
Rael Octavius: Perri will be staying, I believe, Fenn. Let us go.
Perri Elastime [Elvish]: As I have missed her.
Fennimore sets off towards his own room.
Fennimore: Agreed. Will you be staying in the Castle tonight?
Rael Octavius: I live close to the castle. I will head home and be with my parents. We may end up separated for some time if this war goes poorly.
Fennimore frowns.
Fennimore: I don't like the sound of that.
Rael Octavius: Me neither.
Perri Elastime quietly enters Lady Panglia's room.
Fennimore: Perri's had a long day of practice. I'll try to catch a quick cat nap and come back to relieve her.


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Ethyltina 8th, Year Two of the Reign of High King Ran

You have been trying to suss out the Blue Midnight infiltrator in Ran's court. The first day at it almost got Rael possessed, but he resisted. As a result, Ran and his archmage erected wards around the court to prevent outside influence from The Paragon from interfering.
Perri and Rael continue their presence in court with Fennimore shadowing over the next week slowly narrowing down their pool of suspected infiltrators.
Caelius Casian, Rael's concerned friend is still under suspicion, though even Mosifort is certain he is not the infiltrator.
Balbina Iulius has been ruled out and has been avoiding Perri like the plague.
Antonius Blasius has also been avoiding Perri, but he is still under suspicion.
Perri Elastime -> Fennimore: Gah! How long do we have to hang around the court with these posers?
Fennimore -> Perri Elastime: As long as you are training to be a bladesinger?
Perri Elastime -> Fennimore: Merp.
Crispus Horatius has been making regular contact with Perri, interested in her status as The Bladesinger. It has become more and more unsettling over the course of the week.
Fennimore -> Perri Elastime: Throw a few more winks around the court and see if it draws anyone out.
Perri Elastime wanders around the court occasionally winking and giving knowing looks.
Hermina Faustus, the noble that reciprocated pleasantries with Perri, is still under suspicion, but seems unlikely to be the infiltrator.
Snorri Geir is a hulking barbarian from the southern plains that has arrived in court in the last couple of days. He reacts to Perri's advances quite favorably, in a playful sort of way.
Snorri Geir (smiling): Aren't you a pretty little thing.
Fennimore -> Perri Elastime: Watchout for Snorri, he looks like a rough tumble in the hay.
Perri Elastime: Aren't you a big strong delicious man.
Snorri Geir: You look almost as out-of-place as I.
Perri Elastime: I make my own place wherever I go.
Fennimore listens in on the exchange between Snorri and Perri.
Snorri Geir: A trailblazer?
Perri Elastime: The world just bends around me.
Snorri Geir laughs.
Snorri Geir: I have experienced that with Fey before.
Perri Elastime: What brings you to court?
Snorri Geir: I am an emissary from the southern plains seeking counsel from your High King.
Perri Elastime: You have been to The Feywild?
Fennimore listens for clues or deceit from Snorri.
Snorri Geir: No, but I have encountered a couple in the wilderness.
Perri Elastime: Between is quite the breath of free air.
Fennimore finds Snorri to be perfectly honest. No deception at all.
Perri Elastime smiles broadly.
Fennimore approaches Perri and Snorri.
Fennimore: Perri, looks like you've made a new friend.
Snorri Geir looks down at Fennimore curiously.
Perri Elastime: Yes, but we haven't gotten to exchanging names yet.
Snorri Geir: Ah, a halfling.
Perri Elastime: I'm Perri and this is my friend Fennimore.
Snorri Geir looks slightly embarrassed.
Fennimore: A halfling I am. In court, they call me Fennimore, but my friends call me Fenn.
Snorri Geir: I am Snorri Geir, clearly not a diplomat.
Perri Elastime: Good!
Fennimore: But, you are a mountain of a man. Perhaps, someday, I may climb you.
Snorri Geir laughs again.
Snorri Geir: Maybe when we are friends enough that I use your nickname.
Fennimore shares the laugh.
Perri Elastime: I haven't been to the southern plains.
Fennimore: Well met, Snorri.
Perri Elastime: We should take him to The Stag for a meal. Court is stifling.
Snorri Geir: Well met, Fennimore...and Perri.
Perri Elastime: Are all the folk of the plain large?
Fennimore: That's a good idea. I wonder if we can pull Rael away from his duties as well.
Snorri Geir: The Stag? The Fiery Stag? I take a room there.
Perri Elastime: We should find out when his audience is first. Hate to miss it. Again, we need Rael.
Fennimore: You picked a good inn to stay at.
Perri Elastime: Ah, perfect.
Reggot calls out over the court announcing that Snorri Geir may approach the High King.
Snorri Geir: That would be me.
Perri Elastime: See you soon.
Perri Elastime -> Fennimore: Shall we try and eavesdrop?
Snorri Geir: Thank you and good meeting you. We can find each other at The Stag later on.
Fennimore: Sounds like a plan.
Fennimore -> Perri Elastime: I like the way you think.
Perri Elastime tries to get to a vantage point where she can hear.
Sadao Takeo is a smallish human dressed in silks and you almost collide as you turn to follow Snorri.
Sadao Takeo: Many apologies.
Perri Elastime: Oops, pardon me.
Sadao Takeo looks closer at Perri.
Sadao Takeo: Ah, The Bladesinger, I presume? I am Sadao Takeo of The Orient.
Rael Octavius approaches.
Perri Elastime: Greetings, I am Perri.
Rael Octavius: Ah, Master Takeo. I see you have found Lady Elastime.
Sadao Takeo bows low.
Fennimore: Rael, were your ears burning? We were just speaking of you.
Rael Octavius: When are they not burning? I was practically born of fire.
Perri Elastime: Master Takeo, a pleasure to meet you.
Fennimore grins at Rael's joke.
Sadao Takeo: I have heard of Bladesingers and was visiting this realm to meet with the High King to discuss swordsmanship and blades.
Perri Elastime: My, that sounds like you are singing my song.
Sadao Takeo: I think including you in the audience would be most appropriate.
Perri Elastime smiles.
Rael Octavius: I should go and make the arrangements for this audience. It will not be here in court at large.
Fennimore: Will you meet with us and Snorri at The Stag for dinner tonight?
Sadao Takeo: Yes, producing weapons here would be unwise.
Perri Elastime: I love to make blades sing and courtiers wail.
Rael Octavius: I will be there.
Rael Octavius wanders off through the throng.
Perri Elastime: Do you make weapons? Train?
Sadao Takeo: I am a procurer and seller of arms. I have the products of the greatest smiths of The Orient.
Perri Elastime studies Sadao, looking for clues of his profession.
Sadao Takeo: I am aware that High King Ran is also a master smith, so I wish to admire some of his work while peddling some of my stock.
Fennimore: Oh, really? I'm in the market for a new rapier. Something special.
Perri Elastime: Do you have special stock?
Sadao Takeo: Rapier? I am not familiar with that term.
Perri Elastime: I would show you, but we are in court and drawing a blade is frowned upon.
Sadao Takeo: Thus, the separate audience that Master Octavius is arranging.
Perri Elastime creates an illusion of her own rapier.
Perri Elastime: It looks something like this.
Fennimore: Perhaps when you meet with the King.
Sadao Takeo: Ah, that is quite a talent you have there. If only I was able to do that.
Perri Elastime: Light, quick, wicked fast.
Fennimore: Sharp and pointy.
Perri Elastime: Probably shouldn't do that in court either.
Sadao Takeo: I can imagine. Blades such as this are usually on much longer shafts.
Perri Elastime: Like a spear?
Sadao Takeo: In a manner of speaking.
Fennimore: Interesting concept, but seems a little unwieldy for close quarters.
Perri Elastime: It will be amazing to see your wares then.
Sadao Takeo: Weapons are generally outlawed in close quarters such as buildings and city streets where I come from. Weapons are used in war with much wider areas in which to wield them.
Fennimore: You should take care here in "The City." It can get a bit rough at times.
Perri Elastime: Means few buyers for a merchant.
Fennimore: Although, if you are outfitting a whole army, you only need to make one sale to be wealthy for a lifetime.
Sadao Takeo: Precisely.
Perri Elastime: Sounds like a lifetime of work to me.
Sadao Takeo: It has been a pleasure meeting you. I have more nobles to visit while here in court. I don't want to miss an opportunity.
Perri Elastime: It has been intriguing.
Fennimore: Enjoy your visit.
Sadao Takeo (bowing low): Thank you.
Perri Elastime -> Fennimore: Bet we missed our chance to eavesdrop.
Sadao Takeo wanders off into the bustling court.
Fennimore looks to see who is talking with the King.
You notice that Snorri has been invited to the top of the dais and is conferring with the High King and his military advisors.
Fennimore -> Perri Elastime: Snorri's still talking to the King. Let's go.
Perri Elastime looks around for a vantage point to overhear.
Fennimore tries to sneak closer to the dais to gain a good vantage point.
You approach the dais and find that several castle guards have occupied the lowest step, preventing any closer approach to the conversation above.
Perri Elastime moves stealthily closer too.
Fennimore finds that the conversation is low and drowned out by the combination of the distance and the chatter of the court.
You do notice that the conversation is rather animated and there is concern on the faces of all involved.
Perri Elastime: Must be serious.
Fennimore looks for Rael.
Fennimore: Looks like it.
Divone Bevyn: Hello, again.
Divone Bevyn has approached. She is a courtier that you have interacted with a couple of times over the last week.
Perri Elastime: Ah, one of my favorite persons.
Guy Neale has also approached. He is usually accompanying or nearby Divone.
Divone Bevyn: That is nice to hear.
Divone Bevyn smiles.
Perri Elastime smiles.
Guy Neale: She is?
Perri Elastime: Why of course!
Perri Elastime: What is your pleasure today?
Divone Bevyn: Just making the rounds. You have been around a lot the last week, Lady Elastime. Is this going to be the norm?
Perri Elastime: I truly hope not, but we shall see.
Guy Neale: Right. You have made more appearances the last week than all previous months combined.
Divone Bevyn: So, what is the occasion that you are so present. Is it Rael?
Divone Bevyn smirks.
Fennimore (coolly): I hope her presence is appreciated.
Perri Elastime: True. My Professor thinks I might be safe for civilized folk now.
Guy Neale rolls his eyes.
Perri Elastime: Oh, Guy, if you do that, I might be forced to smack the back of your head to get your eyes more firmly seated.
Divone Bevyn: You still take to the less civilized noticeably well.
Guy Neale: That wasn't very nice, Divone.
Perri Elastime: Isn't he divine?
Divone Bevyn's eyes widen.
Perri Elastime: I require a little wildness in my life.
Fennimore: That's an understatement.
Guy Neale: The court can use some brutishness sometimes.
Perri Elastime winks and grins at Fenn.
Germana Varius: Really? You two run along.
Germana Varius approaches. She is an elderly baroness that you have exchanged pleasantries with on occasion.
Perri Elastime: Come on, Fenn. Let us go.
Germana Varius: No, no. Lady Elastime, please stay. I meant these two busy-bodies.
Perri Elastime: Oh, my mistake. Baroness Varius, so nice to see you.
Divone Bevyn and Guy Neale retreat into the throng, not inclined to deal with Baroness Varius.
Perri Elastime: How may I serve you today?
Germana Varius: I have been watching you...maneuver around court these last few days with Rael Octavius and now I wonder what it is you are up to.
Perri Elastime: I have been trying to mingle. Is it so obvious that I don't fit in?
Perri Elastime looks crestfallen.
Germana Varius: You are improving, but not at the pace at which your training with King Ran is.
Germana Varius smiles disdainfully.
Fennimore: That's why we need to practice more.
Germana Varius: So you will be a fixture in court in the future?
Perri Elastime: Training with the King is fun. This is painful.
Germana Varius: I see no bruises from this activity. Are you sure?
Perri Elastime: I guess it depends on how badly I screw up.
Germana Varius: Well, I have some advice for you, against my better judgment.
Perri Elastime: Hmm...I'll listen.
Rael Octavius watches from a distance to the exchange.
Fennimore listens intently.
Germana Varius: You are attracting some attention from some unusual folk. You have interacted with them, but do not have the history to understand the danger you may be in.
Fennimore looks around to see who else is watching the Baroness.
Rael Octavius begins to slowly approach.
Perri Elastime: Danger? What do you mean?
Fennimore sees there are regular waves of attention from those surrounding the baroness as she goes about the court.
Rael Octavius: The danger we are aware of and trying to suss out, Baroness Varius.
Perri Elastime: There are people who don't like me, but I hardly think anyone takes me seriously.
Germana Varius: Ah, Master Octavius.
Rael Octavius: It is the ones that are taking you seriously for whom we are looking.
Germana Varius: Precisely.
Rael Octavius: Who has seems most interested in you, Perri, aside from Snorri, I mean.
Perri Elastime: Many avoid me.
Germana Varius: Who regularly approaches you and takes an interest in you?
Perri Elastime: Well, the two you just chased off.
Germana Varius: They are teasers and busy-bodies.
Perri Elastime recalls Crispus Horatius and one of his friends, Ennius Iovitar.
Fennimore: There is Crispus Horatius, though I haven't seen him today.
Perri Elastime: Umm, Crispus and his buddy Ennius. they do come around regularly.
Rael Octavius: He was interrupted in his approach by your encounter with Master Takeo.
Fennimore: The traveling salesman seemed naive enough.
Fennimore: He claims close quarter fighting is forbidden in his homeland.
Rael Octavius: Yes. He only arrived the day before yesterday and only gained access to court today.
Perri Elastime: I wonder if he can improvise a good weapon.
Germana Varius: Crispus and Ennius have been closely watching you, as I have, all week.
Fennimore: And, why have we attracted your attention, Baroness?
Germana Varius: Because you seem to have been fumbling around, though I am pretty certain not Rael, my dear.
Rael Octavius: Operating very cautiously, my lady.
Perri Elastime: I'm just poking about and seeing what squawks.
Fennimore: Forgive us, if we are not born to the Court as you were.
Germana Varius: You won't find squawkers here. You are a target, Lady Bladesinger. Be prepared.
Rael Octavius: Thank you for your advice, Baroness.
You see Crispus approaching from one direction and Ennius from the other as Baroness Varius moves away from you.
Fennimore -> Perri Elastime: Speaking of Crispus and his friend.
Perri Elastime -> Fennimore: Yeah. Stick close.
Crispus Horatius approaches with his customary smile.
Fennimore -> Perri Elastime: Play it coy.
Crispus Horatius: Good day, Lady Elastime.
Perri Elastime smiles at Crispus.
Perri Elastime: Isn't it though.
Crispus Horatius: You seem to be taking to this court thing, bit by bit.
Perri Elastime: I think perhaps it just got better.
Ennius Iovitar moves around to be next to Crispus.
Perri Elastime: I'm testing the waters.
Ennius Iovitar smiles thinly and nods stiffly.
Perri Elastime: Sniffing the wind so to speak.
Crispus Horatius: Testing? That is an interesting turn of phrase.
Perri Elastime: Well, life is a challenge, do you think?
Perri Elastime winks.
Crispus Horatius: So you aren't in court out of formality and status?
Ennius Iovitar looks sideways at Crispus.
Perri Elastime: Formality? Status? What are these things to me? I'm just here for a good time.
Rael Octavius begins to look concerned.
Fennimore listens quietly.
Perri Elastime: I think I'm having fun.
Crispus Horatius: Really? I am certain you referred to court as painful...more than once. Would you not rather be hit by The High King in training than being here?
Fennimore: Are you to say she can't enjoy the pain of sparring with the King or the Court?
Crispus Horatius: I have conversed with Lady Elastime enough to understand her adeptness in combat. She is fully capable of defending against the King at this point.
Perri Elastime: Court is painful. It is so hard to know who is your friend and who just wants something. It can be exhausting. I prefer not to be hit and not to be hit up.
Crispus Horatius: So, maybe you should leave and not return to court. Stay in your realm.
Perri Elastime: Now that isn't very friendly. I'm trying to expand my repertoire.
Rael Octavius: She has a duty and the privilege as Bladesinger to be here.
Crispus Horatius glares at Rael.
Perri Elastime: I certainly would not want to be a one-note song.
Rael Octavius: You will not provoke me, Crispus. I know what you are trying to do.
Perri Elastime: Crispius would you like to be my beau?
Perri Elastime notices the nearly imperceptible revulsion he betrays at the thought.
Perri Elastime: I don't know that you could handle the likes of me.
Ennius Iovitar looks positively ill all of a sudden.
Perri Elastime: I am a very demanding woman.
Fennimore: Crispus, you must be a real man if you want to fulfill the desires of an elf.
Crispus Horatius can't hide his disgust any longer.
Ennius Iovitar doubles over as if in pain.
Perri Elastime: He may be a little undone for the job.
Fennimore: Have pity on the poor man.
Crispus Horatius: You are an abomination in this court.
Perri Elastime: What? I didn't say he was too soft.
Fennimore: He looks rather flaccid from my point of view.
Crispus Horatius (looking in terror at Ennius): Oh, no!
Perri Elastime: Really, you think you can recognize an abomination?
Fennimore: Perhaps he prefers men?
Fennimore: Is your friend alright?
Ennius Iovitar is beginning to glow with a sickly greenish light.
Ennius Iovitar shudders and begins to convulse.
Perri Elastime: He does not look well.
Crispus Horatius dashes away, screaming.
Fennimore (shouting): Is there a healer in the Court?
The area around you begins to widen as courtiers begin to move away.
Perri Elastime: Give the man some room. He is not well.
Fennimore readies to draw his rapier as he thinks we have drawn the attention of The Paragon.
Ennius Iovitar seems to molt and then lunges with supernatural speed at Perri.
The creature lashes out at Perri and Rael with its arms, striking both of them.
Perri Elastime raises a magical shield.
Even with the shield, Perri is still struck again.
Rael raises a shield, as well, which blocks the creature's blow.
Rael Octavius places an additional shield on Perri.
Fennimore draws his rapier and maneuvers to flank the creature with Perri.
Fennimore stikes the creature.
Perri Elastime begins a bladesong.
Perri produces a shadowy blade out of nothing and thrusts it at the creature, but misses.
The crowd in court retreats from the melee, blocking the castle guards from intervening.
In a twist of fate, Perri's recovery slashes the creature.
The creature that was once Ennius howls in pain.
The creature continues to attack, striking out at Perri and Fennimore this time.
This time the creature misses with its flailing.
Fennimore: Can you heal Perri? She's looking woozy.
Rael Octavius lays his hands on Perri and heals her.
Perri Elastime: Thanks.
Fennimore skewers the creature, but it remains standing.
Perri slashes the creature again with her shadowy blade.
The creature collapses with a shriek and then returns to the form of Ennius Iovitar.
Perri Elastime: What was that?
Fennimore: You tell me?
Fennimore: I wonder if the traveling salesman saw the benefits of close-quarters fighting?
Fennimore: Where did Crispy run off to? He has some answering to do.
Perri Elastime: I wonder if we are in trouble for spilling blood in court?
Rael Octavius: Clearly, our infiltrator is revealed.
Perri Elastime: Yes, let's find Crispy.
High King Ran approaches through the parting crowd.
Fennimore: Do you think Ennius was the only one?
Perri Elastime: I don't know.
Fennimore wipes his rapier on the body and sheathes it as the King approaches.
Several guards have Crispus grappled a short distance away.
Perri Elastime: Let's her blade dissipate.
Rael Octavius reaches down and touches Ennius.
Rael attempts to spare Ennius from dying but the magic is repelled and he expires.
Perri Elastime: What happened, Rael?
Rael Octavius: He resisted it?
Fennimore: Is that common?
High King Ran: The Paragon expends many in their efforts.
Perri Elastime: Do you know what that creature was?
Rael Octavius: I have never seen anything resist healing before.
High King Ran: Ennius was transformed into an abomination in service to The Paragon.
Perri Elastime: Funny, that is what he called me.
The guards drag Crispus over toward the King.
High King Ran glances at the guards.
High King Ran: Take him away.
Fennimore: I hope Lord Mosifort can get something useful out of him.
High King Ran: Only if we can manage to keep him alive long enough.
The archmage joins the guards and begins to weave wards around them and the prisoner as they leave the court.
Perri Elastime: Court is not usually this exciting.
High King Ran: Oddly, it is not supposed to be.
Fennimore: Pity, I prefer sparring with a rapier rather than with words.
High King Ran: Thank you for rooting that one out.
Perri Elastime: He was an unpleasant little git.
High King Ran smiles shallowly.
High King Ran: A temporary respite now that this infiltrator is out of the way. The Paragon will have to recover some power before striking again.
Rael Octavius: How long though?
Perri Elastime: Perhaps we could find out something from Crispus' home?
Fennimore: Or Ennius' for that matter.
Perri Elastime: Or Ennius'.
High King Ran: Likely not, but see what you can find.
Perri Elastime: Who knows what clues are left about.
High King Ran: I am sorry to have put you in that position, but it turned out to be effective and you survived.
Perri Elastime: Hey, I like prodding people.
Fennimore: The Lady Perri bore the worst of it.
Perri Elastime: Rael fixed me up.
Fennimore: Your training has been effective, if I may be so bold.
Rael Octavius nods.
Perri Elastime: But I still can't live by your rules, man.
High King Ran: You did well.
Perri Elastime: I like my new spell. I didn't draw steel in court.
High King Ran: Only the one that was already lost died.
Fennimore: And it drew first blood.
High King Ran: You were entitled to draw, but that blade was effective.
Perri Elastime: I don't think he hurt anyone else; just me and Rael.
High King Ran: It could not have attacked anyone else.
Perri Elastime: I'm going to need a lot of pie.
Fennimore: It seemed intent on attacking Perri.
High King Ran: I am sure the plan was collateral damage done by you, so I appreciate that it was limited.
Perri Elastime: He thought he could handle me. Mistake.

Campaign Downtime Training

posted Oct 31, 2020, 1:23 PM by Stephen Pliska-Matyshak

New Skill

Skill Expertise

New Feat

Perri, having spent a great deal of time in the Feywild enduring this plane's environment and denizens, begins efforts to develop the ability to teleport about as she has seen so many times before.


posted Oct 31, 2020, 8:50 AM by Stephen Pliska-Matyshak   [ updated Oct 31, 2020, 1:29 PM ]

Undecitina 19th, Year One of the Reign of High King Ran

The trio camps with the miners for several days following their return from the cave. During this time, some of the miners return to the cave to try and get back to work in it. Journeys back and forth between the cave are uneventful. The first day of light is spent packing up the camp as the miners are going to return to the cave and set up there. The trio parts ways with the camp on the second day of light when the snow has mostly melted and run off into the lake.
Perri Elastime: Time to go.
Fennimore: I imagine you want to drive the wagon again?
Perri Elastime: Oh, yes, please!
Rael Octavius: I am ready to return to the comfort of my bed.
Fennimore: And hot meals!
Perri Elastime: Mulled cider!
Fennimore: I thought you liked the hot buttered rum?
Foreman Togs walks up to your wagon as you are about to set off.
Perri Elastime: I like both.
Foreman Togs: Before you head back off to "The City," I thought we ought to pay up the bounty for those bandits.
Rael Octavius: You have ore for us?
Foreman Togs: Actually, trade bars. We managed to get the smelter going in the cave.
Foreman Togs lifts a sack up.
Foreman Togs: There is one for each of you. They're still somewhat warm.
Perri Elastime: Hmm, never used a trade bar before.
Fennimore Tries to lift a bag into the bed of the wagon.
Fennimore: Will you and your men be safe now? No more bandits or trolls?
Foreman Togs: We should be fine. Just beasts about now. We can handle wolves and the occasional bear if need be.
Perri Elastime: Mmm, Bear stew.
Fennimore shivers.
Foreman Togs gives Perri a strange look.
Fennimore: Bears like to eat halflings, you know.
Foreman Togs: They are pretty tough to chew as well.
Fennimore (to Togs): She'll eat almost anything.
Perri Elastime: They do? Most just eat berries, roots, and grubs.
Perri Elastime: That is why you stew them for a long time.
Foreman Togs: The ones around here are a bit more...carnivorous.
Fennimore: We'll try to steer clear of them and you should too.
Perri Elastime: Might change the flavor a bit.
Perri Elastime: Did we have a second breakfast yet?
Foreman Togs: I don't want to keep you any longer, so farewell.
Fennimore: Farewell, Togs. Thank you for your hospitality.
Rael Octavius: Thank you for your hospitality.
Perri Elastime: Thank you. It's been a great visit.
Fennimore: What do you think, Rael? Do we have time for a second breakfast? Loading the wagon has worked up an appetite.
Foreman Togs tips his hat turns on a heel and heads back to his waiting caravan.
Rael Octavius: Let us get some travel in for a bit first, I think.
Perri Elastime: I can drive on an empty stomach for a while I guess.
Perri Elastime: Giddyup!
Fennimore: I can make you a samich while you drive.
Perri Elastime: I knew you were clever. I just didn't know how clever.
Rael Octavius: We ate an hour ago, Perri. You are going to be as wide as Fenn.
Fennimore grins.
Perri Elastime: That is all digested and gone. I used it up loading the wagon.
Fennimore settles into the warm bags of trade bars to make samiches.
Perri Elastime: Not to mention, climbing into the driver's seat.
Fennimore: Look at me. I'm a dragon sitting on my hoard!
Perri Elastime grins.
Perri Elastime: Suits you.
Rael Octavius smiles.
Perri Elastime: That samwich ready?
Fennimore: In a few minutes, Fenn has whipped up samiches on sliced sourdough, slathered with strawberry jam, and stuffed with slices of salami, cheese, lettuce, and tomato.
Perri Elastime follows the road back towards town.
Perri Elastime: Mmm. This is great.
Fennimore: Yes ma'am, all ready for eating.
Rael Octavius: That is an interesting combination.
Fennimore: Sweet and savory.
Perri Elastime: Kinda like sausage and maple syrup.
Fennimore: Mmm.
Rael Octavius: Now you are all making me hungry again.
Perri Elastime: See, you will get the hang of eating eventually.
Rael Octavius laughs.
Perri Elastime licks strawberry jam from her fingers.
Fennimore: Maybe we can stop at The Boar's Head for dinner on the way into town. I hear the halfling's there set out quite a feast.
Rael Octavius: Sounds like a plan.
Perri Elastime: New eating place. I'm in.
The trio drives for a bit until they are out on the plains and stop by the only tree in sight. They are well into their second breakfast when something starts rattling in the wagon.
Fennimore looks around for the source of the rattle.
Perri Elastime: What's that?
Rael Octavius moves to the wagon in curiosity.
Fennimore: Is there something in the bags Togs gave us?
Rael Octavius: Metal rattling in metal?
Fennimore feels the sound is coming from the sack with the treasure from the troll's cave.
Fennimore: I think it's the troll's treasure.
Fennimore: Was the rapier in that bag?
Perri Elastime and Rael Octavius hear odd cackling laughter approaching from the east.
Fennimore draws his rapier and prods the sack of troll treasure.
Perri Elastime climbs up onto the wagon.
Rael Octavius looks east and his eyes widen.
Rael Octavius: Gnolls!
Perri Elastime realizes the rattling is the rapier jerking around inside its scabbard.
Perri Elastime grabs the rapier and draws it.
The rapier [Elvish]: About time!
Rael Octavius: What?
Perri Elastime: Really? It is time to party talk later.
Rael Octavius: We have company!
Fennimore: Wasn't me.
The rapier [Elvish]: You have invaders.
Fennimore: Got a plan?
Perri Elastime: Stick them with the pointy end.
The rapier [Elvish]: I hope... Oh, you use rapier. Good.
Perri Elastime [Elvish]: My pleasure.
Fennimore tries to hide obscured by the tall grass under the tree, sheathes his rapier, and draws his bow.
The gnolls begin to rush toward the wagon.
Perri begins a bladesong and casts a spell to make herself indistinct and blurry.
Rael Octavius climbs unto the seat of the wagon, casts a spell, and breathes fire at the nearest gnolls.
Rael Octavius then drops back down off the wagon and ducks behind it.
The closest gnoll falls in a burning heap on the ground while the other one caught in the fire howls in pain.
The giant hyena with the gnolls charges towards the horses.
Fennimore pops up and fires an arrow at one of the gnolls and hits it.
The gnoll's throat is pierced and it falls gurgling to the ground.
Perri Elastime: I don't remember inviting you to a second breakfast.
Fennimore maneuvers for his next shot and hides in the tall grass.
The biggest of the gnolls draws his longbow and fires twice at the blurry figure standing in the wagon.
Both of its arrows miss their mark.
This gnoll then moves towards the wagon, dropping its bow, and unslinging a rusty glaive.
Perri Elastime attacks with the rapier.
The rapier [Elvish]: Not my favorite kind of target, but you missed.
Perri's thrust misses the big gnoll.
The big gnoll slashes Perri as she tries to move away.
A gnoll runs up and climbs up onto the edge of the wagon looking for something to stab with its spear. It sees Rael behind the wagon and closes with him.
Rael Octavius: I guess they do not understand breath weapons.
Rael Octavius arches back so as not to hit the wagon and blasts the gnoll in the face with fire.
Rael Octavius then disengages back into the field.
Giant Hyena takes a bite out of the horse.
Another gnoll leaps between the horses and the wagon in pursuit of Rael and closes on him.
Fennimore tries to get the giant hyena's attention off of the horses.
Fennimore: Hey, bad dog, over here!
Fennimore fires an arrow at the giant hyena and hits.
The giant hyena yelps and looks around for where the arrow came from.
Fennimore ducks and retreats in the tall grass.
The big gnoll chases after Perri and swings its glaive at her twice.
It can not seem to find its target.
Perri closes with the big gnoll and stabs it with the talking rapier.
The rapier [Elvish]: There you go!
The gnoll that initially approached Rael jumps down off the wagon and closes with him, thrusting with its spear.
Rael manages to avoid the thrust.
Rael Octavius risks an attack from one of the two gnolls to maneuver around to get both of the gnolls in a blast of his breath weapon.
Rael Octavius shields, preventing the hit.
Rael Octavius breaths fire on the two gnolls.
Rael Octavius steps away from the gnolls risking another attack.
This gnoll misses as well.
Rael Octavius then launches rays of fire at the closest gnoll.
The first two rays strike and drop the front gnoll and the third one strikes the next one in line.
The giant hyena stalks into the grass looking for where the arrow came from.
It can't find anything, so it turns around to return to the horses.
The remaining gnoll near Rael charges, attacking with both hands on the spear.
Rael manages to avoid this strike too.
Fennimore: Yoohoo! A yummy-yummy halfling is over here!
Fennimore fires, hitting the unobservant hyena, and moves hidden through the grass to a new location.
The big gnoll continues to try and hit this blur of an elf.
The undulating blur weaves in and out avoiding the slashing glaive.
Perri Elastime: Next time, bring bacon!
The rapier [Elvish]: It is frustrated.
Perri Elastime casts magic missiles at the big gnoll.
Fennimore tries not to let himself get distracted by thoughts of bacon.
The rapier [Elvish]: What? Where is the love?
Missiles slam into the big gnoll.
Gnoll Pack Lord [Abyssal]: I am going to eat you alive!
Perri Elastime [Elvish]: You want love? Help me get a sneak attack.
The rapier [Abyssal]: Ooo. Scary.
The rapier [Elvish]: It said it was going to eat you alive.
Perri Elastime: Yeah if it wasn't such a candy-assed fighter, it might have a chance at that!
Rael Octavius: Really are not good learners, these.
Rael Octavius breathes fire again, torching the gnoll in front of him, which falls unconscious.
Rael Octavius turns and launches rays of fire at the big gnoll.
Only one of Rael's fiery rays hits the big gnoll.
The giant hyena roars and charges into the field.
The giant hyena snarls and spins around looking for the archer.
Fennimore continues taunting the hyena in an attempt to keep it away from the horses.
Fennimore: Higgeldy-piggledy, halflings and hyenas. Here's an arrow in your eye.
Fennimore's arrow hits solidly.
The giant hyena slumps to the ground.
The big gnoll continues to try and hit the blurry, dancing figure.
Gnoll Pack Lord swings wildly in frustration, missing badly.
Perri Elastime: Bite deep.
The rapier [Elvish]: Not quite. You will get it.
Perri's thrust misses this time.
Perri Elastime: Hate it when that happens.
Rael Octavius moves toward the wagon and forms an emboldening bond between himself and Perri.
Rael Octavius then quickens his scorching rays trying to strike the big gnoll again.
Rael's rays light the big gnoll up, all three striking.
Fennimore fires an arrow at the big gnoll and drops it.
Fennimore: Any more bad guys around?
Perri Elastime looks around.
Rael Octavius looks around.
Rael Octavius: Looks clear. Gnolls are scary.
Fennimore: Ugly and smelly anyway.
Perri Elastime: And didn't bring coffee cake either.
Fennimore: Perri and the horse were the only ones who were hurt.
Fennimore starts to search the smelly gnolls for loose change.
There appears to be no other gnolls or hyenas about.
Perri Elastime: Yeah, I have to check out this sword a bit more. It's been talking to me.
Fennimore finds a number of coins, a few arrows, and one serviceable longbow.
Fennimore: Whoa, a talking rapier?
Perri Elastime examines the rapier for markings.
Fennimore polices up his own arrows too.
Rael Octavius: Yes. It is kind of fiesty.
Perri Elastime: Doesn't like hitting gnolls best.
The rapier [Elvish]: Now you look at me? You threw me in a bag like I was still troll treasure?
Fennimore: What does it like hitting?
Rael Octavius [Elvish]: We were supposed to bring you back to a temple, not use you.
Fennimore: Hopeful she doesn't say halfling.
Perri Elastime: You were troll treasure. Besides we were quested to bring back.
The rapier [Elvish]: Oh, I am the object of another quest?
Perri Elastime wipes off the gnoll blood.
The rapier [Elvish]: At least you know how to take care of a sword.
Perri Elastime [Elvish]: Does this please you.?
The rapier [Elvish]: It is better than a dark, spider-infested cave.
Perri Elastime [Elvish]: Well, I'm sure in the temple you will get a lot of action.
Rael Octavius: It does not appear to understand or speak Almebezbik.
Fennimore [Halfling] (to the rapier): Do you speak halfling?
Perri Elastime remembers it understood the gnoll's speech.
Perri Elastime: It understood the gnoll. It was quite happily translating.
Fennimore: Doesn't seem to understand halfling either.
The rapier [Elvish]: What is the little creature saying?
Perri Elastime [Elvish]: Hey, what is your name?
Perri Elastime [Elvish]: He wants to know if you understand halfling.
Fennimore: Rael, do you think there is a bounty on the gnolls or should we just burn them?
The rapier [Elvish]: Name? Name. It has been so long, I do not remember.
Rael Octavius: Probably just burn them.
Fennimore starts dragging the dead bodies into a pile on the side of the road, away from the tree and wagon.
The rapier [Elvish]: I think previous wielders, a very long time ago, would refer to me Darkvengeance.
Stephen: Dulguachared as a name.
Perri Elastime [Elvish]: Darkvengeance. Do you happen to hate dark fae?
Fennimore: I'm gonna need help with the hyena
Rael Octavius: I will help, Fenn.
Perri Elastime [Elvish]: Winter fae. Will feel my vengeance.
Dulguachared [Elvish]: Yes. Drow in particular.
Perri Elastime looks at the scabbard.
The scabbard is not nearly as old as the sword. It appears to have been custom made for the sword, however.
Fennimore: After stacking the bodies with Rael's help, Fenn douses them with a little oil to get them to light and strikes the flint & steel from his tinder box.
Perri Elastime slides the rapier into the scabbard.
Script carved into the blade and the hand-guard seem Elvish, but the words seem strange.
Rael Octavius fire bolts the pile of gnolls, igniting them.
Fennimore: Let's move upwind a bit and eat some lunch while we wait for the pile to burn down a bit.
Perri Elastime is pretty sure that this sword predates humans, but isn't certain by how much.
Perri Elastime: This is an old blade. Very old.
Fennimore: Hopefully, it's not cursed too.
Rael Octavius: We probably would have felt that by now.
Fennimore: Perri, do you feel cursed?
Perri Elastime: Not any more than usual.
Rael Octavius: I should probably tend to the horse. Are you all right, Perri?
Perri Elastime: I'm good, Rael.
Fennimore: How's it compare to sparring with King Ran?
Rael Octavius casts cure wounds on the horse that was bitten by the giant hyena.
Rael Octavius (to the horse): There you go. All better.
Perri Elastime: Fighting with the gnoll was fun, but I need to learn some tricks to take them by surprise.
Rael Octavius: That blur spell helped a lot.
Fennimore: You need to learn to be more sneaky, like me.
Rael Octavius: Not in my nature.
Perri Elastime: I can be plenty sneaky. The reach on a rapier is not that far.
Fennimore shrugs his shoulders.
Perri Elastime: Blur is my new favorite.
Dulguachared [Elvish] (sarcastic): Oh, good. I am getting so much attention.
Dulguachared [Elvish]: You are the first bladesinger I have ever met that has not done flips.
Perri Elastime [Elvish]: Oh, poor little rapier, not getting enough attention?
Fennimore: If you want to sit on the gold, like a dragon, and play with your talking sword the rest of the way home, I'll take the reins.
Dulguachared [Elvish]: Hmph.
Perri Elastime: You can take the reins after I get a lunch samich.
Fennimore: Another samich, coming right up.
Perri Elastime: I think the rapier is sulking.
Fennimore: Try polishing it. I hear that makes them perk right up.
Dulguachared [Elvish]: Alright. Put me back in my scabbard and finish your quest. I would not want you dying from geas damage because you just HAD to have me.
Perri Elastime [Elvish]: I like acrobatics.
Perri Elastime [Elvish]: Oh, if I just had to have you, I would finish my quest then steal you back.
Dulguachared [Elvish]: Really? You would do that?
Perri Elastime [Elvish]: I keep my word, after all.
Dulguachared [Elvish]: So, what is that strange little fellow you are traveling with? Not a gnome or a dwarf, though he is big enough to be a dwarf. Do not tell me Dwarves have degenerated into that.
Perri Elastime [Elvish]: Well sure, if there was a good reason to.
Rael Octavius laughs.
Rael Octavius: The sword thinks you are a degenerative dwarf, Fenn.
Fennimore: Oh, it can understand me then?
Dulguachared [Elvish]: It talks funny. What language is that?
Perri Elastime [Elvish]: This is my friend, Fennimore. Fennimore, this is Dulguachared.
Perri Elastime: This is my friend, Fennimore. Fennimore, this is Dulguachared.
Rael Octavius [Elvish]: Fennimore is a halfling, Dulguachared.
Perri Elastime [Elvish]: Halfling. He speaks halfling.
Dulguachared [Elvish]: I have heard of halflings.
Fennimore: Pleased to meet you, Dulguachared.
Dulguachared [Elvish]: And you gold one named Rael. What are you? Not quite elf. You smell draconic.
Fennimore: I'm sorry that I'm not the cunning linguist that Perri and Rael are to speak your language.
Rael Octavius [Elvish]: I am half-human, a quarter elf, and a quarter gold dragon.
Perri Elastime [Elvish]: Fennimore wishes he spoke Elvish.
Dulguachared [Elvish]: A fine wish.
Dulguachared [Elvish]: Part dragon, elf, and human!?
Perri Elastime [Elvish]: Rael has the most awesome belches.
Dulguachared [Elvish]: You can stay away from me, Rael.
Perri Elastime [Elvish]: [Translation] Why don't you like Rael?
Rael Octavius: That kind of narrows down how old this sword is. It said it prefers slaying Drow and is alarmed by my heritage. From somewhere between the 5th and 8th cycles I guess.
Perri Elastime: Maybe the temple will let me take him on a walkabout of the Feywild.
Fennimore: Woah, that's a long time ago.
Rael Octavius [Elvish]: Dragons do not rule the world anymore. They have not for two cycles.
Dulguachared [Elvish]: Oh, alright. However, you remind me of someone. I cannot place who though.
Rael Octavius: Shall we finish up lunch and get back to "The City?"
Perri Elastime: Yes.
Perri Elastime polishes the sword while sitting on the treasure.
Fennimore makes one last check to stir the gnoll ashes to make sure they are down to cinders, then mounts the wagon and takes the reins.
The trio, with Fennimore driving the wagon, get rolling again and make it back to "The City." without any further incidents. They stop on the edge of town and have a fine dinner at The Boar's Head before making their way to The Temple of The Father and Mother.
Fennimore: Mmm-mmm!
Perri Elastime: It's always good when we take time to eat.
Rael Octavius: I will second that.
Perri Elastime -> Dulguachared: Let me know if you need a rescue.
Perri Elastime -> Dulguachared: to be stolen. rescued from boredom.
Dulguachared -> Perri Elastime: Maybe? I have been around for so long I do not get bored, really. By the way, do not let on to this temple that I am sentient.
The trio enters The Temple of The Father and Mother and are brought before the High Priestess of Alavasia. They turn over the now oddly quiet talking rapier and are thanked for their service to the temple.


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Decitina 4th, Year One of the Reign of High King Ran

Fennimore and Perri are busy over the next several days. Fennimore puts his plans into motion to deal with his task for The Lord High Inquisitor and Perri continuing her training with High King Ran.
Perri Elastime: Hey, Fennimore. I think I have found an entrance to a secret passage in the kitchens.
Fennimore: I told you there would be secret passages in the castle. Let's check it out.
Perri Elastime: Do you want to help me open it and see?
Fennimore: Absolutely.
In the meantime, Perri has continued to try to get into the secret passage in the kitchens but has been interrupted each time she has tried over the last several days.
Perri Elastime: We need to avoid the kitchen staff, though.
Fennimore: Well, then that probably means we need to wait until they have gone to bed.
Perri Elastime: Okay. Do you think our party clothes are ready yet?
Fennimore: The kitchen will be busy from before the start of most folks' day until well after the final meal.
Perri Elastime: Yes, every time I go in there, they are doing something.
Perri Elastime: At least I am always hungry, so that makes a good excuse.
Fennimore: Haha, I swear you are part halfling.
Perri Elastime: At least the stomach part.
Fennimore: You are a little tall.
Fennimore: Maybe you're part Took.
Perri Elastime: I'm an overachiever.
Fennimore: I almost forgot about the clothes we bought in all this commotion.
A couple of days into this, packages arrive at your rooms in the castle. They contain the clothes that were purchased. The handwriting on the packages is Rael's, and each has a note from him.
Perri Elastime reads the note.
Rael's note explains that he took the liberty of having your purchases delivered to the castle for you. The least he could do.
Perri Elastime: Maybe we can be tasters for the kitchen?
Fennimore: There's a problem with that. The tasters aren't supposed to eat the entire meal.
Perri Elastime: I wonder if the castle food bill has gone up?
Fennimore: The benefit of feudal society is those at the top don't have to pay for their excesses.
Perri Elastime: How do your new clothes fit?
Fennimore: A little snugger than I recall. Castle life is much more comfortable than when I was living on the streets.
Perri Elastime: I haven't tried mine on yet.
Fennimore: You should. You don't want any surprises before you are called to an official event.
Perri Elastime: When do you think the kitchen staff goes to bed?
Fennimore: Hmm, we'll have to stake them out. I've had a few midnight snacks, and they still seem to be cleaning up from late dinners.
Perri Elastime: Shall we try about twoish?
Fennimore gets the impression that it will take a bit of luck to pull this off while Perri is frustrated that she has been interrupted every time she has tried.
Fennimore: Maybe what we need is a distraction. Something to get the cooks out of the kitchen for a few minutes. Any ideas?
Fennimore: Can you make any illusions that would scare them off?
Perri Elastime: I can make scary illusions, but scaring the staff would not be nice.
The thought occurs to Perri that she could drop a sleep spell on pretty much the whole kitchen area they need to access and put them all to sleep.
Perri Elastime: And they feed me! I could try to put them to sleep.
Fennimore: That's a great idea!
Fennimore: If we do it at night, they'll already be tired and who could blame them for nodding off for a few minutes.
Perri Elastime: I just don't want to hurt them. They could nod off into a fire.
Fennimore: We'll be close enough to rescue them.
Perri Elastime: Okay. Sounds like a plan.
Fennimore: Tonight then?
Perri Elastime: Yeah.
Perri Elastime: I'll go try on my party clothes then take a wee nap.
Since this conversation occurs near the end of their own day of activity, it isn't a long stretch before the can get to the kitchen when there are only a few folks cleaning up for the day.
Perri Elastime nap for a bit after trying on her perfect new clothes, and then puts her armor back on.
Fennimore takes a brief nap as well but lets his hunger wake him for a midnight snack.
Perri Elastime goes to find Fennimore.
Fennimore is waiting in his room for Perri.
Prepared for some exploring, Fennimore and Perri arrive at the kitchens when almost the entire castle seems to be asleep. A few folks are finishing up in the kitchen when they arrive.
Fennimore: Hey Perri. Let's do this.
Perri Elastime: Let's go.
Fennimore: You put the staff to sleep, I'll make sure they are safe, then show me the secret door.
The four kitchen workers slump to the floor in the kitchen as Perri's spell fills the room.
Fennimore rushes to each of them, in turn, to make sure they are resting comfortably.
One is directly in front of the cabinet that Perri is sure is the secret door. The others are around the perimeter of the room.
Fennimore: Nice job.
Perri Elastime: See this cabinet? I think it moves. There are some loose boards here that are the catch somehow.
Fennimore: I think we need this guy out of the way. Can you help me, so we don't wake him?
Perri Elastime: Yeah.
Perri Elastime helps Fennimore move man.
Fennimore: As gently as he can, Fennimore drags the cook.
The pair manage to move the worker without waking him.
Fennimore: Now show me what you found again?
Perri Elastime: This stool might help with the trigger. See its legs.
Perri is pointing out a stool with an odd configuration of legs at a counter in the middle of the room.
Fennimore: That is a strange stool.
Fennimore investigates the stool.
Perri Elastime: She shows Fennimore the scratches on the floor, the clicky boards.
Fennimore notices that the legs are spaced in such a way as to be able to center on each of five floorboards.
Perri figures that setting the stool on the floor there in just the right way and putting weight on it will open the secret door.
Fennimore moves the stool onto the floorboards and sits on it.
Perri Elastime grabs a snack.
Fennimore wobbles a bit, and the motion on the legs seems to trigger something behind the wall. The cabinet slowly begins to slide toward the stool, pushing it out of the way. A passageway is revealed beyond.
Fennimore: Hey, look at this.
Perri Elastime: You did it.
Fennimore peeks inside the passage for light or a latch.
The passageway is not quite three feet wide and dark. It's faced with the same stone as the kitchen walls for about five feet before becoming rough stone.
Fennimore lights his lantern from a piece of kindling at the kitchen fire.
Fennimore: Let's get in and look around before our friends wake up.
Perri Elastime goes inside.
Fennimore follows and tries to slide the cabinet shut behind him.
Perri Elastime looks for a catch to close passage.
While Perri is looking about the walls for a release, she steps on a stone in the floor that depresses. The cabinet begins to slide back over the passage.
Fennimore: Good, you found it.
Perri Elastime: Let's see where this goes.
Fennimore shines the lantern down the passage.
Fennimore: Lead the way. I'm right behind you.
Fennimore: A little cramped in here. I hope you're not afraid of tight spaces.
Perri Elastime leads the way, looking for tripwires and loose stones.
Perri Elastime: We better whisper here. No telling how far sound will travel.
The passage goes straight for about twenty feet before entering a steep spiral staircase leading up and down.
Fennimore follows Perri slowly using all his investigative skills to look for secret doors, spy holes, and booby traps.
Peering at the stairs, they seem equally worn in both directions.
Perri Elastime -> Fennimore: Up or down?
Fennimore -> Perri Elastime: I was just going to ask you the same thing.
Perri Elastime -> Fennimore: Down, I guess.
Fennimore -> Perri Elastime: Down it is.
Perri Elastime quietly heads down the stairs.
Fennimore is right behind her.
The pair begin to descend the stairs, which reveal a passageway heading what would have been a continuation of the passage from which they entered the staircase about twenty feet down. The spiral stairs also continue down.
Fennimore: Let's check this out before we go deeper.
Perri Elastime: Okay.
Perri Elastime heads into the passageway.
The passage leads another twenty feet ending in a thick iron-bound wooden door.
Fennimore -> Perri Elastime: Can you hear anything?
Perri Elastime is pretty sure there is nothing that would make noise beyond this door.
Perri Elastime -> Fennimore: I don't hear anything.
Fennimore -> Perri Elastime: Is it locked?
Perri Elastime tests the door handle.j
The door seems to be locked or possibly stuck. The latch handle doesn't move.
Perri Elastime -> Fennimore: Locked or stuck. Hard to tell.
Fennimore -> Perri Elastime: May I try? Let's switch places.
Perri Elastime switches places with Fennimore.
Fennimore squeezes past Perri, then hands her the lantern.
Fennimore listens at the door.
Perri Elastime looks at the lantern and sees that it be shielded.
Fennimore is certain, as well, that nothing is making any noise beyond the door.
Fennimore tries to jimmy the lock with his thieves tools.
Perri Elastime -> Fennimore: I'm going to shield the lantern and look for other light.
Fennimore -> Perri Elastime: Hold a second. It's hard enough to pick a lock when I have some light.
Fennimore fusses with the lock a bit. It has a strange, jagged keyhole the like of which he has not seen before. After a while, it feels like his pick is grabbed onto from inside the lock.
Fennimore -> Perri Elastime: Oh, something grabbed my pick. Douse the light.
Perri Elastime shields lantern and waits.
Fennimore: I let the rake go slack in my hand, gently touching it to see if it moves.
The rake seems to be being slowly pulled into the lock.
Fennimore peers into the darkness for any sense of light, but it is pitch dark with the lantern covered.
Fennimore tries to pull the rake back.
Fennimore manages to get a good grip on the rake and manages to remove it from the lock. A couple of its points are blunted.
Perri Elastime lifts the hood of the lantern a little.
Fennimore -> Perri Elastime: I think there is something on the other side of that door. I barely got my rake out of the lock. Let's try another door.
Perri Elastime -> Fennimore: Weird.
Fennimore holds up the mangled pick to the light.
Perri Elastime: Did you see any other passages or doors?
Fennimore -> Perri Elastime: Just the stairs. Up or down?
Perri Elastime -> Fennimore: Down.
Perri Elastime heads to the stairs.
Fennimore -> Perri Elastime: Lead the way, I'll keep searching for doors.
Fennimore follows slowly, searching again for secret doors.
Perri Elastime stops before the stairs and again covers the lantern to look for light up and down. If not for her elven vision, she would not see anything at all.
Perri Elastime lifts the hood a bit and heads down.
The pair follow the passageway back to the spiral staircase and descend again. As they descend, they begin to hear the trickling of water and catch the distinct odor of sewage. The stairs open out into a sewer about thirty feet further down the stairs.
Perri Elastime -> Fennimore: Yuck, sewer.
Fennimore -> Perri Elastime: Agreed. We're likely to run into more Deep Bend Rakes or Knives down here.
Perri Elastime -> Fennimore: How about up.
Fennimore leads the way up.
Perri Elastime starts to follow.
As the pair turn to head back up the stairs, something leaps at them from the darkness.
A rat-like humanoid snarls and snaps at Perri. It also takes a swing at her with a shortsword.
The creature continues to attack Perri with its bite and sword.
The creature sinks a bite in deeply on Perri's arm after previous successes with its attacks. The second sword strike misses. Perri's shield spell only blocks the sword strike.
Perri launches a trio of magic missiles into the creature and then has her rapier begin to sing.
Perri moves out of the stairway and into the sewer, circling the creature.
Fennimore uses his insightful fighting to look for a weakness in the rat's defenses and finds one.
Fennimore steps up to the rat and stabs with his rapier.
Fennimore strikes the creature with a solid thrust, but its deep wound immediately heals up as the blade is withdrawn.
Fennimore: Um, Perri, we're in trouble here. I'm not sure I can hurt this thing.
The creature keeps its focus on Perri and attacks her again. Perri throws up another shield, which is only partially effective.
Fennimore: Hey, you rat face. Pick on someone your own size.
The ratman bites Perri again and misses with the sword. It licks its lips and smiles.
Fennimore: Perri, disengage and get behind me. We need to retreat up the stairs.
Perri Elastime disengages.
Perri Elastime retreats up the stairs.
Perri retreats nearly up to the next floor by way of the stairs.
Fennimore: Go! I'll hold the rear.
Perri Elastime continues up the stairs.
With a burst of speed fueled by magic, Perri ascends the stairs to the passageway leading to the kitchens.
Fennimore pokes at it again with his rapier.
Perri Elastime: Retreat, Fenn!
Fennimore skewers the rat again, but the wound just closes back up.
Fennimore: I'm coming.j
Fennimore retreats up the stairs to just about the level above.
Fennimore moves up the stairs, trying to block the way for the rat with his rapier.
The ratman chases after this quarry catching up with the halfling on the stairs and attacks him.
Fennimore: You're going to wish you had stayed in the sewers.
The ratman sinks a bite in on Fennimore's leg and misses with the sword.
Fennimore: Perri, get to the kitchen, I'm right behind you.
Fennimore: Be ready to close the cabinet when I get there.
Perri Elastime opens the cabinet.
Perri Elastime drinks a potion of healing.
Perri rushes down the passageway and steps on the stone. The cabinet begins to slide out of the way, but it is like in slow motion.
Perri Elastime: Hurry!
Fennimore uses his cunning action again to disengage.
Fennimore dashes up the stairs and down the hall towards the kitchen.
Fennimore makes it to the passage to the kitchen.
The pair can hear the creature scrambling up the stairs after them, but then there is an abrupt, loud crackling sound and a short yelp.
The passageway into the kitchen is now about halfway open.
Perri Elastime squeezes through and readies a firebolt for rat boy if she sees him.
Fennimore watches as Perri squeezes through the narrow opening then puts his finger to his mouth, sshing her.
Fennimore uses a cunning action to hide in the hallway and sneaks back to the top of the stairs.
Fennimore peers around the corner and down the stairs. He is greeted only by the scent of burning hair.
By the time Fennimore arrives at the kitchen, the cabinet has slid out of the way.
Fennimore: Not much ouch, but those bites sting.
Fennimore: Let's close this up and go find Rael.
Perri Elastime closes the cabinet.
Perri Elastime: What will we tell him?
Fennimore: We found a rat-man in the sewer, and it bit us.
Perri Elastime: True.
Perri Elastime: Why were we in the sewer?
The kitchen is empty when you turn around to leave. The workers must have awoken and departed in the time Fennimore and Perri were exploring.
You both realize that you have not seen Rael in a couple of days.
Fennimore: If he asks, tell him we were exploring. We don't have to tell him everything.
Fennimore: Let's check his room. He's probably sleeping.
Perri Elastime: Okay. Rael is our brother, after all.
Fennimore: But that doesn't mean we have to tell him everything.
Perri Elastime: He doesn't want the details anyway.
Perri Elastime: You know I haven't seen him lately.
Fennimore: Me, either. If he's not here, maybe we'll have to try him at his estate after we have a rest.
Fennimore: Maybe his parents returned from their trip.
Perri Elastime: Man, I'm hungry. I wonder if there is cheese.
Fennimore: Funny, I have a hankering for cheese too.
Perri Elastime: Maybe they have. It will be understandable if he is with them.
Fennimore: There's got to be some Gouda around here somewhere.
Fennimore: Come on, Limburger. You can't hide from me forever.
Perri Elastime: Or some nice Brie.


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Nonotina 23rd, Year One of the Reign of High King Ran

The pair sit on their beds in the infirmary pondering the reward from the city watch.
Perri Elastime: I think I need a short rest before going to the bailey.
Rael Octavius: Only a short rest?
Rael Octavius: You still look pretty beat up, Fenn.
Perri Elastime: Just a brief breather.
Fennimore: I think you should take a day or two before anything as strenuous as fencing with the High King.
Fennimore: I feel every hit from that mace.
Rael Octavius: At least a meditation period.
Perri Elastime: If I miss lesson one, lesson two is sure to be much more difficult.
Fennimore: I'm sure the King will understand.
Perri Elastime: I'll stretch the bruises out and then see how I feel.
Perri Elastime: I wouldn't want him to think I'm a kitten.
Fennimore: You nearly died back there, Perri!
Perri Elastime: I know. You and my new feather saved me.
Fennimore: Hmmph.
Rael Octavius smiles.
Fennimore: I wasn't far behind you.
Perri Elastime tries to stand up and winces.
Perri Elastime stretches a little and winces some more.
Fennimore: I'm staying here.
Rael Octavius: You really should rest. Take advantage of the King's Hospitality.
Fennimore: I agree.
High King Ran enters the infirmary.
Perri Elastime: Please, send my apologies to the King for missing training.
High King Ran: No need for apologies.
Perri Elastime: I have many things to learn.
Fennimore: Your Highness.
High King Ran: And you have plenty of time in which to learn them.
Perri Elastime sits on the bed.
Perri Elastime: Thank you.
High King Ran: I have been informed that you have rid "The City" of a notorious murderer.
Fennimore: That's what the guard told us.
High King Ran notices the coffer.
High King Ran: You have already received the reward I see.
Perri Elastime: It is more money than I have ever seen.
Fennimore: Thank you, Your Highness.
High King Ran smiles.
Fennimore: It is a magnanimous reward. My mother will be well taken care of.
Perri Elastime: He is really sweet with his mom.
Fennimore: She's the only one I have.
Fennimore: I need to take care of her.
Rael Octavius: Mothers are important.
Perri Elastime shifts uneasily on the bed.
Fennimore: Perhaps Your Highness can impart some wisdom to Miss Perri to help her rest easy, relax, and heal fully.
Rael Octavius looks concerned.
Rael Octavius: What else is wrong, Perri?
Perri Elastime gives a sour look to Fennimore.
Fennimore: Our pleas have been falling on deaf ears.
High King Ran: Take as much time as the doctor suggests. I can wait.
Perri Elastime: I hate being helpless.
High King Ran: You may be helpless if you do not let yourself heal properly.
High King Ran looks to Rael.
High King Ran: Patch them up if you like. This one seems quite restless.
Fennimore: There, now that's proper wisdom. That's why he's the High King.
Perri Elastime: Rael, you never said shopping was dangerous.
Rael Octavius: I am inclined to let some time heal them. They are in a safe place right now.
Rael Octavius: You were halfway across town.
Perri Elastime: Checking on Fennimore's mom.
Perri Elastime: We didn't even get there.
Fennimore: And I had a purchase to pick up in the North Market. It's been waiting for me for days.
Fennimore: Ma's down in Star Plaza. We had quite a circuit planned.
Perri Elastime: His mama is a good cook. It would have been great for elevensies.
High King Ran smirks.
High King Ran: I could assign an escort or would having Rael along be enough?
Rael Octavius looks surprised.
Rael Octavius: Your Majesty?
Fennimore looks perturbed.
Perri Elastime: Ummm, Rael doesn't appreciate elevensies.
Perri Elastime: But we don't need to be guarded.
Rael Octavius: Elevensies sounds fine to me but I should be in court when my father is away, should I not?
Fennimore: I'm sure we can fend off The Knives the next time they come poking around.
High King Ran: The Knives? They are becoming quite a problem.
Rael Octavius: They have lost a lot of soldiers, lately.
Perri Elastime: The Knives are nasty.
Fennimore: They seem to have taken a disliking to me and the Lady.
Perri Elastime stands up again finding it still hurts.
High King Ran: Quite the stubborn one, are we?
Perri Elastime: I haven't done anything to anybody for them to dislike me.
Perri Elastime looks surprised.
Perri Elastime: Me?
Perri Elastime: I'm sure if I move around a bit, I'll feel better.
High King Ran: You are going to be a handful.
High King Ran: OK. Rael, heal her up.
Rael Octavius steps over to Perri and casts a spell, putting a hand on her shoulder.
Perri Elastime: Thank you, Rael.
High King Ran: I will meet you in the bailey in half an hour.
Perri Elastime takes a tentative deep breath and finds the pain has receded.
Fennimore: You have any more where that came from? If they're going to dance, I'd like to watch.
Perri Elastime: Yea!
High King Ran retrieves a small bottle from his robes and hands it to Fennimore.
Fennimore takes the bottle, tentatively.
High King Ran: I do not want to drain Rael too much.
Perri Elastime: I think we should buy some potions with our reward.
Fennimore: Bottoms up.
Rael Octavius: Not a bad idea.
Fennimore: Uncorks the potion and sniffs it.
Perri Elastime: Do you know where we can buy some?
Fennimore drinks the potion.
Perri Elastime moves and stretches.
Perri Elastime: That is much better.
Fennimore gets up gingerly and experiences not a twinge of pain.
High King Ran departs.
Perri Elastime experimentally jumps.
Fennimore: Oh well, I guess I can't spend all day lounging in bed and being catered to by the King's help.
Rael Octavius gives Fennimore a sidelong glance.
Perri Elastime: I haven't felt that injured in ages.
Perri Elastime: I don't think I will have any new scars.
Fennimore: Now, don't go reinjuring yourself before you start your classwork.
Perri Elastime: How much trouble could we get into here in the castle?
Fennimore: Quite a bit.
Rael Octavius: Depends on what you do.
Perri Elastime: Hopefully, no one will attack us here.
Fennimore: Hopefully.
Rael Octavius: Not physically, most likely.
Rael Octavius: Psychologically, socially, maybe.
Fennimore: Rael, you're not helping me feel better about this.
Rael Octavius: Just stay out of court and you will be fine.
Perri Elastime: An uppercut to the jaw usually takes the wind out of the gasbags sails.
Fennimore: I prefer to avoid their attention entirely.
Rael Octavius: Physical violence gets you removed to a jail cell.
Rael Octavius: Fennimore has the idea.
Rael Octavius: I would like to watch. May I?
Perri Elastime: Can we go to the bailey?
Rael Octavius: By all means.
Perri Elastime: I'll try to remember not to pop the gasbags.
Rael Octavius smiles and leads the way to the bailey.
Rael Octavius: This way.
Perri Elastime: What do we do about the chest?
Rael Octavius: You can retrieve it later. It is safe here for now.
Perri Elastime: Good, I wouldn't want him to think that I would punch his courtiers.
Perri Elastime: You can watch the lesson if you want, Rael, if that is what you were asking.
Rael Octavius: Oh, thank you.
The trio, led by Rael, make their way out of the keep and through a portcullis into the outer bailey. As Perri arrives, along with Fennimore and Rael, several guards are stationed around the bailey.
Rael Octavius: Security for the King. This is good.
The guards invite the visitors to ascend the stairs to view from the wall.
Perri Elastime looks around.
Fennimore: Should be a good view from up here.
Fennimore: I never get to see anything from above.
The double-doors on the main outbuilding swing open and the King flanked by two guards enter the bailey.
High King Ran sports a suit of his own studded leather and a rapier hangs at his side.
Perri Elastime tries to relax.
High King Ran [Elvish]: Greetings, my student of The Bladesong.
Fennimore (whispering to Rael Octavius): What did he say?
Rael Octavius (whispering to Fennimore): Greetings, my student of The Blade Song.
Perri Elastime [Elvish]: I await to learn, my Bladesong Mentor.
Rael Octavius (whispering): They'll speak in Elvish as is tradition.
Fennimore: Don't feel like you have to translate the whole session for me. I'll just watch.
High King Ran slowly draws his rapier and brings it up to his face, point up.
High King Ran [Elvish]: Repeat and mirror me, my student.
Perri Elastime slowly draws her rapier and mirrors the King.
High King Ran lightly steps in a circle to his right and slashes with his blade twice.
Perri Elastime circles right and slashes with her blade twice.
High King Ran thrusts at Perri, but not to pierce.
Fennimore is enthralled at first, but his attention starts to wander.
Perri Elastime can't help but bend a bit to avoid the blade. She thrusts in return at the King with her blade.
High King Ran smiles.
High King Ran [Elvish]: Again to the left.
High King Ran repeats the steps to the left.
Fennimore counts the number of guards atop the wall, gauging strengths and weaknesses, watching to see who is watching the session below and who is paying attention to the outer wall.
Perri Elastime circles left and repeats.
High King Ran [Elvish]: Again, right then left, matching me.
Perri Elastime does her best to follow his directions.
High King Ran [Elvish]: Good.
Perri Elastime smiles.
Fennimore brings his attention back to the mock duel below him.
They repeat this pattern twice more and then move on to a more complicated pattern, repeating it until Perri is comfortable. It does not take as long as she might expect.
High King Ran [Elvish]: It should start feeling natural.
Perri Elastime relaxes into the training, allowing her body to move with the rhythms of the pattern.
Perri Elastime [Elvish]: It is becoming easier.
Fennimore (whispering to Rael Octavius): Looks like Miss Perri is handling herself well.
Rael Octavius (whispering to Fennimore): Indeed.
High King Ran leads Perri through a half dozen patterns over the next hour, crossing blades and dancing faster and faster. By the end, their blades are unmistakable singing as they whirl around the yard.
Perri Elastime laughs breathlessly as their blades begin to sing.
Fennimore (whispering to Rael Octavius): Those Knives will be surprised the next time they cross paths with her.
Rael Octavius (whispering to Fennimore): Definitely.
The lesson continues on for another half hour before they bow to each other and sheath their rapiers.
High King Ran [Elvish]: Most impressive, my pupil. It has been an honor.
Perri Elastime [Elvish]: It is my honor to learn from you, my Mentor.
High King Ran: It took me three lessons before my blade managed to sing. This was a special treat.
The strange feeling of being watched overcomes Perri and Fennimore again.
Fennimore, with his eye for detail, checks the bailey for hidden creatures.
High King Ran: There will be some contact as we progress, but not the first lesson or even the second, most likely.
Perri Elastime (whispering to King Ran): Someone takes an unusual interest.
Fennimore: Forget-me-not? Is that you?
Perri Elastime rubs the back of her neck while looking around.
High King Ran moves his eyes about, scanning, but not showing any other sign of awareness.
High King Ran makes eye contact with one of his guards and scowls.
Perri Elastime grins up at her friends.
Fennimore (whispering to Rael Octavius): It feels like we are being watched. Do you sense that?
Fennimore waves at Perri.
Rael Octavius (whispering to Fennimore): Sense what?
The guards all suddenly spring into action and move to surround the King.
Perri Elastime tries to feel where the gaze is coming from.
Fennimore: Um, that?
Fennimore points to the guards.
The guards have the King back up and exit the bailey through the double doors. A couple of other guards direct Perri and the others toward the portcullis where they entered earlier.
Fennimore: Looks like the castle is on lockdown.
Fennimore: I wonder what raised the alarm?
Perri Elastime: I got that prickly, hunted feeling again.
Fennimore: Me too.
Fennimore: Rael? You didn't feel anything?
Rael Octavius: No, but something is going on.
Fennimore: Perri and I felt the same thing shortly before we were attacked this morning.
Perri Elastime: Well, at least I'm all warmed up.
Fennimore: And healed up too.
Perri Elastime: Yes, that too.
Rael Octavius: We should be moving out of here.
Fennimore: Lead the way. We're right behind you.
Rael Octavius moves towards the portcullis, head on a swivel.
Perri Elastime looks for danger.
Fennimore: Where's that damned bard when you need him. We need someone to draw fire.
There are no enemies visible in the area but you do start hearing the whizzing of arrows overhead.
Perri Elastime: Let's stick close together this time.
Perri Elastime draws her rapier.
Perri moves toward portcullis and sees a tiny, indistinct creature round the corner.
Perri Elastime: What is that?
Perri Elastime points with her rapier.
Perri's blade begins to sing as it was during the training.
Fennimore moves close to Perri to get a glimpse of what she saw.
Fennimore sees the same indistinct creature.
Fennimore dashes ahead to close with the strange creature.
Fennimore sees three of these creatures who begin to dart towards him.
Fennimore: Ah, there's 3 of them!
Perri Elastime: Hey, I thought we were sticking together.
Fennimore: Well get your slow, singing rapier up here.
Perri Elastime: Alright, you rotund maniac.
Now that one is right up on Perri after it quickly dropped Fennimore to the ground, she can see they are quicklings...of the Winter Court.
Perri Elastime: Ah, damn. Winter Court quicklings.
The first one that was seen moves forward and throws a dagger at Perri, but if flies astray.
Rael Octavius fires a guiding bolt at the nearest quickling, but it misses.
Rael Octavius moves up behind Perri as the double-doors burst open.
High King Ran [Sylvan]: Back to the Feywild with you!
High King Ran bursts through the doors and launches a flurry of magic missiles at two of the quicklings, dropping the one in front of Perri. He then charges up to the one nearest Fennimore to engage it, blade singing as he approaches.
The last quickly charges up to the King, stabbing at it three times and hitting once.
Perri follows the King's lead and casts her own magic missiles, one at the injured quickly, hoping it is enough to stop it, and two at the remaining on. The one missile proves to be enough, so there is one quickling remaining.
Perri Elastime moves between the remaining quickling and Fennimore.
Rael Octavius rushes forward to help Fennimore.
Rael Octavius lays his hands upon the halfling and heals him.
Fennimore: Oh, that hurt. Thanks, Rael. I think I'm going back to bed now.
High King Ran skewers the last quickly with his rapier.
Perri Elastime: We gotta stop finding trouble like this, Fenn.
High King Ran: I should have known Mab would be this way about it.
Rael Octavius: Can you walk, Fennimore?
Fennimore: I think so.
Fennimore stands up.
High King Ran: Back to the infirmary with you then.
Perri Elastime: Mab's an icy bitch.
Fennimore: That sounds like a great idea, Your Highness.
High King Ran nods and smiles wanly.
Perri Elastime: I'll help you, Fennimore.
Fennimore: Um? Who's Mab?
Rael Octavius shrugs.
Perri Elastime: The Queen of the Winter Court.
High King Ran: Yes, not a very nice one either.
Fennimore: And she's upset that you're from The Summer Court and being trained by the High King?
Perri Elastime: Someday I'll show my scars from my time there.
Fennimore: Feels his wounds. I think I got a couple today too.
High King Ran: Come this way.
High King Ran leads you through the double doors.
Perri Elastime: Here, lean on me.
Fennimore leans heavily on Perri to try to keep pace with the King.
High King Ran: I am sure there are more of those infernal critters lurking around. They showed up all around the castle.
Perri Elastime: They like to hurt people.
Perri Elastime: Inside too?
High King Ran personally escorts the trio back to the infirmary.
High King Ran: They could not enter the palace but they appeared throughout the rest of the castle.
Perri Elastime: Hopefully that drained the Winter Lady's magic for a while.
As you enter the infirmary, you find that there are several beds already occupied by wounded guards.
Fennimore finds his bed and crawls back in.
Fennimore: I think I'll stay here for a while.
High King Ran: I lost many, but they were no match for my High Lords. I am sorry that I left you out there, but my guards were doing their jobs.
Perri Elastime: Fenn, you just rest.
High King Ran: Please do stay, and thank you for defending my pupil.
Perri Elastime (to King Ran): I'm sorry I brought trouble with me.
High King Ran: It is troublesome but not unexpected. I will put up some more defenses against the Fey. I will need to devise a way to vail you so they cannot keep targeting you.
High King Ran: At least until you have grown stronger.
Rael Octavius: I would be more than willing to assist.
High King Ran: I would appreciate it, Master Octavius. Keep some protections around them both if you can.
Perri Elastime: Do you think she sent that murderer after me too?
Perri Elastime: I guess you are stuck with us, Rael.
Rael Octavius: Stuck? No. It is an honor.
Fennimore groans quietly.
Rael Octavius pats Fennimore and releases more healing energy into him.
Rael Octavius: That should help you sleep more comfortably.
Fennimore: You'd best save that in case any of those things are still lurking about.
Fennimore: Thanks, Rael
Perri Elastime: We have to get better at working together.
Fennimore: Wake me for dinner and supper, and maybe midnight snack too.
Rael Octavius laughs.
Rael Octavius: Can not have you miss a meal, especially when you are healing.
Perri Elastime: Of course. You might waste away to nothing.
Fennimore: We can't have that happen. Mother would be so worried.
Fennimore: Besides, eating is the best way to heal up.
Perri Elastime: And recharge. I feel quite drained.
High King Ran: I will leave you to it. I have things to attend to as you can imagine.
High King Ran departs the infirmary.
Fennimore: Looks like the healers have a few cots open. I think they can make room for you too, Perri.
Perri Elastime: I'm just tired. A nap before tea would be good.
Rael Octavius: I am drained. I think I will take a chair here and rest for a bit.
Perri Elastime climbs into one of the empty cots close by. I'll watch over you. You sleep, Fennimore.
Fennimore drifts off to sleep.
Perri Elastime rests but stays aware to fend off danger and make sure all meals are accounted for.


posted Jun 20, 2020, 12:19 PM by Stephen Pliska-Matyshak

Nonotina 22nd, Year One of the Reign of High King Ran

The day following the eating contest, Perri needs to be at the castle early. Fortunately, the overeating isn't as bad as the overdrinking. She is ready to go with plenty of time for breakfast.
Rael departed once the two eaters retired to their rooms, sleeping in his own bed for the first time in over a week. He arrives at The Fiery Stag as breakfast is being served.
Perri Elastime eats a moderate breakfast: oatmeal, eggs, bacon, coffee, toast and jam.
Rael Octavius: Good day, Perri. Rest well?
Perri Elastime: Yes, I feel good this morning.
Rael Octavius: Where is our rotund friend?
Perri Elastime: Come have some breakfast.
Rael Octavius sit at the table with Perri.
Rael Octavius: I ate already, thanks.
Fennimore: Yes, please join us before Perri turns into a halfling.
Rael Octavius: Oh, there you are. How did I miss you, Fenn?
Fennimore: I'm small and easy to overlook.
Rael Octavius: Perri isn't that big yet.
Perri Elastime: Not yet, but if I really, really work at it, maybe someday.
Rael Octavius: Then you'll be a jolly fat elf, eh?
Fennimore: You seem to be well on your way.
Rael Octavius: Really? She is still as thin as a rail.
Perri Elastime: Yes, all 95 pounds of me.
Fennimore: I'll buy you a red suit with white fur cuffs.
Perri Elastime pats her belly.
Fennimore: 95? See, she outweighs me already.
Rael Octavius: I imagine it is hard to bladesing if you are overweight.
Perri Elastime: I don't know. Maybe bladesinging burns off fat.
Rael Octavius: I'm sure it does.
Rael Octavius: It's an arcane burn.
Fennimore: Well, I guess that's a profession I'll never be taking up.
Fennimore pats his robust tummy.
Perri Elastime: That's alright. We need soft halflings too in life.
Rael Octavius smiles.
Fennimore sniffs.
Fennimore: Who you calling soft?
Perri Elastime: You are jiggly like jelly.
Rael Octavius: I am pretty certain you have not been eating rocks.
Fennimore: Rocks are hard on the chompers. I need to keep them sharp for tastier treats.
Fennimore: Talk about an arcane burn. I don't think you'll be needing those lessons.
Perri Elastime: I think the lessons will be fun.
Rael Octavius: Speaking of lessons, should you not be off to them now?
Perri Elastime: The King said mid-day. That is lunchtime.
Rael Octavius: Oh, right. Sometimes it is hard to tell when mid-day is.
Perri Elastime: Well, it is after breakfast and snack.
Fennimore: And elevenses.
Perri Elastime: I wouldn't want to miss a chance to eat.
Rael Octavius: I ought to head over there sooner for court.
Perri Elastime: I could head toward the castle, but I hate doing nothing and just waiting.
Fennimore: I don't know. After yesterday, I don't think I should visit the castle anytime soon.
Rael Octavius: There are plenty of shops along the road leading up to the gates. You could do some window shopping.
Perri Elastime: What? The King was quite nice to you.
Rael Octavius: It couldn't have been that bad...could it have been?
Fennimore: I was thinking of afterward.
Perri Elastime: What, you mean talking with everyone while trying to figure out if they want to stab you?
Rael Octavius frowns.
Perri Elastime: What? I have been stabbed by several marquees already in my life.
Perri Elastime: Shopping could be fun. I need some hair dye and some beads.
Fennimore: That, and then discovering I, uh, we had been duped by You-Know-Who.
Perri Elastime: Oh, yeah. Forgot about that.
Rael Octavius: At least Forget-Me-Not doesn't make a habit of stabbing people.
Fennimore: I hope not.
Perri Elastime: She probably thinks you are cute and wants to eat you up.
Rael Octavius smirks.
Fennimore: Everybody thinks that.
Fennimore smiles and winks.
Fennimore: It's my boyish charm.
Perri Elastime: And of course setting you up is how she says she likes you.
Fennimore: Great.
Rael Octavius: Come. Walk with me. I'll show where to start shopping. I'll come and check on you when you are done with your lesson.
Perri Elastime: Or maybe that is just the Fey.
Fennimore: Remind me not to visit your family.
Perri Elastime: You said you would like to visit. Backing out already?
Rael Octavius gets up from his seat and leaves a few copper on the table as a tip.
Perri Elastime: Come on. Let's see if the shops have anything interesting.
Perri Elastime stands and checks to see that her gear is in order.
Fennimore: Yes, shopping sounds better than being eaten, poked, prodded, or teased.
Perri Elastime: Aw. Do I tease too much?
Perri Elastime pays her bill.
Fennimore: Never.
Perri Elastime grins.
Perri Elastime: Are you ready?
Rael Octavius: I will meet you out front. I need to clean up that scorch mark on the bulletin board.
Fennimore pays his bill.
Fennimore: Let's go.
Rael Octavius walks toward the door.
Perri Elastime: How is your Mama doing, Fennimore?
Rael Octavius: After waiting a moment, Rael exits the inn.
Fennimore: Now that it's light again, we should check on her.
Perri Elastime: Good plan.
Perri Elastime exits the inn.
Fennimore follows Perri.
Rael Octavius stands before the bulletin board casting a spell.
Perri Elastime checks the notices for anything interesting.
Rael Octavius: My father posts most of them. We'll have to wait for him to return from Tesalurk...unless the King gives me one to post.
Perri Elastime: Exciting times.
Fennimore: Do know about any of the postings your father left? There are a few of interest there.
Rael Octavius: That was quite a scorch mark. It took two tries to fix that.
Fennimore frowns.
Rael Octavius: I don't know specifics. He posts general ads, but keeps the specifics to himself.
Rael Octavius: I could venture a guess on a couple of them though.
Perri Elastime: And leaves for out of town?
Fennimore: There is one that mentions finding things?
Rael Octavius: This is a side project of his, so it waits when he is traveling.
Fennimore: Pity, I hope he returns safely from Tesalurk, and soon too.
Perri Elastime: I bet we could find whatever he needs.
Rael Octavius: I'm sure we could. That finding things one could refer to almost anything. Trinkets, secrets, captives, fugitives; a lot of things.
Perri Elastime sighs.
Fennimore: Hmm, count me as interested.
Rael Octavius: Shall we?
Perri Elastime: Let's go.
Fennimore: Well, we have a plan for today anyway. Let's go.
The trio head towards the castle and enter the main road that leads to the gates. Shops of all kinds line each side of the street.
Perri Elastime: You know what you need, Fennimore?
Perri Elastime: A handsome hat with a feather.
Fennimore: I try not to buy anything that extravagant. I don't like drawing attention to myself.
Rael Octavius (pointing at a shop): Hats are there.
Perri Elastime: It doesn't have to be extravagant. It can be very tasteful.
Fennimore: I do have new clothes waiting at the haberdashery by The Rogue Spoon. It's a short walk from here.
Perri Elastime: Do they have feathers in the hat store?
Fennimore: Maybe a hat without the feather.
Fennimore: Something with a broad brim to keep the suns out of my eyes.
Rael Octavius: You have plenty of time to retrieve your purchase. I need to get to court.
Perri Elastime: How about a dapper ribbon on the brim.
Fennimore: I shall deliver Miss Perri to the bailey by mid-day.
Perri Elastime: See you later, Rael.
Rael Octavius: Ciao.
Fennimore: Bye.
Rael Octavius heads for the castle gate.
Fennimore: Phew.
Fennimore: He gives me the creeps.
Perri Elastime frowns.
Perri Elastime: Why? He is a little stiff but not really bad.
Fennimore: It's like he could see right through me last night, and he caught Forget-Me-Not in the act of stealing the amulet.
Fennimore: I don't think anyone has come that close to catching her before.
The pair feel an odd sensation as they walk down the street.
Perri Elastime: Hmm.
Perri Elastime looks around.
Fennimore looks around to see if they are being watched or followed.
Perri Elastime has felt something like this before in the Feywild.
Perri Elastime: I've felt something like this before. Maybe something is hunting us?
Perri Elastime looks for foes or scrying.
Fennimore thinks to himself, "Forget-Me-Not, are you there?"
The feeling seems to fade.
Fennimore: You sure? Maybe we're just a little paranoid right now.
Perri Elastime puts her hand on her rapier and darts across the street.
Fennimore: Where are you going?
Fennimore follows her, looking to see what she is chasing.
Perri Elastime looks to see if the sudden change in direction reveals anyone.
Perri Elastime seems to forget suddenly why you are searching for anything other than clothes, shoes, gear, etc.
Perri Elastime (whispering): Being paranoid does not mean that there is...
Perri Elastime: I wanted feathers.
Fennimore: Maybe you're right. But, If you think something is out there, the best thing is to get off the street. Let's get inside the hat shop. See if anyone follows us.
Fennimore: Feathers?
Fennimore: Are you feeling alright?
Perri Elastime: Good idea.
Perri Elastime: I'm fine.
Fennimore takes another look around to see if anyone is watching them.
Perri Elastime: goes into the hat shop looking for doodads.
Fennimore just sees common folk doing common things.
Fennimore joins Perri in the hat shop.
Perri Elastime: You should get a handsome hat to keep the sun out of your eyes.
There are all manner of hat in this shop from simple work hats to top hats to fancy dress hats.
Fennimore looks at the plainer hats, searching for something with a broad brim.
Perri Elastime looks at the fancy decorations for stuff to tie into her hair.
Fennimore finds a plain, dark, wide-brimmed hat with a shallow bowl.
Perri Elastime: It needs a hatband.
Perri finds an assortment of ribbons, pins and combs.
Shopkeeper: Finding everything alright?
Fennimore: But nothing too dapper. Not really my style. Dark, mysterious, unobtrusive, that's better.
Fennimore: Yes, sir. My companion here is looking for feathers for her hair.
Shopkeeper: Feathers, you say? Certainly.
Perri Elastime: I need beautiful, shiny, pretty.
Fennimore: And I like this bush hat, but she thinks it needs a hatband.
Fennimore keeps an eye on the door and passers-by in the street as they do their shopping
Shopkeeper: It is not meant to have a hatband, but I might be able to work something out.
Perri Elastime: It does. A double-sided one. Bright on one side, dark grey on the other.
Fennimore scowls at Perri.
Fennimore: Actually, I like it just fine without the band.
Perri Elastime: He has no fashion sense.
Fennimore: Hmph.
Shopkeeper smiles.
Perri Elastime: But he can get away with it cause he is cute.
Shopkeeper: I have ancient raven feathers. Would you like to see them?
Perri Elastime: Oh, yes.
Fennimore: Ancient Raven? Sounds expensive.
Perri Elastime: I'm going to get a job.
The shopkeeper goes over to the counter and produces a shimmering feather with a rainbow of colors that seems to flow as he moves it about.
Fennimore: You have a job. You're the King's student, remember.
Perri Elastime: Oooo! I like that. How much?
Fennimore: Wow.
Shopkeeper: Two gold.
Perri Elastime checks the contents of her pouch.
Perri Elastime: One gold? I need to have lunch and dinner.
Shopkeeper eyes Perri.
Shopkeeper: Very well. One gold.
Perri Elastime pays the shop keeper one gold.
Fennimore: How much for the hat...and hatband?
Perri Elastime: Thank you. It is so beautiful!
Shopkeeper: Two gold.
Fennimore sighs.
Fennimore: You were generous to m'lady. I won't try to haggle you down.
Shopkeeper nods and smiles.
Fennimore pays the two gold.
Fennimore: You had any trouble around here lately?
Shopkeeper: Trouble? No. This close to the castle gates is the safest place in "The City."
Perri Elastime removes a dried brittle leaf from her hair and replaces it with the feather, firmly wapping the tip in place, right there in the shop.
Perri Elastime puts the dried leaf in her coin purse.
Fennimore: Good to know.
Perri Elastime puts her purse away.
Fennimore: What do you think, Perri? Ready?
Perri Elastime: Yes, let's go.
Fennimore: We still have a couple hours. Let's get my outfit.
Perri Elastime: Okay.
Fennimore: Maybe whatever was hunting us will follow and we can wile it out.
The pair leave the hat shop and head west away from the castle. The streets are bustling with folk.
Perri Elastime: I'll keep an eye out. Hunters usually don't disappear. They back off.
Fennimore considers whether he should introduce Perri to Madame Robert, then thinks better of it.
Fennimore (as they walk): Perri, can you keep a secret? From the King and Rael?
Perri Elastime: Of course I can keep a secret.
Fennimore: It may get you in trouble.
Perri Elastime: They might have magic that could compel me to tell them something, but I wouldn't tell on my own.
Perri Elastime: Trouble always finds me. This is nothing new.
Fennimore: Hopefully, they are more likely to try to compel me.
Fennimore: Well, I wasn't completely truthful with Rael last night. Do you want the dirty truth?
Perri Elastime: Is the street somewhere to discuss this? But, yes.
Perri Elastime: I want to know what is going on.
Fennimore: I know of more discreet places, but sometimes a crowd can be plenty anonymous.
Perri Elastime: Okay, if you find it safe enough.
Fennimore: Rael knew I was lying to him at first, but when I told him about Forget-Me-Not, he let me off the hook. He shouldn't have stopped there.
Perri Elastime: Mind control?
Fennimore: Rael? I don't think so. Just very good at telling the difference. Kind of like a paladin. Probably a useful trait to learn in court.
Fennimore: Anyway, she's been following me about and I've been feeding her news. I wanted to turn her attention to the bard.
Fennimore: He's the one who got me in all this trouble to start with and I wanted a little revenge on his rhyming, hairless toes.
Perri Elastime: I know he is loud and obnoxious but I didn't know he was such a troublemaker.
Fennimore: A regular ole thistle patch. He barges in where he isn't wanted. He tried to steal the amulet for Astrid and then went to the King to try to trap Forget-Me-Not.
Perri Elastime: So why did Rael drop the issue?
Fennimore: Who knows. Maybe be got distracted when Forget-Me-Not showed up and tried to steal back the Amulet from my pack.
Perri Elastime: You and Forget-Me-Not are working together?
Fennimore: Maybe he accepted that she was going to cause me trouble, which was truthful enough. Just not the whole truth.
Fennimore: We were.
Fennimore: Even last night.
Fennimore: She gets in my head. Telepathy or something weird.
Perri Elastime: At times you do seem distracted.
Fennimore: If she comes back, I'll have to work on that.
The pair have made their way to the center of the city and are approaching the North Market when their conversation is interrupted.
Perri Elastime: I'll help you any way I can.
Fennimore: I'm going to need it.
Thug: New friend, there, chubby?
Fennimore: What's it to you?
Perri Elastime: Yeah, I have a new friend and I am not chubby yet.
Thug: You've been making waves and The Knives don't like it.
Fennimore: I suppose you think you can sharpen your knife on me?
The thug pulls out a mace.
Thug: Dulling you, dullard.
Perri Elastime draws her rapier.
The thug keeps glancing over to his left.
Perri Elastime looks for other enemies.
Fennimore (to Perri Elastime): There's probably more of them around the corner to our right.
Perri Elastime casts a firebolt at the thug, striking him. She then instinctively goes into a fighting stance, her rapier ringing as she swishes it into a position to defend herself.
Fennimore: Your mace looks a little small. You'll need to come closer if you're going to dull anyone.
The thug doesn't take kindly to the firebolt and charges the elf.
He swings his mace at Perri twice but misses both times.
Perri Elastime: I think your weapon is too heavy for you.
A second thug comes around the corner with a heavy crossbow and takes aim at the halfling.
The bolt goes astray.
Fennimore eyes up the thug with the crossbow and the fires an arrow at him with his bow. The arrow misses its target. Fennimore then slides back out of sight behind the building.
Perri Elastime: We've got three, Fennimore.
A third thug comes around the corner and aims at the elf with his heavy crossbow.
The bolt flies off down the street.
Perri Elastime slides in between the first two thugs and strikes the first with her blade that has suddenly burst into green flame. Flame leaps to the other one.
Perri Elastime moves so she is not between them, throwing up a magical shield as a reaction to the thug's attempt to hit her as she retreats.
Fennimore: Where are you going, Perri?
Perri Elastime: Not far. Get your furry toes into the fight.
Fennimore: Yes, ma'am!
The first thug runs after the elf and swings. The shield continues to protect her.
The second thug chases after the elf, dropping his crossbow and drawing his own mace.
The thug flails at the elf but has no luck getting past her magical shield.
Fennimore moves back into range a the thugs begin to gather around Perri. He focuses his attention on the first thug and fires an arrow, hitting him.
The third thug also drops his crossbow and rushes the elf with his mace.
Fennimore: Hey, I'm the one you're looking for!
The thugs can't get around Perri's shield.
Perri Elastime whirls her rapier around her and translucent blades burst forth around her.
The burst erupting from Perri strikes two of the three thugs.
The first thug continues to attack the elf who renews her magical shield. However, the thug manages to power past the defense and hammers her with his mace, knocking her a bit senseless for a moment. His second strike misses, however.
The second thug misses, bouncing off the renewed shield.
Fennimore continues to focus on the first thug and fire another arrow at him before rushing forward, dropping his bow, and drawing his rapier.
Fennimore's arrow takes the first thug out.
A crossbow bolt comes out of nowhere and drops the third thug.
Perri Elastime thrusts her rapier into the remaining thug, but he remains standing.
Forget-Me-Not (to Perri Elastime): You owe me.
Thug: What?
The thug is looking down at this fallen comrade. You both notice the fletching on the bolt that struck down the other thugs are pale blue.
He wildly swings at the elf and knocks her out.
Fennimore thrusts his rapier at the thug but misses.
The thug turns on Fennimore.
He clocks him once with his mace.
Fennimore: Tell your pointy-headed boss, I don't want to join any club that would have me.
Fennimore jabs the thug a good one.
The thug tries to return the favor.
Both swings miss.
Fennimore misses as well.
The thug continues swinging at the halfling.
The thug clubs Fennimore twice.
Fennimore manages another stab at the thug who nearly doubles over from the strike, but remains standing.
Fennimore: Forget-Me-Not, if you're here, I could use some help.
Another blue-fletched crossbow bolt comes out of nowhere and hits the thug right between the eyes. It falls dead in the street.
Forget-Me-Not (to Fennimore): We really need to do something about The Knives.
Fennimore: I'll say, this last one hurt.
Forget-Me-Not (to Fennimore): Take care of your friend.
Fennimore tends to Perri's wounds.
Fennimore: Care to introduce yourself?
Perri lies unconscious in the street, but Fennimore manages to stop the bleeding.
Dee Strongbones: Fenn? Is that you?
Fennimore: We're lucky we had help or we'd both be looking up at the daisies.
Fennimore: Dee?
Dee Strongbones: What the heck!
Fennimore: Where were you a couple of minutes ago?
Fennimore: Yeah, I seem to have made some enemies among The Knives.
Dee Strongbones: I heard a scuffle and came running.
Dee Strongbones: Is she alive?
Fennimore: We're both worse for wear, but I think we'll live if we don't take any more bashing.
Fennimore: Let me introduce you to Perri Elastime, recently of the Fae Court, and new apprentice to the King.
Dee Strongbones: Apprentice? King?
Fennimore: Perri, this is my long time friend Dee Strongbones.
Fennimore: Oh, I guess she's worse that I thought.
Dee Strongbones: We need to find you some help and fast. Do those crossbow bolts have blue fletching?
Fennimore: Can you help me get her to the castle? Maybe someone there can help her.
Dee Strongbones: Yup.
Fennimore: Blue, yeah, I suppose they do.
Dee Strongbones turns and whistles loudly.
Fennimore: Best not to mention the bolts to anyone.
Dee Strongbones: I can't hang around, but the watch will be here in a moment.
Fennimore winks.
Dee Strongbones: You might want to hide them quickly.
Dee Strongbones slips into the shadows and disappears.
Fennimore: Got it.
Fennimore yanks the bolts from the dead bodies and stuffs them in his pack.
Fennimore (to no one in particular): Why am I doing this again?
A watchman comes running down the street and sees Fennimore kneeling over Perri and the three dead thugs.
Watchman: What is going on here?
Fennimore: Help! We've been attacked.
Fennimore: The Knives were going after the King's Apprentice. She needs medical attention quickly.
Watchman approaches closer.
Fennimore: Hurry, man.
Watchman: Aye. King's apprentice? Oh, my.
Fennimore: We need to get her to the castle.
The watchman removes a bell from a pouch and begins ringing it.
About a minute later, four more warchmen arrive, one of them being Chet.
Watchman: We need to get this elven one to the castle. The Knives have gotten out of hand.
Fennimore: Is one of you a medic? She needs help.
Watchman checks Perri.
Watchman: No more than you have already done. We'll carry her to the castle.
Fennimore: Gently now. She's the King's new apprentice.
Two of the watchmen pick up Perri and begin toward the castle. Chet remains with the fallen Knives.
Watchman: Follow them, master halfling.
Fennimore watches Chet for a second, then trots off after Perri.
The watchmen rush Perri to the castle where a group of castle guards is starting to secure the bailey for what would have been a training session. Chet has since run past to alert the castle that a Perri is on the way. Rael is running out to meet the watchmen carrying the elf when they arrive.
Rael Octavius: Oh, my! What happened?
Fennimore: Rael, we were waylaid by The Knives.
Rael Octavius: Let me help, quickly. Lie her down.
Rael Octavius casts a spell.
Rael Octavius: That ought to help.
Rael Octavius: Perri?
Perri regains consciousness.
Perri Elastime: Mmm, shopping sucks big heaping wads.
Perri Elastime: Ow.
Rael Octavius: You look not much better, Fenn.
Perri Elastime: Fenn, you okay?
Fennimore: Next time, try not to get into the middle of the fight.
Rael Octavius casts a spell on Fenn, as well.
Fennimore: Now that you mention it. I've got a splitting headache where that last one bashed me with his mace.
Perri Elastime: Right.
Fennimore: Oh, that helps, but I'm not doing any more shopping today.
Perri Elastime: I wonder why they were after me?
Fennimore: Maybe they discovered your special status.
Perri Elastime: Maybe they wanted my new feather.
Fennimore looks to see if her feather was bashed during the fight.
The feather looks surprisingly untouched.
Perri Elastime: Thank you, Rael.
Fennimore: You're lucky. Your feather survived all the bashing and smashing.
Fennimore: Rael, can we come inside? I feel exposed out here.
Perri and Fennimore are taken into the castle and fixed up in the infirmary.
Chet returns to check on Perri and Fennimore in the infirmary, later on, carrying a simple coffer.
Chet: You two deserve this. It's the reward for taking down a notorious murder.
Fennimore: Notorious, huh? I wish I'd pay more attention to the wanted posters.
Chet: Here is the 2000 gold reward to split between the two of you.
Perri Elastime: Whoa! That's a lot.
Perri Elastime: He almost murdered us.
Chet: Did I not mention notorious?
Perri Elastime: We need to work on our tactics, Fenn. Almost dying is not a good plan.
Fennimore: You can say that again.
Perri Elastime: Who was he?
Chet: Borgk.
Fennimore: Sounds like his mother choked on him.
Chet: It is thought he was part orc or hobgoblin or something like that.
Fennimore: I think you're gonna be a day late, while you heal up, missy.


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Nonotina 13th, Year One of the Reign of High King Ran

You have a pleasant and filling meal with Fennimore's ma Flora, but need to be getting back to The Fiery Stag before the weather gets too bad.
Perri Elastime: Thank you for the lovely meal, but we should be going before the weather gets too nasty.
Flora: You are welcome.
Fennimore: Thanks for a good meal, ma. Nothing like home cooking, but we better get going now. We have rooms at The Fiery Stag if you need me. Otherwise, I'll stop by or have Dee look in on you soon.
Flora: I'll be fine. If you could stop by the market on the way and make sure the tarps are secure, though.
Fennimore: Absolutely. I'll make sure everything is buttoned up tight.
Flora: Thank you, sonny.
Perri Elastime: Oh, we could do that.
Fennimore: We best be going now. Perri, you ready?
Perri Elastime: Yes.
Flora: I'll let you be on your way.
Fennimore: Love you, ma.
Flora kisses Fennimore on the cheek.
Fennimore blushes.
Perri Elastime: Have a good night, Lady Flora.
Flora: You two be careful out there.
Fennimore pulls on his cloak and ties it close around him to keep out the cold.
Perri Elastime: I'll keep him safe.
Fennimore smiles at Perri.
Perri Elastime pats her sword.
Fennimore steps to the door.
The wind is whipping around outside.
Perri Elastime: Whoa it's blustery.
Fennimore shouts over the wind, "Stay safe inside, ma."
Perri Elastime: Let's hurry and check the tarps.
Fennimore: You can say that again. Haven't seen weather like this in forever.
Perri Elastime: I'm glad it is not a common occurrence.
Fennimore leads the way towards the marketplace.
Perri Elastime follows closely, watching for trouble.
The two of you make your way towards the market. Fennimore notices the tracks of dogs or something as you approach.
Fennimore stops to examine the tracks more closely.
Fennimore: Do you recognize these?
Perri Elastime takes a look.
Perri Elastime: Strange. They walk on two legs. Dogs?
Perri Elastime draws her sword.
Fennimore: Two-legged dogs?
Fennimore looks around to see what made the tracks.
Perri Elastime looks around too.
Neither of you see what might have made the tracks.
Perri Elastime: Where is your mum's store?
Fennimore hears a burst of odd guttural laughter from up ahead.
Fennimore: Ma's cart is on the other side of the square. Let's make sure it is tied down tight. Wait, did hear that?
Perri Elastime: All I hear is wind.
Fennimore: Maybe it was the wind, but it sounded more like a deep laugh to me.
Perri Elastime makes sure her spell components are at hand.
Fennimore readies his bow.
Fennimore spots something to the north among the stalls as he moves forward.
Fennimore (whispering to Perri Elastime): There's something in the stalls to the north.
Perri Elastime looks north.
You can't see anything that way due to the blowing snow, but Fennimore is sure he saw something.
Perri Elastime moves north trying to see.
Perri moves forward and gets to the corner of a stall when she sees a young gnoll rummaging in another stall nearby.
Perri Elastime: Hey are you hungry?
The gnoll turns startled and growls.
Perri Elastime: It doesn't seem friendly.
The gnoll brandishes a club and bares its teeth.
Fennimore: Definitely not friendly.
Perri Elastime: Fennimore is this your mum's store?
Perri Elastime brandishes her own sword defensively and a blade song rises from it.
Fennimore uses the closest stall to hide behind as he sneaks towards the gnoll.
Fennimore fires an arrow at the gnoll and hits it.
The gnoll shrieks and collapses.
Fennimore: There may be more them around.
You hear scuffling and growls from the other side of the group of stalls this gnoll was ransacking.
Perri Elastime: Are they bad guys?
Fennimore: Definitely. I'm surprised they are in the city at all.
Fennimore: Must have snuck in under the cover of the darkness.
Perri Elastime: Okay. I will protect you.
Perri Elastime moves towards the growls.
There is a growl from nearby.
Fennimore: Can't see a thing in this darkness.
Fennimore: It's as dark as a Stygian night out here.
Perri Elastime: It's not the darkness, it's the blowing snow. It is near white-out.
Another gnoll witherling growls loudly and reveals itself between the stalls.
Perri steps up to the gnoll and thrusts her ringing sword at the gnoll, hitting it.
Perri severely damages the gnoll, but it remains standing.
Fennimore sneakily moves to get a better shot and looses an arrow, which hits.
The second gnoll falls to the ground.
Another gnoll rounds the corner and attacks Perri with its club as well as its bite.
Both attacks hit and heavily wound the elf.
Fennimore: Get out of there Perri!
Perri thrust her sword at the gnoll but misses.
Perri backflips away from the gnoll and moves to a safer distance.
Fennimore: Cool move, Perri.
Perri Elastime: Thanks.
Fennimore aims and fires another arrow, but the wind catches it and it flies off target.
Fennimore plumbs up his full 80 pounds of girth and moves in between the gnoll and Perri.
Fennimore: Come and get me, dog boy!
The gnoll roars and charges at Fennimore.
In its fury, the gnoll wildly snaps at the halfling while waving its club in the air, both attacks missing.
Perri Elastime: Grandly points her sword at the gnoll and casts a bolt of fire at it.
The bolt of fire smashes into the gnoll.
Perri Elastime: Sizzle, dog boy!
Fennimore: That's the way!
The gnoll ignites while shrieking and then collapses into the snow-covered ground.
Fennimore looks around to make sure no more gnolls are lurking in the stalls.
Fennimore finds no more gnolls lurking about.
Perri Elastime resecures the ransacked stall.
Fennimore notices each of the gnolls have small pouches hanging from their rope belts.
Fennimore searches the pouches.
Fennimore finds that one has four, platinum coins while the other two carry 26 copper combined.
Fennimore: Wow, look at this! They were rich little dog boys.
Perri Elastime: Let's check your Mum's store.
Fennimore: Good idea.
Perri Elastime: Nice find.
Fennimore (handing half of the coins to Perri): You earned your half.
Perri Elastime: Thanks.
The two make there way over to Flora's cart. Its tarp is secure, the gnolls not having gotten into it yet.
Perri Elastime: Looks nice and tight to me.
The cold is starting to become hard to bear.
Fennimore: Yup, the tarp is tight, but this cold is going to wreck ma's fruit and flowers. I hope she got most of it inside.
Fennimore: We better get moving back to The Fiery Stag or we're going to be just as frozen as her oranges.
The two begin to trudge through the deepening snow as they make there way back to The Stag.
Perri Elastime: The Fey make frozen cream. It is kinda delicious, but I agree the cold is biting.
Fennimore: Oh, frozen cream! That does sound delicious.
Fennimore: Do you know how to make it?
Perri Elastime: Yes, I've made it before. The hardest part is the stirring.
About halfway back, the two are beginning to shiver rather violently and the sound of anything frozen is not very appealing.
Fennimore: Maybe the stirring will help warm us up?
Perri Elastime: I think a fire and a warm drink would help.
They finally make it back to the inn, very cold and a bit exhausted.
Perri Elastime: I think I have icicles on my ears.
Fennimore: Definitely need a warm drink. If I was much colder, I wouldn't be able to move a muscle to do the stirring. Maybe you could hit me with one of those fire spells?
The warmth of the multiple fireplaces in The Fiery Stag is a very welcome feeling.
Perri Elastime: I'm not sure that I wouldn't burn the place down since I'm shivering so hard.
Fennimore pulls up a chair as close to a fireplace as he can tolerate helping his feet thaw out.
Mindartis: Welcome back, you two. The weather took a bad turn very quickly, did it not.
Fennimore: That it did, Mindartis. What do you have in hot drinks? Maybe some mulled rum?
Perri Elastime: It is colder than the Winter Queen's bedroom.
Mindartis gives Perri a surprised look.
Mindartis mulled rum coming right up.
Perri Elastime: Oh, that would be a treat.
Fennimore: Make it two.
Mindartis returns shortly with a small tea kettle and two mugs.
Perri Elastime: Perri strips off her wet and frozen outerwear.
Mindartis: Drink up.
Fennimore: No worries about that.
Perri Elastime: Sips cautiously.
Fennimore tries to quell his shivering long enough to fill the mugs without spilling.
Fennimore: Do they have mulled rum where you're from?
Perri Elastime: Mulled wine. I haven't had mulled rum.
Fennimore: They are similar, except rum is made from sugarcane instead of grapes.
Perri Elastime: I think it is very good.
Perri Elastime: Will your mum be alright if she loses most of her stock?
Fennimore: I'm sure she has some in the back rooms of her hole.
Fennimore: But, it depends on how long this night lasts and how cold it gets.
Perri Elastime: It makes a nice glow in my tummy.
Fennimore: That it does.
Fennimore: Maybe you can teach Mindartis to make your frozen cream and we can find you a proper recipe for rum to take back to the Fey realm.
The rum seems to go right to Perri's head as she warms up.
Perri Elastime: This rum would be a hit in the Between.
Perri Elastime giggles.
Fennimore: I'm glad you like it.
Fennimore: I'm starting to feel my toes again. Maybe we should retire for a few hours and then see whether we can get you an audience with King Ran.
The two sit before the fire and drink their rum, warming up.
Perri Elastime: My ears feel hot.
Fennimore: You are looking rather flushed.
Perri Elastime: After it is light out, then see the king.
Fennimore: I hope the suns return to the sky soon.
Perri Elastime: I hope so too.
Mindartis: You both look spent. Your rooms are ready. If I could get a couple of silver from each of you for the rum, please.
Perri Elastime: I'll pay this time, Fennimore.
Fennimore: You are very generous, Lady Perri
Perri Elastime gives Mendartis a gold coin.
Perri Elastime: Where is my room?
Fennimore: Mindartis, I think we may need to help the lady to her room. She's not used to human drink and the rum has gone straight to her head.
Mindartis returns six silver coins to Perri.
Mindartis (smiling): I'll be glad to help. This isn't the first one to need help getting to their room and it won't be the last.
Perri Elastime: The rum is making a little party in my head and my feet don't seem all that steady.
Fennimore looks around to see if Arncoril is still sleeping under the table.
Mindartis: No worries.
Mindartis notices Fennimore look under the table.
Mindartis: He headed out some time ago.
Mindartis: Let me carry you, my lady.
Fennimore: glad to hear he slept it off.
Mindartis: He had quite a hangover.
Fennimore: As long as he didn't try to take your plates, he'll be fine.
Mindartis: He did mutter something about finding some plates. Thought that was strange.
Fennimore smiles wanly.
Mindartis picks Perri up into his arms with surprising strength given how skinny he is.
Perri Elastime: Walk will I? No?
Mindartis: Can't have you falling up the stairs.
Perri Elastime: You have kind eyes. I hope I am not wrong.
Fennimore: He's a good elf. You judge him well.
Mindartis: I'll be a perfect gentleman, my lady.
Perri Elastime: I bet I have a rum head tomorrow.
Fennimore: It'll make the hair on your toes curl.
Mindartis carries Perri up to her room and sets her on the bed.
Fennimore stops at his door and watches Mindartis carry Perri to her own room.
Mindartis: Sleep a bit even though we usually don't. It will help.
Perri Elastime: Thank you.
Mindartis: You are most welcome.
Mindartis exits the room and closes the door behind him.
Mindartis: Good night, sir halfling.
Fennimore: Good night, good sir. Feel free to call upon me if the night brings any trouble to the inn.
Perri Elastime: Rumm Head Rum head dum da da dumb head.
Mindartis: No worries. You rest. The inn is in good hands.
Perri Elastime: Good Night.
Fennimore hums along to Perri's tune as he retires to his own room, locks the door, and falls into bed.
Mindartis returns to the bar.
The pair sleep long into what would be the next day if it were light out, but it is still dark and the weather gets even worse over the course of the next week.
It isn't until the 20th of the Nonotina before the sun returns to the sky, more than a week passing in darkness.

Nonotina 20th, Year One of the Reign of High King Ran

It has been just over a week since returning to The Fiery Stag, stepping outside to gather wood for the fires periodically, then the sun finally returns to the sky.
Perri Elastime: I need to find a job that pays something.
Perri Elastime: Perhaps the king has something he needs doing.
Mindartis: The King's Herald is usually around doling out jobs. He hasn't been around since before the darkday. He traveled down to Tesalurk on a mission of his own I hear.
Perri Elastime: Hmm, anyone else give jobs?
The door to the inn opens and in walks Rael Octavius, stomping his feet to get the slush from the melting snow loose and then casting a spell that removes all the dirt from the entryway.
Fennimore: Perri, I've got some friends who are usually looking for help. If it's warmed up outside, we can see if they are around.
Fennimore: Here's one of them now!
Rael Octavius looks up.
Rael Octavius: Hello, Fennimore.
Fennimore: Rael, how have you been?
Fennimore: Keeping warm?
Perri Elastime looks at Rael suspiciously.
Rael Octavius: Couped up at the von Rumm estate.
Rael Octavius: A new friend, Fenn?
Fennimore: How's the young von Rumm doing? I imagine the dark has kept the guards from giving him any more trouble.
Perri Elastime: How did you escape?
Rael Octavius: Munkustrap? In trouble with the guards?
Fennimore: Yes, how rude of me. Rael, this is Perri, Perri...wait you know Rael?
Rael Octavius looks quizzically at Perri.
Perri Elastime: No, not yet.
Perri Elastime: You said you were caged at the von Rumm estate.
Rael Octavius: Oh, no. Just staying there waiting out the darkness.
Perri Elastime: Wait. Is that where rum comes from? Are they the makers?
Rael Octavius: I don't think they produce rum. They are a line of knights.
Rael Octavius: It is a pleasure to meet you, Perri. What are you in "The City" to do?
Perri Elastime (to herself): Sadly, I like mulled rum.
Perri Elastime: I must meet the King. The Queen has sent me with a letter of introduction.
Fennimore: Rael, do you know when your father will return? I was hoping he could get us an audience.
Rael Octavius: Queen? Is there another Queen besides Salames?
Perri Elastime: Why the Summer Queen and the Winter Queen of course, but the Winter Queen is too nasty to write a letter of introduction.
One of the owners, Astrid Germanus-Bjarte, comes down the stairs and enters the tavern area of the inn.
Rael Octavius: Oh, the Summer Queen? You are from the Feywild then?
Astrid Germanus-Bjarte: Hello, master halfling.
Rael Octavius turns towards Astrid.
Rael Octavius: Hello, madame.
Perri Elastime: Yes, I have finally won my freedom and can do as I please. I now have a patron.
Rael Octavius: A patron? As in the High King?
Fennimore: Hello, madame? Have we met?
Perri Elastime: No, as in the Summer Knight.
Astrid Germanus-Bjarte: No, but I have heard of you. Majestic, a charming elf, has mentioned you were helping to try to recover my family's heirloom.
Fennimore looks surprised at the conversation between Perri and Rael.
Rael Octavius: Very interesting. Well, if you have a letter of introduction, I can get you into the High King's court.
Perri Elastime: At least I no longer have to bow to the desires of others.
Perri Elastime: You can? What need I do?
Fennimore: Umm, yeah, I tried to help the "bard" once. I'm afraid it didn't go very well. However, I have not kept up with his endeavors.
Fennimore: Has he had any success?
Rael Octavius turns to Fennimore trying to suppress a smirk.
Rael Octavius: Magic is convinced you are Forget-Me-Not. Isn't that a hoot.
Fennimore laughs weakly.
Perri Elastime watches quizically.
Fennimore: Me, Forget-Me-Not? Last time I checked, I think I'm the wrong gender.
Astrid Germanus-Bjarte: Oh, that Forget-Me-Not is becoming a thorn in everyone's side.
Rael Octavius: You are probably correct. King Ran believes the thief is female, as well.
Fennimore turning to Astrid
Fennimore: Oh?
Perri Elastime: Perri Elastime, ma'am. I don't think we've met.
Astrid Germanus-Bjarte: Oh, let me introduce myself. I am Astrid Germanus-Bjarte. My husband and I own this inn.
Fennimore: And a mighty fine inn it is!
Perri Elastime: A very nice establishment. You have a jewel in Mindartis.
Astrid Germanus-Bjarte: Why thank you.
Fennimore: Your barkeep does you a great service.
Astrid Germanus-Bjarte (turning to Mindartis with a smile): Oh, yes. What would we do without him?
Mindartis nods from behind the bar.
Perri Elastime: I pray you never find out.
Fennimore: Hear, hear.
Astrid Germanus-Bjarte nods and smiles.
Fennimore: Let us raise a toast to Mindartis, may your rum ever by plentiful.
Astrid Germanus-Bjarte: it? I would like to hear your side of the story regarding what is going on with my family's heirloom.
Perri Elastime raises her coffee.
Perri Elastime: And his coffee never run weak.
Perri Elastime looks attentive at the mention of an heirloom.
Mindartis smiles and takes a bow.
Fennimore: I'm afraid I don't have much of a story to tell, but I'll tell you what I can.
Fennimore: A few acquaintances and I met up with Magic a few weeks ago. He relayed the tale of your lost heirloom and how he was on a quest to recover it. We all agreed to help him in exchange for the reward.
Fennimore: We waylaid the couriers only to discover that Forget-Me-Not had beaten us to the prize.
Fennimore: When I discovered the kind of adversary we had crossed, I decided to split ways with Majestic.
Fennimore: But, Forget-Me-Not wasn't done with me. She tracked me down later that day to warn me against working with the bard.
Fennimore: I took her advice to heart and I've been trying to keep out of his way ever since.
Rael Octavius: Apparently the way you disappeared has your former cohorts suspicious...except for Eris for some reason.
Fennimore: I'm surprised Eris is still with them. She was the only voice of reason in the room.
Rael Octavius: She seems loyal and is staying with the group.
Astrid Germanus-Bjarte: So this Forget-Me-Not still has the heirloom?
Fennimore: Well, I wish them no evil, especially Eris. But this portly halfling is no Forget-Me-Not.
Rael Octavius: She shouldn't. King Ran put a spell on an artifact that should have caused it to return to the castle.
Fennimore: I couldn't say. I've never actually met her. Just a disembodied voice and a flower appearing out of thin air.
Astrid Germanus-Bjarte frowns.
Fennimore turns to Rael.
Fennimore: An artifact? Astrid's or is there another wandering around The City?
Rael Octavius: She also has this artifact we were "escorting" to Magus Universitatis.
Fennimore laughs.
Rael Octavius: The king called it The Indigo-Sun Medallion.
Fennimore: Wait, so Majestic lost another artifact to Forget-Me-Not?
Rael Octavius laughs.
Rael Octavius: Yes.
Rael Octavius: But, not before we took out a bunch of The Knives.
Fennimore's belly bounces like a bowl full of jelly as he is taken by a deep laugh.
Perri Elastime: He doesn't sound like the most reliable of companions.
Fennimore: You can say that again.
Fennimore: The Knives? They've been chasing you too?
Rael Octavius: Well, the rumor that was to attract Forget-Me-Not also got out to The Knives. They are the thieves' guild after all.
Fennimore: But not very good at it, apparently.
Rael Octavius: Apparently not when Forget-Me-Not is involved.
Fennimore: They tried to hoodwink me a couple of times before Miss Perri appeared. They couldn't even accomplish kidnapping this little halfling.
Astrid Germanus-Bjarte: They are trying to recruit you.
Fennimore looks thoughtful.
Rael Octavius looks surprised.
Fennimore: I don't know whatever for.
Astrid Germanus-Bjarte: Alsis Chandor thinks you have potential, apparently.
Perri Elastime: Fennimore is much too good to be a member of the thieves guild.
Astrid Germanus-Bjarte: Well, I would like to meet this Forget-Me-Not someday and try and get back my family's heirloom if possible.
A voice in Fennimore's head: Probably not going to happen.
Fennimore: Alsis? Isn't he the guy who gave Majestic the job to retrieve your bauble?
Perri Elastime: What is the heirloom? If I come across it, I could return it.
Fennimore suppresses a smile.
Astrid Germanus-Bjarte: It is a powerful magic item.
Fennimore: I doubt we'll ever see it, Perri.
Fennimore nudges her under the table.
Rael Octavius: I will see if King Ran will tell you when you meet him. I am sworn not to say.
Perri Elastime: There are many powerful magic items in and out of this world. Another clue, please.
A voice in Fennimore's head: You better put an end to this quickly.
Perri Elastime looks at Fennimore.
Fennimore: Rael, Perri is looking for employment while we await the King's pleasure. Do you have any suggestions?
Perri Elastime shudders.
Rael Octavius: There are some notices on the board out front.
Rael Octavius: By the way, what happened to the board. There is a scorch mark on it.
Astrid Germanus-Bjarte: Really?
Fennimore: Oh, the last I checked your father had posted the best ones.
Rael Octavius: Yes, the king has a lot of things that need to be done.
Fennimore: Maybe someone didn't like one of the jobs?
Perri Elastime gapes.
Perri Elastime: You are the prince?!
Rael Octavius: Who? Me? No, I'm the son of the King's Herald.
Perri Elastime looks relieved.
Perri Elastime: I'm still learning my way around here.
Rael Octavius: I do have access to court, however. I spend a lot of time there.
Fennimore: Perri, we should check the board again. It's been days since I checked it last. Maybe something good has popped up.
Rael Octavius: I was actually on my way over to the palace.
Perri Elastime: Okay.
Fennimore: Oh, could we accompany you?
Fennimore: Maybe we'll get lucky and the King will see you right away.
Perri Elastime: I don't know if that would be lucky. I have no court clothes and no money with which to purchase them.
Rael Octavius: Sure. You already have the King's Favor, Fenn, and Perri has a letter from the Summer Queen. You will both be welcome to attend.
Fennimore looks surprised.
Fennimore: The King's favor? I'm surprised he knows who I am.
Rael Octavius: The letter from the reward for the devil incident.
Perri Elastime looks surprised.
Fennimore: Oh. But, I wouldn't want to wear out my Favor.
Rael Octavius: Unless you're trying to pick pockets in court, that would be hard to do.
Fennimore laughs.
Fennimore: I'll try to keep my hands to myself.
Rael Octavius smiles.
Fennimore: This time, anyway.
Astrid Germanus-Bjarte: You seem to have a busy day. I will retire to my chamber.
Perri Elastime: Nice meeting you.
Fennimore: It was nice to meet you. I hope your bard has better luck in his future endeavors.
Rael Octavius nods.
Astrid Germanus-Bjarte nods and heads back upstairs.
Fennimore: Whew!
Perri Elastime: Ladies make you nervous?
Fennimore: Just that one, or more accurately her bard, and discovering that he was working for her.
Perri Elastime: Well, I think staying away from hoity-toity bards is a good thing.
Fennimore: I don't think we were on the right end of that stick when we went looking for her heirloom.
Rael Octavius: That might be describing my father, but I'll let it pass.
Fennimore: Shall we be going?
Perri Elastime: Kings and Queens always have hoity-toity bards. It's part of the atmosphere.
Perri Elastime: To the message board or to the court?
Fennimore: Maybe that's why I'm just a simple halfling.
Fennimore: Both? The board is just outside on the way to the court.
Rael Octavius: Let me brighten your clothes and polish your shoes once we are at the castle. It is very wet and slushy in the streets right now.
Perri Elastime: You've been to this court. Will I be ashamed if I appear before it like this?
Fennimore: Shoes?
Perri Elastime: Maybe he wants to comb your toe hair.
Rael Octavius: Oh, right. Toenails.
Fennimore: Wait, no polishing the toenails. But, you may curl the hair my feet if you please.
Rael Octavius: You will be fine. The letter will overshadow any attire.
Perri Elastime: They all say to make yourself known to Reggot Octavius.
Rael Octavius: That is my father.
Fennimore: I hope he returns home soon and safely.
Perri Elastime: The Herald.
Rael Octavius: Me too.
Rael Octavius: And my mom, as well.
Fennimore looks concerned.
Fennimore: Well, perhaps we should go on to court?
Perri Elastime: They are traveling together...not sharing a name right?
Rael Octavius (smiling): Yes, traveling together. My mother is Dae'Kliesys, a powerful sorceress.
Perri Elastime smiles.
The trio walks through the slushy streets towards the castle. Townsfolk are starting to emerge from their dwellings now that the sun is out again.
Perri Elastime: Bards can be fun to toy with; sorceresses not so much.
Rael Octavius: They make a pretty good team.
Fennimore: I'd rather avoid both of them.
Rael Octavius looks sideways at Fennimore.
Perri Elastime: From what I heard they are out of town, so we probably won't meet them today.
Rael Octavius: No, they are not supposed to be back before the end of the month.
Fennimore: Sorry, not your parents, in particular, just powerful bards and sorceresses can be powerful enemies. I'd rather have friends.
Rael Octavius smiles.
Perri Elastime: Friends are good.
As the trio passes through the gates of the castle and head towards the palace, Rael nods to the guards who clearly recognize him.
Perri Elastime vigilantly looks for danger and escape routes.
The castle is stark and gray, not like the brilliant and artistic structures in that house the Summer Queen's court.
Fennimore looks to see whether he could get away with picking a pocket.
Perri Elastime: Kinda depressing isn't it.
Rael Octavius: It is supposed to be intimidating.
Fennimore: Yes, not much greenery.
Rael Octavius: It's a product of a long war.
Perri Elastime: I guess you could call it that.
Perri Elastime: Though I don't see any enemies of the Realm wriggling on pikes.
Rael Octavius: That would have been the previous ruler or maybe King Tesaylidal of Tesalurk.
As you approach the palace, the architecture becomes less imposing and more welcoming. White marble is the predominant material as you ascend the stairs where a tall armored man stands.
The Lord High Seneschal: Master Octavius, you have more friends today?
Rael Octavius: I do. This is Perri from the Summer Court in The Feywild and Fennimore who brought the chain devil to the attention of the King a couple of weeks back.
The Lord High Seneschal: May I see their letters, please.
Fennimore hesitantly pulls the King's Favor from an inside pocket of his cloak.
Perri Elastime: The letter is sealed and for the King's eyes.
While they are retrieving their letters, Rael uses magic to straighten out their attire and remove any stains that may have happened due to the slushy streets.
Perri Elastime: You may check the seal of the Queen, but open the letter you may not.
The Lord High Seneschal: I only need to see the seal, my lady.
Perri Elastime: Perri pulls out the envelope with the letter sealed within and displays the seal.
The Lord High Seneschal quickly verifies the documents' existence and nods to the guards to open the doors.
Rael Octavius leads the way into the palace.
Fennimore: After you, m'lady Perri.
Perri Elastime looks around, noting how this palace is quite different from the Fey palaces.
Perri Elastime follows Rael.
Fennimore follows Perri.
The interior of the palace is much brighter than the castle surrounding it. Pillars of white marble with gold leaf decorating them, polished gold-shot marble floors, and a marble dais with three thrones. They are occupied by the king, queen, and their son, a boy of about ten.
Courtiers roam about the grand hall conversing with each other.
Several of the courtiers greet Rael as he approaches the king, greetings he warmly returns.
Perri Elastime stands straight, tall, and proud, confident in herself.
Fennimore looks agape at the surroundings and impressed at the ease at which Rael navigates the court.
Many of the courtiers smile and nod politely to the trio as they near the dais.
Perri Elastime: Perri returns the smiles.
The Lord High Chamberlain: Master Rael Octavious, you approach the King. What matters do you wish to bring before His Majesty?
Rael Octavius: Lord High Chamberlain, I present a visitor from The Feywild, Lady Perri Elastime. This also is my cohort, Fennimore, who was first to welcome our visitor when she arrived here in "The City."
Fennimore stands a little straighter as Rael announces him.
The Lord High Chamberlain approaches.
The Lord High Chamberlain: Welcome, Perri Elastime of the Feywild. May I convey your letter of introduction to the King?
Perri Elastime: Thank you. You may.
Perri Elastime hands her letter over to the chamberlain.
The Lord High Chamberlain bows low as he receives the letter and then turns and ascend the dais. He hands the letter to King Ran who receives it.
The Lord High Chamberlain retreats down the dais as the King breaks the seal of the letter and reads it.
Perri Elastime watches the King closely.
High King Ran looks up warmly after reading the letter and smiles.
High King Ran stands and descends the dais.
Perri Elastime tries to remain cool and calm.
High King Ran: Welcome, Lady Elastime.
Perri Elastime: Thank you, High King Ran.
With perfect elven etiquette, the High King kisses close to each of Perri's cheeks.
Perri Elastime bows her head.
High King Ran (addressing the court): May I introduce Lady Perri Elastime of the Summer Court, the bladesinging pupil I have been awaiting.
The court applauds.
Perri Elastime smiles warmly.
Fennimore looks surprised at Perri and takes a half step back.
High King Ran (to Perri): Please make yourself comfortable in my court.
High King Ran (to Fennimore): You as well, Master Fennimore.
Perri Elastime: Thank You for your hospitality.
Fennimore: Thank you, Your Highness
High King Ran (whispers to Perri): I have gifts for you. They will arrive shortly.
Perri Elastime looks startled.
High King Ran: Please, mingle. Make introductions.
Perri Elastime (whispering): Indeed?
Rael Octavius nods and approaches Perri.
Fennimore (embarrassed): Oh, dear me. Rael, would you do us the honor of introducing us to a few of your friends?
Rael Octavius: Certainly, Fennimore.
Rael Octavius: That is impressive. The King has been talking about you for a while, though he had no idea who or when you would arrive.
High King Ran ascends back to his throne.
Perri Elastime: Truly? The Queen merely informed me that her ally may have a use for me that I wouldn't object to.
Rael Octavius: Lessons from the High King. I wouldn't object either.
Perri Elastime: Depends what the lessons are, but bladesinging, that is a long-held desire.
Fennimore: You shall be the talk of "The City."
Perri Elastime: Well then, I will have to depend upon you to prick my swelled head, dear friend.
Fennimore (smiling): I wouldn't think of it.
Perri Elastime: Well, at least keep me from being wrong-footed.
Fennimore: That, I can try to do.
You mingle a while, Rael introducing Fennimore and Perri around the court, when two pages arrive at the base of the dais carrying two coffers, one long and narrow and other more square.
Fennimore nudges Perri.
The Lord High Chamberlain: Lady Elastime, please approach the High King.
Rael Octavius: Go ahead.
Perri Elastime approaches the dais.
The Lord High Chamberlain motions for Perri to ascend to the level of the thrones.
Perri Elastime looks at Rael, then ascends.
Fennimore hangs back, wishing he could disappear.
High King Ran rises from his throne as Perri arrives at the top of the dais with the pages flanking her.
High King Ran (addressing the court): The alliance I have maintained with the Summer Court, which granted me the honor of learning the Elvish Art of Bladesinging, will now be reciprocated by my taking a member of that court as my pupil. With this, I present Perri Elastime with two simple but necessary gifts.
The page with the long, narrow coffer opens it revealing a rapier. The other opens his coffer revealing a suit of studded leather armor.
Fennimore: Oh.
Perri Elastime: Majesty, I am honored.
High King Ran: As is tradition, I give you these tokens to assist you in your pursuits.
Perri Elastime: It is a kingly gift. I hope to do them and you proud.
High King Ran: This rapier was gifted to me when I first began my training. This suit of armor belonged to your aunt, who trained me. May she live in our memories.
Perri Elastime: Never to be forgotten.
High King Ran (in a low voice): Take them with my appreciation and I will see you in the castle bailey tomorrow.
Perri Elastime: When shall I appear.
High King Ran: Midday will do.
Perri Elastime: Thank you.
Perri Elastime takes the rapier and armor.
Perri Elastime looks awed.
The Lord High Chamberlain escorts Perri back to the main floor.
The Lord High Chamberlain: Master Fennimore, please approach the King.
Fennimore (stutters): Mmmeee?
Perri Elastime (whispering): Your turn now.
Fennimore reluctantly approaches the chamberlain.
The Lord High Chamberlain motions for Fennimore to ascend the dais.
Fennimore turns to face the King and hesitantly ascends.
High King Ran nods and smiles as Fennimore approaches.
High King Ran (addressing the court): For seeing that my charge was safely and warmly welcomed to this great city, I award you this token of my appreciation.
High King Ran hands Fennimore an amulet that looks similar to a pocket watch.
Fennimore looks at the amulet, then to the king.
Fennimore: Thank you again, Your Highness. T'was nothing to welcome a visitor.
High King Ran: May this assist you in your endeavors to keep the city and kingdom under a watchful eye.
Fennimore: That seems to be what I do best.
High King Ran smiles knowingly.
Fennimore (holding forth the amulet): If I may though, what does it do?
High King Ran (whispering): When you need to make sure you strike true, tap it.
Fennimore: Aye, yes, Your Highness.
The Lord High Chamberlain escorts Fennimore back down to where Rael and Perri await.
The trio floats around the court for a while receiving congratulations and greetings until Rael eventually guides them out of the hall before getting too overwhelmed.
Perri Elastime: Whew.
Fennimore: You can say that again.
Rael Octavius: That was exciting. It is usually quite boring.
Fennimore: A little too exciting for me.
Perri Elastime: It would have been nice to know what it was about beforehand, but the Fey must have their games.
Rael Octavius smiles.
Rael Octavius: Shall we head back to The Stag and celebrate?
Fennimore: I hope it's a good long while before I need to visit the King's Court again.
Perri Elastime: I felt sorry for the child. I hope all his days are not spent in court.
Fennimore: Aye, The Stag is a fine idea. A perfect day to celebrate.
Perri Elastime: Yes, that would be welcome.
Rael Octavius: Nar is the future king. He is usually only in court for special occasions, like today.
Perri Elastime: Is there a court seer.
Rael Octavius: A wizard.
Fennimore looks startled.
Perri Elastime: Fennimore? You alright?
Fennimore: Oh, yes.
Fennimore: Just, a strange day.
The trio arrives at The Fiery Stag and enters.
Perri Elastime: Well, it is better than a week's worth of darkness.
Fennimore: Yes, sunlight and gifts from The King make for a great day.

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