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Ethyltina 19th, Year Two of the Reign of High King Ran

Lady Panglia stays in the castle for three days recovering and conferring with High King Ran. However, throughout the third day, she is increasingly agitated and regularly mentions that she must be getting back to The Feywild.
You have joined Lady Panglia in her chamber as she packs her gear.
Lady Panglia of Shropeshire: I hope I have not stayed too long here. It is difficult to tell the passage of time when the light is constant.
Perri Elastime: I am delighted you are here.
Lady Panglia of Shropeshire: It is good to see you again.
Fennimore: Before you go, I have a question I've been yearning to ask. Are there any halflings in your homeland? Shropeshire sounds like a right proper halfling village.
Lady Panglia of Shropeshire: We have many little folks, including halflings.
Fennimore: Oh, that sounds wonderful, except this war sounds like a nasty business. My kin tends not to like to wage war. I do hope your visit with the King helps you to a rapid victory.
Lady Panglia of Shropeshire dons her harness and equips her weapons as you converse.
Lady Panglia of Shropeshire: Some of our little folk are mighty warriors in their own right, but most are the ones that keep the rest of us going.
Perri Elastime: War is terrible, but being overrun by Winter would be worse.
Lady Panglia of Shropeshire: Winter is encroaching but has not overrun us yet.
Fennimore: No matter how bad the winter, the thaw always follows, and a new summer grows anew from the once-frozen ground.
Fennimore: I hope we can meet again when your winter has broken.
Lady Panglia of Shropeshire: I hope so, as well. My time is done here, for now. I have only been gone from The Feywild for only a few minutes, but this may have been long enough for Winter to seek me out in this plane.
Perri Elastime: I'll visit when I can, Lady. But work must be done first.
Fennimore looks alarmed.
Lady Panglia of Shropeshire smiles.
Lady Panglia of Shropeshire: Then, I take my leave. Stay vigilant and keep each other safe.
Perri Elastime: We have managed to so far.
Fennimore: Safe travels.
Lady Panglia of Shropeshire [Elvish]: Fare thee well.
Lady Panglia of Shropeshire fades as a shroud of flames obscures her, and then she is gone.
Perri Elastime [Elvish]: I hold you in my heart until we meet again.
Fennimore is as mystified by her magical exit.
Perri Elastime smiles.
No sooner than the Summer Knight has vanished than you all hear the whipping of a vicious wind outside.
Rael Octavius looks into the room.
Perri Elastime: She always loves a dramatic exit.
Rael Octavius: The doors are rattling along the hall because the wind is so strong.
Fennimore: The Lady Panglia just returned to her home. She was worried about drawing Winter's attention to us.
Perri Elastime: Lady Panglia mentioned that she might be followed.
The door halfway down the long hallway begins to creak and groan before shattering into the hallway.
Perri Elastime heads into the hallway.
Fennimore: It sounds like we have visitors.
Fennimore hides.
Perri Elastime beholds a terrifying sight as a winter eladrin appears in the hallway.
Perri Elastime knows that a terrible blast of cold is going to flow down the hallway when it sees they are there.
Perri Elastime pulls Rael around the corner.
Perri Elastime realizes that it has not seen them yet, but it will blast cold down the hall when it does.
Perri Elastime casts an illusion of the hallway as a dead end.
Winter Eladrin [Elvish]: So, where is that bitch?
Perri Elastime begins a bladesong.
Winter Eladrin looks down the hall towards the Lady's chambers.
Rael Octavius (whispering): Should we be retributive and strike first?
Perri Elastime -> Rael Octavius: She will blast us with cold as soon as she sees us.
Perri Elastime -> Rael Octavius: Hit hard first.
Rael Octavius -> Perri Elastime: Then I hit her with fire first.
Rael Octavius ducks to the corner and launches three rays of fire down the hall at the eladrin.
One of the three rays strikes the eladrin.
Rael Octavius ducks back around the corner.
Rael Octavius (whispering under his breath): Damn.
Fennimore listens to the beginnings of a scuffle outside and peeks through the doorway to see what's happening.
Perri Elastime -> Fennimore: Attack hard but stay to cover. She will blast us with cold. I cast an illusion of a wall.
Fennimore -> Perri Elastime: Attack what? All I can see is this wall that wasn't there a minute ago.
Fennimore moves out into the hallway and hides again.
Perri Elastime -> Fennimore: Oops, sorry.
Fennimore can see through the illusion and the eladrin down the hall.
Fennimore fires an arrow down the hall at the eladrin and hits.
Perri Elastime quietly celebrates.
Having been struck twice by fire and arrow from down the hallway, the eladrin unleashes a blast of cold that rushes down the hall.
Perri reacts to absorbs some of the cold-blast. While Rael and Fennimore avoid a lot of the blast, it still causes Fennimore to fall unconscious due to the shock to his system.
Fennimore: Augh!
Winter Eladrin walks up to the illusionary wall.
Perri viciously stabs the eladrin with her rapier before flipping over it to block attempted withdrawal.
Winter Eladrin [Elvish]: Argh!
Rael Octavius rushes over to Fennimore to get him back on his feet.
Fennimore: Oh, that was more frigid than any of our dark days.
Rael Octavius: Get up, Fenn. We have a battle to fight.
Fennimore stands up.
Fennimore skewers the eladrin.
Winter Eladrin [Elvish]: Aha! A challenger!
Winter Eladrin swings its sword at Perri and misses.
Perri's strike misses this time.
Fennimore: Where are the castle guards when you need them?
Perri Elastime: Hit her, Fenn!
Fennimore: What do you think I'm trying to do? I'm not cooking fondue over here.
Perri Elastime: Too bad, I like cheese.
Rael Octavius steps up behind Fennimore and creates an emboldening bond between Fennimore and Perri.
Rael Octavius then quickens a guiding bolt, which strikes the eladrin.
Rael Octavius: Now you should be able to him, Fenn.
Fennimore thrusts his rapier between the folds in its armor.
Fennimore thinks insightful fighting might be worth fixing on this opponent.
Winter Eladrin strikes at the bladesinger again.
Perri's arcane shield blocks the blow.
Winter Eladrin [Elvish]: Damn you!
Winter Eladrin vanishes and appears down the hall.
Perri Elastime [Elvish]: Eat snot, lizard lips.
Perri drops her physical weapon and produces a shadow blade. She then runs after the eladrin and uses the wall to get on the other side again.
Fennimore: I'm coming.
Perri's swipe at the eladrin with the shadow blade misses.
Rael Octavius launches another guiding bolt at the eladrin.
Perri Elastime: You little wuus faced slush weasel!
Fennimore rushes up and stabs the eladrin again.
Fennimore: You think you can bamf away?
Winter Eladrin strikes at Perri again.
The eladrin's attack misses.
Perri's attack with the shadow blade finds its mark.
Perri Elastime [Elvish]: You little snowflake goblin, I curse you.
Rael Octavius moves up to Fennimore and launches another guiding bolt at the eladrin.
Fennimore strikes the eladrin again.
Winter Eladrin turns and pushes his arms out toward Fennimore and Rael, and a gust of wind assails them.
Fennimore and Rael get pushed down the hallway by the wind.
Perri Elastime [Elvish]: You witless, gassy, toenail clipping, die already.
Perri's furious attack misses.
Rael Octavius tries to hold his ground and launches a more powerful guiding bolt this time.
This time Rael misses his target.
Fennimore struggles forward against the wind to get within striking distance again.
The gust of wind slides Fennimore back down the hall.
Winter Eladrin turns the gust of wind against Perri.
Perri slides down the hall.
Winter Eladrin dashes out the door.
Perri goes through the door she slid down to and stabs the eladrin in the heart, finding it ducking in a corner.
The eladrin slumps down in the corner and begins to melt away.
Perri Elastime: Take that, you slimeball puddler!
Fennimore dashes out the nearest door to help Perri.
Perri Elastime: We killed her.
Fennimore: That was close.
Rael Octavius: That was a close one. We could have all been frozen before we ever had a chance.
Perri Elastime: That cold blast is fierce.
Fennimore: If we ever make a trip to the Feywild, remind me to take my winter coat.
Perri Elastime: We need to get you healed up.
Fennimore: I think we all could stand a visit to the healers.
Rael Octavius: We all need healing.
Perri Elastime: Yes.
Fennimore uses his rapier to poke around in the eladrin's puddle. Looking for anything shiny.
Castle guards begin to approach up the spiral staircases.
Perri Elastime: You find any treasure, Fenn?
Fennimore finds some gold and silver coins.
Fennimore: A few coins
Fennimore: Mostly silver, a bit of gold.
Perri Elastime: I guess we should get the holes patched up.
Fennimore: You can say that again.
Perri Elastime leaves the balcony to pick up her rapier.
Castle Guard: Are you alright?
Fennimore fetches his bow and looks for the one arrow he landed in the winter elf.
Fennimore: Been better, but we'll make it. Looked dicey there for a minute.
Fennimore: Coulda used your help.
Castle Guard: What happened?
Rael Octavius: The Winter Court happened.
Fennimore: An early winter's chill.
Castle Guard: That explains the hail storm.
Perri Elastime: How did she get in here?
Rael Octavius: Probably the same way the quicklings did. They just appeared.
Fennimore: Did any others get in? I thought the castle had wards against that kind of thing?
Perri Elastime: I guess my Lady just appeared also.
Castle Guard: I thought so too, but maybe the wards only work for some of the Fey. You will have to take that up with the Archmage or the High King.
Castle Guard: Head on down to the infirmary and get yourselves patched up.
Rael Octavius nods.
Perri Elastime: I hope that wretch is not there.
Rael Octavius: Wretch? What wretch?
Perri Elastime: The one who would not tell me where my mother's rooms were.
Rael Octavius: She probably did not know.
Fennimore: Your mother?
Perri Elastime: She didn't want me there. She said my Lady was not to be disturbed.
Perri Elastime: Adopted.
Rael Octavius: She was pretty badly wounded.
Perri Elastime: As if I would disturb her. Really!
Perri Elastime: That Wretch is lucky I didn't want to take the time to beat the snot out of her.
Rael Octavius: It has been an emotional few days. Let us get patched up and go to The Stag.
Perri Elastime: Rael, Fenn, it was years before I was okay enough to be left alone.
Fennimore looks concerned.
Rael Octavius: I can not even imagine, but we have your back.
Perri Elastime: I know.
Fennimore: You can tell us all you care to over a few ales at The Stag.
Perri Elastime: Fenn, don't worry. Let's plug the holes first. I don't want the ale leaking out.
Fennimore laughs.
Fennimore: Don't want to waste good ale.
Perri Elastime walks to the infirmary.
Fennimore looks to Rael, then follows after Perri with a sigh.
Rael casts a few heal spells along the way, so the healers don't have much to do by the time they arrive at the infirmary.