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Propyltina 21st, Year Two of the Reign of High King Ran

Perri has completed her rest earlier than the others, as elves usually do, and finds she has the capacity to prepare two more spells.
Dulgulachared: I think we have company.
Perri Elastime (whispering): Something's coming.
Fennimore (whispering): Friend or foe?
Dulguachared's proclamation immediately awakens the others.
Enialis: Theirastra? Did you survive?
Perri Elastime (whispering): Dangerous.
The ghost you previously defeated appears opposite Perri at the fire pit.
Perri Elastime: Is it talk or fight your desire?
Enialis: Have we not done enough fighting, Theirastra?
Fennimore looks around for somewhere to hide.
Perri Elastime: I am Perri.
Rael Octavius crawls to the end of the tent to have a look.
Fennimore wonders whether we should play along with the ghost's delusion.
Enialis looks confused.
Perri Elastime: What is it you need?
Enialis: You have your orb, Theirastra. It must be you.
Perri Elastime: I do hold the orb.
Perri Elastime: Again, I ask, what do you need?
Enialis: Then you must be Theirastra, my love.
Perri Elastime: Perhaps Theirastra reborn.
Enialis: Look upon me and despair!
Enialis leaps onto Perri.
The ghost tries to possess Perri, but she resists.
Ingimarr rushes forward and attacks the ghost with his battleaxe.
Rael Octavius moves to the side and launches a radiant bolt at the ghost.
Fennimore fires an arrow at the ghost before trying to hide in behind the tent.
The ghost's eyes follow Fennimore.
The arrow hits.
Fennimore shakes off the fear.
Fennimore: Don't you dare try to hurt my friends again.
Perri Elastime begins a bladesong and attacks with Dulguachared.
Perri strikes the ghost with her blade.
Colborn backs away and throws a spear at the ghost.
Colborn also shakes off the fright.
Enialis reaches out to grab Perri.
The ghost misses.
Enialis sinks into the ground and disappears but appears several feet away.
Fennimore: Where'd he go?
Ingimarr moves around the ghost again and strikes.
The blade fans through the ghost, having no effect.
Perri Elastime feels the orb throbbing, trying to release its divine energy.
Rael Octavius moves to a new vantage point and launches a bolt of fire at the ghost.
The arc of fire misses the ghost.
Fennimore studies the ghost, moves up, stabs it, and then backs away again.
The ghost of Enialis discorporates again.
Perri Elastime: I wonder if it is gone for good?
Fennimore: I doubt it.
Rael Octavius: Somehow, I doubt it.
Fennimore: We need to find a priest who can lay it to rest.
Rael Octavius: He has unfinished business.
Perri Elastime: The orb was powering up.
Fennimore: He's probably fixated on your orb and is going to pursue us until he gets his ethereal hands on it.
Rael Octavius: Until we can figure out what that is, he will continue to return.
Rael Octavius: The orb was doing what?
Fennimore: Maybe I shouldn't be so quick to kill him next time?
Perri Elastime: It wanted to release energy.
Rael Octavius: What kind of energy? You attuned to the orb. What does it do?
Perri Elastime: It was throbbing with divine energy, I think, to turn undead.
Rael Octavius: Oh.
Rael Octavius: An artifact this powerful ought to be able to destroy a ghost utterly.
Fennimore: Or maybe we keep sparring with him as long as he only comes back once a day. He doesn't seem that tough.
Perri Elastime: We will have to see. My first thought was to smack him.
Rael Octavius: As it would be.
Rael Octavius: We should try and vanquish him where he is not going to cause a problem with Bjorg's people.
Ingimarr: We would appreciate that.
Perri Elastime: Where do ghosts go when you make them poof?
Rael Octavius: Into the ethereal plane.
Fennimore: So wait here until he reappears, or lead him on a wild goose chase? I like here. It seems fairly defensible, but I forgot to harvest turnips when we were down by the crater.
Fennimore: Colburn or Ingimarr, I don't suppose either of you remembered to find some in the commotion?
Colborn: I collected a bunch on the way back.
Fennimore: You're a saint!
Colborn smiles.
Perri Elastime: At least one of us was thinking with our stomach.
Perri Elastime: Strange, it wasn't me. The shiny ball had my attention.
Rael Octavius: There are still a few hours that we should rest while we can.
Perri Elastime: I'll keep an eye out for the return.
Fennimore stretches.
Rael Octavius: Good.
Rael Octavius crawls back into the tent.
Fennimore: Fighting makes me hungry, but it's hard to turn down more rest. Wake us if there's trouble or you need a break.
Perri Elastime: I will.
Perri Elastime decides to put some turnips near the fire to roast.
Fennimore joins Rael in the tent.
Perri Elastime turns the turnips occasionally, pretending she knows how to cook.
The rest of the group finishes their rest without incident.
Fennimore: I smell breakfast cooking! Nice job, Perri.
Perri Elastime: Good morning.
Fennimore warms his furry toes by the fire.
Rael Octavius: No sign of Enialis again yet?
Perri Elastime: You have to brush the ashes off. It kind of peels the skin, but they are pretty good.
Perri Elastime: No hauntings yet.
Fennimore: I wonder when ol' scary face will visit us next?
Rael Octavius: I guess we hang around here until Dulguachared calls again.
Fennimore: At least we have food and water while we're waiting.
Perri Elastime: Food is always good.
Rael Octavius: Especially camping.
Perri Elastime: Somehow, I'm hungrier out here than at home.
Fennimore: I didn't think that was possible.
A few more hours pass.
Dulgulachared: He is back!
Perri Elastime: Look at me. Doesn't it look like I could use a few good meals?
Perri Elastime: He is back. Get ready.
Fennimore: You're positively wasting away out here in the wilderness.
Perri Elastime feels the orb throbbing again.
Fennimore (to Enalius): Hi, I'm Fennimore. We really need to stop meeting like this.
Perri Elastime: By the power of this shiny glass bauble, I command you to turn!
A great wave of radiant energy blasts forth from the orb. When your vision clears, there is no sign of Enialis.
Fennimore: Wow, that was impressive.
Perri Elastime: Wow, is that how it works for you, Rael?
Perri Elastime: I wonder if he's gone or just scattered again.
Rael Octavius: I will never be that powerful. I can keep undead at bay but not annihilate them like that.
Fennimore: Do you think he's gone for good now, or should we wait around to see if he returns yet again.
Rael Octavius: No idea.
Perri Elastime: I think he will follow the orb, so if he comes back, he will come to us wherever we are.
Rael Octavius: He returned fairly quickly the previous times.
Rael Octavius: I imagine if he is coming back, it will be within the next day.
Fennimore: Maybe give him until morning then? I could use a day practicing the skills Sark taught me.
Perri Elastime: We can wait around for another day, but Fenn is a much better cook than I.
Perri Elastime: What skills are those, Fenn?
Fennimore: Tell you what. I'll teach you to roast the turnips if we take a few turns sparring while I'm blindfolded.
Rael Octavius: Let give it a day. I could spend some time as well.
Fennimore: Sark is teaching me how to judge my opponents better.
Rael Octavius: Are you sure you want to try that, Fenn. Perri has been getting pretty good at tagging the High King.
Perri Elastime: I won't use a sword, but a big stick would work.
Fennimore: All the better. Sark is no slouch, but I need better opponents if I'm going to improve my techniques.
Rael Octavius: I am no combatant, so I will leave it to Perri.
Perri Elastime: I'll practice moving at the same time.
Perri Elastime puts ashes on the stick.
Fennimore grabs a stick and likewise rubs some ashes on the tip of it.
Perri Elastime: Let's move a bit from the fire. I don't want to wreck second breakfast.
Fennimore: Good idea.
Fennimore backs away from the fire, waving his stick to get a feel for it.
Perri Elastime checks the balance of her stick.
Fennimore ties a bandanna around his eyes to blind his vision, then listens closely for Perri's approach.
Perri Elastime takes a thrust at Fennimore.
Perri tags Fennimore right away.
Perri then ducks away.
Fennimore isn't sure where Perri went.
Fennimore gets lucky and moves towards her anyway.
Fennimore takes a swipe at his best guess for her location.
Fennimore thrusts his stick in the air towards the tent.
Fennimore: I want to stay in close quarters.
Perri Elastime tumbles to the ground and swipes at Fenn's legs, trying to trip him up.
Fennimore listens to Perri rolling around.
Fennimore feels movement behind him.
Perri's maneuver fails to bring Fennimore off of his feet as she misses him.
Perri Elastime pops to her feet and disengages again.
Fennimore flails around wildly.
Fennimore moves and flails at the air as Perri is several feet away.
Perri Elastime comes in to swipe at Fenn once more, then retreats.
Perri tags Fennimore again.
Fennimore moves back the other way.
This time Fennimore tags Perri.
Perri immediately returns the favor and ducks away.
Fennimore just can't seem to track down the elf.
Fennimore moves and bumps into Colborn.
Fennimore: You don't feel like Perri.
Perri stumbles on the uneven ground in this part of the overhang and misses.
The stumble helps Fennimore find the elf.
Fennimore stabs in the right direction but misses, barely.
Perri tags Fennimore a fourth time.
Perri Elastime then tries to misty step away, practicing her own new feat.
Perri vanishes and appears over by Ingimarr.
Fennimore catches Ingimarr's quick inhale and heads in that direction.
Perri Elastime: Ouch!
Fennimore tags Perri twice.
Fennimore: Sorry.
However, Perri immediately tags Fennimore back and scoots away.
Fennimore continues in the same direction and brushes Ingimarr this time.
Fennimore: You're still not Perri.
Perri Elastime pokes at Fenn again.
Fennimore dodges at the last moment and avoids the poke.
Perri moves to the trail leading into the overhang.
Fennimore keeps moving in the same direction and feels Perri nearby.
Fennimore tags Perri.
Fennimore takes off his blindfold and bows to Perri.
Fennimore: I surrender, m'lady. You have bested me.
Perri Elastime: Wow, you are getting pretty good at that.
Fennimore: Sark will still be disappointed.
Perri Elastime: But you missed it. I finally managed to fae step away.
Perri Elastime: You were following me all over the clearing.
Fennimore: What? And, I couldn't see it? I am truly disappointed.
Perri Elastime: Why your instincts are good.
Fennimore: Sark the Blind is a good trainer. I wish we were back in the city so that I could spend more time with him.
Perri Elastime: I'll practice with you every day. Trust your feelings; you will get it.
Fennimore: He says much the same.
After the sparring and waiting the day for Enialis to return, the ghost does not make an appearance.
Rael Octavius: I think the artifact may have actually destroyed Enialis.
Fennimore: So, where do we go next?
Perri Elastime: To the ice fields?
Fennimore: Back to Bjorg?
Rael Octavius: Maybe back to Bjorg's camp and resupply before heading into the mountains.
Perri Elastime: What do we need?
Fennimore: I wonder if he has an armorer?
Rael Octavius: More food.
Perri Elastime: Colborn and Ingemar have been hunting.
Fennimore (asking them): Is there game in the mountains to hunt?
Ingimarr: There is a pass into the mountains near the camp. We can hunt on the way back as long as we do not have to avoid the white dragon again.
Perri Elastime: I don't want to encounter the dragon.
Fennimore: Me either. It would be good to warn the chieftain about it too.
Fennimore: That dragon could wreak havoc on their encampment.
Rael Octavius: We could head up to Realm's Wound. It is closer than Bjorg's camp.
Perri Elastime: Warning the chieftain seems sound.
Fennimore (to the barbarians again): Do your people know of the dragon?
Ingimarr: Yes. There are watches on the mountain at all times.
Fennimore: Maybe Realm's Wound is a good idea then.
Fennimore: Real, wasn't your mother heading that way?
Rael Octavius: We can head north until we come to the river gorge, then follow it up the mountain.
Perri Elastime: Let's do it.