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Nonotina 6th, Year One of the Reign of High King Ran

Rael finds a letter in the street near his house on the way home one night.

Nonotina 7th, Year One of the Reign of High King Ran

The letter indicates that there should have been a package for his mother with it and the package is missing. Rael begins searching for it.

Nonotina 8th, Year One of the Reign of High King Ran

After reporting the theft and doing a lot of searching himself, the culprit is identified and the stolen items are recovered.

Rael is making his way home from the castle after a long day in court. As he approaches the house, he notices a violet-colored envelope with an indigo wax seal lying in the road a couple of doors down from his.
Rael picks up the letter and examines it.
The letter is unlabeled, and Rael does not recognize the seal.
Rael carefully peals the seal, trying to keep in intact.
Rael opens the envelope.
Managing to keep the seal intact and opening the envelope, Rael finds a folded up piece of paper within.
Rael removes the contents of the envelope and unfolds it.
The contents of the envelope are a note from Rosario Arturo, a prominent tailor that outfits much of the High King's court, to your mother Dae'Kliesys.
Rael reads the note.
Rael: I wonder where the parcel is?
Rael looks around the immediate vicinity for a parcel big enough to be a suit of clothing.
Rael finds nothing within the light of the lamp that illuminates the area around where the letter was found.
Rael: Not finding anything, I cast dancing lights and disperse four glowing orbs ten feet in the cardinal directions surrounding myself.
With his enhanced vision, he can see a good deal more around himself.
He still does not see a wayward parcel.
Rael slowly makes his way towards his door, searching for a parcel, moving the lights with him as he moves.
Rael makes his way to his doorstep but finds no parcel along the way.
Rael: It is getting late. I will talk to mother in private and see what she wants to do about this.
Rael lets himself into the house and locks the door behind him.
Rael: Mother? Are you home?
Rael hears movement above him in the second story.
Dae'Kliesys: Upstairs, dear.
Rael climbs the stairs.
Rael: I found this note in the street. It did not have an address, so I opened it. It is for you.
The half gold dragon emerges from the bedroom just down the hall.
Dae'Kliesys: Really? From whom?
Rael: Is father here?
Dae'Kliesys: No, he is at The Fiery Stag, as usual. Why?
Rael: It is from Rosario Arturo about something you bought for him.
Dae'Kliesys: Oh, let me see.
Rael hands the envelope to his mother.
Dae'Kliesys takes out the note and reads it.
Dae'Kliesys looks up from the note at Rael.
Dae'Kliesys: No parcel?
Rael: I searched between the place I found the note and the front door, but I found nothing. I even used my magic lights, but there was no parcel to be found.
Dae'Kliesys: That is a shame. I was hoping he could have the outfit before we left for Tesalurk.
Rael: Right. That is a long trip. Maybe I can track down what happened to it for you.
Dae'Kliesys: That would be wonderful. Thank you. I will bring something special back for you when we return.
Rael: Oh, good. I will begin first thing tomorrow. Goodnight, mother.
Dae'Kliesys: Goodnight, hatchling.
Dae'Kliesys teasingly smiles and winks.
Rael shakes his head and smirks.
Rael wakes up in the morning to sunlight streaming through his curtains.
Rael: Oh, good. The sun is out. That will make looking for mother's...father's parcel much easier and safer.
Rael gets breakfast and pulls his things together for a day of searching "The City" for the missing parcel.
Rael: I leave the house and make my way over to Arturo's Attire, the new shop mentioned in the letter.
Just a few blocks away, the shop is not hard to find, and its grand opening is in full swing.
Rael enters the shop in search of the proprietor.
An attendant approaches when Rael enters searching for something.
Attendant: How may I help you, young sir.
Rael: I am looking for Ms. Arturo. Will you direct me to where she is, please.
Attendant: Oh, she is very busy with the grand opening and all. You might be able to get her attention some other day.
Rael: Today would be better. A magical suit of clothing my mother ordered from here seems to have gone missing while being delivered.
Attendant: I am sorry to hear that, but today is not a good day for distractions with couriers.
Rael: It is clear you do not know who my mother is or that it was a gift for my father.
The attendant looks annoyed and is starting to get distracted by the other customers.
Rael: The High King's Herald, Reggot Octavius.
The attendant's eyes widen.
Attendant: Oh, my! Let me see if I can pull her away for a few minutes, Master Octavius.
Rael: Thank you.
The attendant pushes through the throng of customers and disappears.
A few minutes later, Rosario Arturo can be seen ascending a spiral staircase in the back of the shop. She looks down over the crowded shop until she makes eye contact with Rael and beckons for him to join her on the balcony overlooking the shop.
Rael: I will make my way through the crowd and up to the balcony.
Rosario Arturo smiles as you approach.
Rosario Arturo: Welcome to Arturo's Attire, Rael. How is Dae'Kliesys doing?
Rael: She is well and very busy. She asked me to find out what happened to the parcel she was having delivered from here.
Rael hands Ms. Arturo the envelope he found.
Rosario Arturo takes the envelope and examines it.
Rosario Arturo: This is my note to her. There was no parcel with this?
Rael: No. I found this note in the street by the house last night, but there was no parcel to be found even under magical lights.
Rosario Arturo: This is no good. I will have to have a word with the courier. They are usually quite reliable.
Rael: Might I have a description of the parcel and the contents. I will be able to recognize one or the other, hopefully, should I find out where they went.
Rosario Arturo: Of course. The parcel was one of my special delivery boxes, the same color as the envelope.
Rosario Arturo points out an example resting on a nearby table.
Rosario Arturo walks over to a mannequin with a stylish suit of traveler's clothes on it.
Rosario Arturo: The suit is just like this except deep blue.
Rael: Thank you, Madame Arturo. This is much appreciated, especially taking this time out of your busy schedule.
Rosario Arturo: You are most welcome, Rael. Give your mother my apology and good luck finding your father's gift.
Rael bows and departs down the stairs.
Rael: I make my way out of the shop and head over to the nearest watch post.
You arrive at the watch post, which is about halfway between the shop and the castle. The watch captain is berating a pair of guards for the way they handled an incident outside The Rogue Spoon earlier in the day.
Watch Captain: What were you two thinking?! Knights do not have any authority to investigate crimes of any sort! You are just lucky von Rumm convinced the crowd to disperse peacefully! He may just as well have started cleaving through them with his glaive if his charm had not been compelling. Then you two would have been thrown in the cells after cleaning up the mess! Now, get out of my sight!
The two guards, sufficiently chastised, slink away through the door to the barracks. The captain turns to you, still noticeably frustrated.
Watch Captain: What do you want?
Rael: Nice to see you too, Captain Brumbart.
Rael gives the captain an understanding smile.
Captain Brumbart: Oh, sorry, Master Octavius. Had a close call with a local knight and a crowd of scripture-pounders that could have gone really badly.
Rael: And, a knight without my father's backing?
Captain Brumbart: I doubt it. It would have been bad for the knight's family in any case if it had not gone the way it did.
Rael grimaces.
Captain Brumbart: Anyway. What can I do for you?
Rael: I explain the situation with the parcel from Arturo's Attire and describe the said parcel and its contents to the captain.
Rael: Will you please disseminate this information to the watch to be on the lookout? The parcel will not have the customary note attached to it since I found it in the street near the house.
Captain Brumbart: Sure, Rael. It may take a while to get the word out, but I have just the two that could use the walk-about.
Captain Brumbart smiles, evilly.
Rael: Thank you, Captain.
Rael nods and departs the watch post.
Rael: I continue searching the neighborhood immediately around the house.
You search much of the rest of the day without success, but finally, find the parcel wrapping in an alley near the border between Castle Ward and Star Plaza just as you are about to call it a day. You think that a vagrant may have absconded with the parcel and now they have some really nice clothes. If they are wandering around with such distinctive garments, they should be easy to spot.
Rael: I head back to the watch post to let the captain know that I found the packaging and suggest that whoever has the contents is now wearing them and should be easy to spot. Afterward, I go home to get some rest.
After resting and taking breakfast before heading out for another day of investigation, the doorbell rings.
Rael: I answer the bell.
One of the two guards that the captain was disciplining the previous day is standing at the door.
Guard: Good day, Master Octavius.
Rael: Hello, watchman. Is there news?
Guard: Yes, sir. We found the perpetrator that stole your father's gift.
Rael: Really? I will be right over. Thank you.
Guard: As you wish, sir. You are welcome.
Rael: I pack my things for the day and make my way over to the watch post.
You arrive at the watch post and are escorted into a dreary room where the captain is standing over a bedraggled man wearing the clothes in question sitting in a chair.
Captain Brumbart: So, your name is Reggot, is it?
Vagrant: As the tags say, sir.
Rael: Reggot Octavius? You are my long lost father?!
Vagrant: What? No! Who are you?
Rael: The son of Reggot Octavius. You are wearing my father's clothes, and you claim his name, so does it not follow that you are my father?
Rael turns his back on the vagrant and winks at the captain.
Captain Brumbart: Sounds like a logical conclusion to me.
Rael: While the captain is speaking, I move around behind the vagrant and cast friends with the vagrant as my target.
Rael: Does it not, though.
Rael walks back around to face the vagrant.
Rael: You are going to tell us who you really are now.
Rael: No one will find out.
Vagrant: Zim. My name is Zim.
Rael: Those are lovely clothes. Where did you get them?
Vagrant: I found them.
Rael: Really? Where?
Vagrant: The market in Star Plaza near the bridge.
Rael: That is a long way from this watch post. When did you buy them?
Vagrant: A week ago.
Rael smirks at the captain.
Rael: But you just said you found them, so you must have stolen them.
The vagrant sits silently, eyes shifting, trying to think of what to say next.
Rael: Let me posit this. You took the parcel from the doorstep of a house in Castle Ward two days ago and waited until you got into an alley leading into Star Plaza to open it. You left the wrappings in the alley and emerged a sharply dressed man. Does that sound about right?
Vagrant: From the "two days ago" part on, sounds right, but I was handed the package by some nice lady in a street in Castle Ward. I did not steal it.
Rael: A nice lady just handed you a shiny, expensive-looking package and sent you on your way?
Vagrant: Yup.
Rael: You have been lying all along! Who is she?
Vagrant: I do not know.
Rael addresses the captain.
Rael: He is lying, right?
Captain Brumbart: Absolutely.
Rael: He is in possession of stolen property that belongs to the High King's Herald.
Captain Brumbart: Apparently.
Vagrant: Wait! It was Forget-Me-Not!
Rael: Who?
Captain Brumbart: The Knives? That makes sense.
Vagrant: Do not forget the Rakes.
Captain Brumbart: Oh, right. She operates between them. She is probably taking a shot at your father, but not getting either in trouble.
Rael: What do you mean?
Captain Brumbart: The Deep Bend Rakes like to mess with the High King and his officials.
Captain Brumbart turns to the vagrant.
Captain Brumbart: We are going to confiscate the clothes. You will be given different ones and released.
The vagrant sighs in relief.
Captain Brumbart: Sit tight, and I will have someone bring you a change of clothes.
Captain Brumbart turns to leave, opening the door.
Rael leaves the room.
Captain Brumbart leaves the room and closes the door.
Captain Brumbart: Wait around, and I will bring you the clothes shortly.
Rael: Thank you, Captain.
Rael waits while the captain gets different clothes for the vagrant and delivers the pungent-smelling clothes.
Captain Brumbart: Sorry, they are a bit ripe.
Rael: There is magic for that.
Rael smiles and casts prestidigitation, which quickly cleans the clothes.
Rael: Thank you again, Captain.
Captain Brumbart: Happy to help, Rael.
Rael: I head home and repackage the clothes, reseal the envelope, and set it all on my parent's bed for when they return from Tesalurk.
Rael: The next day, I walk over to Arturo's Attire and let Rosario know that the parcel was recovered intact and delivered to its proper destination.