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Butyltina 17th, Year Two of the Reign of High King Ran

The group spends the next week striking up into the mountains, searching for more supernatural reasons the weather is behaving the way it is. With the bheur hag's passing, the weather has been more reasonable, but the glaciers are still building.
Fennimore: I thought getting rid of the brrr hag would get rid of the brr too.
Perri Elastime: It is still pretty cold up here.
Fennimore: Was it like this in the Winter Court?
Perri Elastime: I was always cold.
Colborn: It is usually cold in the mountains, but the tribes folk are used to it.
Fennimore: I'm not used to the cold.
Perri Elastime: Me neither. I like a warm crackling hearth.
Fennimore: And a steaming bowl of soup.
Perri Elastime: Oh, hot buttered rum is nice.
The group continues into the mountains, not finding anything of significance until they come to an ice-flow that may block their further exploration.
Perri Elastime: Is this the glacier?
Fennimore and Rael think they see movement beyond the ice-flow up ahead.
Colborn raises a hand to have the group halt.
Fennimore (whispering): What do you see?
Perri Elastime sniffs the frigid air.
Colborn: Something is flittering around out there.
Rael Octavius: I see something moving too.
Perri Elastime looks around for fey.
Fennimore peers into the icy fields.
Colborn: Let's move closer. It is hard to tell what it is against the snow.
Perri Elastime (whispers): Where?
Fennimore sneaks up towards the movement.
Perri Elastime moves forward into the shadows of the tree ahead.
Perri slips on some ice and causes ice to cascade towards the ice-flow.
The flittering disappears behind the ice-flow.
Perri starts a bladesong and moves forward.
She then creates three illusionary duplicates of herself.
Fennimore draws his bow and dashes closer, then hides under a small tree.
Fennimore slides to a stop into the tree trunk, scattering ice crystals about.
An ice mephit chitters and flaps about low to the ground before two more ice mephits appear nearby.
The original ice mephit then flies up behind a large boulder.
Rael Octavius dashes up onto a ridge to have a better view of the area.
Colborn moves up to the ice-flow and ducks down, waiting for the creatures to approach.
One of the summoned ice mephits waves his arms, and fog appears, engulfing Colborn, Fennimore, and Perri.
Perri Elastime moves out of the fog to cast a bolt of fire, then moves to another tree and hides.
Perri's firebolt strikes down one of the newly summoned mephits before it has a chance to do anything.
Fennimore moves through the fog, up onto the ice-flow.
Fennimore slides back off the ice flow but keeps his feet.
The ice mephit torched by Perri explodes in a burst of icy shards.
The original ice mephit flies up over the boulder to the fog's edge and exhales a blast of cold, which covers Fennimore.
Rael Octavius: I can't see anything beyond the fog!
Rael Octavius moves down from the cliff and gets ready to dodge mephit breath.
Colborn tries to cross the ice flow but slips and falls prone where he started. He curses and stands up.
The other summoned ice mephit flies towards the cursing and exhales frost, covering Colborn.
Perri launches a firebolt at the original mephit. It falls to the ice-flow and stumbles around.
She ducks back behind the bushes.
The fog cloud dissipates in the breeze.
Fennimore takes steady aim at the closest mephit and hits with an arrow.
Perri Elastime: I think it's going to blow!
The original ice mephit explodes in a blast of icy shards just missing Fennimore.
Rael Octavius moves towards the ice-flow and targets the remaining mephit with a firebolt of his own.
Colborn throws a javelin at the remaining mephit.
The last summoned ice mephit fades out of existence as its summoner has died.
Fennimore: How are you doing, Colburn?
Colborn: I'm fine.
Perri Elastime moves onto the ice-flow, looking for more danger.
Young White Dragon [Draconic]: Now I have you!
Rael Octavius: Dragon!
Rael Octavius provides Perri and Fennimore with an emboldening bond.
Perri Elastime: Um, I hope it's feeling chatty.
Rael Octavius: Drink the rest of your Dwarven ale!
Rael Octavius runs for the cover of a boulder.
Fennimore: He's a biggun, isn't he.
Colborn runs along the ice-flow to where it is rockier and readies for the dragon's attack.
Fennimore: Don't run off, Perri.
Perri Elastime quickly swallows her Dwarven ale and then runs up and ducks behind some rocks.
Fennimore bravely fires an arrow at the dragon and hits.
Young White Dragon [Draconic]: You will regret that, halfling!
Perri Elastime: What is it saying?
Fennimore: I think it said I'm about to be freeze-dried.
Young White Dragon flies up and breathes its icy breath on Fennimore.
Fennimore: Oh, that's cold. That's really, really cold.
Rael Octavius [Draconic]: You will regret attacking us, dragon!
Rael Octavius launches a barge of fiery rays as the dragon.
Rael Octavius runs around the bushes to be out of line with the dragon.
Colborn roars like a great bear and flies into a rage.
Fennimore: This is new.
Colborn launches two javelins at the dragon.
Colborn charges the dragon.
Perri Elastime conjures a shadow blade and charges the dragon.
Dulguachared [Elvish]: Really?
Perri slashes the dragon with her conjured blade.
Fennimore drinks his Dwarven ale before ducking behind a tree to hide for a moment.
Young White Dragon claws twice at Colborn before turning to bite Perri.
Young White Dragon rakes at Colborn viciously, but the barbarian just laughs. Its bite misses Perri.
Rael Octavius moves up and launches another barrage of fiery bolts at the dragon.
Colborn: Big mistake, dragon!
Colborn takes two mighty swings at the dragon with his greataxe.
Perri loses her footing in the icy snow, missing the dragon.
But then she twists and manages to slip it between the dragon's scales.
Fennimore tries to stay hidden behind the tree while he drinks his healing potion, then studies the dragon's combat techniques and shoulders his bow.
Fennimore finds a weakness in which to take advantage.
Young White Dragon [Draconic]: You will never survive my onslaught.
Young White Dragon rakes claws at Colborn again and bites Perri, but it hits one of her illusionary duplicates instead.
Young White Dragon then takes to the air again and moves out of range but not before Colborn strikes it with his greataxe.
Rael Octavius stands up on top of the boulder and launches more fiery blasts at the dragon.
Rael Octavius hops back down off of the boulder.
Colborn runs after the dragon and swings at it again.
Perri races after the dragon and tries to slash at it with her shadowy blade but misses.
Fennimore: As the dragon flees, Fennimore draws his bow again and steps up to shoot.
Fennimore's arrow is caught by a gust of wind and misses.
Fennimore then tries to cross the ice flow.
Young White Dragon goes to charge Fennimore.
Fennimore: Yikes, incoming dragon.
Fennimore: Whew!
Young White Dragon falls under the blows of Colborn and Perri before it gets to Fennimore.
Perri Elastime: You okay, Fenn? You look a bit frosty.
Fennimore: I hear dragons have hoards of treasure. I wonder where this guy kept his?
Rael Octavius: That was close.
Fennimore: Yeah, a little frostbit here.
Fennimore: I healed myself a little while I was hiding under the tree, so I'm doing better than I was.
Rael Octavius takes his time crossing the ice-flow.
Perri Elastime: Colborn, you okay?
Fennimore: Colburn looks like he's in worse shape right now.
Perri Elastime: You had some righteous rage going there.
Colborn: I'm great!
Fennimore: I didn't know you could do that!
Colborn: Newly found confidence.
Perri Elastime looks around for a lair.
Fennimore: Any more bad guys lurking around here?
The group searches the area for a while, looking for the dragon's lair, but it must be somewhere else in the mountains.
Rael Octavius: Let me help you out, Colborn.
Colborn: Thank you, Rael.
Perri Elastime: I don't think this young dragon's been causing the ice to build up.
As the group is resting in this area, what appears to be a whirlpool of swirling snow forms in their midst.
Rael Octavius: What is that?
Bitter, biting cold flows from the center of the forming hole.
Perri Elastime draws Dulguachared.
Fennimore runs to Perri's side.
Dulguachared [Elvish]: We might want to get away from that.
Perri Elastime: I think we should run.
Colborn: I agree.
Fennimore: Run!
Perri Elastime: Down is faster than up.
Colborn: Down is across the ice-flow.
Fennimore: Down is towards it.
As you start to come around the cliff face, you look back and see one of the nearby boulders roll into the hole and vanish. The vortex then closes.
Rael Octavius: Oh! That might explain the mephits.
Fennimore: That was weird.
Perri Elastime: What was that?
Rael Octavius: It is a nexus to the elemental planes.
Fennimore: Well, I'm glad we didn't fall in.
Fennimore: How do we close it?
Rael Octavius: We could have ended up somewhere we would not have been able to return from for quite a while.
Perri Elastime: Hmm, maybe that explains the cold and growing glaciers?
Fennimore: That was my next question.
Rael Octavius: I think it is more a result of the cold, like a massive fire opening portals to the elemental plane of fire. But this is to ice?
Rael Octavius: That could be the border between the planes of air and water.
Rael Octavius: This is useful information for High King Ran in any case.
Fennimore: If the elemental plane of ice is bleeding into our world and causing these glaciers, is that enough to cause the drought in the valley below?
Rael Octavius: Makes sense.
Fennimore: I'd be happy to return to "The City" to share the news with him and warm my toes by the fire in The Stag.
Perri Elastime: I'm rather hungry.
Rael Octavius: I think this is enough for the archmagi in Magus Universitatis to work with.
Perri Elastime: So we should head home?
Fennimore: If the river is still too low for a boat, it's a long walk back to "The City." What do you say, Colburn? Are you ready to follow us?
Rael Octavius: Let's get back to Realm's Wound, for starters.
Perri Elastime: Always one logical step at a time, Rael.
Colborn: "The City" sounds interesting, but I think I will stay on the Barbarian Plains now that I have regained my powers.
Fennimore: Have you reclaimed your honor by defeating a dragon? You must take a trophy!
Perri Elastime: So you'll be going home too.
Colborn holds up a tooth.
Colborn: I already took one.
Fennimore grins.
Rael Octavius: We should update Snorri before we head back to "The City."
Perri Elastime: Maybe I should take one to put in my hair. They are so pearly white and pretty when they are not snapping at me.
Fennimore: Let's each take one.
Rael Octavius: And some blood. We should go fast in case that nexus opens again.
Perri Elastime: Maybe a talon or two.
Fennimore: I wonder how frequently the nexus opens?
The group heads back down to the dragon, and Colborn drags it across the ice-flow and up the incline away from the nexus. He skins the dragon and packs all he can to take back to Bjorg.
Fennimore: Should we stick around to time it?
Rael Octavius: I don't really want to stay around to find out.
Perri Elastime: That could take a long time.
Rael Octavius: Something far more dangerous than mephits may come through.
Fennimore: The longer, the better, but the more we can tell the mages, the better.
Rael Octavius: The fact that we know where it is is enough for me.
Perri Elastime detects magic in the area.
Fennimore: While Perri detects magic, Fenn builds a cairn to mark the location of the nexus.
Perri Elastime sees a strong magical portal of conjuration where the nexus opened.
Perri Elastime: I can see a strong magical portal.
Perri Elastime walks around the portal, studying it.
Perri Elastime makes a sketch, noting location size, shape, color, and orientation for the mages.
Perri Elastime sees the portal flare into physical existence again.
Perri Elastime runs away.
Perri Elastime: It is flaring...
The nexus opens again.
Fennimore: I think that's our sign. It's time to go.
Fennimore: Lead the way, Perri.
A column of icy shards shoots up into the sky.
Perri Elastime heads down the way they came.
Fennimore, Rael, and Colborn keep pace with her.