Siren's Page


Siren is the second youngest of a large family of halflings. Her parents, Viola and Argyle, run a very successful farm-to-table tavern called the Boar’s Head on the northwestern fringes of East Church. The tavern is rumored to have connections to "The City's" underworld but is still frequented by younger courtesans looking to flirt with the exciting and common folk. The tavern is renowned for the bubbly strawberry mead it brews and the suckling pigs it roasts.

Siren is a frequent performer at the Tavern, entertaining the crowd with a song, dance, bawdy jokes, and an assortment of musical instruments.

With her oldest brother, Hobart, and the rest of her siblings set to take over the tavern when her parents eventually retire, Siren is searching to find her own place in "The City" when she begins to hear rumors of The Iris and their misadventures. She sets out to find and latch onto the band of misfits.


Young and skinny for a halfling, freckled, and gregarious, she has extensive knowledge for her age, enjoys a bawdy joke, and flirts with both men and women.

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Medium humanoid (lightfoot halfling), neutral
Armor Class 14 Leather
Hit Points 18 (3d8)
Speed 25 ft.
8 (-1) 16 (+3) 11 (+0) 12 (+1) 12 (+1) 16 (+3)

Saving Throws DEX +5, CHA +5
Skills Acrobatics +5, Animal Handling +2, Arcana +2, Athletics +0, Deception +5, History +2, Insight +2, Intimidation +4, Investigation +2, Medicine +2, Nature +2, Perception +5, Performance +5, Persuasion +7, Religion +2, Sleight of Hand +4, Stealth +4, Survival +2
Senses Passive Perception 15, Passive Investigation 12, Passive Insight 12
Languages Almebezbik, Halfling

Lucky. When Siren rolls a 1 on the d20 for an attack roll, ability check, or saving throw, she can reroll the die and must use the new roll.

Brave. Siren has advantage on saving throws against being frightened.

Halfling Nimbleness. Siren can move through the space of any creature that is of a size larger than hers.

Naturally Stealthy. Siren can attempt to hide even when she is obscured only by a creature that is at least one size larger than her.

Song of Rest. If Siren or any friendly creatures who can hear her performance regain hit points at the end of the short rest by spending one or more Hit Dice, each of those creatures regains an extra 1d6 hit points.

Magical Inspiration. If a creature has a Bardic Inspiration die from Siren and casts a spell that restores hit points or deals damage, the creature can roll that die and choose a target affected by the spell. Add the number rolled as a bonus to the hit points regained or the damage dealt. The Bardic Inspiration die is then lost.

Mote of Potential. When granting a creature a Bardic Inspiration die, Siren summons a Mote of Potential that orbits within 5 ft. of the creature.

  • Ability Check. The Bardic Inspiration die can be rolled again - choose which roll to use.
  • Attack Roll. The target and each creature of Siren's choice that she can see within 5 ft. of it must succeed on a CON saving throw (DC: 13) or take thunder damage equal to the number rolled on the Bardic Inspiration die.
  • Saving Throw. The creature using the Bardic Inspiration die gains temporary hit points equal to the number rolled on the Bardic Inspiration die +3.

By Popular Demand. Siren can always find a place to perform, usually in an inn or tavern but possibly with a circus, at a theater, or even in a noble’s court. At such a place, she receives free lodging and food of a modest or comfortable standard (depending on the quality of the establishment), as long as she performs each night. In addition, her performance makes her something of a local figure. When strangers recognize her in a town where she has performed, they typically take a liking to her.

Spellcasting. Siren is a 1st-level spellcaster. Her spellcasting ability is Charisma (spell save DC 13, +5 to hit with spell attacks). She has the following bard spells prepared:

Cantrips (at will): blade ward, thunderclap

1st level (4 slots): bane, cure wounds, dissonant whispers, earth tremor

2nd level (2 slots): enhance ability


Rapier. Melee Weapon Attack: +5 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 7 (1d8 + 3) piercing damage.

Hand Crossbow. Ranged Weapon Attack: +5 to hit, range 30/120 ft., one target. Hit: 6 (1d6 + 3) piercing damage.

Bardic Inspiration (3/day). As a bonus action, a creature (other than Siren) within 60 ft. that can hear her gains an inspiration die (1d6). For 10 minutes, the creature can add it to one ability check, attack roll, or saving throw. This can be added after seeing the roll, but before knowing the outcome.

Performance of Creation (1/day). As an action, Siren can create one nonmagical item of her choice in an unoccupied space within 10 ft. of her. The maximum value of the item is 60 gp and it lasts for 2 hours. The maximum size of the item is medium.