Experience Awards

This page explains what to expect for experience awards in this campaign.

There are many ways in which a character can gain experience points in this campaign.

There are the typical encounter awards and several types of special awards.

The special awards are designed to encourage as much participation in the campaign as possible.

Awards are outlined to the right.

A special award is equal to 75 XP per character level.

I.  Standard Encounter
    A.  Calculated as stated in the DMG
    B.  Adjusted for encounter circumstances
II.  Role-playing Excellence
    A.  Losing yourself in your character
    B.  Alignment solidifying behavior
    C.  "Quotable Quotes"
    D.  Creating drama
III.  Website Participation
    A.  Exceptional character backgrounds
    B.  Journal entries (one/adventure)
    C.  In-Character posts (at least two/adventure)
    D.  Contributing to the Almebezbik Campaign Setting (added to the Wiki)
IV.  Karma
    A.  Taking bad beats ("dang electronic dice") with style
    B.  Following through actions in-character even if it hurts
    C.  Making check rolls that "turn the tide" of an encounter