Below is a list of dates and events as they have occurred in the campaign.  To ensure they are sorted in chronological order, sort (either ascending or descending) on the Timestamp column.

Explanation of the Timestamp

The timestamp consists of 5 parts that are time units from long timespan to short time span.  These parts are:

  1. 01-12 - Cycle
  2. 1-9 - Age of a Cycle
  3. 0001-4000 - Year of an Age
  4. 01-12 Month of a Year
  5. 01-28 Day of a Month
For example, the timestamp for the twelfth day of Pentatina in the year two thousand five hundred fifty-nine of the Age of the Diabolic in the Fourth Cycle of Dragons (5/12/25599-8) is 08925590512.
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Butyltina 27, 12 The Iris finally find goblinoids in the forest north of the city and soundly defeat them. Goblinoids 11100120427 
Butyltina 24,12 Fennimore, Perri, and Rael find the hoard of the dragon they slew and return to Bjorg's camp. Hoard 11100120424 
Butyltina 17, 12 Fennimore, Perri and Rael discover a nexus to the elemental planes in the mountains that may be causing the severe weather on Almebezbik. Nexus 11100120417 
Butyltina 13, 12 The Iris head north of "The City" to scout the invasion coming from this direction. They slay a fog giant. Giant 11100120413 
Butyltina 10, 12 Fennimore, Perri, and Rael find and kill a bheur hag that has been causing bad weather around Realm's Wound. Brrr 11100120410 
Propyltina 26, 12 The Iris find a group of orcish infiltrators, capture a couple of them, and interrogate one of them before The Paragon's magic destroys their prisoner. Impendence 11100120326 
Propyltina 23, 12 Fennimore, Perri and Rael arrive in Realm's Wound to find it abandoned. A troll had chased the villagers into the mine until the group slays it. Troll 11100120323 
Propyltina 21, 12 Fennimore, Perri and Rael fend off the ghost of Enialis a couple more times before Perri uses The Orb of Good to destroy it. Ghost 11100120321 
Propyltina 20, 12 Fennimore, Perri and Rael recover The Orb of Good after defeating the ghost of Enialis who appeared to be futilely trying to destroy it. Orb 11100120320 
Propyltina 19, 12  Fennimore, Perri and Rael avoid a white dragon and find the possible location of the Orb of Good. Orb 11100120319 
Propyltina 18, 12 Fennimore, Perri and Rael begin the journey in search of the Orb of Good. Pouncers 11100120318 
Propyltina 17, 12 Fennimore, Perri and Rael arrive at the camp of the Wyrmrearers tribe and speak with Bjorg, their chieftain. Helots 11100120317 
Propyltina 16, 12 Fennimore, Perri and Rael are ambushed by barbarians while investigating the drought and hearing about the cause of the cataclysm a decade earlier. Ambush 11100120316 
Propyltina 10, 12 Fennimore, Perri, and Rael arrive at the camp on the Barbarian Plains. Scrape 11100120310 
Propyltina 7, 12 Fennimore, Perri and Rael travel with Dae'Kliesys down The Great Northern River towards the Barbarian Plains aboard The Empreczar. Voyage 11100120307 
Ethyltina 27, 12 The Iris find a group of goblinoid infiltrators in West Church and dispatch them. Impendence 11100120227 
Ethyltina 26, 12 Fennimore, Perri and Rael meet with the High King and are find they will travel to the Barbarian Plains. Secondment 11100120226 
Ethyltina 19, 12 The Summer Knight has departed but not before the winter eladrin have tracked her to the castle. Fennimore, Perry, and Rael eliminate the threat. Counterblow 11100120219 
Ethyltina 17, 12 The Summer Knight has arrived in the court of High King Ran with news that war has erupted in The Feywild and is soon to spill into Random. Reunion 11100120217 
Ethyltina 15, 12 Fennimore, Perri and Rael find out that they will travel to The Feywild. Assignments 11100120215 
Ethyltina 13, 12 The Iris have discovered the location of The Deepbend Rake's hide out and enter it to confront them. They find it has been corrupted by The Paragon. During the ensuing battle, Dar Kalla is killed. Defiled 11100120213 
Ethyltina 8, 12 Fennimore, Perri and Rael exposed an infiltrator in the court and eliminate them. Unmasking 11100120208 
Ethyltina 1, 12 At the request of Lord High Inquisitor Mosifort, Fennimore, Perri, and Rael begin root out the suspected member of Blue Midnight within High King Ran's court. Inquiry 11100120201 
Methyltina 27, 12 The Iris discover that Eris is enchanted as an agent of Blue Midnight. She is subdued and brought to the court wizard to have the enchantments removed. Exorcism 11100120127 
Methyltina 13, 12 The Iris, beginning to realize forces are martialing against them, begin to make plans to reverse the tide of bigotry several members are facing when Magic, Tazdar and Tartarus are nearly assassinated. Assassinations 11100120113 
Methyltina 1, 12 Perri and Fennimore finally meet Rael's parents, Dae'Kliesys, who informs Perri of her likely future in High King Ran's court, and Reggot, who delivers Fennimore's reward for his work for Lord High Inquisitor Mosifort. Hoolie 11100120101 
Dodecitina 27, 11 Majestic Wares is robbed by some dwarven brigands. Magic ends up killing two of them later when they continue to harass his employee. Werewolf Protection Packs 11100111227 
Dodecitina 25, 11 The Iris avoid a big problem with a rampaging werewolf by discovering it is Tartarus as a huge wererat and manage to get his curse removed. Amidst 11100111225 
Undecitina 16, 11 Fennimore, Perri and Rael discover that the rapier they were quested to recover is an ancient, sentient, elvish weapon. Dulguachared 11100111116 
Undecitina15, 11 The Iris are hired by Zek Mruk to eradicate the wererat problems plaguing the pit-fighting arena. Extermination 11100111115 
Undecitina 13, 11 Fennimore, Perri and Rael clear a troll out of a mining cave and recover the object of their quest. Grendel 11100111113 
Undecitina 12, 11 Fennimore, Perri and Rael travel to the miners' camp at Gold Lake. Grendel 11100111112 
Undecitina 10, 11 Fennimore and Perri have the curse of lycanthropy removed while taking on a quest as payment for the cure. Panacea 11100111110 
Decitina 24, 11 Fennimore, Perri, Rael and Munkustrap discover the truth about Claricia and The Rogue Spoon Inn. Sacrifice 11100111024 
Decitina 18, 11 Fennimore and Perri endure their first wererat transformation. Nightmare 11100111018 
Decitina 15, 11 The Iris find out about the pit fighting that Dar has found and attend his championship bout with a half-ogre called Tartarus. The bout is interrupted by an assault by rats of various shapes and sizes. Rats 11100111015 
Decitina 6, 11 Fennimore and crew meet with Munkustrap to discuss the dilemma posed by The Lord High Inquisitor Collusion 11100111006 
Decitina 4, 11 Perri and Fennimore find a secret passage within the castle and explore. They are attacked by a rat-like humanoid and barely escape with their lives. Door 11100111004 
Decitina 1, 11 Sloth is turned into a newt for a year and Magic is banished from the school for their part in the slaying of Magister Orson from Magus Universitatis. Trial 11100111001 
Nonotina 28, 11 The Iris arrive at Magus Universitatis to learn more about the creature the killed in the market. Turns out to be a quickly from the Feywild. During the explanation of how to deal with them, Sloth manages to activate a portal on the university's grounds, releasing a number of chuul. Oops 11100110928 
Nonotina 27, 11 News of the attack in the market reaches Fennimore and he needs to check on his mum. Fennimore, Perri and Rael track down the last rogue quickling and put an end to it. They have their first encounter with The Deep Bend Rakes. Mum 11100110927 
Nonotina 27, 11 The Iris defend the market where Magic's new shop is from a rogue quickling. Deciding to learn more about this quickly at the mage school, they head there only to be waylaid by the largest group of The Knives yet. After the battle, The Knives are likely to leave The Iris alone. Stocking 11100110927 
Nonotina 25, 11 The Lord High Inquisitor requests that Fennimore investigate Lord von Rumm's apparent abuse of power. Request 11100110925 
Nonotina 24, 11 Fennimore, Perri and Rael have a safe shopping trip and it is revealed that Rael has his own secrets. Revelations 11100110924 
Nonotina 23, 11 Perri has her first bladesinging lesson with King Ran, which is interrupted by an assassination attempt from the Winter Court. Hit 11100110923 
Nonotina 22, 11 Perri and Fennimore make their way through town intending to pick up a purchase Fennimore made before the darkdays and get waylaid by The Knives again. Shopping 11100110922 
Nonotina 21, 11 Forget-Me-Not sneaks into The Fiery Stag Inn and recovers the amulet of the planes, though nearly gets caught. Squeaker 11100110921 
Nonotina 20, 11 The Iris are rewarded for their efforts to recover the amulet of the planes stolen by Forget-Me-Not. Requital 11100110920 
Nonotina 20, 11 Rael helps Perri and Fennimore enter the High King's Court where Perri is introduced to King Ran as his bladesinging pupil. Chosen 11100110920 
Nonotina 18, 11 The Iris, holed up at the von Rumm estate for the last week has to defeat an ice troll that has invaded the estate. Blizzard 11100110918 
Nonotina 12, 11 The Iris get waylaid by The Knives, but prevail. However, Forget-Me-Not has struck again and stolen The Medallion of The Indigo Sun. Gin 11100110912 
Nonotina 12, 11 Fennimore finds Forget-Me-Not left him with one of her stolen items when first meeting Perri Elastime. Cozen 11100110912 
Nonotina 12, 11 The Iris as they decide to call themselves has their audience with the High King and he sends them on a mission to trap Forget-Me-Not. Revelation 11100110912 
Nonotina 11, 11 The group from the failed heist try to formulate a plan to bring down Forget-Me-Not and get an audience with High King Ran. Confabulation 11100110911 
Nonotina 11, 11 Cho Chi helps avert a necromantic disaster and recovers the prized idol for the Temple of The Billiken Icon 11100110911 
Nonotina 11, 11 Fennimore encounters Forget-Me-Not while fending off the undesirable advances of The Knives. Alliance 11100110911 
Nonotina 10, 11 Munkustrap is making his way to The Fiery Stag when he comes upon the scene of the failed heist on Ballista Street. He is kidnapped by the others and brought to The Rogue Spoon. Zani in her investigation also ends up at the brothel. Consequences 11100110910 
Nonotina 10, 11 Fennimore, having slipped away from the failed heist, learns more about the watchmen Chet and Hugh's plot against Munkustrap. His audience with Baron von Rumm provides a possible solution to the danger Munkustrap could be in. Concerns 11100110910 
Nonotina 9, 11 Majestic joins up with Arncoril, Eris, Fennimore and Tazdar to try and pull off the courier heist in Ballista Street. They find Forget-Me-Not has beaten them to the punch. Myosotis 11100110909 
Nonotina 8, 11 Arncoril, Eris, Fennimore & Rael meet and investigate the house that Arncoril burned down. They accidentally release a chain devil into "The City," but their quick actions prevent a disaster. Portal 11100110908 
Nonotina 8, 11 Rael Octavius recovers his father's gift. Gift 11100110908 
Nonotina 7, 11 Stygian Flow wakes up in the sewers with no memory. Amnesia 11100110907 
Nonotina 7, 11 Munkustrap von Rumm makes a visit to The Rogue Spoon only to be interrupted by scripture-pounders. He prevents the potential destruction of The Rogue Spoon. Defusal 11100110907 
Nonotina 7, 11 Eris Drew investigates a murder and finds that a mud mephit did the killing. Critter 11100110907 
Nonotina 7, 11 Magic makes the acquaintance of Alsis and is hired to recover an heirloom for a member of the Germanus family that does not want to see it fall into the High King's hands. Heirloom 11100110907 
Nonotina 7, 11 Tazdar makes friends with an ex-gladiator half-orc known as Sark the Blind. Blunder 11100110907 
Nonotina 7, 11 Rael Octavius begins tracking down his father's gift. Gift 11100110907 
Nonotina 7, 11 Fennimore begins investigating the events surrounding the scripture-pounders incident outside The Rogue Spoon Inn. Probe 11100110907 
Nonotina 6, 11 Arncoril Oloxalim destroys a devil-worshipper coven. Raid 11100110906 
Nonotina 6, 11 Rael Octavius finds a letter from Rosario Arturo to his mother that should be accompanied by a package that is no where to be found. Gift 11100110906 
Nonotina 6, 11 Stygian Flow is knocked out trying to prevent the assassination of Anthoine Ethor, a young sculptor who insulted The Lord High Chamberlain. Amnesia 11100110906 
Nonotina 27, 2410 Tartarus born.  10924100927 
Pentatina 12, 2408 Siren born.  10924080512 
Decitina 26, 2407 Sloth born.  10924071026 
Hexatina 12, 2407 Rael Octavius born.  10924070612 
Dodecitina 24, 2404 Eris Drew born.  10924041224 
Dodecitina 21, 2404 Cho Chi born.  10924041221 
Heptatina 8, 2403 Fennimore born.  10924030708 
Undecitina 15, 2402 Stygian Flow born.  10924021115 
Nonotina 18, 2401 Arncoril Oloxalim born.  10924010918 
Undecitina 9, 2400 Dar Kalla born.  10924001109 
Dodecitina 20, 2397 Munkustrap von Rumm born.  10923971220 
Octotina 7, 2397 Shelo Kraham born.  10923970807 
Pentatina 7, 2395 Tazdar born.  10923950507 
Decitina 6, 2389 Conrad born.  10923891006 
Ethyltina 13, 2383 Tiko Shadmar born.  10923830213 
Hexatina 6, 2347 Zani born.  10923470706 
Undecitina 14, 2344 Perri Elastime born.  10923441114 
Octotina 13, 2297 Majestic born.  10922970813 
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