Below is a list of dates and events as they have occurred in the campaign.  To ensure they are sorted in chronological order, sort (either ascending or descending) on the Timestamp column.

Explanation of the Timestamp

The timestamp consists of 5 parts that are time units from long timespan to short time span.  These parts are:

  1. 01-12 - Cycle
  2. 1-9 - Age of a Cycle
  3. 0001-4000 - Year of an Age
  4. 01-12 Month of a Year
  5. 01-28 Day of a Month
For example, the timestamp for the twelfth day of Pentatina in the year two thousand five hundred fifty-nine of the Age of the Diabolic in the Fourth Cycle of Dragons (5/12/25599-8) is 08925590512.
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Nonotina 8, 11 Arncoril, Eris, Fennimore & Rael meet and investigate the house that Arncoril burned down. They accidentally release a chain devil into "The City," but their quick actions prevent a disaster.  11100110908 
Nonotina 8, 11 Rael Octavius recovers his father's gift. Gift 11100110908 
Nonotina 7, 11 Stygian Flow wakes up in the sewers with no memory. Amnesia 11100110907 
Nonotina 7, 11 Munkustrap von Rumm makes a visit to The Rogue Spoon only to be interrupted by scripture-pounders. He prevents the potential destruction of The Rogue Spoon. Defusal 11100110907 
Nonotina 7, 11 Eris Drew investigates a murder and finds that a mud mephit did the killing. Critter 11100110907 
Nonotina 7, 11 Magic makes the acquaintance of Alsis and is hired to recover an heirloom for a member of the Germanus family that does not want to see it fall into the High King's hands. Heirloom 11100110907 
Nonotina 7, 11 Tazdar makes friends with an ex-gladiator half-orc known as Sark the Blind. Blunder 11100110907 
Nonotina 7, 11 Rael Octavius begins tracking down his father's gift. Gift 11100110907 
Nonotina 7, 11 Fennimore begins investigating the events surrounding the scripture-pounders incident outside The Rogue Spoon Inn. Probe 11100110907 
Nonotina 6, 11 Arncoril Oloxalim destroys a devil-worshipper coven. Raid 11100110906 
Nonotina 6, 11 Rael Octavius finds a letter from Rosario Arturo to his mother that should be accompanied by a package that is no where to be found. Gift 11100110906 
Nonotina 6, 11 Stygian Flow is knocked out trying to prevent the assassination of Anthoine Ethor, a young sculptor who insulted The Lord High Chamberlain. Amnesia 11100110906 
Hexatina 12, 2407 Rael Octavius born.  10924070612 
Dodecitina 24, 2404 Eris Drew born.  10924041024 
Heptatina 8, 2403 Fennimore born.  10924030708 
Undecitina 15, 2402 Stygian Flow born.  10924021115 
Nonotina 18, 2401 Arncoril Oloxalim born.  10924010918 
Dodecitina 20, 2397 Munkustrap von Rumm born.  10923971220 
Octotina 7, 2397 Shelo Kraham born.  10923970807 
Pentatina 7, 2395 Tazdar born.  10923950507 
Octotina 13, 2297 Majestic born.  10922970813 
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